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Haven 2013 >>> We are Here!

Just popping in from Hotlanta!! Here’s my Instagram recap of our little family road trip to get here.

Our trip started off pretty normal…

hotlanta 1

We arrived a little after 2 am at the gorgeous Hyatt in Buckhead. It’s such a great venue for Haven 2013!! Needless to say, what was supposed to be an 11 hour trip turned into an almost 13 hour trip because we ran into some crazy weather and had to pull over and let it pass.

hotlanta 2

I don’t know about you, but I am not one for driving through torrential rain through mountains next to double trailer semi-trucks. We waited out the storm and watched as people tried to pump gas with water up to their mid calves…more coffee was needed. The kids slept in the back no problem which I am thankful for!

hotlanta 3

The Grand Hyatt Buckhead was a very welcomed sight for these weary travelers. Our boys had a second wind once we got inside and we explored the hotel at 2:30am. Totally normal, right? The staff was super nice and accommodating and let the kids pick out some toys for the pool. Once unpacked, we fell right to sleep the minute our heads hit our pillows.

hotlanta 4

In true Kristin fashion, I set my alarm for 8am (which is late for this girl), and hit the gym to get rid of the sleepies.

hotlanta 5

…and yes, I wear lip gloss when I run. I hate the lip crusties.

We ordered some late morning room service once the littles were awake.

hotlanta 6

The boys keep saying this is the BEST.DAY.EVER.
hotlanta 7

I agree. Room service and delicious food have that effect on me too! I think we are going to hit the pool as long as the rain stays away and walk down to Trader Joe’s and pick up some room snacks.

Then, I’m off to check-in for Haven (YAY!) and meet and mingle with some of my favorite bloggy friends and meet new ones! I saw the Haven Team having breakfast on my walk back from the gym and I am getting so excited!! I wanted to bang on the window and wave like a fool, but I passed. In just a few hours it all begins!

You can follow all the Haven fun on Instagram. I’ll have my phone at my side snapping away!


Antique Appreciation. History, fun, and a little whimsy!


A hot, but pleasant-looking Saturday greeted us and the hubs and I took the family out for a little adventure:  To find usable antique or vintage items, that our family will not only enjoy, but appreciate for their perseverance– that is– standing the test of time. I love to mix modern with the traditional and sometimes quirky. I think every room in your house should have at least one odd, little quirky piece. You need to add a fun factor! I always gravitate towards things I love for no apparent logical reason, but the catch is it has to be something that I will use. It can’t just be a dust collector.

So, I thought I’d share a couple of the things we found. This was such a fun family activity. I know that taking kids to an antique mall may sound like a nightmare to some, but our kids love the retro toys as much as we do. You do have to lay down the ground rules and expectations before entering, just incase little hands think they have permission to touch everything in sight. So, I do not recommend that you take a kid that isn’t ready for this kind of adventure.

Our two boys, had a blast seeing space robots, old 50’s toy trucks, comic books, view finders and many more treasures along the way. It is also a history lesson and you always can teach them something they didn’t know. It always becomes an adult history lesson too, just an added bonus to my inner nerd girl!

Toys that our kids fell in love with and we did too:

Erector sets. My oldest loves these! You can find them with the original box, parts, and instructions. Great toy! I wish they still made them like this.

Every kid loves a view finder! We have current versions of these, but they liked this one better. It’s made better and the slides we found were very cool. An old claymation David & Goliath and a 3-D Ironman comic. Very cool!

OK, need to explain this one. This is not an antique or vintage, but we were at a flea market and the kids have been wanting one of these, but I didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag. We got this for dirt cheap and it is well made and Made in America.

Now onto my husband’s favorite. He loves projectors and old movies and 8mm reels and he found a Revere Model 85 with carrying case and in clean working condition. Family movie nights!

Revere Projector circa 1944-1947

Now onto the quirky I mentioned before. We are remodeling our kitchen. It is going to be beautiful, shiny and new, but you know I need to have something a little off in it.

Vintage owl cookie jar. I love owls for some reason and this was a cool find. Now when the weather cools down in a few months I got to get baking!

I am not a fan of buying used footwear, because let’s face it, you don’t know what’s been in there, BUT, these were only worn once for an event and I couldn’t pass them up. I’ve been wanting a pair for a while and we have a wedding coming up on a farm and these are perfect! Dan Post all leather, and wooden heel. Very nice boots!  I will spray them for good measure though.

Yeehaw! Time to get my cowgirl on!

My husband and I love to take long weekends away in Wisconsin in the fall. The parks are fantastic and we also love outdoor theatre. With that purpose in mind we found these great things for our next get-a-way:

Thermos travel kit. Cute plaid carrying case and love the retro thermos! Plenty of coffee and hot cocoa will be traveling in there very soon!

Faribo stadium blankets! I am a sucker for these. Great for football games, picnics, and our outdoor theatre in the fall! I love that the Faribault Woolen Mill Co. is still in operation today making beautiful woolen masterpieces!

We have a new and fun family hobby. I love that we will get great use out of these items and it was a good way to escape a super hot, sweaty day. I highly recommend it to anyone who has never gone before. You just never know what you will learn or find. Part of the fun for us is researching the items and finding out the history.

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