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Painting the Exterior of Our Home and a GIVEAWAY!

Paint the exterior of your house yourself!

I’ve been busy, busy making and styling and photographing for an exciting project that will be revealed soon! It’s been pretty labor intensive and amongst all the design fun, I needed to get the exterior foundation of our home painted. Painting the exterior of our home has been on the to-do list for quite some time and life has just gotten in the way.

Painting the exterior of your home

Not having a lot of extra time to spare, it was HomeRight to the rescue! I used the HomeRight Power-Flo 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer to get the job done. I had 2 areas of wall to coat where our basement walks out to our wrap around patio.

Power-Flo_Pro_2800_wHose 2 (1)


The HomeRight Power-Flo 2800 is the go-to paint sprayer for painting the exterior of your house. It makes taking on that huge job a lot easier and you are saving money by not hiring out.

Normally, I would have Dave handle this for me while I work on my project, but he has been out-of-town a lot on business and on this particular day he was traveling. To my relief, the sprayer was extremely easy to figure out and put together.

The only hiccup I had was that I didn’t tighten one of the ends of the hose tight enough the first application I tried to do… so, I had a little paint mess to clean up. Just a lesson learned–MAKE SURE YOU TIGHTEN THE HOSE PROPERLY.

Other than that, it was easy! There isn’t much prep except attaching the hose and the spray gun. The directions are really clear on how to prime it before you use it. You will want to keep a bucket on hand for priming the sprayer and clean up.

How to paint the exterior of your home

The best part is it only took me under 10 minutes to spray a little over a gallon of paint! The paint went on smooth and I only had to do one coat. I did use a good quality exterior paint which I think also makes a difference.

painting the exterior of your home

Enter to win a HomeRight Power-Flo 2800 below!!

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This is a sponsored post and giveaway for HomeRight. As a HomeRight Ambassador, I love to share the HomeRight products with my readers that have made my projects easier. As always, all opinions are 100% mine.


Good morning!

It’s Day 4 of my Blog Anniversary Week!!

I have another great giveaway for you all today! Thanks for joining me for my 2 year Blog Anniversary! Each day this week I have shared one of my favorite things with you and you have a chance to win one for yourself! It’s my way of thanking all of you for your support and love for B@H.



Today’s giveaway is for all you DIY’ers out there! I love my HomeRight products and one of my favorites is the HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer! It’s so handy and I’ve used it for many a painting project around here!


One lucky reader will win a HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer!! This is such a game-changer and time saver!!

To enter just follow the Rafflecopter below. You can earn up to 3 entries!

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Win a print of your choice from LUCIANA



Win a Moroccan shag rug from Rugs USA



Win a $100 gift card to Crane & Canopy



Be sure to check back tomorrow for the last giveaway of our B@H | Blog Anniversary Week!!

I’d like to thank HomeRight for sponsoring this giveaway for the B@H | Blog Anniversary Week!

HomeRight Finish Max Pro Door Makeover and a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello friends! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! Our weather was nice for the most part. The Cadwallader house is in pack it up and go mode! Only 3 days until we leave for our East Coast adventures! One thing I have been wanting to do before we go is paint our front door. We have been so focused on remodeling the inside of our home that the outside hasn’t had much done to it yet. Curb appeal is a little lacking. I was so excited to try out the HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer and the front door seemed like the perfect candidate.

We have big plans for the exterior of our home, which will involve some architectural modifications and we will probably have to employ the help of an excavator for the yard. We wanted to tackle these things this summer, but as fate would have it we are going to be New Englanders for 3 months. I am not heart-broken at all by the way! Spending 3 months exploring the upper East Coast is a dream come true!

So, the least I could do for my neighbors as a parting gift is freshen up the front door before we head out. We just added a new storm door, (which is completely necessary when you live in Northern Illinois, especially after the winter we just had!) Our front door had an ugly brown paint job that we inherited. I have always hated it. Some glossy black was in order!

How to Professionally Paint a Door the FAST WAY!

I love our Finish Max Sprayers and have used them a lot around the house, so seeing a new version that boasts a professional grade finish had me curious. It also said it is great for larger projects like cabinets and furniture. Perfect for trying out on our front door.

HomeRight Finish Max Pro

It came already assembled, I just had to hook up the hose to the compressor. I chose a high gloss outdoor paint + primer-in-one to use on my door. Just like the other HomeRight paint sprayers, you need to thin your paint before adding it to the sprayer container. This was easy since the paint had instructions for thinning on the back. Most paints and stains have measurements right on the can for thinning, but if they don’t you can use the thinning kit that comes with your HomeRight sprayer.

Before I started painting my door, I tested the sprayer out on a leftover cut of wood. I suggest testing it first, so you get a feel of how it sprays. You can also play around with the paint regulator and have it spray from 1″ to a 6″ spray pattern.



Before using the HomeRight Finish Max Pro

My door was taped up and I protected the surrounding area incase there was any over-spray. I chose the 6″ spray pattern and this was the quickest paint job EVER! I had Dave time me and I painted the entire door in less than a minute! The coverage is great and just one coat gave an even and full coverage. After it dried, there weren’t any uneven spots and I didn’t need to recoat.


Home Right Finish Max Pro


I think I heard angels singing!

I love the finish. It would have been a pain to paint this with a brush or roller and have to recoat. I wouldn’t have gotten such a nice finish either. I saved a ton of time!

Door painted with the HomeRight Finish Max Pro

My mind is quickly racing to other paint projects I can tackle after we return home from our East Coast summer! First on the list, will be those kitchen cabinets we tried to paint with A PRODUCT THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED! Seriously, it is my Voldemort. Let’s just say we are less than thrilled with the results, so now I am excited to give them another crack with the Finish Max Pro!

I am so thrilled with the HomeRight Finish Max Pro that it is completely necessary to give one away too! My lovely friends at HomeRight are graciously giving one of you a HomeRight Finish Max Pro!! Just follow the Rafflecopter below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post for HomeRight. HomeRight is a brand I know and trust so I am happy to share their products with you. As always, all opinions are 100% mine.

HomeRight PaintSticks and a GIVEAWAY!!

I’d like to thank HomeRight for sponsoring this post.

I got my painting on this weekend. We worked more on the boys’ bedrooms. Let me tell you something! This was the quickest and easiest paint job ever! What made it that way are my HomeRight PaintSticks.

You will also have a chance to enter to win your own HomeRight EZ-Twist and get details on how to enter The HomeRight EZ-Twist Challenge.

HomeRight PaintStick Review & Giveaway

I saved sooooo much time! For example, this wall in my son’s bedroom only took me 2 minutes to paint! Are you curious?


Here’s the scoop! The HomeRight PaintStick is designed with saving time and eliminating mess in mind.  As you can see, I didn’t even put a drop cloth down. I didn’t need to.

Here’s how it works. Your PaintStick comes with a fill tube. You place the fill tube directly in your paint can and it clips to the side.

HomeRight PaintSticks Review

Then, you place your PaintStick on the fill tube and pull the handle back and it feeds paint into your PaintStick.



As you roll your paint on your walls you just press the bottom of the paint tube when you need to add more paint. It goes on even and smooth and the roller is lint free.

HomeRight PaintStick Review

So easy! I love this so much because you aren’t making a mess using paint trays and dripping rollers. You also are not wasting any paint, because what you don’t use in your PaintStick you can just add back into your paint can. Such a great product!


I saved so much time painting the walls that I was even able to paint the ceilings and all the trim!

The HomeRight PaintStick comes in 3 options. The HomeRight PaintStick is great for walls and ceilings. The HomeRight PaintStick Mini is perfect for smaller jobs or tighter areas. The Homeright PaintStick EZ-Twist  is the latest and greatest. It also comes with a paint can cover.


The makeovers on the boys’ rooms are coming along. I don’t want to give away too much yet, but I have one little boy who is very happy and loving his new desk we surprised him with last night.



We got a few things off the list so far for this makeover:

Paint walls, ceiling, and trim

New area rug

New light fixture

New Desk

Build storage & shelving

Window treatments

Nightstand makeover

Now you have a chance to win a HomeRight EZ-Twist PaintStick! Just use the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to enter.

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Being a HomeRight Brand Ambassador, I get to share the HomeRight products I love with you guys and today I get to share an exciting contest too! Now that you know all about how great the HomeRight PaintSticks are– HomeRight wants to see your projects!

All you have to do to enter the contest is make a short video showing how you used your HomeRight PaintStick and feature your project.

The PaintStick EZ-Twist Challenge runs from today, March 3rd-May 30th.

And the prizes are good!

1st Place iPad Air 64 G WiFi version (valued at $699)

2nd Place $200 Cash

3rd Place $100 Cash


For your videos: PaintSticks, EZ-Twist, and Minis are available at Amazon, or Lowe’s.

You can get all the details, the entry form, and official rules here:

For more PaintStick inspiration check out the HomeRight Brand Ambassadors:

11 Magnolia Lane,  Infarrantly Creative, Makely Home, My Re-purposed Life, Not Just a Housewife, Rain on a Tin Roof, Simply Designing, The Pennington Point, The Shabby Creek Cottage

This is a sponsored post. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Painting!!

I Can Paint EVERYTHING With My Homeright Paint Sprayer!

Today, I am sharing my review of the Homeright Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer. Have you ever used a new product and wondered where it has been all your life? That’s how I felt after my first time using this paint sprayer. Not only was it easy, it saved me loads of time and gave my project a beautiful professional finish.


I was given the chance to review a Homeright Finish Max Sprayer and I knew right away what I wanted to use it on first. It’s a biggie! Remember, that ugly, dark oak-doored hallway we have? I painted the closet door by hand and it took me almost all day to get one side of the door done. Waiting between coats using a foam roller and brush. I had high hopes for my new painting weapon. 5 doors, front and back, all oak…how much time could I save?

We first sanded them down very well. This took a little extra time, but it is necessary for how grainy and full of gloss and stain these doors are. I have used deglosser in the past and lightly sanded them and that works well too. Since we were dong so many at once , we opted to pull out the sander.


Don’t I look soooo fashionable!?! Safety first…

After our doors were prepped, it was time to get our paint ready to spray. Most latex paints require some thinning when you use them with a sprayer. To figure this out, you can use the chart and tools provided with your sprayer. We already knew how much water to add based off the paint can instructions.

Since this was my first time using this tool, I tested it on some old base board to get a feel for it. It was late at night, but I had to try it out on one of the doors. Then, someone all the sudden was very interested in helping out. We actually had a fight over who would get to use it first.


Dave relinquished the sprayer to me after he played a bit and…how do I explain this? Hmmmmm…Oh! I know!  Have you ever seen Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief? Well, the scene where Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are getting romantic and they keep cutting to the firework display outside their balcony. It was like that using this paint sprayer. Just– we weren’t on the French Riveria and I don’t have fancy diamonds. But, it was euphoric all the same.

So, the next morning, I started spraying my doors.


I love this thing! It covers great, leaves a flawless finish, and it is so exact. You don’t need a compressor, it just plugs-in. You aren’t filling the air with paint particles like spray paint. Since I did 5 doors, here’s a quick tip: keep some Q-tips and a cup of water at your side so you can clean off the sprayer nozzle when needed. 


Nice finish!!!!! Guess how long it took me to paint one side each of 5 doors? This is awesome, just over an hour! I averaged about 15-20 minutes per door.  If I had to paint this with a roller and brush, and wait between coats…yikes!


I heart you so hard Homeright Finish Max Sprayer!!! My mind is already racing to future furniture and home projects that this will be perfect to use on! Not only can you use paint, but you can use urethane, stain, enamels, and oils with this sprayer too.


I love sharing products with you guys that make home improvement projects easier. Like with any tool, clean tools are happy tools!


I will be working on the rest of the hallway this week and I will have a reveal for you soon!

This is a sponsored post for Homeright. As always I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.


West Elm Hack

Inspired Design Challenge

Today we are sharing our projects for Week 3 of the Inspired Design Challenge. West Elm was our inspiration for the week and I am excited to reveal our latest DIY!

West Elm Hack Art

As you know, we are collecting items for our very first gallery wall in our home. I really want this wall to speak to who we are as a family. I’ve been printing photos, collecting art, making things, and this August we will be revealing our gallery wall.

I have loved this West Elm Abstract Art Collection since the first time I saw it:

west elm inspiration I wanted one feature piece on our wall since a lot of the other items are smaller. When I saw these, I knew this was something that me and the boys could make together.

DIY canvas supplies

This project cost us less than $15 which I love because the West Elm version was a lot more than I was willing to pay.

To build the canvas:

• A canvas drop cloth (I got mine at Lowes) Super inexpensive!

• wood for frame from the Lumber Dept. 12 ft for a 3 x 2 1/2 foot frame

• wood screws and drill

• staple gun and staples

There are several ways to build a frame for your canvas, from trial and error we have learned to add corner pieces to ensure a sturdy and level frame.

My boys were excited to paint with me. We took it outdoors since the weather has been absolutley gorgeous!

Kids painting

We just used the art and craft paint we already had on hand. We didn’t use any fancy brushes, just basic craft brushes. I made the first brush stroke and we took turns painting line after line.

kids painting 2

Once we got our black brush strokes painted, we followed with white brush strokes, filling in and blending all the gaps.

DIY Brush Stroke art

I am still recovering from being sick all week, but this was a fun low-key activity that I could do with the kids. I love that we made this together and that it will be the key piece to our gallery wall.

DIY Black and white art

I think we did pretty darn good! I haven’t decided on how I want to frame it yet. My first instinct is gold, but I may change my mind.

Black and white abstract

I really love the contrast and texture. Layering the paint worked really well. I showed the boys the inspiration image and they felt like professional little artists. They were so proud. A nice little memory for us to share and I love that we all worked together to create it.

West Elm Hack

Are you ready to see the rest of the Week 3 projects?

west elm inspiration board

1. Jennifer from Brave New Home

2. Lindsay from Life of Splendor

3. Angie from Angie’s Roost

4. Sara from Embrace My Space

Next week is Anthropologie! Always a great source for inspiration!

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Week in Review

Good Morning!

Here’s our weekly review just incase you missed something or wanted to see something again.

Week in Review


DIY Monday was an easy craft with scrapbook paper since we spent most of our weekend working on the kitchen and painting trim throughout the house.

DIY Monday 1


We featured Kristin’s blog the Hunted Interior.



We brightened up the winter blahs with handsoap + flowers




I played around with my new favorite trend LEOPARD and gave you some ideas and items you could use to incoporate it into your space…



Saturday is shaping up to be a thrifty one! We are taking the family on a treasure hunting adventure. Who knows what the day will hold!

I hope you enjoyed our features this week and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!


Kitchen Possible!

As, some of you are aware, we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. It is time-consuming to say the least. Between my time with my kiddos, my husband working, and all the commitments in-between, it has been a challenge to get things done. But, as of today, I am happy to report that this week I will make some progress.

Exhibit A

Going to get my PAINT ON!!

Just to update you, I am going to take you through the process…

We bought our house knowing that it was a fixer-upper. It is a great family home, but definitely needs some tweaking, and in some cases, major tweaking! The kitchen falls into this category. It is very outdated, oak and brass, a floor that the tiles are breaking, and it is dark. Not the bright, clean space I want to be spending a lot of my time in.

I wish I could wave my magic wand and have it instantly transformed, but DIY is a process and we can’t dedicate all of our time to it.

So, the first thing we did was decided on cabinets. At first, we were just going to gut and put in new, but after further consideration opted to refinish them. Rustoleum had just unveiled their new Cabinet Transformations line, and my giddy anticipation of saving a few bucks and not having to gut the entire kitchen took over.

What can I say? I absolutely love this product and have used it on many projects from cabinets, furniture, and wood trim & moldings.

Cabinet Before & After

So, here is “The List”:

Refinish cabinets and add new hardware

Prime & paint walls and trim

Add crown molding

Rip out floor & lay down hardwoods

Add new lighting

Install new quality countertops–quartz, marble, or granite

Subway tile backsplash

New faucet fixture & new appliances

Decorate!! ( the best part)

The inspiration:

Time to inhale those paint fumes! Wish me luck!!!


When all else fails, color your hair and call it a day!

So, I would love to say that I will be posting a wonderful furniture makeover on DIY Monday, but to my sadness, I can not! This Mid-west heat wave is getting the best of me, and I will have to move my efforts into indoor projects until temperatures are more ideal to work in my garage. On the plus side,  this means (insert happy applause here) that I will be painting and continuing on the kitchen remodel. So, Monday means I get to make a run to the paint store for the obvious– paint and crown molding!!!

Just in case you are wondering, this is the furniture project that is getting put on the back burner…

This table is getting a makeover! It actually was my Grandma’s and used to house a Zenith. Now it is a great entry way table.

Instead, this is what I did today…

A much needed hair color and bought a cute shirt from the thrift store.

So, here are the color inspirations for my table makeover when I get to work on it.

All courtesy of blogs I adore and taken from  Pinterest:

from Centsational Girl

from the blog: cape cod collegiate

from the blog: the long and short of it

from the blog: Crafty Sisters

Maybe you can help solve a color dilemma. I am loving blues right now, but that kelly green is still in the running. Which color would you paint the table??

Hopefully, this heat will leave us so I can use my workspace once again. It looks like the kitchen will be getting worked on along with some crafts too!

Have a great weekend…in the air-conditioning!!

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