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New Organizher and a GIVEAWAY for you!!

It is no secret that I have been a fan of the Organizher products at Target. You’ve seen me post about them in our family command center and I shared some new Organizher products here.

Well, today the lovely people at Organizher have sent me the new Organizher all-in-one memo book to review.

And…I got one for you too! At the end of this post you can enter to win your very own Organizher all-in-one memo book! YAY!


I just started using this Organizher all-in-one memo book and it is fantastic! Perfect timing too, because it’s just in time for the kids going back to school! That is busy-crazy time in my house! There are tons of planners and trackers out there, but I need something that multi-functions. This is a godsend! It has an area for meal planning, tracking monthly expenses, a calendar for family scheduling, and a place with folders and blank lists for organization. Perfect for the busy mom on-the-go!


I am a meal planner, and this is great because it is divided up weekly and that is how I like to shop and plan. I can plan my meals in the meals section and then make my grocery list and store my coupons in the organization section.



In the scheduling section is a weekly calendar to keep track of all your family member’s schedules. The expenses section tracks all your monthly expenses.


This is exactly what I needed for the start of the school year. Everything in one place, just like I like it!



Now is your chance to win an Organizher all-in-one memo book!  

 Enter Here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To get the latest on Organizher products check out the Organizher website and the Organizher facebook page. Organizher products are on sale now exclusively at Target.

This is a product review for Organizher. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Organizing!!

P.S. I just wanted to share that my new friend Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is sharing our home today for her Feature Friday series!! I got to meet Rhoda last week at the Haven Conference and she is just as sweet, beautiful, and gracious as you would think she is from reading her blog. She is an amazing DIY/design blogger, but I’m sure most of you already know that ;) Go on over to Southern Hospitality and see all of Rhoda’s great projects and say hello for me! xoxo

southern-hospitality-blog-haven Haven Conference 2013 

Summer Organization with All Access Organizers

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Home Depot & Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #AllAccessOrganizers

I love to have an organized home. It doesn’t always stay organized with three boys, I mean 2 boys and Dave, and now a cute but rambunctious puppy. We spend a lot of days at the pool and our back door drop zone was starting to get a little crazy! Let me show you what I mean.

Before back door

I’m going to show you how I organized this space with the new Rubbermaid All Access Organizers now available at the Home Depot, but before I do, I’m going to address the issues. We have a couple of situations going on here. We don’t have toy storage for the pool toys that are a little too big for our pool bag. So… it all ends up on the floor. Then, we end up chasing our puppy, Zoey, around because she keeps carrying things in her mouth. We also stack the clean beach towels, but Zoey also likes to attack those too. Problem two is that when we get back from the pool all the towels and swim trunks get hung up to dry next to the clean trunks for the next day. It gets confusing which ones are clean because they all end up smelling like the pool.

Rubbermaid All Access

Now enter the Rubbermaid All Access Organizers. The empty space across from our coat rack is the perfect place to add in some storage. I went to Home Depot and picked out 1 large and 2 small Rubbermaid All Access Organizers. What I really love about these organizers is that they open in two places. You can access items from the top like a regular storage tote or you can open the clear door on the front for easy access. Plus, they are stackable to save space and you can make any combination that suits your needs.

opens at 2 places

Traditional bins and containers work well for storing and organizing items, but it can often be difficult to find and access what you’re looking for – especially if it’s at the bottom of a stack of containers. The NEW All Access™ Organizers have a clear drop-down door so you can easily see and retrieve the items you want, even when the organizers are stacked. It’s great for the kids because they can see what they need to grab when we are heading out the door.

Organizing pool items

Now everything has a place, and it is easy for the kids to use.  The clean items stay fresh in the totes and we can use the coat hooks to hang our used towels and swimwear. The small size was big enough to fit our larger pool toys so Zoey hasn’t chewed up anything lately. I was pretty happy with the color too, since it matched this area really well. Even when pool season is over, we will be using these for school and fall sports gear.

All Access Organizers stacked

You can get the latest on NEW All Access™ Organizers at the Home Depot on Facebook and Rubbermaid on Facebook. The NEW All Access™ Organizers are the perfect solution for your storage needs in playrooms,closets, laundry rooms or anywhere you need some storage.

summer organization

I think today’s shaping up to be another pool day!

Free Printable + Summer La La Land

WARNING: This post discusses undergarments. It does not contain images of undergarments or worse– photos of me in undergarments. You do not need to shield your children’s eyes. It does in fact discuss the lack of undergarments. You have been forwarned.

I didn’t mean for it to happen. I really didn’t. Somehow it did though.

Days at the pool. Days spent outdoors. Long walks. A new puppy to obsess over. Spray paint season–YES, that is a season!

It happened.

“It” is Summer La La Land and I am its newest victim. It’s so intoxicating! You don’t want to leave.

Then, a large hand grabbed me from Summer La La Land and by brute force I was banished. I am banished forever! So much so, you have to say it like banish-ED! Like in a Shakespeare tragedy. BANISH-ED! Emphasis on the “ed”.

OK, this weirdness deserves an explanation.

Now, I am married to hands-down the nicest, most patient husband. I have no idea why he loves me! He came home and politely asked me to wash something specific.


Yes, those.

You know those. 

The unmentionables.

Oh, crap!

Cue scary JAWS music…


Where have all the boxers gone? Oh! The scary laundry monster ate them. Yes, I have a scary laundry monster. I named it JAWS because it just keeps consuming more and more victims. Underwear, socks, shorts, towels–JAWS does not discriminate. The more I stay in Summer La La Land the more it attacks!

I realized my little vacation in La La Land was over. I’m all sunshine and lollipops and Dave just wants some clean underpants! I needed to kick it into gear. I felt so terrible! My husband works so hard so that I can be home with our kids and I don’t even have clean boxers for him!!??? He wasn’t even upset, just really nice about the whole thing. That just made me feel worse. I am the one that made a production of it, grovelling included*

Summer La La Land: 1

Kristin: 0

Enough I said!

I am going to go into super-organized-on-top-of-everything mode starting with the unmentionables. This usually doesn’t kick in until school season starts scaring me into being overly productive, but guilt is a powerful force!

I may have gone a little extreme with the whole do the laundry thing. It has carried over into every aspect of the household. I have made lists for everything. Cleaning, laundry, meals, daily tasks. It’s like how I handle my blog.

In honor of my escape from Summer La La Land, I am sharing a printable I created just to keep me on task. I need direction in forms of lists and checking them off. It’s a sickness, but it works for me.

Cleaning Schedule Printable


Here are the printer-friendly versions if you want to use them:

Bliss at Home Cleaning Schedule


Here’s a blank one if you want to make your own and we can be crazy list ladies together:

Free Printable Chore Chart Yeah…I even made a rotating meal plan to use for the summer too. If I don’t plan my meals I will eat shredded parmesan cheese and croutons…sad, but true.I think it’s a form of protest against the rising grocery store prices. Eat everything in the house, condiments included, before going to the store. Anywho, I am really trying to embrace healthy eating as a lifestyle. That takes some planning and preparation. I am trying to buy a week’s worth of groceries at a time. I don’t want waste or stuff we don’t need. I’m not into stock-piling food like the great flood is coming. Fresh food is the best food. This limits our boxed foods too, which makes me feel like I am doing something good for the family. I’m taking on a cook it before it goes bad or starve strategy.

Here’s my Healthy Summer Meal Rotation if you’re curious:

Healthy Recipe Rotation

Basically, I made a master list of all the healthy dinner recipes I know everyone will eat and made a rotation based off of the protein. One day for vegetarian, chicken, fish…you get the idea. Each one is properly proportioned and has lots of veggies added in.  That way I know we are getting a good variety of nutrients and we don’t get burnt out on something. I don’t want to hear “Tilapia again? GRRRR!”

meal planning

I am just printing them off and circling what I will make for the week and then composing my grocery list. Oh, and I am starring the ones everyone really likes.

I’ll report back to you and let you know how it goes.

This post is goofy, I know, but I just love Dave so much! I don’t want him to have to ask me to wash, well, you know! Summer La La Land sayonara!! It will still be fun, we will still have sun, just clean underpants too!!


I love to label things. It’s part of my organization sickness. I like to label things even when it is unnecessary. Well, sometimes it’s necessary.

I was so excited to receive my Kidecals labels in the mail last week! Kidecals makes personalized name labels for all different uses. You can find something for every member of your family. All the labels are super durable and waterproof. They have the cutest designs!  To check out their full line of labels check out Every order has free shipping which is a big plus! Also, if you sign up for their newsletter you can get 15% off your first order.

kidecals mail

 via blissathome on Instagram

I ordered the multicolored chevron personalized name labels to label our books for the Pimp My Library Wall series. They turned out so great! I am really happy with the print quality.

book labels

book labels 2


I ordered the smallest size which got me 66 labels. They are the perfect size to insert inside a book. I added them to the inside of our library books.

book labels 3

book labels 4


This is great for when people borrow them and my kids loved this. They feel like we have a proper library! We are so official now. I can’t wait to share the big reveal of the library wall with you guys. I am still waiting on the lights to come in, so hopefully soon.

Stay tuned for another great offering from Kidecals soon. I am really smitten with this company! You guys need to check them out.  I found so many great offerings on their website. Their labels are so great for kid’s school items too. I want to get some more for my kids to label their school books, bags, lunch boxes, etc. for the next school year.

A big thank you to Carmel at Our Fifth House for hosting the Kidecals giveaway on her blog. Check out her fantastic blog. Her style is amazing, bold, and beautiful!

Happy Tuesday!!

xoxo Kristin

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More Great Products from Organizher

Organizeher by Mead

In March, I shared with you all the great Organizher products I used in my Organization Station.

drop zoneThe nice people at Organizher have sent over some of their new 2013 products all available exclusively at Target stores. I love the color combinations and these will definitely help keep us organized and in order around here!


They sent over the Organizher on-the-go family planner. Great for keeping track of everyone’s appointments, practices, events, etc.  I sooo needed something like this!



The Organizher Magnetic Fridge Filer. This is great! It is a file system for your fridge and you can dedicate tabs to each family member or kids game/practice schedules. Perfect for all those summer paper schedules.



The Organizher Loyalty Card Organizer. You could use this to hold all those punch cards and loyalty cards. I also love that when you don’t want to carry a purse with you, you could fit your essentials (license, debit, cash, credit card) in this. Love the color too!



The Organizher Shopping List. This has a complete grocery list and weekly meal planner on tear off sheets that you can take with you to the store. This is perfect for me. We are pretty health conscious around here, and that takes some planning. I plan all our meals for the week on Sunday. This is the perfect way to organize and get my list ready for grocery shopping on Monday.



Thanks so much Organizher for all these great products to keep our family in order! You can view the full 2013 Organizher product line at:



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DIY No Sew Recovered Storage Cubes

DIY No Sew

I promise you, I wasn’t trying to come up with the longest title for this DIY, but it was Sunday night and Momma was TIRED. That’s the best I could come up with. If you have any better less wordy descriptive titles give me a shout and I’ll happily change it. The Project in Progress is rolling along. Here is a quick change anyone can do on some storage cubes. I started with some cheap storage cubes that we purchased awhile back for the toy room. They have seen better days. They have stains on them that won’t wash out no matter what cleaning product I use and the color isn’t working for me anymore.

DIY No Sew I thought they could serve a new purpose in our living room. I needed one for blog stuff and one for my little guy’s toys upstairs. I also wanted extra seating for the kids at our game table by the fireplace. They fit neatly under my desk and can easily be moved wherever we need them in the room. If I need to get on the computer during the day, my little guy has some toys close by so he can stay in the room with me.

This is so simple and just takes a quick trip to the fabric store. For the size of these cubes I purchased 2 yards of fabric and that was more than enough. I purchased 7 yards worth of trimming and had about a half a yard left over when I was done. This little quick change only cost me $15.

No Sew Supplies

I used:

2 yards of black canvas fabric

7 yards of thick white trimming

Staple gun & staples

1 package of HeatnBond

iron & ironing board


measuring tape


First I measured around each side of my cube base and added an extra inch. Then, I measured the height of the cube and added an extra 2 inches for stapling the top and bottom.

DIY No Sew After I measured out and cut my fabric, I ironed on my HeatnBond at the end of  the length cut. I just followed the instructions on the packaging, adjusting the heat of my iron since I was working with a thicker fabric. I made a straight even fold so that the end of my fabric would look neat and clean. I then started stapling my fabric to the bottom and inside top of my storage cube base, working around until I reached the end and my folded edge.

DIY No Sew I repeated this on my other cube and then made my cuts for the lids. I simply sat the lids on my fabric and added 2 1/2 inches around every side to staple underneath.

Now comes time for the trimming. I wanted clean lines on these and high contrast. I measured and cut my trim in 4 even lengths to go around the top and bottom of my cube bases. I started at the side of my folded fabric and dotted my Fabri-tac on one end of the trim. I slid the starting edge of my trim under the fold. Then I added Fabri-tac to under side of the fold and pressed it down. I worked around the cube and glued on the trim.

DIY No Sew

So easy, right? The finished product looks much more polished and fits in with the vibe of the room now.

DIY No Sew

Here’s the B&A:

B & A Storage Cubes They tuck away nicely under my desk when they are not being used…

DIY No Sew They serve as extra seating when we are entertaining…

DIY No Sew

They are convenient toy storage for playtime on the floor…

DIY No Sew

They are seating for the kids on family game night…

DIY No Sew


I love how these now serve so many uses in the same room. Much better than being forgotten about in the toy room. I feel like if this was Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer they would have been on the island of misfit toys or in my world misfit neglected furniture items. Just call me Santa. Christmas came early for these little cubes. Wow, did I just write that? I need to go catch some zzzzzz’s!

OH…and I think they’ll look pretty sweet against a white library wall. Oh, yes! The trip to Ikea has been planned and is only 3 weeks away. Dave and I have come up with some pretty cool ideas and there is even a hidden surprise. Let’s just say it involves a remote and some stuff that only Dave could explain. I can’t wait!

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Happy DIY Monday!!


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Little Things: Organizher

Little Things

As simple as…



Today I am featuring Mead’s Organizher product line. For DIY Monday I showed you our new Organized Drop Zone.

drop zone

{Full Post Here}

I wanted to share with you the Mead Organizher products I used on the side of my fridge. I needed something magnetic and these products rock!

Organizeher Products

The Organizher calendar is perfect for a busy family. It has a spot for each family member’s schedule and a place to plan out your meals. Plus, it’s large, which I like. You can use the magnets or hang it up.

Calendar 58f954428a1d3be13443ef495d3aabb6

The magnetic notepad is perforated and gives a spot for two lists. One for shopping and one for “to-do’s”.


The magnetic mail holder has dry-erase labels. It is also magnetic or has hooks to hang on the wall. Super Handy!


I also purchased the Shopping Companion to keep in my purse. It has lists for groceries, shopping, and lots of folders to hold coupons.

shopping companion

When I find products I love, I just want to share them with everyone. The Mead Organizher line is sold exclusively at Target stores. It comes in several patterns and color options.

To view the full product line:

Organizeher by Mead

Have a great Wednesday!!


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You can still vote for my nightstand in Emily’s contest here.

I’d love your vote!

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DIY Monday: Organization Station

Organization Station

One of the first DIY’s I ever posted was this Fabric & Nailhead Pinboard. If you were a follower of the blog then, you may remember it or  if you want a refresher you can check out the full tutorial here.

Organization Station

Guilty Blogger Confessions  Well, it hasn’t really served it’s purpose. I originally made it for an office (that I haven’t even started on) and then it sat against a wall for a while.  Around the holidays, I used it on my fireplace only because I didn’t have anything else to put there.

Holiday Sparkle

Well, after a trip to the Target Dollar Spot I found some items to breathe new life into my board.

Target Dollar Spot Finds

Here’s what I came up with using these items and things I already had around the house…We have a tight entrance off our garage that lands right into our kitchen. It is a major drop zone, especially during the school year. Adding the coat rack really helped but we still needed an area to put the out-the-door essentials and I wanted a mommy command center of sorts.

Small Space Drop Zone

For the board, I glued the arrow clips and 3 strong magnets on it using Quick Grip Adhesive. I chose that adhesive because it is strong and like the name–quick. The small metal buckets I wanted on magnets so I or the kids could grab them and set them on the table when we want to use the contents. We seem to do everything at our kitchen table–eat, homework, art projects, and the list goes on…

Fabric Board

Fabric Board

We added a key rack, charging station and used baskets from around the house. The basket right on top we can put library books and movies to return, scratch paper, and other grab and go items. Along the fridge we have our giant calendar. I think life just seems more in order on a giant calendar. This one is from the Organizher line by Mead and I love it because it has a spot for every family member’s schedule and a meal planner. On the fridge we have a spot for mail, a note pad for shopping lists, and more clips for more important papers or invitations.

Mommy Command Center

On the shelves I have binders with our important home information and a basket full of crayons and paper for my little guy. I used the magazine holders to hold all my cook books.

Organizaging a Drop Zone

This old microwave cart was donated to us you could say, and it was given a little spray paint makeover. This is such a small space but now it functions for our family.


Have a great Monday!!

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Little Things// Pencils


As simple as…




I’ve shared in the past how I’m a scribbler and habitual writer-downer. It’s part of the creative process for me. I like to make a list or draw up plans to build something. Pencils have always been my go-to instrument of choice. I attribute this to a childhood of constantly drawing with them and all those art courses I took in college. I just love the feel of a pencil over a pen. Plus, it’s erasable, and I need that feature. Especially, when brainstorming. Give me a bunch of freshly sharpened pencils tied up with a bow and I’ll swoon!

They might as well be cute, right?




I found these pencils at Michaels.

Just a heads up dear readers & bloggin’ buddies,

I will not be posting for a few days, but some major changes are happening soon that I can’t wait to share with you! You can check out the new menu bar. I’m trying to make Bliss at Home as easy to navigate as possible. I have added a full DIY tutorial menu and under the Holiday category you can find Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas projects.  I will be back soon blogging away and sharing what I’ve been up to.

Happy Wednesday!!


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DIY Fabric Covered Boxes


Happy DIY Monday!!

I don’t feel near 100 percent yet, but I have been told by many who have suffered the same flu that it takes weeks so I will take what I can get. I missed you all and thank you for all your well-wishes!

Today’s DIY is (as promised) a tutorial on how I made the fabric boxes for my coat closet makeover.

The Supplies:


Cardboard boxes

Fabric (I bought 2 yards for the boxes I did)

Spray Adhesive (3M has the best one, I just used what I had already)

Scissors or Straight Cutter


Chalk or Fabric Marker

No Sew Glue to secure corners

Step 1:  Inside Cuts


The first cut you want to make is for the bottom of the inside. I just chalked my line right on the fabric and cut.  Then I measured the inside walls and cut those. I cut the length of two walls in one cut, so you should only have to make 2 cuts for all four walls.I added a extra inch to allow for the top to fold over the other side.


Now for the spray adhesive. Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area and protect your surroundings before using. Basically, use the same precautions you would use when using a can of spray paint. Coat the entire area that you want to place the fabric on. Press it down and smooth out any bumps. As you see in the photo above I cut the 2 corners on top so they would fold nicely over the side.


Go ahead and glue your overlapping sides down after you make your two corner cuts.

Step 2:  Outside Cuts

Now you are ready to make your outside cuts for your box. I used the same concept for the outer sides. I measured the length of 2 sides for one cut. Remember to leave an extra inch on the bottom and an extra inch on the top.

Go ahead and spray your surfaces and attach your fabric cuts.

Here you see how I folded the extra fabric on the bottom. I used spray adhesive and I also used the No Sew Glue on the tricky corners.


I also temporarily used tape to hold my adjoining corner in place before I sprayed my last 2 sides and added the last fabric piece. I used the No Sew Glue on the overlapping pieces too. **To get a good seal with the No Sew Glue just make sure you apply it to both the fabric and the surface you want it to attach to.


This was the perfect solution for our winter storage needs. I couldn’t find baskets or storage boxes in the size and pattern I wanted so this was the next best thing. When all else fails, make your own!


DIY Fabric Covered Boxes

Happy Monday!!


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