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Office Pretties | My Faves from the Office Photo Shoot

It was so much fun sharing my office and interview over at The Office Stylist last week!!

Today, I want to share sources for my favorite office accessories. Having little pretties around makes my work day all the more fun! Most of these I have and they were featured in my office photo shoot.  A few are new finds that are on my lust list! I lust after lucite and Kate Spade :)

bah office pretties

pencils | push pins | prints | tape dispenser | notebooks | coffee mug

Aren’t those the perfect pencils? I never thought I’d say perfect pencils, but it just happened! So many goodies, so little time!

I am going to miss this space when we are spending our summer in Connecticut, but I am taking some things with me so it feels like an inspiring home office while we are there. Here are my favorite shots from our office photo shoot. You will see some of those items featured above because I love them so!












In a week I will be blogging from my new home base. Dave saw our summer digs in person; I have just seen the pictures he sent me from his phone. I might have office withdrawals. At least I will be busy exploring a new area. This summer feels like one big adventure to me and I can’t wait to see all the upper East Coast has to offer!

This weekend is going to be a little cray cray because I am finishing up some blog projects around the house and packing. Ugh! I loathe packing, but at least I don’t have to pack up our whole household for this trip. This is also the kids last week of school, so I already know I am going to be pulled in every direction.

I wish you all a happy weekend and cheers to summer!


*This post contains affiliate links.

My Office Featured + Summer Color

Hi Friends!

Today I want to share with you a couple of places you can find me around the blogosphere.


First, I am honored to have my home office featured over at The Office Stylist. Sayeh is a talented stylist and lifestyle expert and she features the best offices from around the globe.

Anything modern and chic from PR agencies to designers; creative businesses to yes– bloggers! Some familiar faces in her Office Envy series include Ashlina Kaposta from The Decorista, Carrie Waller from Dream Green DIY, and Working Girl’s ultra-fem office. There is some major eye candy and good design over there, so you will want to check it out!

You can see my office shoot featured on The Office Stylist here and get info on how I designed the space and my brand.

Also, I am over at Mohawk Flooring’s blog Creative Home today sharing some colorful ideas for your next summer gathering.

colorful-summer-entertaining-ideas You can get all the sources on the items featured above. They are so good and at budget-friendly price points! You can also get some ideas on how to create a fun summer party.

See the whole post for all the details.

I have been working on 4 projects here, and will be sharing them very soon! Have a fab Tuesday friends!

Be sure to check out The Office Stylist and Creative Home today!

Playing in my Office and a Lamp GIVEAWAY!!

Today, I am sharing my new lamp in my office plus I have a lamp giveaway for you too!! I just added a new lamp from Kenroy Home to my desk. The Burl Table Lamp has a modern design, but also adds the rich warmth I wanted to bring into this space.

A lot of homeowners are banishing browns and beiges from their spaces and trading them for “greiges” –those gray neutrals. I love that, but sometimes gray walls or white walls can play a little cold. I felt that in my new office space. While I loved the way it was coming together, I needed a warm element to soften the space so it wasn’t too harsh. Warm woods and golds do the trick.

Office space via Bliss at Home

I have some details to finish up in here, but I am liking this space more and more every chance I get to work on it. Next week is going to be an exciting week with 2 things I am so stoked about! One being the BHG shoot (READ ABOUT IT HERE) and another top secret photo shoot is centered around this very space…so I just have to make sure the kids don’t destroy the house before then. Wishful thinking!

Kenroy Home Burl Table Lamp via Bliss at Home

I have been loving burled wood furniture and tiger wood pieces. The Kenroy Home Burl Table Lamp has a paint treatment that mimics these woods I love so much.

Kenroy Home Burl Table Lamp via Bliss at Home

The Burl Table Lamp makes a great desk lamp because of its height and the oval shape of the shade. If you have a smaller desk like I do, you want to make the most of your surface. The oval shade allows you to place the lamp closer to a wall or edge of your desk.

Kenroy Home Burl Table Lamp via Bliss at Home

I will be doing some more things in here over the weekend to get it ready for its close-up, but here is what I was playing around with yesterday…

Office space via Bliss at Home

Office via Bliss at Home

Now here’s the really fun part!! Kenroy Home is giving away 1 Burl Table Lamp to a lucky winner!! Just enter using the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, if you love my Creating with the Stars Knockoff, I just posted a full tutorial on how I made it with instructions on how to build your own DIY Bar Cabinet. It is multi-functioning as a bar and office storage. I needed the storage…and sometimes a little tasty drink doesn’t hurt either!


The Sheepskin || Faux Real

Hello lovelies!

Today, I am sharing my new fave rug ’round these parts. I feel like I should have greeted you with “Howdy, partner!” after saying ’round these parts’…anyways…enough of the random thoughts and onto the deets.

Faux vs. Real || The Sheepskin via Bliss at Home

I love a sheepskin. I have 1,2,3,4,5, now 6 (well, 7 if you include Zoey, she kind of looks like a sheepskin) in my house. Can you ever have too much sheepskin?? The answer is always unequivocally NO. N to the O.

It works with so many styles. If you are a modern minimalist, the sheep skin adds a layer of texture and warmth so your spaces don’t play too cold. If you are a glamour girl, it adds a chic layer of comfort to your surroundings. If you are quirky and eclectic, it adds fun and brightness.

My latest sheepskin squeeze hails from Bold Rugs. This online rug store has every style of rug you can imagine! Great selection and they also offer a 14 day in-home trial, so you can’t beat that.

Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin Shag via Bliss at Home

I wanted something plush under my footsies when I am working at my desk. I selected the Safavieh Sheepskin Shag Rug. It comes in 3 sizes, even a 4 x 6 if you want a larger one– gotta love that! It is 100% sheepskin. All real baby!

It also made an appearance on the tulip chair in the styling for my Creating with the Stars knock off:

Bliss at Home - CWTS - Knockoff Overall

Now, as you can see, being the sheepskin connoisseur that I am (owning 7 sheepskins, I mean 6!! Sorry Zo-Zo!), I have seen them all– the faux and the real. I own both and I thought I’d weigh in with my experience with each.

Faux vs. Real || The Sheepskin via Bliss at Home


Just by seeing this picture…you can already see some major differences. Both are from the same maker, Safavieh, for comparison’s sake.

Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin via Bliss at Home REAL sheepskin With the real sheepskin, you are getting just that– the real deal. So, naturally, it is plusher, warmer, and thicker. It also has a creamier color than the bright white of the faux. It does shed some in the beginning with the first couple vacuums, but that is normal. They also wear better over time. They cost a little more, but I think it is worth the money if you want something that lasts.

I compared this sheepskin to the Ikea sheepskin too, since I have both on hand. The real sheepskin from Ikea has a lower price point and is a pretty good value. The Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin does appear to be made better and is thicker and plusher than the Ikea version. It costs a little more, but I really think you get what you pay for with this sheepskin. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ikea sheepskin, but I do see where my new Bold Rugs sheepskin is better quality.

I recommend frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning if you spill on it. You can also have it professionally cleaned.

FAUX sheepskin


The faux version. This is just okay to me. If you don’t have the bucks for the real deal the faux version is super inexpensive. I’d rather just save for the real myself. Now, with the faux, they have them cut to appearance of the real. I find the “sheepskin” on these to be longer. They are not as plush and I find them really hard to vacuum. A lot of times I am shaking them out and picking out debris by hand. They also have a bright white color.

Care and cleaning is the same as the real sheepskin.


So, my two cents…go real. After living with them for a while, I can tell you that is the better deal in the long run. I just love my new real sheepskin from Bold Rugs! It is by far the nicest and best quality one in the house.

Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin via Bliss at Home


To see the sheepskin I featured in this post, be sure to check out Bold Rugs online. To get the latest on products and sales be sure to follow Bold Rugs on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

This is a product review for Bold Rugs. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.



My New Business Cards and a GIVEAWAY!!

Howdy! Today, I am sharing my new business cards. The fab people at are also giving away business cards to two lucky winners!! You can enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

I was so delighted when contacted me to review some of their business cards. With the blog redesign, I wanted cards that had my new logo and had a sleeker look. I decided to design my own cards so that they would reflect my brand. It was so easy to use their website. I uploaded my design and they even had an option to add a QR code to my cards. Love that!  card-case-storage I also went with a front and back design.

Once I placed my order, my cards were shipped out within a couple of days. I received 50 Classic Business Cards and they came in a nice card case too! That was a bonus. The case is great for holding all my cards and I can take it with me when I’m out and about. There is also a spot to keep cards from other businesses. It fits nicely in my desk drawer too.


They had a lot of selections online if you don’t want to design your own cards. You can also use their templates and add in your own images and logos. The QR code option is great, especially for bloggers and website owners. So handy for blogging conferences!


I love my new business cards! You guys are getting a very tiny sneak peek of my office space today. I love to keep some business cards in a bowl on top of my desk for mailings.

business-cards-in bowl

The front of my cards have all my contact and blog info. On the backs, I decided to add a little saying to them that fits my style.


The Classic Business Cards are a really nice weight too. They also feel nice and smooth to the touch and are thicker than the business cards I have ordered in the past. desk-top-styling

Now it’s your turn!! Enter to win a set of 50 Classic Business Cards from Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. You can get up to 5 entries. 2 winners will be selected and contacted by email when the giveaway ends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’d like to thank the folks at for offering such a great giveaway! Good luck you guys!!

This is a product review. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

My Super Top Top Secret Project that Rhymes with “Schmoffice”

If we had cameras on us 24/7, things around the Cadwallader household would look like an intricate dance of continual furniture moving and finding places to work and store supplies. I figure we have to be half crazy to take on all these projects at once. Some have risen out of necessity and others are things on the original list of home improvements. Needless to say, that making over two bedrooms, a bathroom reno, and a kitchen reno at once is a lot to work into our lives.

Good things have come out of moving the boys into separate rooms though. My office was going to be Sam’s “now” room. So, I got stuck in a corner in the living room for a while. Not so bad really, but not a lot of work space. So, we have looked at our basement in a whole new light. Our basement runs the whole length of the upstairs so it’s like having another house below us which is great. So, I’ve been joking with you guys about my super top top secret project that rhymes with “schmoffice”. The space downstairs is actually really ideal for my workspace since half of it is an open layout. Dave and I both agree I need a decent place to work so, yes, I am going to have a proper office! Yay!

Here are the before’s of this space:


This is pretty bare bones right now which is great because I can make it into anything. The flooring needs updating but the rest is pretty much cosmetic. We have chosen not to cover the rafters but they will get a fresh coat of paint and some finishing details.


This side of this open room is equipped with a kitchenette. It is pretty new and in great shape so that is a bonus. Half high walls separate the office side from a family room and kid’s play area and another fireplace. There is so much potential down here!

BEFORE-OFFICE-3 I will have 3 different zones in this office. 1)  I will have a desk area for my computer. 2) A workspace complete with storage and a table to work on projects and crafts.3) The kitchenette. I will also have a spot to sew and cleverly hide my sewing machine when it is not in use.

I plan on injecting a lot of my personal style in this space through the use of wallpaper, paint, architectural details, new lighting, new furniture, and decor.

I will be revealing it in 3 phases:

Phase one will be the desk area.

Phase two will be the workspace/storage area.

Phase three will the kitchenette/sewing space.

What is going to make this my super top top secret project is that I will be working on it behind the scenes while our other projects are going on. I won’t be sharing details until each phase is ready to reveal. So, we are having a little fun with it!

FYI- I HATE SECRETS!! So, this is really really hard on me because this space already looks so different!

Chic Office Chair Sources

Don’t hate me, but I’ve been holding out on you guys! I’ve been working on something behind the scenes. I’m going to be revealing this project in 2 phases. Let’s just say it rhymes with “schmoffice”.  If you are over the age of 2 and can crack that code– yes, I’m working on my home office. It’s in a part of the house I’ve never shown you guys before and I am really, really excited about the design.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had to make some decisions and source some items. Today, I wanted to share some of the stylish office chairs I’ve come across.



All of the chairs are at different price points so I am going to feature them Low $$$ to High $$$.

under 100

ghost chair

Ghost Chair 

under 150

target office chair

Acrylic Rumor Chair

home decoratorsKnot Chair in Black Home Decorators 

under 200


Hi-back Office Chair in White Zyder Stores

cb2 chair

Stratum Office Chair CB2

under 500


Eames Style DSX Fiberglass Chair

west elm

Saddle Office Chair West Elm

over 500


Viceroy Chair Ballard Designs

I will be keeping you up to date on some progress on this space…but I am saving those big reveals!

You can still enter to win a Home Right Steam Machine click here.

Workspace and Office Pretties

Today, I am sharing my organized and freshened up workspace. With a new year, I wanted to be on top of my game. I organized all my desk drawers and added a few things to keep me tidy.


On top of my desk, I like to have flowers– especially roses. They don’t cost much for 3 or 4 and I love the fragrance while I have to sit at the computer. I found some good things in the Target dollar spot like that pen you see there. I decided to use my DIY chalkboard as an inspiration board and hung a few things on it and will add to it as time goes by. I added my by Luciana print.



Another Target find is that striped basket. I am using it to hold my files right now. I don’t have a file cabinet and I’d like to keep it that way for now. That little vanity stool I picked up over the summer at a resale shop for $7. It is really comfortable and the right height. I don’t want anything too large for this desk. My brass Goodwill lamp works great here too. I just added the new shade and finial to it.

desk-organization That little pencil holder was another Target dollar spot find. I like to have little things that make a more personalized space. Fun pencils, pens, and gold paper clips. I picked the clips up at Staples.

desk-styling It’s not a huge space, but it works for what I need it for.

desk-blogger Have you refreshed your office space for the new year?

Enter to win a Mohawk area rug of your choice. Click below to enter:


New Organizher and a GIVEAWAY for you!!

It is no secret that I have been a fan of the Organizher products at Target. You’ve seen me post about them in our family command center and I shared some new Organizher products here.

Well, today the lovely people at Organizher have sent me the new Organizher all-in-one memo book to review.

And…I got one for you too! At the end of this post you can enter to win your very own Organizher all-in-one memo book! YAY!


I just started using this Organizher all-in-one memo book and it is fantastic! Perfect timing too, because it’s just in time for the kids going back to school! That is busy-crazy time in my house! There are tons of planners and trackers out there, but I need something that multi-functions. This is a godsend! It has an area for meal planning, tracking monthly expenses, a calendar for family scheduling, and a place with folders and blank lists for organization. Perfect for the busy mom on-the-go!


I am a meal planner, and this is great because it is divided up weekly and that is how I like to shop and plan. I can plan my meals in the meals section and then make my grocery list and store my coupons in the organization section.



In the scheduling section is a weekly calendar to keep track of all your family member’s schedules. The expenses section tracks all your monthly expenses.


This is exactly what I needed for the start of the school year. Everything in one place, just like I like it!



Now is your chance to win an Organizher all-in-one memo book!  

 Enter Here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To get the latest on Organizher products check out the Organizher website and the Organizher facebook page. Organizher products are on sale now exclusively at Target.

This is a product review for Organizher. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Organizing!!

P.S. I just wanted to share that my new friend Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is sharing our home today for her Feature Friday series!! I got to meet Rhoda last week at the Haven Conference and she is just as sweet, beautiful, and gracious as you would think she is from reading her blog. She is an amazing DIY/design blogger, but I’m sure most of you already know that ;) Go on over to Southern Hospitality and see all of Rhoda’s great projects and say hello for me! xoxo

southern-hospitality-blog-haven Haven Conference 2013 

DIY Monday: Desk Reveal

I have had a whole weekend to work from my newly made over desk and I love it! Today I’m going to show you how I took a regular old computer desk and turned it into something chic and stylish.

DIY Desk Makeover

I started with our ten-year old computer desk. It’s your pretty standard inexpensive desk. It was one of those we need a computer desk and we are buying groceries purchases.  I am actually surprised at how well it has held up over the years. It only had a few scratches on the table top. Not bad for always being used, going through 3 moves, and two kids later!

This was our starting off point if you remember:

Desk Before

1. Clean It! The first thing I did was give it a good cleaning with TSP paint prep. You can buy this at any home improvement store and it is usually right in the paint aisle.

Painting Prep

2. Sand It! I let it dry thoroughly and then sanded the top of the desk since there were some fine scratches and I wanted to make sure the paint would be smooth. After the surface had been prepped the fun began!

3. Paint It! Since this piece will eventually be against a library wall of white shelving I wanted some contrast. I chose black because I love black and white together. I also chose an eggshell finish. I removed the old hardware and started painting.

DIY Desk Makeover

I opted to roll on the paint on the desk top for an ultra smooth finish. I really like Purdy brushes and rollers. I selected a roller for smooth surfaces and it worked like a charm. I did two coats (I let it dry 3 hours between coats) and then let it dry overnight.

4. Measure & Design It! I wanted a very customized look for this desk. This was the most tedious part by far. I designed a simple pattern to paint on top.

DIY Desk Makeover

Once I marked all my measurements, I taped it off and then traced my pattern. To get ready to paint it, I taped outside the pattern.

DIY Desk Makeover

DIY Desk Makeover

6. Add a Surprise! I was so happy to find this black and white contact paper at TJ Maxx. They had so many great patterns and colors. I actually picked up some others for future projects. This is exactly what I wanted. It’s a nice unexpected surprise when I pull the drawer out.

DIY Desk Makeover

7. Change Out That Hardware! I found a whole bag of these vintage brass and ceramic knobs at a flea market. They wanted $1.25 for the whole bag! I’m sure I can find something else to use the rest of them on.

DIY Desk Makeover

8. Protect It! This desk is going to be used daily so I wanted to protect my handiwork and make sure the top was easy to clean. I measured the desk top and went to my local glass store and had them cut a piece of glass to my specifications. This ran a little over $30. I am so glad I did because I love the added shine and it really is so easy to clean. I think it also gives my little desk a more expensive look.

DIY Desk Makeover

Here’s the finished product:

DIY Desk Makeover

DIY Desk Makeover

I wanted something that would blend in with the room when I’m not using the computer. I didn’t want it to look like an office. I think it’s coming together.

DIY Desk Makeover

My laptop fits nicely in the drawer and the chair is the perfect height for it. That was a lucky find indeed!

DIY Desk Makeover

DIY Desk Makeover

DIY Desk Makeover

Here’s a shot from the other side of the room.

DIY Desk Makeover

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Have a great Monday!!



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