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BLISS + Tell // How I De-Stress: The Tutorial


I just hate the sound of that word. I think hearing it just stresses me out.

I am one busy mama! I would gather that most of you are in the same boat. It can be STRESSFUL. By the time dinner is on the table, I have gotten everything and everyone ready for the day, gone to the gym, worked, ran errands, worked again, cleaned the house, played with the littles, made meals, cleaned up after those meals, fit a shower in, and that’s just in the summer. Then, there is everything that needs to be done after dinner… That is tame compared to what awaits me in the next couple weeks when school begins. I can’t complain much because I have the best job ever but even things you love can get hectic. Throw in being sick, someone else being sick, appointments, other obligations, and kid’s activities and there are never enough hours in the day. I know you all know what I’m talking about!

So, when I had a chance to review neuro BLISS and take time to have a blissful moment for myself I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I am definitely onboard with new ways to de-stress.


So, now you are probably wondering what neuro BLISS is, am I right?  neuro BLISS is a lightly carbonated citrus lychee drink designed to reduce stress (which I need) and relax the mind (which I also need). It has good stuff in it like chamomile, vitamins and minerals, and anti-oxidants like amino acid found in green tea. It’s only 35 calories a bottle so it’s a healthy alternative to that soda or midday coffee drink. If you are a weight watchers point counter, this is only 1 point for the entire bottle. I love finding drink alternatives that are light and full of the stuff our bodies need.


Now it’s time to BLISS and tell. If I feel the need to de-stress I am all about atmosphere. It must be the design lover in me. I’m all about creating a blissful moment, especially in my home.

My ideal would be this:


…but Dave is still at work. Bummer!

I’ll have to share my runner-up blissful moment.

Here are my blissful moment essentials:

1. Choose a room in your house or outside your house you love. For me it’s my living room right now. Pick the most comfortable place to sit and I know it may be hard but SIT THERE. Also, put your feet up…that part is necessary!



2. Play your favorite tunes, light a scented candle, and if you have flowers set them next to you.




3. Do something you love. If it’s sleep, then sleep. If it’s reading, then grab your book. I love to read shelter mags. So I grabbed a big pile of them and my favorite catalogs.



4. Enlist child labor if you forget something. I forgot to grab my drink. You can not get up once your feet are up or the blissful moment will be shot. Have the most trusted child, (usually the oldest one) bring you your drink.



5. Enjoy! Whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes– this is your time. There is no guilt allowed in the bliss zone! You may have to enlist child labor again to snap a photo of you relaxing if you are going to write a blog post about, just FYI.



I have to say neuro BLISS  is so refreshing! It has a nice taste and the light carbonation makes it really delightful. There aren’t any artificial flavors or additives in it so it is a healthy choice. I love that I am not ruining my diet and giving my body what it needs. I chose to have my blissful moment in the afternoon because that’s when I feel my body start to go into tired mode.

20 minutes later and I’m good to go!



I love finding new drinks I love and the next time I am grocery shopping I am definitely going to pick this up. You can buy neuro BLISS at Target (my store), Walgreens, Safe-way, 7-11 and other grocery and retail stores.

And look, here’s this handy printable coupon to save on your purchase:

Now that we are all on board with making sure we have that blissful moment, go on and enter the BLISS & Tell contest and weekly giveaway for a chance to win a $10k dream vacation. 20 minutes on the couch having my de-stress moment is great, but a dream vacation sounds even better!

BLISS infographic final.jpg


Go on and get your own blissful moment!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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