Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Bedroom Makeover with greens, grays and bold details

BEHIND THE DOOR Today, I am sharing the changes we have made in our bedroom. I loved our soothing bedroom, but it started to feel boring to me. When you see everyone doing what you have, it just starts to feel old and not fresh and new anymore.  There are a BAJILLION serene gray bedrooms…

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Isn’t She Lovely…

B @ H || Creating with the Stars Knockoff

Well, as you may have read by now…I did not make it to week 2 on Creating with the Stars. My knockoff was in the bottom 3…so away we go! A big congratulations to all that are continuing on!!! All of us should be proud we were selected in the first place. No sad faces…

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New Rugs USA Area Rug Review

Rugs Usa Area Rug Review || B @ H

Howdy! Today I am sharing the review of our new Rugs USA area rug. I’m being a little sneaky because this rug is meant for my office, but the office isn’t ready to share yet. I brought it up to the living room and I got to say I really like it in here! It might…

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Chic Office Chair Sources


Don’t hate me, but I’ve been holding out on you guys! I’ve been working on something behind the scenes. I’m going to be revealing this project in 2 phases. Let’s just say it rhymes with “schmoffice”.  If you are over the age of 2 and can crack that code– yes, I’m working on my home…

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Adding Details to Your Front Door


On the Campaign Trail || Door Bling It’s no secret that I love campaign dressers. I haven’t had any luck thrifting one yet and I stress the yet. Until I find one or IKEA hack one, I thought I could give a little nod to the dresser I love so much.  My front door got a fresh…

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New Canvas Art + A Gallery Wall Sneak Peek


Today, I am sharing some new canvas art with you! I love to hang things on my walls that have meaning. Geezees Canvas Art designs unique canvas art from your own words and personal photos. Their collection is amazing and no matter what your style you will find something to your taste. Here’s the fab…

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West Elm Hack

West Elm Hack Art

Today we are sharing our projects for Week 3 of the Inspired Design Challenge. West Elm was our inspiration for the week and I am excited to reveal our latest DIY! As you know, we are collecting items for our very first gallery wall in our home. I really want this wall to speak to…

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