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Our Visit to The Tile Shop

Howdy! So, you saw our October preview yesterday which I’m sure most of those projects will roll into November. A big part of that will involve what we were up to this past weekend. On Saturday, we took a little road trip up to The Tile Shop for a day of learning and fun. Let me just say, The Tile Shop rocks!! It is tile heaven. I was blown away by the selection and knowledge of the staff.



You cross those doors and you are in a world of beautifully tiled spaces. We walked the perimeter and kept oohing and aahing at the show rooms. And our kids thought it was a good time to take a fake shower.



We were greeted at the door by the friendly staff. Lisa, the store manager, was delightful and gave us a tour.





Aren’t those some gorgeous bathrooms? I just love the whole look. I also insisted that Dave should work a beautiful tub like this into our next bathroom remodel.



After our tour, we met with Bob, one of their tile experts, and it was time to start learning. The Tile Shop locations all offer free tiling classes every Saturday at 9:30am. In fact, every staff member is a tile expert.

This is a must take class if you are going to try your hand at a tiling project in your home. We learned what products to use for different tiles and surfaces. This is also a hands-on course. You get to try each step in the tiling process. Dave and I both tried everything. Things like using a wet saw, placing your tile and using spacers, grouting, and so much more. It was pretty amazing.





Bob was a great teacher and even took the time to give us specifics for the tile projects we are doing. We gained some great knowledge and tips that I know we wouldn’t normally get trying to figure it out on our own.

After our class, we met back up with Lisa and started making our selections for our upcoming projects. She was full of great ideas. I went in having a pretty good idea of the look and materials I wanted to use. Here’s a glimpse at what we are going with for our projects. I’m so excited to get started!




That’s just a little peek. We have some great plans in the works! I can’t wait to share more with you and start making some beautiful happen.

Dave and I would like to thank the staff at The Tile Shop Madison, Wisconsin store for their warm welcome and expertise. It was a great experience and we appreciate it so much!!



Today is the day! The Fall Tour has begun. Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. and Kristen from KFD Designs are our hosts and are kicking things off. Their spaces are amazing!!!! You must check them out!

DIY Paint Dipped Utensils



Today we are revealing our projects for Week 5 of the Inspired Design Challenge!  This week we took inspiration from World Market.

Inspired Design Challenge

world-market-utensils Green Mango Wood Dipped Salad Servers

I love these paint dipped salad servers from World Market! I needed some new wooden utensils so this was a great fit for this week. I spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen and a little pop of color is so fresh and fun!


I picked up some wooden utensils and this Martha Stewart craft paint. I loved the color. All I did was tape off the utensils and give them a coat of paint. A quick, easy way to brighten up the kitchen.




Now let’s see what the other ladies came up with! Can’t wait!!


1. Lindsay from Life of Splendor

2. Jennifer from Brave New Home

3. Angie from Angie’s Roost

4. Sara from Embrace My Space

DIY Paint Dipped Utensils | Pin It:


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Creating Your Dream Kitchen with Electrolux Suite Designs

We have been doing this kitchen remodel for what seems like a century! No, not really, but fitting in a big remodel into our regular busy lives has been a challenge. As we have mentioned before this little 1950’s ranch of ours is our new dream house. No dream house is complete without a dream kitchen. We are making progress on the dream kitchen. We are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Our countertops will be installed in June and we are weighing backsplash options. One thing that I am super excited about is getting new appliances!! Our poor oven is on its last leg and our dishwasher is so small.

I’ve been shopping around and know I want stainless. I also want them all to match and function. Quality is key. This is an investment for us and I don’t want to have to replace them anytime soon. I really like Electrolux’s Suite Design Approach. The key to creating a stylish yet functional kitchen is embracing the art of “Suite Design,” selecting beautiful appliances that complement one another – like the Electrolux matching suites of appliances, which are sleek, stylish and ingeniously designed to enable professional results.

Electrolux Suite Design

Click here to see more Suite Designs

In the image above, I really love the open shelving and the built-in look of the appliances. This kitchen looks so functional and well laid out. Dave and I have decided to incorporate open shelving into our design for our everyday dishes and cups. We go through them so fast that I have no concern about anything collecting dust. Plus, it’s all white porcelain which will also look great in our overall kitchen design.

 I also really like that Electrolux offers great options:

  • Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount refrigerators feature a versatile Perfect Temp drawer that allows you to store and serve items at their ideal temperature
  • Electrolux Cooktops have a clean, sleek look that features induction technology that gives you the capabilities of a professional chef at home
  • Electrolux Dishwashers feature adjustable, customizable racks that can fit more than 180 items in a single load

If I can fit 180 items in my new dishwasher, I will be in heaven!

Electrolux 2


I really love how each appliance is designed to coordinate. The finishes and hardware all complement one another. Oh, I can’t wait to cook my first meal with new functional appliances!

To learn more about Electrolux Suite Designs and see more appliances check out:

Electrolux Facebook Page

Are you planning a dream kitchen design of your own?


xoxo Kristin

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Kitchen Backsplash Options

Kitchen Possible!

Well, it’s been a little bit since our last Kitchen Possible! update. We finally settled on what we want for our countertops. It’s so funny too, because it’s right back where we began! Carrara marble folks! We looked through online images, shopped our local suppliers, touched, sniffed, and licked just about every countertop option. I’m only joking about the sniffing and licking, but it felt like we might as well! Nothing compared to the Carrara marble so we are going to go for it and I am going to extensively research how to properly care for it.

Now we are onto backsplash options. A beautiful tile backsplash can really add beauty and interest to a kitchen design. Not only are they easy to clean, but they can be done in so many patterns.

Here’s some of the options we are considering.

Herringbone Backsplash
Herringbone Backsplash {via}

I really love this pattern. I would probably do white tile since our countertops will be marble.

 Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass Tile {via}

I really love this in an aqua or mint blue. I just can’t decide if I want to bring color in the room this way.

Subway Tile Backsplash

subway tile {via}


This is so classic and traditional. It never goes out of style. It also looks good against a marble countertop.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic Tile {via}

I really like this modern twist on a mosaic. Very beautiful indeed!

Honeycomb Tile Backsplash

honeycomb {via}

Octagonal patterns are popping up once again. Fabrics, lighting, and tile are all featuring this pattern. I really love it with the open shelving.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

Stainless {via}


This is so different and chic. I like the smaller tiles for this and how it catches the light.

Decisions, decisions…

Have a great weekend!!


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Week in Review

The grass is getting green just in time for us to get some flurries. What? Yup, that’s April in Illinois.  It was a fun week around here and you know I am happy to be back on my schedule. Here’s the weekly recap and a Kitchen Possible! Update.

DIY Monday.

DIY Desk Makeover

On Monday, I revealed my DIY Desk Makeover for our Project in Progress this month. I am so happy with the way it turned out. I have a couple more projects to work on for it this weekend, one of which includes a trip to the fabric store.

Great Reads.


On Tuesday, we featured Shavonda and her blog  A Home Full of Color. You can check out her great featured project and DIY craft here.

Little Things.

Pottery Barn Clock

Wednesday I shared my new guest room clock thanks to Pottery Barn. I think it works perfect in this space and has a classic look.

What I’m Loving Right Now.

Happy Chic/Jonathon Adler & JCP

I get to go see the Happy Chic collection by Jonathan Adler today at JCP. Thursday, I shared a few of the items I have spotted online that I’m a little obsessed with.


I’m just looking forward to not having a jam-packed Saturday and Sunday. We are going to do a little more kitchen work. I filled all the nail holes in the baseboards and now we just need to paint over them.

Here is a shot of the progress via my phone and Instagram:

kitchen progress

We are right in the middle of this kitchen renovation now. The cabinets are done, the hardwoods are installed, we’ve painted all the walls, and are almost done installing the baseboards– It’s getting serious. The big money items are coming up. Countertops, backsplash, appliances, some new lighting fixtures…$$$$’s as far as the eye can see.  Of course,  we have been patient and saving and are hopeful to have it all finished by September/October.

Kitchen Possible! Update.

Kitchen Possible!

Time to pull out the good old list again…

So, here is “The List”:

Phase One

Refinish cabinets and add new hardware

Prime & paint walls and trim

Add crown molding & chair rail

Refinish china cabinet

Hang new chandelier

Rip out floor

Lay down hardwoods

****Break for Busy Season/Holiday Time****

Phase Two

Install new baseboards

Install new quality countertops–quartz, marble, or granite….leaning towards marble or white granite that looks like marble

Tile backsplash

New faucet fixture

Add new kitchen lighting

New stainless steel appliances

Install garbage disposal

Add wainscotting, window moldings, door moldings, molding above cabinets

…make another list for all the finishing touches, hahaha!

It feels good to be in Phase 2 and knowing that in less than 6 months we will be enjoying our new kitchen. It is already a night and day difference and feels like a happier space even if it is a little bit of a mess right now.

So, I guess I need to make a decision on that countertop really soon! Time to get my booty in gear!

Have a fantastic weekend!!


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Kitchen Possible! Update

Good morning, my fellow DIY’ers!

DIY is such a learning experience. Research and advice are always needed.

We had a design dilemma in regards to installing our hardwood floors in the kitchen. Some people just put the hardwood floors over the existing subfloor. The problem is that it creates a noticeable difference when it runs into the next room. For us,  the whole point of finding hardwoods that matched our existing ones in the next room was so it would look original to the house.

So, what does this mean? More demolition. There is doing it right and doing it fast. We are going to do it right.

We had a friend stop by to lend his renovating expertise in this matter and he said, ” Well, you could install over the existing subfloor, but then it will just look like you remodeled your kitchen separate from the rest of the house. If you take the time to rip out the subfloor and take it down to the original diagonal wood slats it will look like the new floor is original to the house and they will be level with the other room, it’s your choice.”

Well, I am going for continuity and flow in these adjoining rooms so it looks like more work for us…and when I say us, yes, I get to help too.

At least we get to use fun tools!

It will be worth it when we see no difference between our existing hardwoods and the new ones. I want it done right, not fast. So, unfortunately I have nothing new to show you in the kitchen remodel today.

These floors will just have to wait until we can get the subfloor out…

Have a great Monday!

Great Expectations

Good morning and I hope you are all looking forward to another fall weekend!

I titled this post “Great Expectations” because that is exactly what this weekend means to me. Now, let me premise this by saying, I have learned to hold loosely to any plans that we make so I will not be crushed if the unexpected happens and my plans don’t go as, well, planned.

Let’s just say there is a lot to accomplish around here.

Tonight the first order of business…fun!

A trip to our favorite pumpkin patch with the kids. I have learned by experience that if you can go to the pumpkin patch on a weekday a couple of hours before they close it is the perfect time to go. I’ve made the mistake in the past of going on a weekend. The huge crowds, lines, and harsh sunlight don’t make for the best of times. The first year we went on a weeknight after my husband got off work was the best…and if you’re lucky you can get a great photo– fog included!

Me & My Boys

The second order of business: let the kids have at the basement family room and spookify it. They started the other night. Here is some of their handiwork.

A trip to the dollar store and we picked up some simple cut outs and I had the kids make paper chains with construction paper.

I think they are doing a fabulous job! They have requested cobwebs and streamers next.

Lastly, I am giddy at the idea that our hardwood floors are going to be installed for the kitchen remodel. This is all my husband’s baby. He has never installed hardwood floors before, so he has requested that we leave the house all day Saturday. I am wondering if this is because of the possible words he may shout out during the process, but he tells me it is so we can come home and be wowed by the results. How cute is that?

So, if all goes as planned we will get our pumpkin patch on, continue making our family room spooky for our Halloween party night, and {fingers-crossed} my kitchen will be halfway on its way to looking like the vision in my head…or on my Pinterest board:

Oh, happy day, when the floors will look like this!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and do something that involves the words fall and fun!

This is Why I Thrift

Plain and simple. I would rather spend as little money as possible on stuff. The world is full of too much stuff! We have so much stuff we just haul all our old or even brand new stuff to the nearest thrift store when we grow tired of it. I am not complaining, even though it kind of sounds whiny of me to go on like this. Don’t get me wrong–I love stuff, especially when it is stuff for my home or a design. I just think as consumers we are overloaded with stuff to buy. So, I was wondering while writing this how many times I said stuff. Seven times, yeah, I just did that!

Back on track.  This is a problem for someone like me. I love to create beautiful spaces with creature comforts. I just don’t want to spend a lot on my personal belongings. So, whenever we are working on a project for our home, I always thrift before I run to the nearest retailer. There are exceptions, but most things can be purchased the thrift route.

And this is why:

Today, I set out with 2 things in mind.

1. Some sort of plate or stand to hold my sink side items.

2. Some kind of tray and items to make a coffee station by my coffee maker.

Here is what I found, and why a quick trip to the thrift store is so worth it!

1. Stainless steel paper towel rack. $3.38. (This was picked up a couple thrift trips ago.) It retails at Target for $19.99.

2. Glass Hurricane $1.38. $9.99 at Target.

3. Marble stand $3.38. Researched the same diameter, marble, and thickness and this would run you anywhere from $20 to $30.

1. Pampered Chef Woven Selections Tray $3.38. These are a retired series and this one for example goes for $25-$75 on Ebay.

2. 2 Fiestaware white mugs. $.38 each. These are sold in all the major department stores now for $13.99 each.

3. OGGI tight seal canister $2.38. This is $23.00 dollars online and at nice kitchen supply stores, like Chefs, and KITCHENS.

Let’s compare the damages:

If I bought all these items at retailers: $125.96 plus tax. 

My price from the thrift store:  $14.66 plus tax–$15.69.

Good quality items, and easy on the wallet.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Kitchen Possible! The Family That DIY’s Together…

Happy DIY Monday, everyone!

My family was engrossed in the last weekend of the Olympics and our beautiful fall- like weather. We did manage to squeeze in some work on the kitchen though. Nothing big, but we did get the chair rail painted and up.

DIY projects have become a family affair in our home. We made a Sunday trip over to the flooring store to purchase the hardwoods. We found a great match for our existing hardwoods through out the rest of the house. YAY!

My kids are such good sports when it comes to our projects! Go on and hug that underlayment!

So, here is “The List”:

Phase One

Refinish cabinets and add new hardware

Prime & paint walls and trim

Add crown molding & chair rail

Add wainscoting & window details

Refinish china cabinet

Hang new chandelier

Rip out floor & lay down hardwoods

Install new baseboards

Add new kitchen lighting

****Break for Busy Season/Holiday Time****

Phase Two

Install new quality countertops–quartz, marble, or granite

Subway tile backsplash

New faucet fixture & new appliances

Decorate!! ( the best part)

After we got home, we each took an honorary wack at “The Floor Who Shall Not Be Named” :

Protecting those beautiful eyes!

safety first…toy hammer for the munchkin!

Happy DIY Monday! Guess what we are going to be doing all week??

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Dressing Up My Beauty Products

Here’s a wonderful little thing I do with my beauty products that I leave sitting out that have less than appealing packaging.

Having lotions stashed around my house is a must! Cleaning up after a family all day, leaves my skin less than baby soft. I need a little lotion therapy. I just don’t want to see an ugly label, no offense Cerave, you just don’t match my decor, but you do wonders on my skin, so thank you! Cerave rocks if you haven’t tried it yet.

I just use whatever I have handy and make a cute little outfit for my products. Ribbon, scrap paper, glitter tape, scrap fabric,  whatever.

In this case, I used leftover scrapbook paper and glitter tape.

Making it pretty…

yesterday’s post– 

Just an update…

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