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BLISS + Tell // How I De-Stress: The Tutorial


I just hate the sound of that word. I think hearing it just stresses me out.

I am one busy mama! I would gather that most of you are in the same boat. It can be STRESSFUL. By the time dinner is on the table, I have gotten everything and everyone ready for the day, gone to the gym, worked, ran errands, worked again, cleaned the house, played with the littles, made meals, cleaned up after those meals, fit a shower in, and that’s just in the summer. Then, there is everything that needs to be done after dinner… That is tame compared to what awaits me in the next couple weeks when school begins. I can’t complain much because I have the best job ever but even things you love can get hectic. Throw in being sick, someone else being sick, appointments, other obligations, and kid’s activities and there are never enough hours in the day. I know you all know what I’m talking about!

So, when I had a chance to review neuro BLISS and take time to have a blissful moment for myself I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I am definitely onboard with new ways to de-stress.


So, now you are probably wondering what neuro BLISS is, am I right?  neuro BLISS is a lightly carbonated citrus lychee drink designed to reduce stress (which I need) and relax the mind (which I also need). It has good stuff in it like chamomile, vitamins and minerals, and anti-oxidants like amino acid found in green tea. It’s only 35 calories a bottle so it’s a healthy alternative to that soda or midday coffee drink. If you are a weight watchers point counter, this is only 1 point for the entire bottle. I love finding drink alternatives that are light and full of the stuff our bodies need.


Now it’s time to BLISS and tell. If I feel the need to de-stress I am all about atmosphere. It must be the design lover in me. I’m all about creating a blissful moment, especially in my home.

My ideal would be this:


…but Dave is still at work. Bummer!

I’ll have to share my runner-up blissful moment.

Here are my blissful moment essentials:

1. Choose a room in your house or outside your house you love. For me it’s my living room right now. Pick the most comfortable place to sit and I know it may be hard but SIT THERE. Also, put your feet up…that part is necessary!



2. Play your favorite tunes, light a scented candle, and if you have flowers set them next to you.




3. Do something you love. If it’s sleep, then sleep. If it’s reading, then grab your book. I love to read shelter mags. So I grabbed a big pile of them and my favorite catalogs.



4. Enlist child labor if you forget something. I forgot to grab my drink. You can not get up once your feet are up or the blissful moment will be shot. Have the most trusted child, (usually the oldest one) bring you your drink.



5. Enjoy! Whether it’s 5 minutes or 30 minutes– this is your time. There is no guilt allowed in the bliss zone! You may have to enlist child labor again to snap a photo of you relaxing if you are going to write a blog post about, just FYI.



I have to say neuro BLISS  is so refreshing! It has a nice taste and the light carbonation makes it really delightful. There aren’t any artificial flavors or additives in it so it is a healthy choice. I love that I am not ruining my diet and giving my body what it needs. I chose to have my blissful moment in the afternoon because that’s when I feel my body start to go into tired mode.

20 minutes later and I’m good to go!



I love finding new drinks I love and the next time I am grocery shopping I am definitely going to pick this up. You can buy neuro BLISS at Target (my store), Walgreens, Safe-way, 7-11 and other grocery and retail stores.

And look, here’s this handy printable coupon to save on your purchase:

Now that we are all on board with making sure we have that blissful moment, go on and enter the BLISS & Tell contest and weekly giveaway for a chance to win a $10k dream vacation. 20 minutes on the couch having my de-stress moment is great, but a dream vacation sounds even better!

BLISS infographic final.jpg


Go on and get your own blissful moment!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

New Organizher and a GIVEAWAY for you!!

It is no secret that I have been a fan of the Organizher products at Target. You’ve seen me post about them in our family command center and I shared some new Organizher products here.

Well, today the lovely people at Organizher have sent me the new Organizher all-in-one memo book to review.

And…I got one for you too! At the end of this post you can enter to win your very own Organizher all-in-one memo book! YAY!


I just started using this Organizher all-in-one memo book and it is fantastic! Perfect timing too, because it’s just in time for the kids going back to school! That is busy-crazy time in my house! There are tons of planners and trackers out there, but I need something that multi-functions. This is a godsend! It has an area for meal planning, tracking monthly expenses, a calendar for family scheduling, and a place with folders and blank lists for organization. Perfect for the busy mom on-the-go!


I am a meal planner, and this is great because it is divided up weekly and that is how I like to shop and plan. I can plan my meals in the meals section and then make my grocery list and store my coupons in the organization section.



In the scheduling section is a weekly calendar to keep track of all your family member’s schedules. The expenses section tracks all your monthly expenses.


This is exactly what I needed for the start of the school year. Everything in one place, just like I like it!



Now is your chance to win an Organizher all-in-one memo book!  

 Enter Here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To get the latest on Organizher products check out the Organizher website and the Organizher facebook page. Organizher products are on sale now exclusively at Target.

This is a product review for Organizher. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Organizing!!

P.S. I just wanted to share that my new friend Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is sharing our home today for her Feature Friday series!! I got to meet Rhoda last week at the Haven Conference and she is just as sweet, beautiful, and gracious as you would think she is from reading her blog. She is an amazing DIY/design blogger, but I’m sure most of you already know that ;) Go on over to Southern Hospitality and see all of Rhoda’s great projects and say hello for me! xoxo

southern-hospitality-blog-haven Haven Conference 2013 

Free Printable + Summer La La Land

WARNING: This post discusses undergarments. It does not contain images of undergarments or worse– photos of me in undergarments. You do not need to shield your children’s eyes. It does in fact discuss the lack of undergarments. You have been forwarned.

I didn’t mean for it to happen. I really didn’t. Somehow it did though.

Days at the pool. Days spent outdoors. Long walks. A new puppy to obsess over. Spray paint season–YES, that is a season!

It happened.

“It” is Summer La La Land and I am its newest victim. It’s so intoxicating! You don’t want to leave.

Then, a large hand grabbed me from Summer La La Land and by brute force I was banished. I am banished forever! So much so, you have to say it like banish-ED! Like in a Shakespeare tragedy. BANISH-ED! Emphasis on the “ed”.

OK, this weirdness deserves an explanation.

Now, I am married to hands-down the nicest, most patient husband. I have no idea why he loves me! He came home and politely asked me to wash something specific.


Yes, those.

You know those. 

The unmentionables.

Oh, crap!

Cue scary JAWS music…


Where have all the boxers gone? Oh! The scary laundry monster ate them. Yes, I have a scary laundry monster. I named it JAWS because it just keeps consuming more and more victims. Underwear, socks, shorts, towels–JAWS does not discriminate. The more I stay in Summer La La Land the more it attacks!

I realized my little vacation in La La Land was over. I’m all sunshine and lollipops and Dave just wants some clean underpants! I needed to kick it into gear. I felt so terrible! My husband works so hard so that I can be home with our kids and I don’t even have clean boxers for him!!??? He wasn’t even upset, just really nice about the whole thing. That just made me feel worse. I am the one that made a production of it, grovelling included*

Summer La La Land: 1

Kristin: 0

Enough I said!

I am going to go into super-organized-on-top-of-everything mode starting with the unmentionables. This usually doesn’t kick in until school season starts scaring me into being overly productive, but guilt is a powerful force!

I may have gone a little extreme with the whole do the laundry thing. It has carried over into every aspect of the household. I have made lists for everything. Cleaning, laundry, meals, daily tasks. It’s like how I handle my blog.

In honor of my escape from Summer La La Land, I am sharing a printable I created just to keep me on task. I need direction in forms of lists and checking them off. It’s a sickness, but it works for me.

Cleaning Schedule Printable


Here are the printer-friendly versions if you want to use them:

Bliss at Home Cleaning Schedule


Here’s a blank one if you want to make your own and we can be crazy list ladies together:

Free Printable Chore Chart Yeah…I even made a rotating meal plan to use for the summer too. If I don’t plan my meals I will eat shredded parmesan cheese and croutons…sad, but true.I think it’s a form of protest against the rising grocery store prices. Eat everything in the house, condiments included, before going to the store. Anywho, I am really trying to embrace healthy eating as a lifestyle. That takes some planning and preparation. I am trying to buy a week’s worth of groceries at a time. I don’t want waste or stuff we don’t need. I’m not into stock-piling food like the great flood is coming. Fresh food is the best food. This limits our boxed foods too, which makes me feel like I am doing something good for the family. I’m taking on a cook it before it goes bad or starve strategy.

Here’s my Healthy Summer Meal Rotation if you’re curious:

Healthy Recipe Rotation

Basically, I made a master list of all the healthy dinner recipes I know everyone will eat and made a rotation based off of the protein. One day for vegetarian, chicken, fish…you get the idea. Each one is properly proportioned and has lots of veggies added in.  That way I know we are getting a good variety of nutrients and we don’t get burnt out on something. I don’t want to hear “Tilapia again? GRRRR!”

meal planning

I am just printing them off and circling what I will make for the week and then composing my grocery list. Oh, and I am starring the ones everyone really likes.

I’ll report back to you and let you know how it goes.

This post is goofy, I know, but I just love Dave so much! I don’t want him to have to ask me to wash, well, you know! Summer La La Land sayonara!! It will still be fun, we will still have sun, just clean underpants too!!

DIY Chalkboard Placemats

Here’s an easy little craft I did with the kids. We had some chalkboard paint leftover and found some placemats clearanced at Hobby Lobby for under $1 each.

zebra placemats


These board placemats are perfect to paint because of their smooth surface and thickness.

chalkboard painting tips


I really love the chalkboard paint from Lullaby Paints. It is the same paint I used on my DIY Chalkboard. It is VOC-free and non-toxic and has no odor! I also love the roller that comes with the paint kit. The kids love painting with it and knowing that just in a few hours they will get to draw their masterpieces.

One of the tips I have learned is to put on thin coats. Really universal for painting anything! Basically, long even coats and don’t roll back and forth, but in the same direction. So, don’t go over a section again until it is dry. This photo above is after 1 coat of paint. We did 2 coats and it covered really well. Once completely dry, you need to cover the entire surface with chalk before you use them.

DIY Chalkboard Placemats


We painted these pretty late in the day, so I surprised the kids the next morning and had them out the next morning. They got to draw and create while I made breakfast.

Kid Chalkboard Placemats 6

Today I am on the hunt at Habitat for Humanity for a light fixture for our entry way. Who knows what I will find!

xoxo Kristin


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Romanian Pens

Romanian Pens

I am taking a detour from DIY Monday today to introduce you to something near and dear to our family’s heart. I’ve shared in the past pieces of our faith and walk with Christ. Dave has been so blessed to be able to go on 2 missions trips over to Rast, Romania. The team he was a part of  has helped build a church and a soccer or “fotbal” field for the community and church’s use. They have also provided VBS for the kids on these trips too.  His first trip over to Rast was a game changer. He felt God’s presence in a way he had never felt before and our lives have been forever changed.

Dave in Romania

In that particular part of Romania, work is hard to come by. A lot of times adults have to travel far away for work and be away from their families for long stretches of time. One of the members of our church has supplied equipment and has been teaching the art of wooden pen making to a few of the resident church members in hopes that this will supply them with needed income. Damastin is one of the artisan pen makers. To read Damastin’s testimony click here.

Damastin & Dave working

Dave with Damastin working at the church.

Here are a couple of the pens that we have purchased. They are absolutely beautiful and very high quality. They would make a perfect gift.

Romanian Pens

Romanian Pens

Romanian Pens

Aren’t they just beautiful!?! These pens start at just $20 and you would be making such a difference in the lives of a people who are part of God’s family. I would love for you to consider supporting them with a purchase of these pens.

To visit the Romanian Pens website and learn more or see all the pen offerings and make a purchase just 


Romanian Pens

or visit

I also have a link in the sidebar.

Have a fantastic Monday!!


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DIY Monday: Organization Station

Organization Station

One of the first DIY’s I ever posted was this Fabric & Nailhead Pinboard. If you were a follower of the blog then, you may remember it or  if you want a refresher you can check out the full tutorial here.

Organization Station

Guilty Blogger Confessions  Well, it hasn’t really served it’s purpose. I originally made it for an office (that I haven’t even started on) and then it sat against a wall for a while.  Around the holidays, I used it on my fireplace only because I didn’t have anything else to put there.

Holiday Sparkle

Well, after a trip to the Target Dollar Spot I found some items to breathe new life into my board.

Target Dollar Spot Finds

Here’s what I came up with using these items and things I already had around the house…We have a tight entrance off our garage that lands right into our kitchen. It is a major drop zone, especially during the school year. Adding the coat rack really helped but we still needed an area to put the out-the-door essentials and I wanted a mommy command center of sorts.

Small Space Drop Zone

For the board, I glued the arrow clips and 3 strong magnets on it using Quick Grip Adhesive. I chose that adhesive because it is strong and like the name–quick. The small metal buckets I wanted on magnets so I or the kids could grab them and set them on the table when we want to use the contents. We seem to do everything at our kitchen table–eat, homework, art projects, and the list goes on…

Fabric Board

Fabric Board

We added a key rack, charging station and used baskets from around the house. The basket right on top we can put library books and movies to return, scratch paper, and other grab and go items. Along the fridge we have our giant calendar. I think life just seems more in order on a giant calendar. This one is from the Organizher line by Mead and I love it because it has a spot for every family member’s schedule and a meal planner. On the fridge we have a spot for mail, a note pad for shopping lists, and more clips for more important papers or invitations.

Mommy Command Center

On the shelves I have binders with our important home information and a basket full of crayons and paper for my little guy. I used the magazine holders to hold all my cook books.

Organizaging a Drop Zone

This old microwave cart was donated to us you could say, and it was given a little spray paint makeover. This is such a small space but now it functions for our family.


Have a great Monday!!

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