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Anthropologie Inspired Projects

Howdy! I am back from the LONGEST.ROADTRIP. EVER. or as most of you would call it my trip to the Haven Conference. It was amazing, full of new friends, I got to spend some quality time with my blog buddies, learned some new skills and guess what?? I got to meet Angie from Angie’s Roost and Lindsay from Life of Splendor who are part of this wonderful Inspired Design Challenge!

Inspired Design Challenge This is week 4 and we are revealing our Anthropologie Inspired Projects. I am the slacker this week. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, you know what I mean? The week before the conference I was down and I mean down! A 3 day migraine and other health issues ruined my project plans and then Wednesday I left for Haven. I am sorry but I am going to be tardy for the party this week. Yes, that was a Real Housewives of Atlanta reference and no I did not have a NeNe sighting.

So, I thought I’d show you my inspiration for my project and link up to the amazing Anthro-inspired projects that these girls came up with! You are going to be inspired! I will be sharing my Anthro-project tomorrow.



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See you tomorrow with my Anthropologie Inspired Project! 

DIY Chandelier with Shade MacGyver Style

The foyer makeover is coming along. That stenciled wall got me eager to start working on the rest! I decided to work on the ceiling fixture next. This was a really easy project…or so I thought. We’ll get into that soon.

I chose to use the existing fixture as my foundation instead of buying another one. I am challenging myself to do this entire foyer revamp for $100 or less.  Can I do it? We shall see…

DIY chandelier with shade


Today, I’m going to show you  how I took this fixture:

entry way light fixture


and turned it into this:

DIY drum shade light


And I did it for $20. 

Here’s how.

First, I removed the old glass from the existing fixture. I looked in my store-room for supplies that I already had on hand. I always shop my house first to see if I can reuse something. I had some chandelier crystals from a broken votive light and decided to use those first. I have a gorgeous shaded chandelier in our bedroom so I thought I’d try my hand at making my own for the foyer.

The brass on the existing fixture actually works so I left it. Then, I headed off to find the rest of the details. I found a large white  lamp shade on sale at Target and some greek key trimming on sale at Hobby Lobby. I really wanted to stick to a black and white color scheme. The trim adds some pattern and also makes the shade stand out against the white walls.

sale items for light fixture


Are you wondering how I attached the shade to the fixture? Well, I’m going to tell ya! I had a mishap. I accidentally broke one of the spokes off the lamp shade.

Oops…I guess I need to figure out another way to attach it to the light???

Minor baby hiccup.

I had no idea!


Honestly, for a couple of hours I was stumped.

Then, I had several options pop into my head at once. I asked Dave for a second opinion.

I took the existing spokes out of the shade. Then, with a little trip to the hardware store Dave and I got creative and came up with a plan.

We measured the diameter of the shade and purchased these yard sign stakes and fittings for a couple bucks. We wanted to make a telescoping base so we could easily take the shade down for cleaning or light bulb changing.

yard sale stakes

I am pretty convinced you can fab anything with a little creativity and a trip to the hardware store! This hardware here allows for the metal rods to slide back and forth and stop and lock at your desired length. Perfect for what we needed!

Ferrule & Stop

We broke off the center pieces from the yard sign stakes so we had four long rods and glued our ferrule and stops in place.

telescoping rod


Lamp Base

If you are going to try to add a shade to a light, I would stress for you not to break the shade before you install it, and forego all this, but we had to come up with something.

For future reference, if you are ever in a lamp shade bind, super glue, yard sign stakes, and ferrule and stop can save the day!

I have to say we flexed our MacGyver skills and that was pretty awesome!




We salute you, Richard Dean Anderson, and your glorious mullet!

So I give you our fixed and installed light shade. Ta-da!

DIY foyer light

DIY drum shade light 2

drum pendant

Chandelier in entry way

So, for just $20 you can turn an existing fixture into a drum shade light.

FYI- I had these chandelier crystals on hand but you can order them very inexpensively online if you want to glam up your fixture.

We are still on course to do the foyer makeover for under $100 or less. Here’s what’s left to tackle:

Foyer Plans

Paint & stencil wall

Remove & replace baseboards and door trim

Paint terrazzo floor

Patch ceiling

Paint brick

Replace light fixture

Replace outlets & covers

Replace door or paint door

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of the Royal Design Studio Giveaway and announcing a new series with some very talented bloggers!


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