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Hometalk + Bliss at Home >>> Lots of DIY Party Ideas

Howdy friends!

Hometalk approached me recently to curate a board with my favorite DIY party ideas and I am happy to share it with you today! Are you familiar with Hometalk? I just joined not too long ago and absolutely love it! It has everything and anything you would want to see for your home. It’s great for getting ideas and seeing tutorials. It is a fab resource to get some inside info and how-to’s on any home project you want to tackle. You can clip projects you like to your own personal clipboards and share ideas with the Hometalk community.

Here is the DIY Party Ideas clipboard I put together. I loved going through all the great posts on Hometalk to find these cool ideas!


 ^ Click on the clipboard graphic above to see all these great DIY party ideas ^

Aren’t those some great ideas?! I know I’ll be using a few of those for our next get-together.


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8 Things I’m Excited About in August

I’m in the middle of several projects right now, and I thought I’d have a little fun time today. Why not share all the things I’m excited about in August!


Haven Conference — ....because there s no place like home

Hands down the numero uno thing that I’ve been super excited about for August is HAVEN!! Yes, it is almost here and blogland has been all a buzz. I can’t wait to meet my bloggy friends and make new ones. It’s going to be a fun-filled learning experience. Hopefully, I will have some helpful tips to share when I get back.


With that said, #2 is the pool at the hotel we are staying at for Haven. I’m getting there a day early, so guess what I plan on doing.

Hyatt Atlanta GA Hotels  Buckhead Georgia Lodging   GA Accommodations   Grand Hyatt

That looks so relaxing after a long car ride! Yes, I am driving with the fam and not flying. If I was going solo I would totally fly, but we have family in the area and we thought it would be a good reason to bring everyone.


IKEA. I know lots of you live near an IKEA, but I sadly do not. Our closest IKEA is a 3 hour drive away, so on our way home I plan on hitting IKEA Atlanta.


shopping via Instagram

Clothes shopping. You may think what’s the big deal, right? Well, I am really good at buying clothes in the fall and winter, but when summer hits I tend to live in my gym clothes. Pathetic, I know. As I was looking at my closet for some Haven outfits, I realized my summer wardrobe needed an update. By the looks of things, it appears most of my clothes are 4-6 years old and they look it, with the exception of a couple of things I got on clearance last year. Those two items are not going in my suitcase because I have worn them so much they are starting to look 4 years old too! I have been hitting up the summer sale racks. Until recently, I had forgotten how nice well-tailored clothes feel and look on! I must have been in a coma or something all this time, because this is not me. I love clothes!


One more month of summer! Yes, I realize some of you are already preparing for back to school. I love that the school my kids go to has a traditional schedule. I feel like they get a full summer which means I get a full summer too.


Birdcage candle holder

Our patio reveal! It’s almost done. We actually are waiting on something to get restocked so we can finish it and show you guys what we came up with. It’s definitely not a plain, boring space anymore!


Seeing our friends that we don’t get to see all the time. We have some buddies coming to stay with us for a weekend-o-fun. I love playing house with them and their sweet family. We also get to take a little road trip to see our long-lost friends who live in a convent. Well, it’s not a convent anymore! We’ll be sharing more about that on the blog this month too.


Getting healthy. The ups and downs of my health issues could be a really long, sad tale. Not going to get all Debbie Downer with you guys, so don’t worry! I just really want August to be a month of healing. I am praying I will feel like my old self again one of these days and if not I pray I learn to adjust.

Tomorrow I will be previewing my project for week 3 of the Inspired Design Challenge. This time West Elm is the store. Love it!

Around the House Lately…

I have been a busy bee. This post is going to be a mix of everything I’ve been up to lately at home. I have multiple projects going on around here. We are still pimping our patio. We haven’t forgotten about it. I promise you I will have a post on it real soon! We just have a couple more things to get done.

patio preview


Speaking of patio…We are at the pinnacle of pond season. Everything is growing like mad, must be all the rain this year! I will actually have to go in and remove some of the growth soon so it doesn’t get too crazy!

Pond Collage

The fish are smart and seeking cover from all this heat!

The entry way is coming along. An unexpected shopping trip to World Market supplied me with a rug and couple other great finds. I know I was originally going to paint the floor, but I found the perfect size rug. It covers the pink and green squares but leaves a little of the black and white terrazzo on each side and I really like it that way. I love jute rugs in entry ways.

world market jute rug


All that’s left for our makeover is to patch the ceiling and add the gallery wall. I am collecting pieces for it right now.

gallery wall

Our entry way has come a long way! Can’t wait to finish up the last couple projects.

As for the rest of my time…let’s just say our back door coat rack gives you a clue to how we’ve been spending our summer days…

summer days

Ordering Custom Pillows

Let me just start this saying I LOVE ETSY! Sometimes I tire of seeing the same old prints and offerings at stores. I love my home stores, but I don’t want to have the same couch cushions as my neighbor.  Inevitably, that happens from time to time when everyone I know shops at the same 5 stores. That is where Etsy is such a breath of fresh air!

Cathy's Custom Pillows

When I was sourcing cushions for our patio makeover, I knew I’d find some great outdoor pillows on Etsy. I have been loving the pinks and oranges I have been seeing lately. That combo just says summer to me. Then, I found Cathy’s Custom Pillows.

Cathy's Custom Pillows

Cathy makes everything from pillows to curtains to table runners. She has an excellent variety of fabric to choose from and that goes for the outdoor fabrics too!  Her prices are good and you can contact her for special orders.

Here’s some of the outdoor offerings that I just love:

Preppy Pink Birds Greek Key

Preppy Pink Birds Greek Key Pillow

Custom Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor Curtain Panels with Grommets in Deep Navy Blue

Cathy’s Custom Pillows has so many more options, colors, and patterns. I encourage you to check out her etsy shop. You can check out all her outdoor options here.

Cathy was so sweet to send me a Preppy Pink Birds Greek Key pillow to share with you for our patio makeover.

Pink Outdoor Pillow

Now, the trick to this photo taking is to show you her beautiful pillow and not reveal our patio! Tricky, tricky! We aren’t done with all the pimping yet and I don’t want to spoil it before we are ready.

Pink Greek Key Pillow

The fabric is gorgeous. I love the color and it is made so well! This is the 20 inch square size and it comes with the pillow insert too. This is a really good size for higher backed patio furniture like ours. Cathy offers a variety of shapes and sizes for pillows to fit your needs.

Pink Outdoor Pillow 2

When you shop on you are supporting small business and I just love that! If you are looking for custom pillows, curtains, or table linens I highly recommend checking our Cathy’s Custom Pillows. Cathy was so great to work with. She has a great selection of modern, high quality fabrics and offers them at affordable prices.  You can’t beat that!

Outdoor Pillows

Visit for a great variety of indoor and outdoor pillows, curtains, and more! 

This is a product review for Cathy’s Custom Pillows. All opinions are 100% mine. 

You can still enter to win:


xoxo Kristin

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Summer Celebration Series & Puppylove

I hope you all had a great weekend! We have a new addition to our family. Sweet little Zoey Cadwallader was an unexpected surprise this Sunday. We went to the pet & garden store to get some more fish for the pond and came home with an 8-week-old puppy instead. We are all smitten with her and she had a great first night. She’s playful, lively, adorable and fits right in. She slept in her kennel in the boy’s room last night because they wanted to be with her and only whined for a minute and slept soundly. We are potty training and she is one smart little pup! Already going outside.

Here’s our little unexpected surprise documented by Instagram. I will be taking better photos very very soon!

We thought we’d be getting fish…



Then we had to hold the puppies…

Puppies 1 Sam and puppy We fell in love with this little Maltese. She is considered hypoallergenic and a no shed dog so this is perfect for our oldest who has severe allergies.

Zoey I mean, how could we resist?!! Look at that face. She warmed right up to us instantly and we had to adopt her into our family.

Zoey 2

We needed another lady in this house with style. She’s already rockin’ animal print and modern graphic patterns.

Zoey 3

It was a good Sunday indeed! This is the perfect time to welcome her into our family. Summer vacation has freed up our running around and the boys are excited to have a new best friend.

We have another summer announcement too! I am happy to be a partnering up with a group of great bloggers for a new summer series. With summer in full swing it’s time to add in those warm weather touches to our homes and what better way to get inspired than with 11 days of summer projects!!



Join us next week and check out these fabulous blogs:

summer celebration save the date


June 9th - Making Home Base
June 10th: House by Hoff
June 11th: Migonis Home
June 12th: Mom 4 Real
June 13th: The Golden Sycamore
June 14th: Crafty Texas Girls
June 15th: The Wood Grain Cottage
June 16th: The Rustic Pig
June 17th: Bliss at Home
June 18th: Design, Dining, & Diapers
June 19th: The Lilypad Cottage

Happy Monday!!

xoxo Kristin

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I’m 1!!! It’s My Blog-O-versary and a GIVEAWAY!!!

It is Bliss at Home’s 1st Blog-O-versary!!!! 

Cue the music, let’s dance (I’m dancing right now), let’s be merry, and LET US EAT CAKE!!

I wasn’t sure which way to go…blog-i-versary, blog-a-versary, blog-versary…I decided on blog-o-versary. It fits. I say things like: “lots o fun” all the time. I use the letter “o” like it’s a word. So, blog-O-versary it is!!!

Let’s celebrate!! I am doing a post later next week highlighting the best of the first year, the things I’ve learned and still need to learn, and stuff like that. For today, the official day I sat at my computer and decided to make this blog, we are doing a giveaway!!

Birthday Giveaway


I am offering some of my favorite things for one winner:

$25 Target Gift Card to get your shop on:

$25 Target Gift Card


A mini garden gnome plant stake–you can have your own Cheese McBean!!

garden gnome stake


Cute pens just like the ones I am using right now:

Reveal 1 Stationary Box


The latest issue of one of my favorite magazines:

fave mags


1 Neutrogena Color Stick:



Here’s how to win:

Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite thing is about Bliss at Home.

Is it a project? Is it our goofy moments? Is it our open, transparent moments? Is it sharing products we love?  Is it decorating tips? Our thrifty posts? A room makeover? That’s it! Comment away!!

You can get bonus entries by liking us on FACEBOOK, following on TWITTER, and following on PINTEREST. Just leave a comment for each one and make sure you enter your email so I can contact you if you are the winner!

You have until Monday at 8 am to enter, up to 4 entries per person. After that the giveaway closes and a winner will be selected and notified.

My panel of distinguished judges comprised of a very eager and hands on 4-year-old and a very serious and artistic 9-year-old will be selecting 1 winner in a little number game I have created just for this event. It’s all very technical, I assure you! We will contact you via email, and blast it on the blog & FB that you are the big winner! 

This Giveaway is now closed.

Good Luck!!

Thanks for making our 1st year a great one!!!

xoxo Kristin

May in Review

May was a fast month for me. Was it for you? I feel like I missed it! I am so glad to be on summer vacation with the kids!! I love having both of them at home together. It never lasts long enough though. They are changing so fast, I don’t want to miss anything.

I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments, shares, and support. If you are new to Bliss at Home I’d love to get to know you. Leave a comment and I promise to respond.

Saturday I turn 1!! Can you believe it? This little blog of mine is having a birthday. As with all birthdays there will be gifts. Gifts for you! I am doing a giveaway of some of my favorite things starting tomorrow. I just wanted to do something fun to commemorate my birthday and share the love you guys always show me. This is not a sponsored giveaway, just something I put together to give you. So don’t miss it, and enter starting tomorrow morning. The boys will be selecting a winner when the giveaway closes.

Birthday Giveaway

Here’s our May. Our big announcement for summer is the Let’s Rock This House! series. We will be revealing the results of Pimp My Library Wall next week and have started working on Pimp My Patio. Dave and I are having so much fun! I am keeping track of how many times I use the word pimp in a post. I got to tell you, the library wall is awesome!! If you want to get behind the scenes you can follow us on Instagram #rockthishouse.



May DIY's


A lot of our time has been dedicated to the library wall so this was not a jam-packed DIY month. We did plant a raised herb garden complete with a gnome. The kids and I also used Lullaby Chalkboard Paint to transform thrifted art into a chalkboard. We can use it for art, a menu board, and Sam loves to draw on it on the floor.




We invaded our closest IKEA to get those BILLY bookcases and a few other items made it home with us. You can see all our IKEA shenanigans here.


Thrifting May


We’ve been thrifting a lot this past month. We have been having fun as a family finding books that interest us for our library wall. A few other things have wondered home with us too.

So, that’s May. Our June schedule is looking good. We have a couple big reveals planned, more DIY’s, and some really great products and giveaways to share.

 Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to enter the Bliss at Home Birthday Giveaway!!

xoxo Kristin

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Week in Review

Here’s our little weekly recap, just incase you missed something or want to revisit something again. We are mixing it up and I am ranking them from the most popular post of the week:


The Great Ikea Heist of 2013

You guys dug our silliness and I totally love that! So, if you missed it we shared our latest Ikea finds Mission Impossible style.

The Great IKEA Heist of 2013



Duluth Trading Co. & a GIVEAWAY!!!

Again, this post possessed a little silliness and a fantastic giveaway! I reviewed some Duluth Trading Co. products and planted our herb garden–gnome and all. You still have time to enter the giveaway for a $50 Duluth Trading Co. Gift Card. A winner will be selected Monday, May 13th. So click on that bad boy above and enter to win!

Duluth Trading Co.


Great Reads// Primitive & Proper

I am so happy to see that Great Reads is something everyone is enjoying. This week we featured Cassie and her blog Primitive & Proper. Check it out!

P & P 3


Creating Your Dream Kitchen with Electrolux Suite Designs

It was fun to share more kitchen plans with you guys. I have been pouring over so many dreamy kitchen images since we began our kitchen remodel. Just to think that new appliances are a couple of months away is so exciting! Check out the Suite Design approach.

Electrolux 2


This is Why I Thrift #2

I chronicled one of my latest thrifty adventures with one of my best friends. Thrifting is such a part of designing for me and I love to share the inspiration and savings with you guys.

This is Why I Thrift

I wish you all a fantastic weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there! I’m hoping to spend my weekend working on projects and eating something yummy and drinking something yummy!

xoxo Kristin

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Duluth Trading Co. & a GIVEAWAY!!!

I about pinched myself last week when we had 80 degree weather in April!! I took full advantage of the early warm temps and got to work planting my herb garden. I love to cook healthy and fresh herbs are a staple at my house. My backyard is small but we have a raised garden bed that is perfect for growing herbs.

For the job, I put on my Duluth Trading Co. gear and got to work! I tested out the Longtail No Sweat Henley T-shirt, the Quick Dry Skort, and the Oil Cloth Day Tote. When I started my day, it was 74 degrees out and super sunny. The thermometer kept rising over 80 degrees so here is how I beat the heat with my Duluth Trading Co. gear!

To start my project, I made a run to my local garden center. I wore my gear and used the Oil Cloth Day Tote. I absolutely love this tote! It is so well made and has compartments for easy organization. It even has a built-in key fob and is water repellent. This is going to come in handy this summer! I already used it on a weekend trip too. I just unzipped the side zipper and it gave me more space to stuff it full of our travel essentials.

Duluth Trading Co

The Longtail No Sweat Henley T-shirt was extremely comfortable to work in. I loved the extra long length. I am 5’10 and it was plenty long on me. When I was out and about getting my plants and mulch, I tucked it into the Quick Dry Skort and belted it for more put together look.

Duluth Trading Post


As you can see here, for more comfort when working, I opted to work without the belt and untucked the No Sweat Henley. With all the bending, stretching, and sweating it was very comfortable indeed! You can see in the photo below how it covers even when I was bending over to do my plantings. No unsightly gaping here!

Duluth Trading Co  The Quick Dry Skort was also very comfortable.  The waist moves with you and doesn’t feel confining at all. The cargo pockets are great and I kept my keys and gardening gloves in them.

Duluth Trading Co

I also liked the material of the clothing. The Longtail No Sweat Henley T-shirt is a jersey blend of comfy cotton and CoolMax polyester with antimicrobial and moisture-wicking performance. The Quick Dry Skort got dirt, water, sweat and mulch on it and stayed dry and was easy to clean. Both garments also have UPF sun protection and great freedom of movement.

Here’s my little herb garden ready to grow and supply us with our cooking essentials all summer long.

Herb Garden No garden is complete without a gnome. My boys affectionately named him Cheese McBean. I really have no idea where they came up with that name!

Herb Garden


Herb Garden



Now’s your chance to win!

One lucky Bliss at Home reader will win a $50 Duluth Trading Co. gift card!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be chosen by May 13th and notified via email. 

That’s not all! 

Duluth Trading Company is offering free shipping now through June 30, 2013 for my readers.

Just enter code:


(Note: $50 minimum order. Minimum order applies to total before tax, shipping or gift card purchases. Valid for US shipping only, on standard delivery.)

Happy gardening from me and Cheese McBean!!


xoxo Kristin

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Week in Review

Howdy, awesome people! This week, I tell ya! It was a little off for me. I was coming off a Spring Break high and ditched my usual tendencies to stick to a schedule. Schedules are comforting to me and help me collect my thoughts and ideas so I am already set to get back at it. Thanks for hanging in there as I just posted my every whim this week.

How’s your weekend shaping up? We are having 60 degree weather so hopefully I will get some much-needed outdoor work done if it doesn’t rain cats and dogs like they are predicting.

Here’s the weekly recap:


Monday I featured Frette. It’s a wonderful company that specializes in bedding and linens for your home. You can check out their full line of bedding, linens, bathrobes, and home accessories here.

FRETTE   Luxury Bedding Sets   Fine Linens   Hotel Collections   Frette


Tuesday I did a little throwback post on one of my thrifty finds and what it’s going for on one of my favorite online shops. If you like a good thrift store makeover come check out my arrow table.

This is Why I Thrift


Wednesday I expressed my continual love for Zgallerie, especially now that they are offering so many great home accessories in gold!




Thursday I shared our backyard water garden and patio. I am hoping that the temperatures will stay warm enough so we can start getting our green thumb on once again.




Our bedroom makeover is featured over at She Knows. How cool is that?!  A big thank you to She Knows for the article. That made my week!

PicMonkey Collage



Fingers-crossed…outdoor yard work. We are also going to be doing some finishing work in the kitchen. We have a couple more baseboards to install and some trim work to finish. I will be taking some beauty photos of my desk makeover so I can share the process and the finished product with you on Monday.

Desk Teaser

So there I am editing photos…excuse the ugly over-sized Grandpa sweater. I was cold! This photo brought to you courtesy of my 9 year old. I also am not camera ready as they say, but this is how I look most of the time when I’m in work mode. You can see a tiny tease of the desk, but I’m saving the goodies for Monday! Let’s just say for now, I love it and it’s working out great.

Enjoy your weekend, see you Monday!!


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