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Hometalk + Bliss at Home >>> Lots of DIY Party Ideas

Howdy friends!

Hometalk approached me recently to curate a board with my favorite DIY party ideas and I am happy to share it with you today! Are you familiar with Hometalk? I just joined not too long ago and absolutely love it! It has everything and anything you would want to see for your home. It’s great for getting ideas and seeing tutorials. It is a fab resource to get some inside info and how-to’s on any home project you want to tackle. You can clip projects you like to your own personal clipboards and share ideas with the Hometalk community.

Here is the DIY Party Ideas clipboard I put together. I loved going through all the great posts on Hometalk to find these cool ideas!


 ^ Click on the clipboard graphic above to see all these great DIY party ideas ^

Aren’t those some great ideas?! I know I’ll be using a few of those for our next get-together.


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July Round-up Time

July left quicker than it arrived! I feel like the countdown to school has now begun. A little clock is ticking in my head and reminding me of everything I must do before the kids go back to school. I just got done signing the boys up for fall sports and making physical appointments. Pretty soon we’ll be buying pencils and new school clothes. It’s like August is just a reminder that September is almost here. I really want to enjoy our last month of summer though.

Well, enough of that rambling…

This week will be a little different, since I will be leaving for Haven Wednesday. I won’t be posting as much, but I may pop in here and there!

Let’s recap the month, shall we? If you missed something or want to revisit something here are the links.

DIY Projects.

July DIY

I just loved the DIY’s I got done around here this month. This Inspired Design Challenge has really sparked some creativity! Inside the house, our foyer has been getting a facelift and you can see how we made our own DIY chandelier with a shade by using the existing ceiling fixture. I also spruced up some old photo frames with this snake skin duct tape DIY.

Outdoors we have been working on our patio and I showed how you can DIY your way through a beautiful summer dinner party. I also gave a Goodwill find an updated look by making a birdcage into a candle holder to use outside.

West Elm Hack Art

Our latest DIY was a family affair. The boys helped me paint our latest masterpiece a DIY version of the West Elm Black + White Abstract Art. We made our own canvas and did it all for under $15.

Around the House.

Around the House July

July was a month of organizing, bargains, and tackling those little projects around the house. I shared my new favorite source for beautiful outdoor pillows on Etsy.  I banished more oak woodwork and painted our coat closet door and installed a thrifted swing arm wall lamp in our living room. Our foyer makeover is coming along and I found the perfect jute rug at World Market on a surprise shopping trip. I am so happy to be bringing some color into our master bedroom with a few new items from Target. At last, we have a great storage solution for our summer pool toys using the new Rubbermaid All Access Organizers.


Inspired Design Challenge

I have been having such a great time being a part of the Inspired Design Challenge! We are now working on our projects for Week 4 and will be revealing them on Monday. Week 4 is Anthropologie so you know it’s going to be good! I also want to thank Brittany of Brittany Makes for having me blog crash and be part of her Summer VIP Guest Blog Series.

Brittany is one of my fave DIY’ers and I just love her style. You must check out her Project Gallery. One of my favorites is her Craigslist Dresser Makeover.


via BrittanyMakes

I will be leaving for the Haven Conference tomorrow! Excited doesn’t sum it up…there isn’t a word for it. I am going to try to blog a bit while we are gone, but I can’t make any promises. I may be MIA until Aug. 5th. We’ll see how it goes.

8 Things I’m Excited About in August

I’m in the middle of several projects right now, and I thought I’d have a little fun time today. Why not share all the things I’m excited about in August!


Haven Conference — ....because there s no place like home

Hands down the numero uno thing that I’ve been super excited about for August is HAVEN!! Yes, it is almost here and blogland has been all a buzz. I can’t wait to meet my bloggy friends and make new ones. It’s going to be a fun-filled learning experience. Hopefully, I will have some helpful tips to share when I get back.


With that said, #2 is the pool at the hotel we are staying at for Haven. I’m getting there a day early, so guess what I plan on doing.

Hyatt Atlanta GA Hotels  Buckhead Georgia Lodging   GA Accommodations   Grand Hyatt

That looks so relaxing after a long car ride! Yes, I am driving with the fam and not flying. If I was going solo I would totally fly, but we have family in the area and we thought it would be a good reason to bring everyone.


IKEA. I know lots of you live near an IKEA, but I sadly do not. Our closest IKEA is a 3 hour drive away, so on our way home I plan on hitting IKEA Atlanta.


shopping via Instagram

Clothes shopping. You may think what’s the big deal, right? Well, I am really good at buying clothes in the fall and winter, but when summer hits I tend to live in my gym clothes. Pathetic, I know. As I was looking at my closet for some Haven outfits, I realized my summer wardrobe needed an update. By the looks of things, it appears most of my clothes are 4-6 years old and they look it, with the exception of a couple of things I got on clearance last year. Those two items are not going in my suitcase because I have worn them so much they are starting to look 4 years old too! I have been hitting up the summer sale racks. Until recently, I had forgotten how nice well-tailored clothes feel and look on! I must have been in a coma or something all this time, because this is not me. I love clothes!


One more month of summer! Yes, I realize some of you are already preparing for back to school. I love that the school my kids go to has a traditional schedule. I feel like they get a full summer which means I get a full summer too.


Birdcage candle holder

Our patio reveal! It’s almost done. We actually are waiting on something to get restocked so we can finish it and show you guys what we came up with. It’s definitely not a plain, boring space anymore!


Seeing our friends that we don’t get to see all the time. We have some buddies coming to stay with us for a weekend-o-fun. I love playing house with them and their sweet family. We also get to take a little road trip to see our long-lost friends who live in a convent. Well, it’s not a convent anymore! We’ll be sharing more about that on the blog this month too.


Getting healthy. The ups and downs of my health issues could be a really long, sad tale. Not going to get all Debbie Downer with you guys, so don’t worry! I just really want August to be a month of healing. I am praying I will feel like my old self again one of these days and if not I pray I learn to adjust.

Tomorrow I will be previewing my project for week 3 of the Inspired Design Challenge. This time West Elm is the store. Love it!

Inspired Design Challenge >>> Week 2 Urban Outfitters

Today, we are revealing our Week 2 Urban Outfitters projects! So, lets’ get right to it!

Inspired Design Challenge


As I revealed last Friday, my project is based off this Urban Outfitters image:

urban outfitters inspiration


Did you guess right? I wanted to copy cat this for our patio makeover. I found a metal birdcage at Goodwill for a couple bucks. I’ve actually had this on hand since last fall, but it needed a new home.

bird cage before


If you’ve been seeing my teasers on Instagram you know that our patio makeover is bright. So, I chose to use flourescent pink spray paint.



After a couple coats I added a grocery store citronella candle to the base and it was ready for the patio. This only cost me $7 total for everything.

Urban Outfitters copy cat birdcage

Birdcage candle holder

Urban Outfitters bird cage


Now let’s see what Angie, Jennifer, Lindsay, and Sara came up with!

 Urban Outfitters Challenge Board

 1. Sara from Embrace My Space

2. Lindsay from Life of Splendor

3. Jennifer from Brave New Home

4. Angie from Angie’s Roost

Linking to: Inspire Me Please, The Inspiration Gallery

Week 3 is West Elm. I can’t wait to share the inspiration with you all!


Week in Review

Howdy, awesome people! This week, I tell ya! It was a little off for me. I was coming off a Spring Break high and ditched my usual tendencies to stick to a schedule. Schedules are comforting to me and help me collect my thoughts and ideas so I am already set to get back at it. Thanks for hanging in there as I just posted my every whim this week.

How’s your weekend shaping up? We are having 60 degree weather so hopefully I will get some much-needed outdoor work done if it doesn’t rain cats and dogs like they are predicting.

Here’s the weekly recap:


Monday I featured Frette. It’s a wonderful company that specializes in bedding and linens for your home. You can check out their full line of bedding, linens, bathrobes, and home accessories here.

FRETTE   Luxury Bedding Sets   Fine Linens   Hotel Collections   Frette


Tuesday I did a little throwback post on one of my thrifty finds and what it’s going for on one of my favorite online shops. If you like a good thrift store makeover come check out my arrow table.

This is Why I Thrift


Wednesday I expressed my continual love for Zgallerie, especially now that they are offering so many great home accessories in gold!




Thursday I shared our backyard water garden and patio. I am hoping that the temperatures will stay warm enough so we can start getting our green thumb on once again.




Our bedroom makeover is featured over at She Knows. How cool is that?!  A big thank you to She Knows for the article. That made my week!

PicMonkey Collage



Fingers-crossed…outdoor yard work. We are also going to be doing some finishing work in the kitchen. We have a couple more baseboards to install and some trim work to finish. I will be taking some beauty photos of my desk makeover so I can share the process and the finished product with you on Monday.

Desk Teaser

So there I am editing photos…excuse the ugly over-sized Grandpa sweater. I was cold! This photo brought to you courtesy of my 9 year old. I also am not camera ready as they say, but this is how I look most of the time when I’m in work mode. You can see a tiny tease of the desk, but I’m saving the goodies for Monday! Let’s just say for now, I love it and it’s working out great.

Enjoy your weekend, see you Monday!!


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