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Our East Coast Apartment

Rise and Shine! The birds are chirping and the sun is up! I have a little pep in my step these days.

As some of you already know, we have moved into our summer apartment. We had the opportunity to live in Connecticut for 3 months over the summer and we jumped at the chance to be tourists.

The Upper East Coast is somewhere I have always wanted to explore. So, pinch me! Dreams coming true over here! We have 3 months of fun and weekend getaways planned all summer long. Our first order of business though– getting settled into our apartment.


As you can see I wasted no time making it cozy for us. The rug that they provided in our living room I actually love, so I am basing the room design around that. Think palm springs meets Chinoiserie chic. I just want our place to scream bright and happy summer fun!

We are in corporate housing in an upscale apartment community. I haven’t lived in an apartment since the first year of our marriage. It is a little bit of an adjustment, going from a larger house and a yard. I tell you what though, it makes me feel like we are on vacation!! It’s a little escape from the ordinary. Everyone we have met has been so nice and helpful. We have full access to a very nice pool, a gym, and a wooded area all right on the property. It is a pet-friendly community too, and our little Zoey has already made a couple new buddies.

Our apartment is on the back of our building, which I love, because our window and balcony overlook the wildlife reserve next to the property. It’ just over 1,000 square feet of living space.

apartment solara



Since it is a corporate lease, we are not allowed to paint and all of the furniture was provided so I had no hand in picking it out. But, it is pretty neutral and modern so it works. Everything is brand-spanking new too, so that is nice.

I’ll be sharing some great decor ideas for renters while we are here. I packed really light and just brought out a few things from our home to decorate with.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on.


I’ll be sharing more of our summer apartment as projects unfold. We have a balcony patio and an office area to set up still. Also, I haven’t touched the bedrooms yet.

I will also be sharing our travels around the Upper East Coast and sharing my favorite spots for dining, shopping, and activities. So B@H, is going to be a travel blog, too, these next 3 months!

So far, we are 2 for 2 on restaurants and the dining has been amazing!

Tomorrow, I will announce the first winner of our Blog Anniversary Giveaway Week! You still have time to enter all 5 giveaways with great prizes from LUCIANA, Rugs USA, Crane & Canopy, HomeRight, and Holly + Martin.

See and enter all 5 giveaways HERE.

It’s the last day for the LUCIANA print giveaway and I will announce the winner tomorrow!!

I will be traveling tomorrow for a blogger event and will share a bit more on that later too.

Happy Monday!!

Spring Trends in my Living Room and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

HOORAY!! My calendar says it’s officially spring! It was a long time coming in the Midwest with the polar vortex and the LONGEST winter I can remember! Today, I am sharing my take on spring trends to bring into your home. You will also have a chance to win $150 to shop West Elm or Target courtesy of!!! Spring Giveaway $150 to shop West Elm or Target

I shared my spring refresh of my bedroom last week. This week I am sharing how I am bringing spring into my living room. Just painting the walls freshened up this space, but now I am craving color! I shared my color inspiration for this room a few weeks ago and I started to get to work on adding it in.

First, I made this DIY Mondrian Inspired Art and today I am sharing some of my tips to add spring color into your living room. It all began with pale pink roses I placed on my coffee table. Black, white, and gold have been trending big time for the past couple years and they aren’t going away anytime soon. I love that mix and it is all over my house. I’ve mixed it in with my silver and it makes for a nice collected interior.

DIY art on fireplace and pink roses

There has been a reemergence of pastels lately. Everything from blush pink walls to greens and blues. I have chosen a spring palette that still keeps black, white, and gold central, but also brings in different shades of pink from light to bright. Done right, this can be a very chic update.

The first thing I did for spring, was pack up those sweater pillows on my sofa and shop for black and white pillows. I found some on that I loved, so I went to and searched their Amazon Coupon Codes to add to my savings. I’ve gotten in the habit of checking for coupon codes before I make my online purchases and it has saved me a lot of money!

Living Room Spring Trends || B @ H


The pillows I found on and are from NECTARmodern. They are made so well and are all 20 x 20 and came with the down inserts at a great price for the quality. The Applique Ribbon Embroidered Throw Pillow in Black is made of linen and the ribbon is embroidered on. It has a zipper closure. The two Greek Key White/Black Embroidered Pillows have the same details.


Spring Trends || B @ H

I had a little spending cash leftover, so I also purchased something that I have been eyeing for a while– the Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish– which I also found on It brings in more gold to my coffee table.

Spring Trends || B @ H

Another way to add pops of my go-to colors for spring is to have flowers. Nothing says spring more than a vase of beautiful blooms.

Spring Trends || B @ H

I also love to find coffee table books that interest me with colorful bindings. I have been wanting an Audrey Hepburn book for a while and was happy to find one on clearance with a pink spine! Books are an easy object to use in decor. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend I love to check out thrift stores. Some of my favorite books have come from them.They are a great way to incorporate color into you decor.

Spring Trends || B @ H

One of my favorite ways to add in color is through art on my walls. I had this large-scale zebra art I DIY’ed but I wasn’t feeling it any more. It was ready for a makeover. I painted right over the fabric with white paint and created a blank canvas to paint on. I wanted abstract art with black + white and pops of pink and gray. I also added in some gold paint. Making a DIY painting is so relaxing to me. I didn’t have a plan for this one, I wanted it to take shape as I was painting it.

DIY Abstract Art || B @ H

DIY Art || Spring Trends B @ H

Spring Living Room || B @ H

Are you ready to ENTER TO WIN an e-gift card to shop for spring items for your home?!? You can enter to win a $150 e-gift card to shop at your choice of West Elm or Target courtesy of!!!

Enter using the Rafflecopter below and make sure to comment on the blog and like them on Facebook and say you did so on the entries below. You can get up to 15 extra entries by following the participating Design and DIY bloggers on Instagram too!! Just follow the Rafflecopter entries below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spring Givaway and Spring Trends 2014

Be sure to visit these fabulous Design and DIY bloggers for more spring inspiration:

Brittany Makes, The Chronicles of Home, Cuckoo 4 Design, Dimples & Tangles, Dwellings by Devore, A Home Full of Color, Lacquer & Linen, The Makerista, Primitive & Proper, Retro Ranch Reno, Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, This That and Life, The Thriftress, The White Buffalo Styling Co.

I was compensated for this post with an Amazon e-gift card to shop for items for my home courtesy of As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100mine.

One last thing…

Creating with the Stars Contestant

Blog world has been all a buzz with the announcement of the Creating with the Stars contestants!! I was lucky enough to be chosen as 1 of the 12 contestants!!! Excitement is not a big enough word. You can read it here.


Today, voting has begun on our WEEK 1 project: KNOCK OFF !!! I can’t tell you which project is mine since it is anonymous, but hop on over to the East Coast Creative blog and vote for your favorite!!

It’s going to be SO GOOD! I am busting at the seams to share what project is mine, but I can’t yet! The projects last year were beyond amazing and this year won’t disappoint! YOU CAN ONLY VOTE TODAY AND TUESDAY and then Wednesday they will share the WEEK 1 results!!! Hop on over and cast your vote!



DIY Mondrian Inspired Art

Hi Lovelies!

I had some fun in the studio yesterday creating some art for my living room. If you weren’t here Tuesday, I shared my color inspiration for spring. Well, I tackled my first DIY for “project color”, this DIY Mondrian Inspired Art.



I studied a lot of art in college. When I saw this Mondrian Love Print on Lulu & Georgia while browsing– it took me back to those days. I just knew this was going to be my first DIY for this space.

Mondrian Love Print Lulu & Georgia

Mondrian Love Print from Lulu & Georgia

Original Piet Mondrian art looks like this:


Print available on

I love the color blocking and line separations. The Lulu & Georgia version is a fun take on a classic. I thought this would be a good way to bring some of my color inspiration into this room.

And, yo! All you need is a thrifted frame and paper…inexpensive!!!!!


To make this DIY art you will need:

(5) 8.5 x 11 sheets of colored cardstock

1 gold piece of poster board (I tried to find smaller shiny gold paper but this was all that I could find.)

2 sheets of art quality paper 

scissors, glue, artist tape

1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 computer paper 

pencil and ruler


Design the pattern. The first thing you will want to do is make a template for your shapes. I just used a 8.5 x11 piece of computer paper and drew out my design with a pencil and ruler. Then, I cut out each shape and taped it back in place with artist’s tape so I wouldn’t lose my design. I didn’t feel like putting the puzzle back together…


Cut it out. Now that you have all your shapes, you can trace them onto your cardstock. I just chose my colors as I was going. Do what feels right to you. Each time I cut one out I taped it back in place.


Glue it. I glued each piece in place on a piece of artist quality paper. It is thicker paper and good quality. Once that was done, I glued that paper to a larger piece of artist’s paper so I would have a white background.

glue it

Add separation lines. The final touch is to add your separation lines. I cut equal width strips of my gold paper and glued them on.

gold-lines Isn’t that easy?! I love the color play and it looks pretty darn fab for just the cost of paper and a thrifted frame.

I will be doing a lot of inexpensive DIY art for my art wall that I am adding to the living room and I will be sharing it as I go.

Here’s where my DIY Mondrian Inspired Art is hanging out until the install is ready.


As I shared yesterday it all started with these roses…




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Tomorrow we are sharing the Best of February…

La Vie En Rose and the State of my Living Room

….Ooooh! The State of my Living Room…that was very presidential of me!

One thing leads to another…

Being a design lover and DIY thinker, I find inspiration everywhere. Recently, I purchased some blush pink roses for my home to beat the winter blahs.

When I buy fresh flowers they migrate with me to whatever room I’m hanging out in. Does anyone else do this? Is it weird??

Well, this Saturday morning,  I was hanging out in the living room with my roses and Dave reading the paper and inspiration struck. You may have seen my picture on Instagram.

pink roses


It made me realize how badly I want to put some more color in this room. It also made me realize how it needs to be pink. I love a touch of pink with black, grays, and whites.

Then, we strolled over to the flea market to pick up the desk we purchased for Bman’s room and I got more inspiration.

photo (3)

Then, my friend Julia over at Cuckoo 4 Design shared her latest DIY art and it reminded me of an inspiration image I had pinned to DIY and totally haven’t gotten around to doing yet.

art inspiration

Artist Maurie Hartel via Bona Fide Amor

So, for spring I am adding in some more pinks, blacks, and grays, and even more gold to this room. I feel like the universe is telling me to do so.

Living Room B @ H

And I don’t know if you noticed but my Lust List last Friday was full of rose, pink, and black inspiration…

Favorite Spring Inspired Finds from Around the Web || B @ H

I am seeing my living room through rose-colored glasses (which I think totally fits my optimistic nature). I have some DIY projects planned for this space to bring in some much-needed spring color! They are going to cost next to nothing because I am light in the decorating wallet right now due to some upcoming expenses. Pillows, an art wall,. and more…

Here’s some more DIY art ideas: DIY Black + White Abstract Art, DIY Placemat Art

Do you have something that recently inspired you to add something into your home decor?

Anthropologie Placemat Art

Today I am revealing my project for Week 4 of the Inspired Design Challenge. This week Anthropologie was our inspiration. I just love going there! Anthro is fun, its globally inspired, its quirky, creative– basically everything I love about design. I have always thought it’s vibe to be hippie-chic.


I wanted an easy-to-do project for this week. I like to take home items and look at them differently. While I was in Atlanta for the Haven Conference, I stopped by the nearest Anthropologie to get some inspiration. I wish I could have packed up half the store (including the clothes) and bring it home, but I was there to get inspired and not shop ’til I drop. I seriously came up with 10 things to do in the matter of minutes!

I decided to do a project with this gorgeous woven placemat:


Anthropologie Sanibel Placemat

I love the pattern and the color. I’ve been feeling a pink and orange vibe lately so this was speaking to me. I knew I instantly wanted to frame it as art for our bedroom. Placemats are a great item to frame because they are inexpensive and easily fit into frames. There are so many great textile patterns to choose from. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on art for your walls.


On a thrifting adventure I scored this gold bamboo framed art. This placemat is the perfect size for this frame so you can see how easy this is! A quick swap of the art with the placemat and you have some really chic expensive looking art. The frame was $3.38 and the placemat was $14. Beautiful art for under $20.


I am using it on my dresser in our bedroom.





Here are the all the Anthropologie projects from Monday. Enjoy!

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 Week 5 of the Inspired Design Challenge is World Market. One of my favorites!!

linking to: Snap Show & Tell, The Inspiration Gallery


West Elm Hack

Inspired Design Challenge

Today we are sharing our projects for Week 3 of the Inspired Design Challenge. West Elm was our inspiration for the week and I am excited to reveal our latest DIY!

West Elm Hack Art

As you know, we are collecting items for our very first gallery wall in our home. I really want this wall to speak to who we are as a family. I’ve been printing photos, collecting art, making things, and this August we will be revealing our gallery wall.

I have loved this West Elm Abstract Art Collection since the first time I saw it:

west elm inspiration I wanted one feature piece on our wall since a lot of the other items are smaller. When I saw these, I knew this was something that me and the boys could make together.

DIY canvas supplies

This project cost us less than $15 which I love because the West Elm version was a lot more than I was willing to pay.

To build the canvas:

• A canvas drop cloth (I got mine at Lowes) Super inexpensive!

• wood for frame from the Lumber Dept. 12 ft for a 3 x 2 1/2 foot frame

• wood screws and drill

• staple gun and staples

There are several ways to build a frame for your canvas, from trial and error we have learned to add corner pieces to ensure a sturdy and level frame.

My boys were excited to paint with me. We took it outdoors since the weather has been absolutley gorgeous!

Kids painting

We just used the art and craft paint we already had on hand. We didn’t use any fancy brushes, just basic craft brushes. I made the first brush stroke and we took turns painting line after line.

kids painting 2

Once we got our black brush strokes painted, we followed with white brush strokes, filling in and blending all the gaps.

DIY Brush Stroke art

I am still recovering from being sick all week, but this was a fun low-key activity that I could do with the kids. I love that we made this together and that it will be the key piece to our gallery wall.

DIY Black and white art

I think we did pretty darn good! I haven’t decided on how I want to frame it yet. My first instinct is gold, but I may change my mind.

Black and white abstract

I really love the contrast and texture. Layering the paint worked really well. I showed the boys the inspiration image and they felt like professional little artists. They were so proud. A nice little memory for us to share and I love that we all worked together to create it.

West Elm Hack

Are you ready to see the rest of the Week 3 projects?

west elm inspiration board

1. Jennifer from Brave New Home

2. Lindsay from Life of Splendor

3. Angie from Angie’s Roost

4. Sara from Embrace My Space

Next week is Anthropologie! Always a great source for inspiration!

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DIY Butterfly Art

DIY Butterfly Art

Today I am sharing some easy-to-do art for the Summer Celebration Series. There have been so many great ideas from this group of bloggers! I am so happy to participate in it.

summer celebration save the date

This DIY Butterfly Art is a quick and easy little project you can do to add a touch of summer inside your home this season. I live in the Midwest, so seashells and starfish aren’t around these parts, but butterflies show up in abundance. I like to decorate for summer with things that are native to our area. Now, this summer we are going to the east coast, so I may just have to collect some things along the beach and bring them home with us. We may have something beachy in here before the summer’s over after all!

For this project, I just used some old frames I have been hoarding. These frames had seen better days and the glass was broken out of them, but they are perfect for specimen art. So, hold on to those old frames. You can always use them for something!

old frames


I gave them a coat of some white spray paint I had leftover from another project.

spray paint old frames


Then, while I was out and about I saw this gift bag for only a dollar and loved the pattern and colors so I used it for the background. On the second frame, I just flipped the patterned side over for the solid color. I glued them to the backs of the frames using super glue.

use gift bag for framed art


I used faux butterflies that you can pick up at any craft store this time of year and coated them with the same white spray paint I used on the frames.

butterfly collage


Once everything was dry, I assembled my frames and used the same super glue to glue the butterflies in place. Quick and easy summer art!

DIY Butterfly Art


I am using these on my bookcase for a little summer touch and a pop of color.

framed art on bookcase

Butterfly Art 3


Butterfly art 5

Be sure to check out Claire’s  Headboard Porch Swing  over at The Rustic Pig from yesterday and Taryn from Design, Dining, & Diapers is sure to have a wonderful project lined up for us Tuesday! I hope you have been enjoying the Summer Celebration series!

Check out these wonderful blogs for more Summer Celebration Inspiration:

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summer celebration series

Happy Summer!!

xoxo Kristin


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Great Reads// Scout & Nimble

Today for Great Reads I am featuring one of my favorite blog buddies, Jesse from Scout & Nimble. We both started our blogs on the same free platform and have been following each other ever since.  It’s been so fun to see how our little blogs have grown and evolved. We’ve bonded over being momma’s of 2 boys and our love for good design. Plus, she is one of the sweetest, nicest, all-around genuine bloggers I know. I adore her transparency. I’m going to stop bragging on her and let you guys go and see for yourselves…

Jesse of Scout & Nimble

Jesse has shared with us a project that is very meaningful to her. She truly makes her home personal and I just love that. Her wedding song art is beautiful.

wedding-song-art-DIY-600x800 (1)

 Click here to see the full wedding song art project and tutorial.

I have always loved this orb light ceiling fixture she created out of a garden basket. I just have a thing for DIY light fixtures!

DIY orb light fixture

See the full DIY Orb Light Fixture tutorial here.

I just want to give a big thank you to Jesse for being a part of Great Reads. You can check out her blog and design services at

xoxo Kristin

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Getting Spring-y with It

Yes, if you are wondering, I totally was singing the title of this post.
I’d like to thank Will Smith for that.

Spring has sprung! The grass is green, the sky is blue, the flowers are starting to bloom. It always inspires me to change things up in my home.

I thought I’d take a moment today to show you some of the minor tweaks I’ve been doing around here to brighten up our surroundings.

First, I have been wanting to paint this little table ever since I bought it last summer. I just couldn’t decide on the color until now! 

Table Before & After with Spray Paint


The spray paint I used is  Valspar Peacock Blue in Gloss.

Spray Painted Table

Spray Painted Table


I love seeing the peacock blue next to the mint. You saw yesterday how I made this mint bar tray. I also added some real plants indoors. I love this orchid and I even like the pot it came in.

I also mixed things up on my navy blue wall. Since we changed a couple plans for the kitchen remodel, I had to find a new spot for my DIY Fabric Art.

Large Scale Art


This works so much better than the floating shelves. Those shelves were thrown up there after we moved in just as a space filler. We took them down, patched the wall and painted this weekend. This large scale art fits the space and creates a great focal point.

Large Scale Art

Large Scale Art


On the wall of my desk (or should I say, future home of the library wall!!!!), I added a pillow to the chair and displayed some of my favorite books in complimentary colors.

Spring Color I love how these small doses of color carry the eye…

Spring Color

It’s nothing major, but it says spring.

Happy Spring!!


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Best of March

First off, I am really moved by all your comments and insights on my post yesterday. You all are such amazing women and I am so glad to know you. If you didn’t catch it I shared how we came to our decision to stay in our 1950’s ranch and not sell and buy the dream house. You can see it here.

The Easter holiday is upon us. It is always such a special time. It also feels like Spring might actually be in the air around here now. The boys and I for the first time in what seems like a decade took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday. Flowers are starting to push up through the ground and the sun was warming on our backs.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend! I will be ducking out to be with the family and back Monday again. Since Monday will be April 1st, I thought this would be a good time as any to do our monthly review.

I also would like to thank each one of you who follow daily, weekly, monthly, and are brand new to Bliss at Home. I treasure every share and comment you leave.

Without any more ado, here’s our March:

DIY Projects.

March DIY Projects

We created a family drop zone off our back entrance to the house using items we already had and a few things from Target. Our Organization Station is making life a lot easier around here. I made some Feather Art for our workspace makeover. I took an old thrift store lamp and gave it a facelift for my desk. Click here for all the details. For some extra storage in our coat closet I covered some cardboard boxes with fabric.

Home Tweaks.

house march

Our thriftiness has paid off once again! The rug was a surprise and you can read about it here. I brought some color into our bedroom with a new pillow. You can follow the rest of our treasure hunting on Instagram.

Project In Progress. 

Project in Progress: Workspace


I really like to show you guys a Project in Progress. I decided to start this series, because I think although it is fun to see a Before & After of a space, it doesn’t happen overnight. Well, it doesn’t happen overnight for most of us. There can be time and budget constraints and when you are doing the work yourself it can take a little time. You saw our jumping off point here for our workspace in the living room. The idea is to have it blend with the rest of the room. So far, we have added a thrifted cane chair, madeover a lamp, and added some artwork. This week I am going to tackle the desk. I’m so ready to get started on it!  I get to put on my painting clothes and go to work.

You still have time to enter the lamp finial giveaway. You can enter up until Sunday night at midnight:

Lamp Finial Giveaway

Enter Here

Here’s to April and some warmer temperatures! I really want to start working outside and garden again!


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