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DIY Emerald Green Decorative Box


If you are in the fashion and design world this is not news that the PANTONE Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald Green. When this was announced awhile back I was so excited! It is by far one of my favorite colors!

In honor of this, I decided to take a trip to my local Michael’s and come up with a DIY project to inject some emerald green into my home. I knew before I entered that I wanted to make some more decorative boxes. I just love them. Done right, they are chic and useful for extra storage.

These boxes inspired me:

So I got a little crafty and made a few different ones for different areas in our home. This is a really easy way to bring a new color into your space without a big commitment. Per box I spent about $5 or less.


For the emerald green box I used:


• an unfinished wooden jewelry box (these are super inexpensive $2-$3)

• 1 small gloss acrylic paint craft paint in green. (there are several different shades of green to choose from, I just went with the green that most looked like emerald green)

• craft paint brush

• jewelry gems (I just browsed the jewelry supply aisle)

• strong glue (super glue or gorilla glue)

**I removed the existing latch off the box. The paint dries pretty fast. I did two coats and it covered well.

P1100216_zps250b6255 P1100224_zps38b90529

For the navy blue boxes:

• box within a box unfinished wooden box set

• 1 small gloss acrylic craft paint in navy

• self-adhesive gold stud embellishments (found in the scrapbook aisle)

**I removed existing latches off boxes and applied two coats of paint.


For the black and gold box:

• wooden keepsake box already comes in black

• self-adhesive gold stud embellishments (found in the scrapbook aisle)

• (2) 2-packs of jewelry box hinges

• screwdriver

P1100193_zps3359c3bc P1100203_zpsdeafcbfb

Happy Friday!!!


DIY Storage Box

Good morning!

One thing I realized when we used our fireplace this weekend, was that I had nowhere to keep the matches. We had matchboxes in drawers throughout the house and I wanted to find a cute way to store them by the fireplace.

A quick trip to the craft store and I came up with the idea you see above.

Craft stores always have deals on these little keepsake boxes. I also raided the scrapbook paper aisle and found some trendy and fun choices. I went with the cardstock quality. The total cost for this project a whopping $5.00 and that’s only because I had to pick up some more craft glue.

I love to make covered boxes for storage because you can really change up your decor with the colors and trends of the season. I went with the zebra…had to do it!

I applied a thin layer of crafting glue with a paint brush evenly over the entire surface to prevent bubbling. I had no problems with adhesion or bubbling so it worked out great. The only tweak I would make in the future is to buy a box without the hardware and apply it afterward. Removing the hardware on this box would have damaged it, but the white edge I’m okay with so I rolled with it.

Now I have one place to keep my matches tucked away…

I think this would be super cute for storage on a nightstand or desk too.

For now it’s residing by my fireplace.

Have a great Wednesday!

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