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DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters

My obsession with agates and geodes runs deep my friends. If you want insight into my former 5-year-old self and why I am fascinated with them– read my post HERE.

Today, I am sharing a quick little DIY I did to add a little extra something to some beautiful agate slices I just received.

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Coasters  B @ H


My friend, Caitlin from Desert Domicile, just opened an etsy shop selling fabulous agates and geodes. I love it when my blogging friends do awesome stuff like this!! When I received the slices from her shop, she already added the clear rubber bumpers to the bottom which is so great. One less thing to do, right?

I opted to get the brown slices because the gold and brown together are so warming. I also have some browns in my living room so I thought this would work well.

Now, I realize I am not reinventing the wheel here. There are plenty of tutorials on how to gild your agate slices. This blog does chronicle my home and projects, so I felt I should share it anyways just incase you feel inspired to do the same.

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters || B @ H


Instead of buying all your supplies separate, you can get a gold leaf starter kit with the adhesive, gold leaf, and sealer all-in-one. It runs about $10 a kit, but I also had a coupon and got it for half-off. It’s perfect for little projects like this since you don’t need much gold leaf at all.  I found my kit at Michaels.

I also recommend having a pair of gloves on hand. Just tight-fitting, disposable latex gloves work great.

B @ H || DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters

It’s pretty darn simple!


Apply Adhesive. 

Brush your adhesive on in an even layer and wait a few minutes for it to get tacky.

Attach Gold Leaf.

I only used one sheet of gold leaf for all four agate slices. Wearing your gloves put the gold leaf on the edge. You can use your brush to make sure you get an even application. Just brush the excess off.

Seal it.

Use the sealer in your kit and put on an even layer of the sealer over your gold leaf. You don’t have to use much at all. It goes on white and dries clear.

That’s it!! So easy and such a beautiful result.

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters || B @ H

They are absolutely gorgeous and I love seeing them on my coffee table.

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters || B @ H

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters

I have always adored these and it is something I have collected for a while. I love that it is so on trend now.

Are you loving the agate craze too?

agate collage


For more fun DIY projects check out my Project Gallery below:


DIY Mondrian Inspired Art

Hi Lovelies!

I had some fun in the studio yesterday creating some art for my living room. If you weren’t here Tuesday, I shared my color inspiration for spring. Well, I tackled my first DIY for “project color”, this DIY Mondrian Inspired Art.



I studied a lot of art in college. When I saw this Mondrian Love Print on Lulu & Georgia while browsing– it took me back to those days. I just knew this was going to be my first DIY for this space.

Mondrian Love Print Lulu & Georgia

Mondrian Love Print from Lulu & Georgia

Original Piet Mondrian art looks like this:


Print available on

I love the color blocking and line separations. The Lulu & Georgia version is a fun take on a classic. I thought this would be a good way to bring some of my color inspiration into this room.

And, yo! All you need is a thrifted frame and paper…inexpensive!!!!!


To make this DIY art you will need:

(5) 8.5 x 11 sheets of colored cardstock

1 gold piece of poster board (I tried to find smaller shiny gold paper but this was all that I could find.)

2 sheets of art quality paper 

scissors, glue, artist tape

1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 computer paper 

pencil and ruler


Design the pattern. The first thing you will want to do is make a template for your shapes. I just used a 8.5 x11 piece of computer paper and drew out my design with a pencil and ruler. Then, I cut out each shape and taped it back in place with artist’s tape so I wouldn’t lose my design. I didn’t feel like putting the puzzle back together…


Cut it out. Now that you have all your shapes, you can trace them onto your cardstock. I just chose my colors as I was going. Do what feels right to you. Each time I cut one out I taped it back in place.


Glue it. I glued each piece in place on a piece of artist quality paper. It is thicker paper and good quality. Once that was done, I glued that paper to a larger piece of artist’s paper so I would have a white background.

glue it

Add separation lines. The final touch is to add your separation lines. I cut equal width strips of my gold paper and glued them on.

gold-lines Isn’t that easy?! I love the color play and it looks pretty darn fab for just the cost of paper and a thrifted frame.

I will be doing a lot of inexpensive DIY art for my art wall that I am adding to the living room and I will be sharing it as I go.

Here’s where my DIY Mondrian Inspired Art is hanging out until the install is ready.


As I shared yesterday it all started with these roses…




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Tomorrow we are sharing the Best of February…

Our Valentine’s Day Dinner Table || Splurge + Save

Today is the day we celebrate those we love in an extra special way! We started a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner tradition with the boys a few years back. They look forward to it–especially the food! I make one of my most liked recipes, my Vodka Cream Pasta with Prosciutto. They all gobble it up like it is going to be their last supper. It is one of those recipes I am proud of because I tweaked it and made it my own.

Today, I am sharing our Valentine’s Day table with you. I think it is fun to create special occasions in your home. Those little family traditions that make your family special. I love to have my family around the dinner table and spend an evening enjoying their company… and delicious food. So, naturally, we do the fancy feast with a decked out table every year.

Valenitine's Day Dinner Table

I thought it would be fun to show you guys how I save money doing this every year. You might think that creating a beautiful table could cost a lot, but I am going to show you how I keep the cost down every year.

Splurge v. Save

Splurge. First things first, you got to know what to splurge on. When I say splurge, translate that into what it means for you. I choose to splurge on the basics that can be reused dinner after dinner. White china is a great investment and transitions to so many occasions. We actually use this white china for our every day set too and it has held up going on 12 years now. It is just the classic white china from Pier 1. Not expensive, but if your wallet is a little tighter you can find basic white china at the dollar store. I would shoot for dinner plates. You can always add in a new look with a patterned appetizer plate or napkin.


I also think a basic white tablecloth that washes up nicely is another item to splurge on. You can change runners, placemats, and center pieces over a white tablecloth. Mine was not expensive at all and I found it at Target. It has held up just fine over the years.

Splurge on flowers

One more table item I think is worth the splurge is a fresh floral bouquet. It’s great when the weather is nice and you can just go out in the yard and clip greens and flowers. In the dead of winter,a quick trip to the grocery store for flowers is cost-effective. This bouquet was only $15 and it will keep for at least a week with proper care. Flowers on a table just make a table feel more expensive and beautiful.

Save. Now that you have the basics the rest you can get really creative with. You don’t have to buy a table runner. You can make one. I love to use uncommon things for runners. I’ve used full length mirrors, art paper, scarves, and all kinds of things. I like to shop my house first. This year I had enough of this gold striped wrapping paper left over. It makes a fun runner.

save-table-runner Reuse items. Now I like to layer my table, so I took an old Halloween runner and flipped it over and added the greek key ribbon left over from a DIY project. I save clippings of fabric and ribbons from projects just for occasions like these.

Shop thrift stores and clearance sales. I found our Italian crystal bar glasses at a flea market new in the box. The whole set was $7. I had just seen the same set at TJ Maxx for a lot more and know it retails a lot higher. Our chargers are from Goodwill. 50 cents each. The appetizer plates were an after Christmas Target clearance item. Only $5 something for all 4. If you are looking to save and have a little patience, you can find the best things if you are willing to shop thrift stores and wait for clearance sales.


Make your own decorations.Sure you can buy seasonal decor, but I really like to make my own and it’s free! Scrapbook paper is my go-to for crafts. I made these DIY heart arrows a couple of weeks back using stuff from around the house. Kebabs and paper, that’s all it is. My heart paper punch got a work out this holiday and I used the left over hearts on the table like confetti. The calligraphy phrases were a free printable and I just printed and glued them to paper.

B@H || DIY Valentine's table


Create a Valentine's Table




I can’t wait to enjoy this table setting with my favorite people tonight! I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day Gift Wrap Ideas

I am giving myself a big old pat on the back for this one! I actually have all the Valentine’s Day shopping done ahead of time this year! That NEVER happens. I even have the classroom stuff for the kids done too! It’s a Valentine’s miracle. I better get extra kisses this year.


Today, I am sharing with you some gift wrap ideas for your Valentine’s Day presents. These are way cheaper than buying gift wrap and present bags and all the extras. Use what you have. Even if you didn’t have all the items on hand, you can get them for cheap and in larger quantities.



I used a lot of things I already had like scrapbook paper, whole punches, paint, ribbons, scraps of old gift wrap.

If you don’t have parcel paper you can find it everywhere. Craft stores, grocery stores, office supply stores, anywhere that sells packing material. It comes in large quantities and will last you for quite a while.

The only thing I bought were the gift tags. I could have made these, but they were seriously cheap. 39 cents cheap for the whole bag of them.



I really enjoy wrapping gifts. It’s just the extra touch that shows the care and love that goes into gift-giving.

I wrapped the gifts for the boys and Dave today. Each one is a little different, but I was using what I had so I think it helped make them special.



Get creative with it and have fun! Draw with Sharpie markers on the parcel paper. If you don’t want to use parcel paper, flip your left over holiday gift wrap to the white side and use it. It’s a blank canvas that you can create on.

creative-gift-wrap-ideas Use ribbons and strings in different ways. Ribbons wrapped in a criss-cross pattern around a package are all the adornment you need sometimes.

valentine's-day-presents I used a heart punch to cut out my scrapbook paper and just glued the hearts right on the paper. This would be really cute with a circle punch too and you could do polka dots.



Someone’s little hands were awfully curious what I was up to taking photos of presents…

valentine's-day love-hearts


I have a feeling I am going to be asked about those presents every day now until Valentine’s Day!


Tomorrow we are talking lighting and I will be offering a giveaway for you guys.

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Until then,

Lust List || Favorite Finds of the Week 1/31

Two weeks until Valentine’s Day!! Here’s my Lust List Valentine’s Day edition for this week. My favorite finds from around the web. If you feel like getting your craft on, check out my DIY Heart Arrows. I shared the full tutorial yesterday.



|| one || These Love Me Knot Stud Earrings from CWonder come in a great color palette. I love knot earrings. They are a fun way to mix up your regular studs. || two || I love Michelle Dwight Designs shop, especially the pillows! Add the XO pillow in gold to bring a little fun to your decor. Just in time for Valentine’s Day and great anytime of the year. || three || A romantic Valentine’s Day would be complete with a festive drink to share with your loved one. I love this clear wine rack from Target.         || four || You guys know I love gold prints and this new love print from Made by Girl is super cute!        || five || One thing I would love is a set of these Threshold Tufted Ottomans in pink and gold for my office makeover. They come in other colors too, but these pink ones would work so well in my space. I would totally use these in place of a coffee table.

Have a fantastic weekend friends! I will be working on some more Valentine’s Day projects to ready for our big dinner.

You can still enter to win a Home Right Steam Machine!! Enter here.


DIY Heart Arrow

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away! I love it! I know there are some V-day haters out there, but I say a day to celebrate the ones you love and do special stuff is alright by me!

Every year, my little family and I do a very special Valentine’s Day dinner. We decorate the table and make one of our favorite dishes full of carbs, my Vodka Cream Pasta Recipe. I love holidays, don’t you? An excuse to mindlessly consume carbs and fattening foods with zero guilt! Gotta have something to live for, am I right? All joking aside, I do look forward to the occasional indulgent meal. I am on the auto-immune paleo plan and it is pretty much rabbit food and meat. I will be ready to have something sinful by then.

In preparation for the feast, I made an easy Valentine’s Day craft. These heart arrows– or if we want to get all lovey-dovey– these ‘Cupid’s arrows’ are going to be used on our table and I will share how a little later. For today, I am going to show you how I made these little babies! heart-arrow-craft


For this craft you can get everything you need from the craft store. I went to Michaels. They had a great selection of papers to choose from. They also had the heart punch that you see pictured below. I used kebab skewers for mine. If you are really nice and smile really big, the employees at your grocery store’s meat counter will give you some for free. I’m all about smiling and not spending money when I don’t have to!



2 3/8 inch extra-large heart punch || one 12×12 sheet of fun cardstock || kebab skewers || Liquid Leaf or paint of your choice || small paint brush || super glue || scissors for trimming (only if needed)

The first thing I did was paint my kebabs. I set up a little paint drying station with a couple of the kebabs underneath the ones I painted.


While your kebabs dry, you can use your heart punch. I punched 5 hearts for each arrow. You can do a total of four arrows from one 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock.


Take 3 hearts and fold each one in half. Then you are going to glue the sides together to form the end of the arrow.

fold-and-glue-hearts When all 3 hearts are glued together you can attach them to the end of your kebab. I used the pointed end and applied glue to it and slid it in the center of my hearts.


All you need to do for the point of the arrow is glue 2 hearts together and slide the other end of the kebab in the center of them. From trial and error, I learned it is easier to glue the bottom of the hearts first– then add your kebab. You glue the top after the kebab is in place.


That’s it! You could totally make this a kid-friendly craft and use non-toxic paints and glues so little hands can help you.





I will be sharing our Valentine’s Day table the week of the day of love and kisses!

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Favorite Projects of 2013

Howdy! It’s almost 2014!! We keep saying that 2014 is the year of the Cadwallader. You know how the Chinese have the year of the dragon, snake, etc.? Neither Dave or I really know what that means exactly, but we are excited for it!! I feel like I blinked and 2013 was over. It must be the season of life I’m in. Boy oh boy, did we do a lot around here at the Cadwallader casa! The rest of this week we will be sharing some 2013 recaps and then some previews for 2014, but today I am going to focus on our favorite projects.

Before we start I wanted to share a New Year’s graphic I created for your desktop:



You can download the desktop version 1366×768 here: 2014-PopFizzClink!

Here’s our month by month recap of our favorites from 2013…



Organizing a Linen Closet


valentine's day feast

Kristin’s Vodka Cream Pasta with Prosciutto & Basil Recipe



fabric boxes

DIY Fabric Covered Boxes


no sew fabric storage cubes

No Sew Recovered Storage Cubes

desk makeover

Desk Makeover 


diy chalkboard

DIY Framed Chalkboard



IKEA BILLY Bookcase Library Wall


DIY-chandelier-with-shade (1)

DIY Crystal Chandelier with Shade



DIY Fabric + Nailhead Table Makeover



Entry Way Gallery Wall



Tribal Painted Pumpkins


Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours || Fall 2013



Ornament Wreath Tutorial



Fireplace Makeover


Holiday Mantel 2013


Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour || Christmas 2013

To see all our projects you can check out our PROJECT GALLERY  and HOLIDAY GALLERY.

I wish you all a wonderful time celebrating New Years Eve and a very happy, blessed, and stylish 2014!!! We are pretty low-key this year and will be staying home and having family time which is just how I want it this year. I’m still in a eggnog coma from Christmas. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some plans for our family and home in 2014.

You can also enter to win a Mohawk rug of your choice, just click on the image below to enter. Not a bad way to start the new year with a new rug!


Happy New Year Buddies!! I am linking to my friend Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for her Best of 2013 Link Up.

DIY Winter Scarf Trees + A Holiday Table

I’d like to thank FloraCraft® for sponsoring this project. 

DIY sweater trees

I was happy to partner with FloraCraft® for their Foam for the Holidays campaign. I was sent a mystery box of Make it: Fun® Foam and a surprise element to add into my design. I was excited to see the box contained Make it: Fun® Foam cones of all different sizes and some Design It:® Simple Style® LED lighted branches and string lights.

styrofoam cones


led-lighted-branches led-light-strand

My dining room table came to mind when thinking about my design.  I was thinking of ways to cozy it up for the holidays. It was playing a little cold to me, partly because there is hardly anything in it right now since we are still remodeling that part of the house. We will be using our table for our Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning pancake breakfast. So, I wanted to make it festive for our celebrations. Nothing says cozy holiday time better than sweaters and plaid. Whenever the temperature plunges, I love a chunky sweater or woolen plaid blanket. Those thoughts became the basis for my table design.


I had a couple of old cream scarves that I haven’t worn in quite a few years and decided to use them for this project. If you don’t have scarves, you could always stop in thrift shop for a few or some sweaters. This was so insanely easy to do! You don’t even need glue!

Supplies to make DIY Winter Scarf Trees:

your sweater material || straight pins || Make It: Fun® Foam cones in a variety of sizes


OK, this was RIDICULOUSLY easy folks! All I did was roll the scarves around the cones. I cut the scarf to size just leaving about a 1/2 inch on top and bottom.

I pinned the starting end about every inch. The straight pins worked excellent. They didn’t wiggle loose at all, I didn’t even need glue.


Then you just pin the end of your cut. The pins don’t stand out at all once placed and I like that if I want to reuse the cones in the future I can remove the sweater material without damaging them.


You just need to pin the tops and along the bottom. So easy, right!?!


I decided to work the LED lighted branches and string garland into my tablescape. I added fresh-cut greens and worked the lighted branches into them. I wrapped a couple of the scarf trees with the string lights.


I added touches of plaid with a scart as a table runner and some tartan fabric I scored at a flea market still on the bolt with the old tag still attached.


The rest is just a combination of collected plates and glassware. I went with a vintage look to continue the cozy feel. I also added the mittens to hold the silverware for a fun holiday touch.




Here is the table all ready for our holiday dinner!



I played around with the lights a bit too using the string lights in the branches too.


I can’t wait to enjoy our Christmas Eve dinner here!!

For more holiday inspiration check out and the Crafts ‘n Coffee blog.

Only 6 days until Christmas!!!

Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour || Bliss at Home Holiday Tour

Welcome!!! Happy Holidays friends and new friends if you are visiting for the first time today!! Are you coming from The Curtis Casa? What a great tour! I am so excited to be a part of Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours again and it’s even better because it’s for Christmas this time!! (I’m actually just seeing how many times I can throw exclamation points at the ends of my sentences.) Kidding!! Hee, hee…


I hope you have been enjoying the tours so far. This is our festive-holly-jolly-merry + bright home tour.  I am not going to fill this tour with lots of writing. I am just going to share photos of our home. I will preface this tour by saying that we live on 34th Illinois. So, this is our little “Miracle of 34th Street”. When my kids figured that one out after watching that movie it was so funny, “Hey, Mom!! WE live on 34th Street!!!!” So, as a joke every year we place a cane in the house, so that’s what you will see in the first image. Enjoy!! If you have any questions or comments I am happy to reply!

Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind… and that’s what’s been changing. That’s why I’m glad I’m here, maybe I can do something about it.

- Miracle on 34th Street









































 Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.

-Miracle on 34th Street


Thanks for visiting!! Next up on the tour is Simple Stylings!! You can see the whole list of Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour bloggers here or refer to the list at the end of this post. I’d also like to thank Lindsay for putting all this together! Organizing a home tour for 53 bloggers is no easy task!!!



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Emily - Jones Design Company
Jamie - C.R.A.F.T.
Lucy - Craftberry Bush
Michelle - Decor and the Dog
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Holiday Mantel 2013

I have been doing a bit of holiday decorating this week, and today I wanted to share our holiday mantel. It is the first year I have had a real mantel to deck out! You can see our before and after of our fireplace or check out how we added tile to it here.


This year we are adding to our silver and gold with some black too. It’s so rich and lovely! Our white and marble fireplace makes the perfect backdrop for this combo too.


For a little fun, I added the gifts to the fireplace instead of wood. I told the kids Santa had an accident, but they didn’t buy it. Can you believe that!  They informed me Santa hadn’t been here yet.


I love the white gifts popping out of the fireplace. It probably won’t stay like this for long since the weather will insist we have a fire soon, but for now I think this is just lovely.

The gift wrap is all about the ribbon. Simple white boxes or packages wrapped with old wrapping paper give a nice white shape. I just save old birthday paper and flip it over to the white side to make some easy wrapping. The ribbon adds the elegance and I adorned some of the packages with gold leafed white feathers and pheasant feathers.


I found these fur stockings at Target. We have one for each of us, including our little puppy Zoey. She kind of looks like one of these stockings…if we put her in there we may not find her!


The ornament trees are a project from last year. Just a simple garland and some disco ball ornaments are the only other things I added. I cluster the ornaments in groupings. This is a great idea, especially if you don’t have enough ornaments to fill up the entire garland.

disco-ball-oranments The final touch is some firewood stored in a tall basket. The little chalkboard label is fun to change with the season.





Today I am linking my mantel design over at Ten June and Our Fifth House for the Holiday Cheer Link Party:


Also, next week I will be joining 50 bloggers for another Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour hosted by Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. We are all opening our doors for a week of Christmas home tours!! Today’s post was just a preview of the holiday happenings to come!!

BSHT Christmas Graphic copy


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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



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