Last Day to Use Coupon Code to Stuck on Hue

I am deep in the bathroom makeover, but I just wanted to pop in and say today is the LAST DAY for you to use the special coupon code to Stuck on Hue!!

Custom Designer Pillows from Stuck on Hue

Remember that fab animal print pillow I used in our bedroom makeover?

Animal Print with Kelly Green via Bliss at Home




*Offer good 3/2/2015-3/16/2015


Get it girl!

I am going to go back to making our bathroom awesome…

Happy Shopping!


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Let’s go sofa hunting, shall we?

Let's go sofa hunting with Bliss at Home

I love our living room. Like, it is my favorite place to hang in our house right now. The built-ins, the fireplace, the loads of texture just make me feel all warm and cozy.

Let's go sofa hunting with Bliss at Home

As much as I adore what we’ve done to it, one thing has been bugging me for a good long while now – the sofa.

Let's go sofa shopping with Bliss at Home

It completely kills the vibe I got going in this room. I’ve made do with it for years…trying to disguise it with pillows and such, but it is just time to say good-bye. I am really happy to banish it back to the family room!

It was never intended for this room. The color is all wrong and it is actually a pull-out sleeper style that is meant for our family room downstairs.

So, I finally went and selected a new sofa that will be here soon!!! It is going to be like all the holidays combined into some super hybrid holiday when it gets here!!! I think it will deserve some kind of party or parade. Maybe we can declare a national sofa holiday?!

Of course, this has spurred on a few more changes in the decor. Chain reaction — inevitable. I blame it on the sofa.

One of these options below is the one I went with. I’m not telling just yet…but maybe you can guess what I’m gushing over.


Option #1 | Let's Go Sofa Hunting with Bliss at Home



Option #2 | Let's go sofa hunting with Bliss at Home



Option #3 | Let's go sofa shopping with Bliss at Home



Option 4 | Let's go sofa shopping with Bliss at Home


All great options, but one of them — when I saw it I just knew. Just like when you try on a wedding dress and you just know. I am on pins and needles for it to get here!

A sofa is one of those purchases that I don’t take lightly. It is such a focal point in a space. You usually end up living with it for a good period of time. You want it to be comfortable, attractive, and to be easy to mix in different colors and styles.  Especially, if you are a pillow hoarder like I am. I am constantly mixing things up to keep it interesting.

This is also one of those purchases that is usually a bigger ticket item. You can definitely tell the difference between a cheap sofa and a quality one. My advice is to get the best you can afford. I tend to lean more traditional on this piece of furniture too, since I like my spaces to be rooted in the traditional. I go more modern with the accent chairs and tables.

I CAN NOT WAIT to share it and I have a really exciting reveal to go along with it, so stay tuned!


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Progress Report | Our Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Update

If you have ever remodeled an old house, you know the amount of dust, dirt, and downright nasty messiness that occurs. I wanted to take today to give a little progress report on our Bathroom Makeover. After weeks and weeks of work, I am happy to say that I can see the finish line now!! That means you get to see it soon too!

Our home was built in 1954. Just that fact alone means we are going to find surprises when we open up the walls and tear things out. This is the case for sure with this bathroom remodel. It is a complete tear out job. All the old is out. Our original plan was to have this ready to shoot in 6 weeks, styled and all. So, today you are going to see some of the behind the scenes reality photos of this remodel.

Well,  enter surprise problem #1 | SUBFLOOR ISSUES

We have this gorgeous Carrera marble tile we have installed for our flooring. It is a showstopper, trust me. Before we could do that though, we had to address our uneven and mismatched subfloor. After talking with tile experts, we finally came up with a plan to fix it and level it. The floor is installed, the tile is gorgeous. I’ll be sharing the process so you can fix yours too. Phew! I thought, okay, let’s get rolling!


Then, enter surprise problem #2 | PLUMBING ISSUES

We moved our beautiful custom Kohler vanity into the bathroom to get ready to install it. We knew we had to convert the single sink plumbing to double sink plumbing. No biggie, right? Not out of our range of expertise. Plus, we have no problem asking our plumber friends their two cents. Then, we opened up the wall and realized something major was up. All the plumbing was not only installed wrong and really old, but we needed to replace the entire vent line too. That’s the big cast iron one. Ummmm…not in our area of expertise. Time to call the plumber and cry because that isn’t cheap.

It took over a week to get a reputable plumber over to do the work. With all of Northern Illinois becoming a frozen tundra, the plumbers were BUSY. Like real busy taking care of busting pipes and all kinds of cold weather plumbing emergencies. We took some quotes and went through the selection process.  We finally got an appointment and all the plumbing is shiny and new AND it  came with a shiny and new bill too. Ouch!  Oh, and then we had to wait for the inspector to come approve it, before we could drywall and close the wall back up. Bonus. But, it is done and paid for. I mourned the shower fixtures I cannot afford to buy right now that went on the chopping block. Moving on.


We are finally back on track. We have run all the new electrical (when I say we, I mean Dave because that’s his jam). We have almost finished our DIY wall treatment. The countertop is at the shop getting professionally cut for the vessel sinks and faucets. I feel like we can finally start to see the finish line! Hallelujah!

I just wanted to share this today, because I think we watch our favorite DIY and home shows and it looks like all the problems that arise get fixed right away. There is just a professional right there in a heartbeat. Most of the time, that is not the case. When you are in DIY mode, some of these problems are hidden. You don’t know the real issues until you rip things out and open up walls. Some of these problems you can’t fix by yourself.  You need to call the pros. You have to hire out the work and wait on other trades to fit you in. It can push your timeline by weeks. It also can really hurt your budget.

Just know going into a big remodel on an older home, you will always have to spend more money, you will have surprise issues. We just know this going into things from experience. You just hope that those issues won’t break the bank. Even with this in mind for this bathroom makeover, that hefty plumbing bill was a surprise.

With all that said, I am so excited to shoot the finished space for you all to see! As long as there are no more surprises, we are hoping to have all the work done by the end of the weekend and then I can do my favorite part– style and shoot!

You can follow the behind the scenes of our #BHbathmakeover on Instagram.

See our bathroom plans here.


Also, if your name is RACHEL check your email! You are the winner of the Stuck on Hue pillow giveaway!


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Bar Cart Styling Favorites

Favorite styled bar carts

Happy Monday!! Our weekend was not the best over here. We ALL have strep throat and were stuck at home tired and uncomfortable. We did more work on the bathroom, at least as much as we could handle given our sick status. I thought we could all use some eye candy today and I have compiled some pretty bar cart images for your perusing. I love a gorgeous styled bar cart and I haven’t tired of seeing them. Ours gets tweaked constantly — on a whim or for a special occasion. Whether it’s a traditional cart, a table top, or a cabinet they sure say party and I love to entertain! Here’s some favorites…

Favorite bar cart stying images

Bar cart styling in front of bookshelves.

Bliss at Home


SF Girl by Bay


Adore Magazine


Rue Magazine


The Aestate


HGTV Canada


Sally Wheat | Domino Magazine


Mimosa & Monroe


Hunted Interior



10-bar-cart The Glitter Guide





That’s just a few of my favorites. I will be sharing more about our bar cart this week. I have some changing up I want to do with it.


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Weekend Musings

Bar cart styling in front of bookshelves.

Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual. -Ernest Hemingway A Moveable Feast

A little bar cart styling and Hemingway for your weekend! I just love that quote. I think on it often. Even though he is writing about Paris and experiences I have never had, his words echo so true in so many different facets of life. I think it applies to design so well. How a new idea for a space can feel exhilarating and exciting. That moment when you get inspired. Then, the moment when you see it all come together. I also love the last part of that quote. I feel like I have a personal romance with the unusual when I am finishing up a space. I always like to add at least one thing that is quirky or contrasts what is going on. I want it to be interesting, not just pretty.

Cheers to the weekend and here are the links from the week:

We still have a giveaway running for one of my go-to sources for designer pillows.

We wrapped up another month and you can see it all in one neat tidy post for our February in Review.

I shared the tutorial for this DIY Faux Gator Tray Table.

You can shop the look of one of my favorite bedding sources.

Read about how Emily Henderson inspired me to write this post.


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The Self-Taught Designer


Are you laughing yet after that picture?

I should have titled this Why Emily Henderson and I are sooo cool or Emily Henderson is famous and I am not, but we both had ‘style’ journals or just simply This post is all Emily Henderson’s faultI just realize I lost major cool points, but bear with me.

Yesterday, I read a really great post by one of my favorite self-taught designers. Guess who? Emily Henderson shared a bit about her early years and how she started in the world of design in her post  My ‘Style’ Journal.  Domaine also recently shared 8 Top Interior Designers Who Were Self-Taught and that list might surprise you! This opened a can of worms and walk down memory lane for me that I just feel compelled to share today. I actually had another post ready to go, but I made an executive decision to move that to next week.

I too had a ‘style’ journal during my college years. Exhibit A that you see above there. It contained mostly images from Architectural Digest and fashion mags with the occasional sketch or really bad poem. And, I was obsessed with building my dream house and have blue prints folded up and stuffed into the built-in folders.  I looked through it yesterday, and I guess in 1997, I felt compelled to write a poem titled Antelope People. Just for the record, I was not on drugs–I was just weird, but in a good way. Oh, and that lovely cover? Let’s talk about that for a second! I was obsessed with this futuristic spread in Vogue…and the rose, well, I have always had a love of roses. My bedroom growing up had rose curtains with a matching comforter that I hand-picked from the JCP catalog. Oh, and spy with your little eye how I tried to laminate the cover with packing tape. #classy

I always find these posts where successful designers share their not so polished starts uplifting, since, I too, did not get my degree in Interior Design. Their lack of proper design credentials doesn’t take away from the fact that they are extremely talented and successful. I give kudos to those who knew what they wanted to do right away in life and went for that degree. I was on the other side on my tip-toes looking in.

So, I guess you are going to take a little impromptu walk down memory lane with me today.

I was a creative child. I would spend hours drawing and sketching. It was one of the things that I was gifted in from an early age. I would even rearrange furniture and style things that to my 7-year-old eye looked AMAZEBALLS. My mother or Grandma were not too pleased with my tremendous styling skills.

I dabbled in so many artistic things that I really had a case of creative paralysis by the time I began college. I started as a journalism major and worked on the college newspaper. I then decided to become an art major. This is what really got me in touch with what I loved stylistically. When Emily talked about her style journal, I immediately had a flashback to my college days.  I carried around this beat up notebook of clippings and magazine pages.  Anything that inspired me was in there in some kind of disorder I thought was cool.  It was a mess of a book.

I took a ton of art classes, studied art history, and eventually stumbled upon interior design needing to fill an elective credit. I was hooked. I had no idea until that moment in my first design class, that I could play with architecture and furniture placement and work in my love of art for a career. I had never had that seed planted by the adults in my life or a mentor to help guide me. My parents didn’t graduate college and really didn’t encourage me one way or the other when it came to my path in life. (They are not bad parents, by the way, they are lovely people–just so we make that clear.) It had never even dawned on me to go for it. The stumbling blocks of a creative who wants to try everything and has no idea what path to take in life. Keep in mind, this was in the 90’s, before blogs, before designers had hit TV shows. I think Trading Spaces had come out a few years later on TLC. I remember watching Genevieve Gorder glue moss to a client’s bedroom wall and thinking she was some kind of crazy genius. Besides seeing the unattainable properly schooled designers in the glossy mags, I enjoyed watching these wacky not so traditional designers challenged by budgets and their surroundings. Then, life happened and I moved to another state.

Flash forward to moving back to my hometown and getting married. I married pretty young at age 22. Our first apartment was so deliciously wonderful.  I wish blogs would have been around during that time because I would have plastered it all over the web. But, I think that was still dial-up days and maybe pre-Google even. Remember dial-up? Waiting to connect while it sounded like a cat screaching.

Then, kids happened. Priorities changed. I enjoyed making our house a home, but was so busy with other things, mainly cleaning up after kids (I ran a daycare from my house) that my love for design was on the back burner.

It wasn’t until I discovered design blogs and the doors blogging could open, that I really embraced I am going to do this. I am going to somehow become a designer. Well, I’ve always been a designer, I just needed direction and a platform. I feel truly confident in saying that now on some authority. I took a handful of interior design courses in college to understand the history of design, architecture, how to draw up blueprints and elevations to scale. I learned about furniture and textiles. My art background also fits into that. Even those early childhood glimpses of art ability and ‘styling’ have ushered me down this path.  I feel like all these things in my life have led me to  start this design blog and now say with confidence I AM A DESIGNER…should that be followed with HEAR ME ROAR? My love of writing, design, and photography have made some cosmic collision and the universe is telling me this is a great fit and I am a designer, self-taught.

My early posts on this blog, well… some are really cringe-worthy. I think I made a paper scrapbook bird. Yikes. With that aside, there were some really great moments early on too, enough to fuel the fire and keep me going. Blogging has made me embrace my own true style. When you are passionate and driven you can really go after the things you love. It’s even better when your raw ability and talent collide with that passion. After 2 going on 3 consistent years of design blogging, I have had some ‘pinch me’ moments already. This has also opened the door for me to do design work for others outside of this blog which is so exciting.

I guess what I am saying is that whether you are self-taught or formally schooled as an interior designer, it really comes down to passion and talent.

So, from the bottom of my heart, this big pile of mush wants to say thank you. In my own way, this is a love letter to all of you, my cyber support system.

Thank you to all of you who have been my champions. Who have nudged, given me amazing opportunities, or left an encouraging comment. Here I am, stuck in the middle of the USA, the heartland of America, and everyday I get to talk to all of you around the world about design. I get to share how I design and this has been one crazy awesome ride so far.

I am excited to see where else this will go. And it’s so great to have a path now and some concrete ideas of things I want to pursue. It’s an exciting list, trust me.  The more I go along this path and encounter like-minded creatives and people in the design industry, I have seen myself come into my own distinctive style and grow as a designer. I guess age 35 is the year I can say confidently what I want to do in life.

I’d love to hear your experience with design blogging and know if you have had the same bumpy road to design? Or if you are a designer, what you think of designers who did not graduate college with a design degree in hand? Does talent speak for itself?


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Shop the Look | Crane & Canopy

Shop the look | Crane & Canopy Bedding and Decor

sheets  |  laundry sachets  |  duvet set  |  pillow  |  heron container  |  blanket   |  candle & lotion  |  sachets

I have another great source to share with you today for bedding. Crane & Canopy has been a go-to resource for stylish bedding in my home. I have used their bedding in two rooms now. The most recent being our bedroom makeover.

Crane & Canopy offers designer bedding at great prices because they work directly with manufacturers and ship from their own factory. You are getting the same quality bedding you would get from a department store at an even better price.

They are also a company that gives back in a big way. Everytime you purchase Crane & Canopy bedding you are giving someone a safe night’s sleep. Crane & Canopy works hand- in-hand across the nation with women’s domestic violence shelters to provide their bedding to women in need. When you purchase they donate. How great is that!?!

They also love pets, and our little Maltese, Zoey, had the pleasure of being on their blog. If you follow them on social you’ll see their cutie-pie pug, Gus.

You can browse their bedding collections and home decor for something that speaks to your style. They offer very stylish bedding in all styles from solid, patterned, textured, and reversible options. I’m partial to the Linden Black Border Set that I used in our bedroom design. They also carry their own line of beautiful sheet sets and home accessories.

See our bedroom reveal with the Crane & Canopy Linden Black Border Set here.

Bedroom reveal from BLISS AT HOME

I’d like to thank Crane & Canopy for sponsoring this post and providing the bedding set used in our bedroom design. I have used their bedding in our home for over a year now and have been so happy with it. This is a company that I love to share with you and all opinions in this post are 100% mine.


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DIY Faux Gator Tray Table

DIY Faux Gator Tray on Brass Bamboo Stand

Last week, I shared the reveal of our bedroom design, and today I wanted to share how we made our DIY Faux Gator Tray on the Bamboo Stand. I love the details. The added touches and finishes that polish a space and make it unique. That little extra detail that takes the whole look to the next level. Growing up, people always said, “Kristin is so detailed in everything she does.” That is definitely something that has carried into the spaces I design.

I wanted to do something different on my husband’s side of the bed. As I explained before, he has a penchant for spilling water glasses on his nightstand. He is REALLY GOOD at it. After the top of his last nightstand became disfigured from the last water war, I decided a waterproof option would be best for him. It’s details like this that make the difference when you are designing for someone else. You have to know how they live in the space, water spills and all. So, enter this Faux Alligator Fabric from Online Fabric Store.

Faux Alligator Fabric from Online Fabric Store

Nassimi Alligator Faux Leather Vinyl in Marshmallow White

I had a brass bamboo tray stand in storage that I really wanted to use as a nightstand, so we built a tray to fit the top out of plywood. Covering it in this waterproof, easy-to-clean vinyl, not only saves it from future damage, but adds such a chic look that fits with the bamboo detailing. We added gold stud push pins on each corner just for a little extra something.

DIY faux gator tray table


(what you will need)

1 yard of your vinyl fabric

sharp scissors & a straight edge

ruler or measuring tape

light duty staple gun & staples

strong adhesive *do not use spray adhesive —  it will not work.

paint brush (to spread adhesive on)

pencil or color chalk to mark cuts

heavy books and clamps

push pins or nailheads

This was one of those projects that was trial and error. My first attempt, I tried spray adhesive and that was a major fail. Don’t– just don’t. I swear the DIY gods did not want me sharing this project with you because then, stupid me!, I accidentally deleted all the in-process shots!! (Hangs head in shame) Major blogger fail. I can’t believe I did that! I really wanted to share it though, so I decided I could create these graphics to walk you through the process of exactly what we did.


Covering a tray in faux gator fabric

You are going to only be making 2 large cuts. Cut 1) To wrap the entire tray from the bottom and over the sides. Cut 2) For the inside to cover the bottom.


With scissors, you need to notch your corners so you can have a clean fold. You will repeat the corner cut shown in the graphic below for all 4 corners.

DIY faux crox tray table


Once all your corner cuts are made you can pull your fabric over the side of your tray.

We applied glue to the tray with a paint brush as we wrapped each side, smoothing it as we worked. We stapled the bottom edge of the vinyl to the inside bottom of the tray. The staples will be hidden when you place your bottom piece of fabric in the tray. You will want to pull the sides as tight as you can and smooth out any bubbling before stapling it in place.


We used heavy hardback books on the inside corners to keep pressure on them until the glue dried. We repeated this for the bottom piece too. You will want something weighty to keep those tricky corners in line while the glue dries. Clamps will work too, but we didn’t have enough. The gold stud push pins actually helped keep the corners in place along the top as the glue dried.

I just love how this turned out the second time around! It looks so upscale for being a homemade creation and I love that it will pass the Dave test now!

DIY Faux Gator Tray Table

DIY Faux Gator Tray Table


rug detail-2

Visit Online Fabric Store to see their full selection of faux animal fabrics.  This is a great option for bringing a high-end look into your space. OFS has options for faux alligator, snakeskin, ostrich and more.

I’d like to thank Online Fabric Store for supplying the fabric used for this project. Even after I failed at my first attempt, they were so kind to send me another yard so I could share this project with you. Thank you OFS! All opinions in this post are 100% mine.


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February Month in Review

A round-up of our February 2015 projects and posts

Hello,  March!

We got hit with ice this morning over the snow. Winter is definitely going out with a bang around here. I know us Northerners are all dreaming of spring and I am already scheming ways to bring happy, sunny vibes into our home…even if the weather says otherwise. February always flies by; the loss of those few extra days really does make a difference. Today, I am sharing our February in Review. I love doing these recaps to celebrate the month we had and to give a glimpse at the things to come here on B@H. With so many larger projects going on behind the scenes and some traveling, February was not heavy in the reveal posts but had some good stuff going on all the same!


Every year, I do a big Valentine’s Day dinner party here at Chez Bliss and this year’s tablescape is one of my favorites to date.



Valentine’s Day Tablescape


I shared the reveal of our bedroom design and I want to thank you again for all your sweet compliments and sharing of this space. I love the mix of bold and feminine.

Bedroom makeover with green, black, white, gold, and pops of pink.

Bedroom Reveal


I shared my Santorini-inspired moodboards with outdoor furniture from Arhaus.

Arhaus Furniture Collections

Arhaus Furniture


I shared the new look of our hallway with our new animal print runner. It’s a great way to use this print in your home.


Animal Print Runner


I took part in a blog hop with some friends around the web so you can see what our spouses really think about Being Married to a Creative.

Blog Hop Collage final fixed

So, I Married a Creative?


I had the pleasure of spending a few days in NYC to see the unveiling of a new collaboration between Legrand and Hubbardton Forge.

Hubbardton Blog Team New Hubbardton Forge line as part of the Legrand Adorne Collection


March is going to be an exciting month around here. I have a few collaborations that I will get to share that I can’t wait for you guys to see. Our bathroom is finally coming along. After fixing our subfloor issues, we discovered a whole new set of problems behind the walls with the plumbing. Needless to say, it pushed our finish date. The joy of remodeling an old house. There are always issues.  I am happy to report that we hired a plumber and we are now once again working hard to finish it.


Make sure you have entered to win some custom pillows in designer fabrics from one of my favorite go-to sources Stuck on Hue:


Custom Designer Pillows from Stuck on Hue

Thanks again to all of you lovely readers who support what I do here on B@H. I am so happy to share and connect with you over my love of design!


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Stuck on Hue Custom Pillows and a GIVEAWAY!

Custom Designer Pillows from Stuck on Hue

 left to right:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9

Last week, I shared the reveal of our bedroom design. I love the changes I made in there so much!  When I design a space of my own, it is a mix of styles. Always traditional foundations with modern influences and a pop of color. I mix high-end with thrifty finds and love to bring in texture. One of my secret weapons for achieving a polished look is to incorporate designer fabrics into the mix. One of my favorite go-to sources for custom designer pillows is the Etsy shop Stuck on Hue.

Room designed by Kristin Cadwallader | Bliss at Home

Adding designer fabric through pillows is a lot more cost-effective than upholstering an entire piece of furniture and takes your whole look up a notch.  Designer fabrics are so wonderful to the touch and you can definitely tell the difference. Stuck on Hue carries my FAVORITE designer fabrics. Seriously, every designer fabric I love is there!  Stuck on Hue also makes them to order in a variety of sizes.

Bedroom design by Kristin Cadwallader | Bliss at Home

As you see in our bedroom, the animal print pillow on our bed from Stuck on Hue adds some major style to the space. It completes the modern mix. I selected the Jamil pillow from their online shop, and ordered a custom size to my specifications. Stuck on Hue also carries the down inserts and can get them for those custom sizes which is so great.

Animal Print with Kelly Green via Bliss at Home

Bedroom design by Kristin Cadwallader | Bliss at Home

The quality of a Stuck on Hue pillow is fantastic and they come with zipper closures which I prefer over a folded back. Their prices are very reasonable too.

In case there was any doubt in your minds…Hi, my name is Kristin and I have a designer pillow addiction. Like, I want all the pillows.

And now it’s shopping and giveaway time! Stuck on Hue is offering a special discount code for B@H readers starting today!




*Offer good 3/2/2015-3/16/2015


You can also enter to win a $50 credit to Stuck on Hue!!

You have 2 ways to enter! Enter here on the blog for up to 3 entries and then enter on Instagram to increase your chances of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once entered, be sure to join us on Instagram for another chance to win! Good luck my lovely readers!! I know what my next pillow purchase is going to be!

This post is in collaboration with the Etsy shop Stuck on Hue. Stuck on Hue provided the pillow for our bedroom makeover and I love to support small shops that are doing big things. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.




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