The STYLE Mix | #bhfavmoment Edition

The Style Mix | links from the week


Happy Friday!! So, instead of the regular mix today, I thought I’d link to all of you! My Instagram #bhfavmoment feed has been filled with so much amazing style!! I couldn’t just pick one! So get ready for some serious eye candy!! For realz, you guys are blowing me away with your “moments”. It’s my new favorite thing!

These are in no particular order and I did my best to link to you if you have a blog :)

So everyone, give them some Instagram love and check out their blogs. You never know… you may just find your new favorite read!

The Style Mix #bhfavmoment

This first photo was submitted by @jilliangormandesigns and I just love the simplicity of it with the bright pops of color. It’s a great glimpse of a breakfast scene. Isn’t that coffee maker fun? You can visit Jillian’s blog at

The Style Mix #bhfavmoment

We saw @shannon_burlapandlace on our first ever #bhfavmoment and this is one talented girl! She shared her latest project, these shelves and they are perfection! I love seeing what Shannon is up to on her blog She is such a design talent and source of inspiration.

The Style Mix #bhfavmoment

Oh boy, @nubiinteriors brought so much glamour to my feed sharing her home! Carmeon is a designer/blogger at and she is a constant source of drooling in my feed. She has a great eye for styling and of course I love the mixes of black, white, and gold…because, well, it’s my jam. I got to meet Carmeon briefly at Haven this year and of course she looks like a supermodel too. Why wouldn’t she, right?

The Style Mix #bhfavmoment

My sweet friend Julia (@cuckoo4design) shared this shot of her hometown Lohr, Germany. She goes every year to visit her family and I love seeing photos of her fairy tale homeland. She is the talented blogger behind and always shares the best DIY projects.

The Style Mix #bhfavmoment Here’s a little office candy for ya! @thisishappiness shared her home office and it is full of light! Such an inspiring place to work. Becky writes the Life & Style blog

The Style Mix #bhfavmoment

I am seriously coveting. I am hoping to have an appliance cupboard worked into our kitchen remodel. Until then, I will keep coveting this one from @elevengables. It is so awesome. Let’s just all bask in the awesomeness for a moment…Okay, so I met Emily at Haven and she is so sweet and fun! You guys should definitely check out her blog

The Style Mix #bhfavmoment

Oh, gold goodness! I love that gold is popular again. @thebeautifulsavages shared this little corner and that bookcase and pillow are pretty fab! Amber blogs at

the STYLE mix #bhfavmoment

Sometimes words are all you need. Love the message @dontdisturbthisgrooveblog shared as her moment. Words can make or break and a positive message can nourish your soul. My sweet friend Brandi is so talented and I love to read her blog

the STYLE mix #bhfavmoment

I love this use of a library cart that @liv_berg shared!! So smart for boots and it makes an appealing sight too. Liv blogs at

the STYLE mix #bhfavmoment

I love modern and Scandinavian inspired interiors. My friend Shavonda just turned me on to Tanya’s blog Oh, so how awesome is it that @danslelakehouse participated in my new # project! I wish I could live this streamlined and cool!

the STYLE mix #bhfavmoment

Jaw meet floor. Now that introductions are over, I had to share this pic from @saudahsaleeminteriors!! I think I need a shoe cubby like this and I’ll take all the shoes too. I love the table styled next to the shoe fabulousness. So much to love in this little nook. You can read designer Saudah’s blog at

the STYLE mix #bhfavmoment

Last but not least, we have this fun scene from @athoughtfulplace. I have been reading Courtney’s blog for a while and I just love her style! She always creates the most beautiful spaces and shares great ideas. I am definitely going to do this for my kids on the first day of school! Little Sam has never met a powdered doughnut he hasn’t liked ;)

As for me, that shot of my little temporary workspace above is getting packed up this coming week. We are getting ready to head back to our Illinois home. The boys start school after Labor Day and we need to get back to do all the necessary preparations.

We are going out with a bang out East though. We will be spending our last days here visiting the coastal towns of Maine. I am so excited for this!! This is one of my dream vacations that we wanted to do for our honeymoon but were not able to. I’ll take it 12 years later. It’s a bit of an early anniversary trip since we will be celebrating 12 years on September 1st.

And just so you don’t miss a thing, here’s what I’ve been up to on B@H this week:

Behind the Scenes of my Better Homes and Gardens Shoot


Veggie Hummus Pizza | A Healthy and Kid-friendly Snack

Veggie Hummus Pizza | A Healthy and Kid-Friendly Recipe

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist for fall!

Campus Style | His or Her Ideas for the Dorm

Ideas for your dorm room

Be sure to keep those “moments” you love in your home coming!


Happy Weekend Friends!

DIY Acorn Magnets

Happy Hump Day Buds!

So, as promised my DIY Monday project got moved to today. It’s a fun one!

In less than two weeks, I will back in my Illinois home. We will be in the full swing of school and everything that comes with it. The school papers and artwork will start to make their way onto our fridge. For a little fall touch I made these DIY Acorn Magnets to welcome the soon-coming September.

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist on fall!

For a little twist, I decided to make the acorns neon. I love a modern take on fall. And, if you think about it, these brights are everywhere in autumn. From the neon yellow and orange leaves that fill the trees, to the saturated green grass. The neon pinks make an appearance in an autumn sunset. So, if you look for it– these colors are everywhere in the fall.

This project only takes a couple of hours. Really, just because you are waiting for the paint to dry. Don’t watch that paint dry. That’s boring. Go do something awesome while it dries!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | fun modern twist for fall!

This is pretty self-explanatory. One tip for ya though…It was quick and easy just to dip the acorns in the paint and let them dry. I tried painting them with a paint brush at first, but that didn’t work well at all. Dipping or pouring the paint on them works so much better! Spray paint would work great too.

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | A fun and modern twist for fall!

I glued the magnets to the wood slices while the paint dried. You can cut your own wood slices or they sell them for super cheap at the craft store. After a couple of hours the painted acorns are safe to handle and you can glue them to the wood slices.

Aren’t they fun?!!!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist for fall!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist for fall!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist for fall!


Can you believe that the leaves are already starting to change color in Connecticut!?! What is that about?? Well, whatever that means, it inspired me to do a little something fall-ish and crafty!

New Post on Creative Home | Veggie Hummus Pizza

Hi Friends!

I just wanted to let you know I have another post over at Mohawk’s Creative Home blog. I am sharing an easy recipe just in time for back to school!

Veggie Hummus Pizza | A Healthy and Kid-Friendly Recipe


This is something the kids and I make together for an after school snack. It’s healthy and fun for them to add their own toppings. Visit me over at Creative Home for all the details!

Also, be sure to check out my guest post over at BHG Style Spotters and see a behind the scenes of my BHG Photo Shoot! Fun, fun, fun!

Happy Tuesday!

Behind the Scenes of My Better Homes and Gardens Shoot

Hey, hey! So, today instead of DIY Monday, I want to share with you some behind the scenes action of my Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot. Don’t worry, the DIY’s are a coming still! I messed with the schedule because I am over at BHG’s Style Spotters blog and I thought it would make the perfect day to dish on my shoot!


I always like reading about stuff like this and thought you might get a kick out of it too.

I had cleaned and cleaned…and cleaned…

Then, the day came for BHG to come to my house. The morning before the shoot,  BHG stylist Lindsay Berger came on over to start styling the bookcases and check things out. She was the sweetest and she came with goodies too. After helping her carry in bags and bags and boxes she settled in.

BHG photo shoot

Before BHG came over, I had emailed them shots of my bookcases and items on them. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted on them. They also had a color story and specific colors they wanted me to wear. Lindsay had sourced a few items for the shelves and also pulled some decor from BHG’s prop shop.

My friends all wanted to know if I got to keep anything from the shoot. Items that were purchased I had the option to buy. The flowers, plants, drinks, and food they brought for styling we got to keep. My boys were very excited about the two bags of Hershey’s Kisses!

I gave her a quick tour of the house. I am embarrassed to say that we had just ripped the floor out of the main bathroom to start the remodel, but she was gracious and nice about the whole thing.

My living room was completely clean and lovely that morning. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Since BHG had a vision of colors and textures they wanted used in the shot, a lot of what was on my bookcases came off. In fact, we took everything off and reworked them entirely.


I really just assisted in handing things to Lindsay or finding things when she wanted a metallic, or this color book, or something white. I was happy to be a fly on the wall and watch her work. Seeing her move a picture frame a centimeter or using objects to prop things up or add more height. I was taking styling notes in my head ;)


As she was working on the styling, BHG photographer Greg Scheidemann came on over to set up his camera and equipment.


We immediately realized that we would have to take almost all the furniture out of my living room to get the shot they needed. We moved the sofa all the way over in front of the fireplace so it was out of the way. All my chairs lived in the hallway. We had things covering my kitchen table. My rug was repositioned and coffee table was added to the shot.

Once everything was set up it was time to take some test shots and see clothing options. I stood in wearing different outfits and they sent the proofs right to the BHG team to get their feedback on changes that needed to be made. Lindsay kept adjusting and restyling things so they would look just right in the shot.


Greg had everything set up and ready to go the night before. I was like, “No kids, no dog, no Dave are allowed in this room! I love you guys but you are not allowed in here, not even to breathe!”


The next morning was PHOTO SHOOT MORNING :)

After wardrobe approval and getting my shirt clamped just right it was time to take some photos.



Greg had me laughing too much, which helped put me at ease. There were tweaks and last-minute styling changes here and there but it was a pretty quick process. Greg and Lindsay sent on over their favorite shots to the BHG team. I got to see firsthand on Greg’s computer what the photos looked like.


They tried a few different poses for some variety. What worked best was me leaning into the bookcases.

It was a great experience working with Lindsay and Greg. They are genuinely kind and fun which made the whole process all the more enjoyable. I hope our paths get to cross again one of these days. I just kept thinking to myself, “Ha! They are at work right now! That’s awesome!”

No BHG photo shoot would be complete without a selfie taken by the photographer ;)


A BIG THANK YOU to editor Kit Selzer for giving me this opportunity to be featured in my favorite magazine! Thanks again to Lindsay and Greg for a fun couple days that I will never forget. This was such a great experience to be a part of and it has inspired me even more to keep on doing what I love.

DIY Library Wall in August issue of BHG

courtesty of BHG

You can get all the details on my DIY Library Wall here.

Be sure to visit me over at BHG Style Spotters today!

the STYLE mix | links from the week

the STYLE mix | 08-08-2014


Happy Weekend Friends!!

This week, we started our new schedule for the new season. How have you liked it so far?

In case you didn’t see it, you can check it out here. I introduced 5 new series to you guys including this Friday series, the STYLE mix.

So, let’s get to sharing! Here’s what I’m loving this week and your #bhfavmoment of the week!

the STYLE mix | 08 01 2014


I always love to find creative things to add to my walls and I love love love this DIY Wall Hanging.

I have been thinking about our kitchen remodel when we get home.  These glam utensils I might have to copy to get me through all the dust and the ripping out of things…

Amy shared this quote on her blog and I couldn’t agree more. I really feel this the more and more I create and design for my home:


If I could have any bathroom right now this would be THE ONE. Black, white, marble and gold goodness.

This home tour is perfection and features one of my favorite designers who always knocks it out of the park!


The #bhfavmoment of the week comes from tobe_reed:


What is not to love about all this!?! The light walls, the colorful rug, varied wood tones, and all the gold mixed with black and white is AWESOME!

Tobe writes and shares her inspiration on her blog Because It’s Awesome (appropriately named btw).  I don’t know about you, but that brass unicorn is calling to me. Where can I find one? I am convinced it must have magical powers…because, well, er… it is a gold unicorn–DUH! The hunt will begin.

I love seeing what you guys love about your homes! You have some serious style and I feel like I could dedicate an entire post to your spaces…maybe I will have to do that soon!



And just so you don’t miss a thing…(I always think of that Aerosmith song when I hear that!)

Here’s what happened on B @ H this week:

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

Quick Tip: A Damage Free Way to Hang Planters

A damage free way to hang a planter on a railing


Next week, I am doing a fall-inspired DIY. Yep, I said fall. I always get fall fever about this time of year. Thinking about the last weeks of summer vacation and the run around that is the school year makes me long for days at the apple orchard and trips to the cabin.


Also, I will be introducing my first must-have that is in stores now and what I am going to use it for! Really excited about this one because it is for little guy’s room!

Now, I am off to enjoy one of our last weekends here on the East Coast. It is bittersweet to think we are leaving in a few weeks. I will miss the ocean. I have to say though, I am ready to get back home and get back into the swing of things!

Happy Weekend!!

A Damage Free Way to Hang a Planter

Today’s quick tip is something I came up with to hang a planter at our summer rental.

A damage free way to hang a planter on a railing I knew I wanted to have a planter box on the railing of our patio balcony but I couldn’t find one that didn’t require drilling into something. I needed a damage free way to hang a planter.

That planter shown above is everywhere and to hang it I went into my nearest Home Depot and grabbed a 6″ Worm Gear Clamp. This works like a charm. I just attached it to the flower planter by weaving it through the metal frame. It adjusts so you can get the perfect grip on your railing.

For you renters, this is a great idea! It’s damage free hanging and it supports the weight of the planting box. It costs less than a dollar too, so it’s a great option.

Did you catch my latest DIY yesterday?

If not, I made these modern and fun candle holders. You can see the full tutorial below.

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

Happy Tuesday!!! I’m up early to meet up with my blog buddy Danielle so we can take our boys to the beach. YAY! It’s going to be a fun day!

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

Happy DIY Monday!

Today, I am sharing my latest project with you! I made a pair of DIY Wood Block Candle Holders this weekend and I love them! See how pretty they are on my coffee table…

DIY wood block candle holders


I’ve had tapered candles on my mind lately and wanted to make some candlesticks. Cruising the woodworking aisle, I came across wood blocks and thought they’d make some really great candle holders.

DIY wood block candle holder supply list

I just want to preface this by saying that list above is how I would do it at home with all my tools.

Since we are still at our rental, I had to get creative with the minimal tools I have here. I would recommend getting a paddlewheel bit the width of a tapered candle. A good rule of thumb– the width of a nickel will work great.



Not having this and just my drill and one drill bit, I drilled perforated holes and knocked out the center gently. The wood block is hollow so this wasn’t too bad. A little more time-consuming and takes some precision. Definitely get the paddlewheel bit to make it easy on yourself. I am cheap and didn’t want to buy something I have back at home so I came up with another way to do it.

Once I drilled out the holes for the candles, I glued two of the blocks together. I chose to glue them out of line because I like the look.

DIY wood block candle holders

I let my glued blocks dry overnight and set a weighty book on top of them. The next day it was time to paint. Normally, I would recommend spray painting them a glossy white. Again, with me being in the rental, I don’t have a good place to spray paint so I chose to use craft paint. I did two coats.

Once that was dry, I taped off my lines for the liquid leaf. I like working with liquid leaf on smaller things like this. It gives a really pretty sheen. This has to dry for at least an hour before you can handle it.

I love the result!!! It’s a fun, modern look that is on trend.

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

DIY wood block candle holders

DIY wood block candle holders

Pretty! Pretty! Really pretty easy too.

So, every Monday here is DIY Monday. Here’s what’s coming next week…

I am secretly pining for fall. It’s my favorite season and it inspired my next DIY project. Can’t wait to share it with you!

For more DIY projects check out my PROJECT GALLERY.

the STYLE mix | links from the week

Happy Friday!

Today I am excited to announce the line-up coming to you soon! You are seeing the first one today. YAY!

Every Friday, starting today, I will be sharing my favorite links from the week. The STYLE mix will feature my favorite DIY projects, home tours, fashion, recipes, etc.

the STYLE mix | 08  01  2014  via Bliss at Home


Also, every Friday will feature a new thing we started on Instagram and Twitter. I love seeing what you guys love about your homes! Like, really love it. I totally want to drive by and peek in your windows! Promise, I won’t do that…btw. So, every Friday I will feature one of your recent favorite “moments” in your house. You saw my moment on IG featured in the image above.


So, snap a photo of it and share it on Instagram with #bhfavmoment for your chance to have it featured on the STYLE mix every Friday!

Let’s get to it and break this new series in!

It was so hard to pick just one favorite moment from all your submissions!

This week’s “moment” is courtesy of Shannon @shannon_burlapandlace:


Shannon shared a peek at the progress in her dining room. That black wall and the wood doors are pretty tremendous, are they not? Visit her blog to see more! You will love it!! She just moved to D.C. and into an apartment. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

the STYLE mix  |  08 01 2014

This home tour had me lifting my jaw off the floor. I love everything about it. EVERYTHING!

I want to be this blogger’s daughter so I can have a garden party this fabulous! I’ll settle for one of these party hats.

There has been a Swiss cross invasion at Target and I think I need to be a part of it.

This is the next summer recipe I am going to make courtesy of my beautiful friend, Jen.

I am in desperate need of these earrings and a couple of these bracelets to feed my jewelry addiction.


Now, as I said, there are some new things brewing over here at B @ H. My little East Coast summer has recharged my blog batteries and I am ready to get back into the groove of things. I have had a lot of reflection on what direction I want this blog to take and it just feels right to introduce some new series into the mix.

Here’s what is coming starting next week:







August through the end of the year, some really fun things are planned. I have some AWESOME collaborations that I can’t share just yet that I am beyond excited about!! The projects are a cooking!

I also want to bring you guys a bit more than just the big reveals. DIY Monday is something I did back when I started the blog and I miss it. So, every Monday I will be bringing you my latest DIY– be it a craft, a furniture makeover, an entire room makeover…whatever’s ready to share!

Quick Tip posts will consist of something helpful. Something I’ve learned along the road of DIY, a way to make something easier, a better way to clean something, etc.

I love home decor shopping and I love a good deal just as much! The Find will feature one home decor accessory that you can get in stores now. It will be something at a great price point and I will show you how I use it in a space.

After sharing my health journey with you guys, I have had so many emails and comments with requests for some of my autoimmune paleo recipes.  Paleo Bites will feature my favorite AI paleo-approved recipes. I am really excited about this one! I have been playing around with food photography and have a new love.

The Style Mix is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I love to share the love around blogland. Every Friday, I will round-up my favorites from the week for you. Also, this is where I will share the #bhfavmoment of the week.

I wish you all a great weekend! Only a few more weeks left on the East Coast for us and I am going to be soaking up every minute of it!!

6 Tips for Your Next Picnic

I love summertime with my boys. I realize more and more everyday how quickly they are growing up. It just makes me want to treasure our summers together even more. The weather has been GORGEOUS lately. It has been perfect picnic weather.  We recently spent the day at the nearby park to enjoy one of the best traditions of summer. I thought I would share with you some of the things I do to make a picnic easy. Easy to pack and clean-up and easy on the eyes!

Whether you are going to have a picnic before the kids go back to school or enjoy one on a fall weekend, here are my 6 tips for your next picnic.

6 Tips for Your Next Picnic

I surprised the boys with a park picnic complete with a teepee. Your only young once, right? I just thought it would add to the fun of the day for them.

6 tips for you next picnic

Tip #1  Make a sandwich wrap. When I pack for a picnic, I like to bring foods that are easy to transport and don’t require plates. Sandwiches are great for kids and adults alike. Everyone seems to enjoy them. One thing I do when packing sandwiches is I fold sheets of wax paper in thirds and roll the sandwiches up in them. I tie them with kitchen string and this makes them easy to pack in a basket and transport. I also throw chips into the basket.

6 tips for your next picnic

Another great thing about serving them this way is that they don’t fall apart. My little guy, shall we say, is sandwich handicapped most of the time. And, as you can see we are a household of mustard people. My kids love this on their sandwiches, and since it’s 100% natural I know it is a good choice for them.

6 tips for your next picnic

Tip #2  Bring a cutting board. I always grab my cutting board before we head out. In this case, I didn’t need to cut anything, but it served as a flat surface to set drinks on. There is nothing worse than having a picnic and then spilling your drinks all over your blanket.


Tip #3  Use lidded jars for drinks. You can use mason jars with lids or they sell them as glasses with the lids. All I did was poke a hole in the lid large enough for a straw. This is perfect for the outdoors because it keeps the bugs out of your drink.

6 tips for your next picnic

6 tips for your next picnic

Tip #4  Use paper bread pans. This is something that I just started doing lately. Paper bread pans are available in a lot of one-stop shop stores and kitchen stores. They sell them for baking bread, but you can use them for other things. They are the perfect size for fruit and chips. Plus, you can reuse them or recycle them. Easy clean-up for a picnic. Bonus that they are super cute!

6 Tips for Your Next Picnic

Tip #5  Infused water and drinks. This is something you can do ahead of time and it just adds a little extra something to your drinks. I love to add strawberries and mint to water. For this picnic, since it was for the kiddos, I also made fresh lemonade and added lemon slices to it. Just thoroughly clean the lemons before you slice and add them.

6 tips for your next picnic

Tip #6  Don’t forget dessert!  To me, picnic day is a special day! Special days call for special meals and special meals always have dessert. Serving up a little treat just makes your picnic all the more special.

Summer Picnic Ideas

Those little white bowls are the perfect size for a small serving of ice cream. I just packed them in the little travel cooler with the ice cream. Everything just goes back in the cooler for the trip home.

I can’t wait to surprise them with another picnic day in the fall! They had so much fun and the teepee became the place to be when the meal was over.

6 tips for your next picnic

I’d like to thank the makers of French’s Yellow Mustard for sponsoring this post as part of their Naturally Amazing Program. As always, I only share what I love and all opinions are 100% mine. We are French’s mustard fans in our household and my kids want it on every sandwich! 

*linking here

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