Fall Home Tours 2015 | Making It Glam Cozy


Hi friends! Today is my day to share my fall home tour as part of the 2015 Fall Home Tours hosted by A Stroll Thru Life. If you are coming from Monica Wants It, a BIG WELCOME  to you and thanks for dropping by my design happy world I call Bliss at Home or B@H…

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Fall Home Tours 2015 Kickoff

Bliss at Home Fall Preview and first fall home tour

Happy weekend!!! We made it!! Just wanted to share that I will be taking part in 2 Fall Home Tours this season and the first one is next week! You might be thinking, OKAY CRAZY LADY– it’s like 90 degrees this week! Why in the world are you talking about fall?! Let me explain… Believe…

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Creating a Meaningful Home Feature


Hi friends! So, a few website server hiccups yesterday…my apologies! It goes with the territory when you blog. Sometimes things just act up. It should be all ironed out now and I am sorry if you could not get here yesterday. Back to the blog… I wanted to share where you can find me today….

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Personalizing our Kids’ Rooms with Shutterfly

Personalizing your home with Shutterfly | Personalized wall decals and pillows

Today, we are switching gears to our kids’rooms. We’ve painted, added in some things they really wanted, and now it’s time to make those spaces really special for them. Personalizing our kids’ rooms with Shutterfly  was a lot of fun and they enjoyed selecting what we were going to add into their rooms. I really like…

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It All Begins in September


Hi friends! I am back from my little break. I just want to take today to discuss some things that will be happening this month. I am foregoing my usual monthly recap post and you will have that next month. Tomorrow is the first day of September and I’m not shy about sharing how much…

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Budget Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Budget-friendly kitchen ideas that look amazing

Happy Friday!! So, it is time. Kitchen time. I’m so freaking excited for this project! It has been a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time coming! You’d think since we’ve had all this time to save for it we’d be putting in brand new everything…(insert bellowing laughter here). Ummmm…no. We are remodeling the rest of the house too. This…

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My 1-2-3 Approach to Party Planning

10 Party Planning Tips For Your Next Gathering or Event

Hello, friends!  So, what did you guys think of that rustic and chic baby shower I hosted for my best friend? You can see it HERE if you want to see all the pretty images and get the decorating specifics. I also put together a slide show at the end of this post. Today, I…

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A Rustic and Chic Baby Shower

Bliss at Home : A Rustic Chic Baby Shower

Hi friends! I had the chance to put my hostess hat on yesterday. I was given the honor of hosting a baby shower for my best friend. I had a lot of fun planning this one. My friend’s style is a bit different from my own and she loves modern country charm. Here’s what I…

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Shop the Look | My Decor Picks from Candelabra

Shop Candelabra | Happy Habitat Adana Throw in Fuschia and Gold via Bliss at Home Click to shop

As you all know, or if you have been a reader for any amount of time here, I love to mix! High end, vintage, big box store, flea market finds…it’s definitely a finely curated surrounding I lean towards in all my spaces. Today, I am sharing my favorite decor picks from Candelabra and showing you how…

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What to Bring | Pack for the Cabin

In my travel bag...what to pack for the cabin

Hello, Monday! This Monday is especially lovely because I am enjoying some relaxation with the family. It’s cabin time, our last vacation before school, busier schedules, and work ramps up even more. I look at September and all I see is that I am going to have to be on top of my game. This…

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