A Damage Free Way to Hang a Planter

Today’s quick tip is something I came up with to hang a planter at our summer rental.

A damage free way to hang a planter on a railing I knew I wanted to have a planter box on the railing of our patio balcony but I couldn’t find one that didn’t require drilling into something. I needed a damage free way to hang a planter.

That planter shown above is everywhere and to hang it I went into my nearest Home Depot and grabbed a 6″ Worm Gear Clamp. This works like a charm. I just attached it to the flower planter by weaving it through the metal frame. It adjusts so you can get the perfect grip on your railing.

For you renters, this is a great idea! It’s damage free hanging and it supports the weight of the planting box. It costs less than a dollar too, so it’s a great option.

Did you catch my latest DIY yesterday?

If not, I made these modern and fun candle holders. You can see the full tutorial below.

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

Happy Tuesday!!! I’m up early to meet up with my blog buddy Danielle so we can take our boys to the beach. YAY! It’s going to be a fun day!

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

Happy DIY Monday!

Today, I am sharing my latest project with you! I made a pair of DIY Wood Block Candle Holders this weekend and I love them! See how pretty they are on my coffee table…

DIY wood block candle holders


I’ve had tapered candles on my mind lately and wanted to make some candlesticks. Cruising the woodworking aisle, I came across wood blocks and thought they’d make some really great candle holders.

DIY wood block candle holder supply list

I just want to preface this by saying that list above is how I would do it at home with all my tools.

Since we are still at our rental, I had to get creative with the minimal tools I have here. I would recommend getting a paddlewheel bit the width of a tapered candle. A good rule of thumb– the width of a nickel will work great.



Not having this and just my drill and one drill bit, I drilled perforated holes and knocked out the center gently. The wood block is hollow so this wasn’t too bad. A little more time-consuming and takes some precision. Definitely get the paddlewheel bit to make it easy on yourself. I am cheap and didn’t want to buy something I have back at home so I came up with another way to do it.

Once I drilled out the holes for the candles, I glued two of the blocks together. I chose to glue them out of line because I like the look.

DIY wood block candle holders

I let my glued blocks dry overnight and set a weighty book on top of them. The next day it was time to paint. Normally, I would recommend spray painting them a glossy white. Again, with me being in the rental, I don’t have a good place to spray paint so I chose to use craft paint. I did two coats.

Once that was dry, I taped off my lines for the liquid leaf. I like working with liquid leaf on smaller things like this. It gives a really pretty sheen. This has to dry for at least an hour before you can handle it.

I love the result!!! It’s a fun, modern look that is on trend.

DIY Wood Block Candle Holders

DIY wood block candle holders

DIY wood block candle holders

Pretty! Pretty! Really pretty easy too.

So, every Monday here is DIY Monday. Here’s what’s coming next week…

I am secretly pining for fall. It’s my favorite season and it inspired my next DIY project. Can’t wait to share it with you!

For more DIY projects check out my PROJECT GALLERY.

the STYLE mix | links from the week

Happy Friday!

Today I am excited to announce the line-up coming to you soon! You are seeing the first one today. YAY!

Every Friday, starting today, I will be sharing my favorite links from the week. The STYLE mix will feature my favorite DIY projects, home tours, fashion, recipes, etc.

the STYLE mix | 08  01  2014  via Bliss at Home


Also, every Friday will feature a new thing we started on Instagram and Twitter. I love seeing what you guys love about your homes! Like, really love it. I totally want to drive by and peek in your windows! Promise, I won’t do that…btw. So, every Friday I will feature one of your recent favorite “moments” in your house. You saw my moment on IG featured in the image above.


So, snap a photo of it and share it on Instagram with #bhfavmoment for your chance to have it featured on the STYLE mix every Friday!

Let’s get to it and break this new series in!

It was so hard to pick just one favorite moment from all your submissions!

This week’s “moment” is courtesy of Shannon @shannon_burlapandlace:


Shannon shared a peek at the progress in her dining room. That black wall and the wood doors are pretty tremendous, are they not? Visit her blog to see more! You will love it!! She just moved to D.C. and into an apartment. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

the STYLE mix  |  08 01 2014

This home tour had me lifting my jaw off the floor. I love everything about it. EVERYTHING!

I want to be this blogger’s daughter so I can have a garden party this fabulous! I’ll settle for one of these party hats.

There has been a Swiss cross invasion at Target and I think I need to be a part of it.

This is the next summer recipe I am going to make courtesy of my beautiful friend, Jen.

I am in desperate need of these earrings and a couple of these bracelets to feed my jewelry addiction.


Now, as I said, there are some new things brewing over here at B @ H. My little East Coast summer has recharged my blog batteries and I am ready to get back into the groove of things. I have had a lot of reflection on what direction I want this blog to take and it just feels right to introduce some new series into the mix.

Here’s what is coming starting next week:







August through the end of the year, some really fun things are planned. I have some AWESOME collaborations that I can’t share just yet that I am beyond excited about!! The projects are a cooking!

I also want to bring you guys a bit more than just the big reveals. DIY Monday is something I did back when I started the blog and I miss it. So, every Monday I will be bringing you my latest DIY– be it a craft, a furniture makeover, an entire room makeover…whatever’s ready to share!

Quick Tip posts will consist of something helpful. Something I’ve learned along the road of DIY, a way to make something easier, a better way to clean something, etc.

I love home decor shopping and I love a good deal just as much! The Find will feature one home decor accessory that you can get in stores now. It will be something at a great price point and I will show you how I use it in a space.

After sharing my health journey with you guys, I have had so many emails and comments with requests for some of my autoimmune paleo recipes.  Paleo Bites will feature my favorite AI paleo-approved recipes. I am really excited about this one! I have been playing around with food photography and have a new love.

The Style Mix is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I love to share the love around blogland. Every Friday, I will round-up my favorites from the week for you. Also, this is where I will share the #bhfavmoment of the week.

I wish you all a great weekend! Only a few more weeks left on the East Coast for us and I am going to be soaking up every minute of it!!

6 Tips for Your Next Picnic

I love summertime with my boys. I realize more and more everyday how quickly they are growing up. It just makes me want to treasure our summers together even more. The weather has been GORGEOUS lately. It has been perfect picnic weather.  We recently spent the day at the nearby park to enjoy one of the best traditions of summer. I thought I would share with you some of the things I do to make a picnic easy. Easy to pack and clean-up and easy on the eyes!

Whether you are going to have a picnic before the kids go back to school or enjoy one on a fall weekend, here are my 6 tips for your next picnic.

6 Tips for Your Next Picnic

I surprised the boys with a park picnic complete with a teepee. Your only young once, right? I just thought it would add to the fun of the day for them.

6 tips for you next picnic

Tip #1  Make a sandwich wrap. When I pack for a picnic, I like to bring foods that are easy to transport and don’t require plates. Sandwiches are great for kids and adults alike. Everyone seems to enjoy them. One thing I do when packing sandwiches is I fold sheets of wax paper in thirds and roll the sandwiches up in them. I tie them with kitchen string and this makes them easy to pack in a basket and transport. I also throw chips into the basket.

6 tips for your next picnic

Another great thing about serving them this way is that they don’t fall apart. My little guy, shall we say, is sandwich handicapped most of the time. And, as you can see we are a household of mustard people. My kids love this on their sandwiches, and since it’s 100% natural I know it is a good choice for them.

6 tips for your next picnic

Tip #2  Bring a cutting board. I always grab my cutting board before we head out. In this case, I didn’t need to cut anything, but it served as a flat surface to set drinks on. There is nothing worse than having a picnic and then spilling your drinks all over your blanket.


Tip #3  Use lidded jars for drinks. You can use mason jars with lids or they sell them as glasses with the lids. All I did was poke a hole in the lid large enough for a straw. This is perfect for the outdoors because it keeps the bugs out of your drink.

6 tips for your next picnic

6 tips for your next picnic

Tip #4  Use paper bread pans. This is something that I just started doing lately. Paper bread pans are available in a lot of one-stop shop stores and kitchen stores. They sell them for baking bread, but you can use them for other things. They are the perfect size for fruit and chips. Plus, you can reuse them or recycle them. Easy clean-up for a picnic. Bonus that they are super cute!

6 Tips for Your Next Picnic

Tip #5  Infused water and drinks. This is something you can do ahead of time and it just adds a little extra something to your drinks. I love to add strawberries and mint to water. For this picnic, since it was for the kiddos, I also made fresh lemonade and added lemon slices to it. Just thoroughly clean the lemons before you slice and add them.

6 tips for your next picnic

Tip #6  Don’t forget dessert!  To me, picnic day is a special day! Special days call for special meals and special meals always have dessert. Serving up a little treat just makes your picnic all the more special.

Summer Picnic Ideas

Those little white bowls are the perfect size for a small serving of ice cream. I just packed them in the little travel cooler with the ice cream. Everything just goes back in the cooler for the trip home.

I can’t wait to surprise them with another picnic day in the fall! They had so much fun and the teepee became the place to be when the meal was over.

6 tips for your next picnic

I’d like to thank the makers of French’s Yellow Mustard for sponsoring this post as part of their Naturally Amazing Program. As always, I only share what I love and all opinions are 100% mine. We are French’s mustard fans in our household and my kids want it on every sandwich! 

*linking here

How to Create an Entry Way…when you don’t have one!

Heeee-lloooooo! Hey, so I’ve been in an apartment for over 2 months now…

Talk about living in a small space! It’s been so fun to be out here this summer and I think it’s rebooted my creativity. The other day I decided to play around with some things I’ve found around here to show you how to create an entry way…when you don’t have one!

Our apartment does not have an entry way. You walk right into a wall of doors that hide the washer and dryer. It’s all open concept and the dining area and living room are one space. But, if you have a wall you can make an entry way drop zone and so I did!

How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one!

Did you guys love The Nate Berkus Show as much as I did? Man, I miss that show. I love when Nate would say, “Shop your house first.” Well, because that’s what I do ALL THE TIME. Sometimes just freshening up and playing around with things you already have can breathe new life into a space. Plus, it’s FREE…my favorite four letter word.

Here’s what I did to show you how to create a entry way drop zone on a budget with things I already have on hand.


How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one!

This inexpensive Ikea desk is small enough to double as a console table. The Ikea LINNMON/ADILS Table is under $20 and a great size for a small space. Just like at home, I love to add storage below a console table. I used my storage cubes there. In a small space you need a place to keep extra shoes and bags…especially if you are low on closet space. The $10 green desk chair (I scored when we first got here) is great to place next to the table for a place to drop your purse or sit and slip on your shoes.


Artwork is my number one go-to for dressing walls. If you wanted to swap this out for a mirror you could totally do that too. I also like to lean artwork instead of hanging it all the time and it makes for a nice layer. One large and one smaller piece of art work well together for leaning them against a wall.  Rugs always, always, always, help anchor and define a space. So, a runner or a scatter rug is perfect here.


It’s always great to have somewhere to drop your mail and keys when you get home so if you can fit in a table or shelf you should do it.

How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one.

Last weekend, we went to some flea markets and antique stores around here and I scored a gold and black set of china for super cheap. Just a small plate serves as a place to set your keys and shades.


Books are my go-to for adding height a lot of times. If the spines don’t work with your overall look– just flip them around and have the pages show.

How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one!

I think every space should possess a life element. Having plants and flowers around your home just make for a happy space. You don’t have to spend money on this. I just clipped a couple leaves from our patio palm. That vase is actually a utensil holder. I just added a drinking glass to it and it makes for a pretty holder for stems.

How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one!

Roses are my favorite and I am lucky to have a grocery store by me that sells $6 bundles of roses every day. I love arranging them in different ways.

How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one!

Another find from my weekend is that brass planter with greek key feet. It was $7 buried in the basement sale room of an antique store. Totally worth the hunt.

How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one!

How to Create an Entry Way...when you don't have one.


So, any wall can become a place to land and create a welcoming spot in your home. Get creative with the space you live in and design it to suit your life. My “entry way”  also doubles as a workspace when I need it, so it’s multi-functional too. I love reinventing my rooms time and again. Shopping your house can be so fun!

DIY’s featured here:

See how I made the DIY Mondrian Art.


See how I made the No Sew Fabric Covered Storage Cubes.

diy storage cubes

Summer Picnic

It’s the weekend! Hooray!

I hope you all have some fun plans. This weekend we are taking the kids to a pretty park we found and we are going to have a picnic. Can you believe that summer is coming to its end and we haven’t done this yet?!! Well, we still have a month of summer because our kids don’t start back to school until after Labor Day. I know that a lot of you are already gearing up to send the littles back to school.

I’ll be sharing some easy and budget-friendly ideas for your next summer picnic next week.

Summer Picnic Ideas In other news… See that picture there? That was taken with my new camera!! I have been having a blast this week playing with my newfangled toy! I feel pretty comfortable with it now and I will be doing my first “official” shoot with it this weekend.

That image just says summer to me. It’s not overdone. Just simply summer. Picnic blankets and small white bowls. All you need is a scoop of ice cream and blueberries from the Farmer’s Market.

That whole image was prompted by my kids begging for ice cream. It was two in the afternoon, and I said, “Why the heck not!?!” Off to the store we went for ice cream and I snapped a couple of shots before the kids gobbled it all up!

So, happy summer and I hope you have some fun this weekend!

Our East Coast Adventures | Cape Cod Weekend

I looked at the calendar today and realized that we only have 1 month left on the East Coast before we make the trek back to our Illinois home. Wow! Where did the time go?! Well, lucky for you…or not so lucky for you…I have some photos to share with you today! I guess it depends on whether or not you love to see photos of travels.

Here’s the thing folks. It’s been a bit of a challenge to blog or feel motivated to blog while being here. I’m shooting something for the blog this weekend only because it is due and it fits into our weekend plans…but I know I have only been sharing once or twice a week this summer. We have been traveling A LOT. I’ve traveled twice for blogger events in the past month and we have been spending our weekends and sometimes weekdays exploring the upper East Coast.

I have, oh, about a GAZILLION photos on my camera to go through. I started to chip away at my memory card the other day and here’s some of the things that give me warm fuzzies.


We spent this last weekend exploring Cape Cod. It was idyllic. Wood shingle sided homes and blue hydrangeas everywhere. Lobster rolls offered up at every roadside restaurant and seaside food shack. It is everything that summer should be.


This place, The Red Shack, had the best lobster rolls! We have become lobster roll connoisseurs after a couple of months of sampling them at different spots all over the coast. This little walk-up window restaurant in Provincetown is one of our favorites for the perfect lobster roll. They have several variations you can order too, but I love the simplicity of the Connecticut roll. I am not a mayo lobster roll kind of girl. I’ll take a buttered lobster roll over mayo every time.


But, with all that quaint East Coast charm, my favorite part of our weekend there was our time on the beaches. The ocean is captivating to me. Maybe because we don’t have one to visit back home. The muddy waters of the Mississippi pale in comparison to the power and majesty of rolling ocean waves. I spent hours staring into the ocean, being lulled into a calm listening to the waves crash and meet the shore. My boys had the time of their life there. As a parent, nothing beats the look of pure joy on your child’s face. It makes me happy and at ease.


The first beach we visited Mid Cape was Kalmus Beach. It was in walking distance from where we were lodging. It is a seashell and sand beach and the waves are smaller so it is great for little kids. It is also great for watching boats since there is a harbor close by. Not the most pristine beach, but fun all the same.



After a day on the beach, we washed the salt water off and went out for a nice dinner. The Roadhouse Cafe is a Hyannis staple and a must-do. It has the charm of yesteryear and the dimly lit dining rooms are full of people enjoying good wine and food. It was a wonderful atmosphere to be in. They had a great drink selection. The menu had something for everyone–seafood, pasta, pizza, steak, and more. The place was bustling that Saturday evening, but we called ahead and made a reservation and had no problem getting a booth.

The next morning we got up early to explore the towns on a drive to the Upper Cape. We checked out local shops and antiques stores along the way. The antique stores were great but the prices not so much. There were so many great rugs, vases, lamps, paintings…but the price tags were a bit rich for my pocketbook. I’ll stick to my Midwest prices.


We followed Historic Route 6 all the way to the tip of the cape. This is such a lovely drive and the scenery and homes are beautiful and so Cape Cod. There are plenty of stops along the way for shopping, food, and gas.

The beaches on the upper cape, especially the National Seashore beaches, were my favorites. They are the cleanest and have the most amazing waves and wildlife. We visited Marconi Beach just a few hours before high tide came in.



As the tide came in, we all sat and watched the waves and to our surprise seals were everywhere. We counted about ten seals playing in the waves. If we had not been spectators, I bet they would have come on shore. They were showing off and having a grand time in the waves. One of my favorite thoughts from our weekend is that moment. All 4 of us huddled together on that blanket watching the waves and seals come in.


Shortly after the seal show, a rain started to come down. Do you know how rain can be happy sometimes? This was a pleasant rain. Not angry or stormy, the kind of light rain that you don’t mind having to walk in. In a way, it was the perfect ending to our first weekend on the cape.

Friday Favorites | Blogger Style Files

Happy Friday!

I am just sharing where I am today. I’d love for you to come visit me over at Kayla’s blog A Delightful Place to Dwell. Kayla is such a sweet blog friend and I am honored that she asked me to be a part of her Friday Favorites Blogger Style Files series.

Blogger Style Files

Kayla and I go way back. In fact, she is one of the first bloggers I started reading when I began B@H. You will love her style and most of all– you will love her!

One of my favorite projects that Kayla has done is her bar cart makeover.



Happy Weekend friends! Be sure to visit us at http://www.adelightfulplacetodwell.com !!

The August Issue of Better Homes and Gardens

I am just getting back into the groove here after my trip to the Haven Conference. I’ll be sharing more about that later this week, but there was a surprise awaiting me when I arrived Thursday!

One thing I feel really blessed with in this blogging journey are the great friendships that have formed because of it.

Without going into too much detail, I had travel drama and I was supposed to fly out with a couple of friends. Well, because of a major accident and interstate traffic jam, I missed my flight and had to catch the next one.

These sweet girls waited for me at the Atlanta airport! Can you believe that?!!

The Chronicles of Home | Jennifer was my roommate for Haven and we have connected through our blogs for over a year now. I joked with her that she is an awesome spooner–we shared a king bed. No, we didn’t spoon!  I had the pleasure of already getting to meet her at another blogger event and she is everything you think she would be– fun, down-to-earth, caring, and gorgeous. Some of my favorite moments from our trip are when we were up in our room getting ready for things or in our down times just chatting away. And any girl that brings you a gold and acrylic stapler is the cat’s meow in my book!

Dimples & Tangles | Jennifer is another friend that I just adore spending time with. She has a heart of gold and beautiful style. So giving, loving, and puts you right at ease. She met up with the girls at the airport and when I showed up she had the August Better Homes & Gardens laying out on the table. This was such a fun thing to see because if you turn to that back page, (you know–the one everyone turns to first ;)) there I am!

Better Homes and Garden August Issue

Finding Silver Pennies | Danielle and I got to meet last year at Haven so it was so great to get to spend more time with her. I remember when we were very new to blogging (and had no clue what we were doing), we teamed up with a few other bloggers to do a holiday link party. We’ve learned a lot since then and I have enjoyed following her. She is petite and pretty as you’d expect and such a sweet soul. I had the pleasure of talking with her on our flight home and I am so glad I got to share that time with her. I just absolutely love this girl and I am excited to visit her while I’m out east.

Once we got pass the security check point, we stopped in to see if the August issue was on newsstands yet…and it was!! Danielle kindly snapped these pics for me:


I feel like it still isn’t real. I had a BHG photographer and stylist at my house! Now, I get to be in one of my favorite magazines of all time! Somebody pinch me!!

I’ll share more about the shoot later this month, but for now I want to share what it changed for me. I just feel like doing this was a pivotal moment for me and my blog. I’ve always loved styling and photographing my projects. It is fastly becoming the thing I love the most.

At Haven, I went to Kristin (AKA- the HUNTED interior) and Lucy’s (AKA Craftberry Bush) Photography Styling class (which was my favorite session btw), and I really connected with something that Kristin shared there.  She said that when she had the photographers at her house for a magazine shoot, it really got her focused on that side of blogging even more. I feel the exact same way! It was a really pivotal moment for me. When BHG was here, I was observing every detail of what they were doing. It just got the wheels turning even more and makes me want to focus more on that side of the blog. Oh, and if you don’t already follow Kristin and Lucy I suggest adding them to your blog roll.

You don’t need an expensive camera or a photographer grade Photoshop program to do this. Here’s a behind the blog secret…I have been getting by for 2 years here with a Panasonic Lumix! When I share that with other bloggers, they are so shocked. Which, I guess is a good thing and a lot of people have said they love my photography here on the blog. I think that this goes to show you that it isn’t the camera that makes or breaks a photo. It’s the way you use it and the styling.

But here’s the thing,  I am limited in what I can do with it. I can’t add lenses to it. Even in the manual setting, it is not a true manual mode and I can not manipulate the camera as I would like to. I have learned some ways to trick my camera, but I am so ready for more.

So, after some saving I finally got myself my “big girl camera” and I am going to start learning it. I also bought my first lens and a decent tripod, so I am eager and ready to improve my photography skills even more.

This has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now, so it feels so great to get it going!

It’s becoming an even bigger passion of mine to create those shots that speak to me (and hopefully to you) and that get the message across with a beauty that is captivating. A photo is a story to tell. It sets the mood for what you are sharing. So, that is my goal of late. To focus not just on the quality of what I am sharing with you, but to sharpen my photography more and more. I feel like each time I get behind that camera I get better and better. It is so fun and just takes what I create to another level.

Aside from being in a publication that I adore, BHG gave me a real gift that in my eyes is priceless. They gave me an experience that I would not otherwise have had. A chance to observe and learn from professionals that create and style those photographs we drool over all the time. I give a huge thank you to Greg Scheidemann and Lindsay Berger for making the whole experience a joyful event. They were amazing to work with and I enjoyed being a fly on the wall as they worked their magic!

So, I think we can all agree that blogging is AWESOME. It encourages me even more to keep on sharing what I love to create with you guys. I feel so blessed that I can do that and that you all keep coming back to see it.


I will be sharing some more Haven goodness with you soon, but thanks so much for all your messages and comments about the Better Homes and Gardens feature. It totally made my day!




I’m busy doing a whole bunch of last minute things today. I’m getting ready to fly out in the morning to attend the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

I am not going to blog the rest of the week, but will be back next Monday.

Can’t wait to see so many of you there!

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