Framed: From Halloween to Thanksgiving

Happy Thursday!

I just adore this time of year, don’t you?

We are back to the 25 Days of Fall.

Day 9

I think one of the easiest ways to add seasonal decor to your home is by using photo frames.They are easy to display year round and you can easily change images or DIY art in them.

Today I am showing you one frame and how I will take it from Halloween to Thanksgiving. The great thing about this is you don’t have to spend any money either. I just save scraps from projects and use the leftovers.


Cute, right? This is just textured scrapbook paper and I traced around a cookie cutter for the pumpkin shape.

…to Thanksgiving

Just leftovers from fall crafts. Cardstock scrapbook paper and a fabric craft leaf painted gold. An easy quick change for the transition of holidays!

Warm welcome in the entryway.

Happy Fall, Y’all!


    • thriftykristy says

      Sam is a lion, since we have that, but his choices change daily & Bman is Ironman. He is Ironman obsessed. We are not hosting this year for Thanksgiving due to the kitchen remodel, but is it wrong that I want to deck out a holiday table where we are celebrating?? Is that wrong 😉

      • Jeni Johnson says

        Ahhhh boys, they have it so easy with costumes. You are going to laugh but our Pug has a moose costume. For fun I may just flaunt him in a Halloween OOTD. 🙂 AH! the remodel, I forgot. Well hopefully it will be done by years end or else you’ll have another new years resolution to live up to. ( only if you really believe in having them ) Anyway, you should decorate your table! Whether its being used or not. Sometimes I leave out my tea setting or a pastry display with glass and plates just to feel like our table is being used for something. So NO! You do such a fab job already as it is. But Thanksgiving is a whole new look. I don’t know what I’m going to do this year…..ANYWAY- I just got done flipping through Pottery Barns latest catalog, all those decor images have me feeling green eyed! But I noticed you had the branch thing worked out which I love! I’m anticipating their Thanksgiving catalog and some more of your decor ideas. 🙂

      • thriftykristy says

        J, OMG- I love that you have a moose costume for your baby! That’s awesome. If I had a dog I would dress it up all the time. Can’t wait to see him on OOTD! You may just have inspired me to do a Thanksgiving table, maybe we’ll dine at it the day after Turkey Day for our decorating festivities. I always make a batch of tortilla soup and we spend the day starting our holiday decorating. I think you’ve done it! I’m thinking feathers are going to be involved in some capacity! I will do a Thanksgiving table and post it the week before. It’s going on the schedule! As far as the kitchen remodel…we are breaking for the holiday season once the floor is installed because we get so busy. We will not have the time to spend the weekends working on it. So, I will have to wait until 2013 to finish it. I want to see some photos of your place! I just know it has to be fabulous!! xo

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