DIY table makeover with mirror finish

Hi, Everyone! I decided to go with the metal table first. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it when I first saw it. I love mirrored furniture and wanted to give the glass a mirrored effect.

This was picked up at a thrift shop for less than $10.

Products I used for this project:

When painting furniture always remember what it is going to be placed next to. In this case, the walls of the room are darker so I wanted the piece to stand out so I opted for white. You could also use metal primer and metal paint spray. This lacquer works well on many types of indoor furniture, metal included.

Step 1: Paint it!

No priming is required when using this lacquer paint, which goes against every painting instinct I possess! It covers so well and you can recoat immediately if need be. No bubbling or cracking. It is a beautiful product!

Step 2: Mirror it!

Make sure you clean the side of the glass you are spraying or fingerprints and dust could show on the otherside. On the backside of the glass you use your Krylon Mirror Spray. Spray about 5 coats and wait a minute between coats. This will dry to a dull finish, but never fear–that is how it should look.

Let it dry for an hour at least.

3. Flip it!

Now for that mirror look!

It’s a mirror!

Remember before…

 This is not the permenant home for this table, but I wanted to show you how it could look and be styled. I love it!


  1. says

    Love it! The mirrored top is perfection for this.

    I think a table like this would also be fantastic for a little punch of color…it wouldn’t be overwhelming (for those who just want a little color), since the metal framing of the table isn’t big and bulky.
    I want one in a pale butter for my girls’ room…hmmm…or a pretty peach for my coffee porch. Lol

    • says

      I agree totally! I love a bunch of color. I was kicking around doing an electric teal or citron, but I have another piece of furniture I am going to have as a statement piece for that room. I think you will love it!

  2. says

    Love what you did to this table! The arrows remind me of The Hunger Games design trend that’s going on right now haha–so cute. Love your blog 🙂


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