DIY Storage Box

Good morning!

One thing I realized when we used our fireplace this weekend, was that I had nowhere to keep the matches. We had matchboxes in drawers throughout the house and I wanted to find a cute way to store them by the fireplace.

A quick trip to the craft store and I came up with the idea you see above.

Craft stores always have deals on these little keepsake boxes. I also raided the scrapbook paper aisle and found some trendy and fun choices. I went with the cardstock quality. The total cost for this project a whopping $5.00 and that’s only because I had to pick up some more craft glue.

I love to make covered boxes for storage because you can really change up your decor with the colors and trends of the season. I went with the zebra…had to do it!

I applied a thin layer of crafting glue with a paint brush evenly over the entire surface to prevent bubbling. I had no problems with adhesion or bubbling so it worked out great. The only tweak I would make in the future is to buy a box without the hardware and apply it afterward. Removing the hardware on this box would have damaged it, but the white edge I’m okay with so I rolled with it.

Now I have one place to keep my matches tucked away…

I think this would be super cute for storage on a nightstand or desk too.

For now it’s residing by my fireplace.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. says

    I love your choice of glitzy zebra print 🙂 I’m considering a similar project for the ‘card’ box at our wedding! I want something that will be cute on the gift table, but that I can bring home and use again.

    • thriftykristy says

      That’s a good idea! If you are doing a lot of the decor yourself I would definitely pick things you can work into your home later on 😉 Kristin

    • thriftykristy says

      Oh, I’m sure you could if you buy the right cardstock, I just decided the leave the edge. I would buy thick cardstock if you go that route. Good idea! xo Kristin


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