DIY Mercury Glass

I love mercury glass and have started collecting it. I am helping with a wedding in the next year and thought it would look very pretty at the reception for votive holders and vases. The only problem is the hefty price tag. So, I thought I’d try my hand at making my own.

For this DIY you will need:

A glass vase, dish, or candle holder. This one is a cheapo from the dollar store.

vinegar & water & a spray bottle. Mix half water and half vinegar.

Krylon Looking Glass Spray from the craft store.

Step 1:  Spray the inside with Looking Glass Spray.

Spray lightly about 5 coats, drying 1 minute between coats. This was a tight squeeze so I had some running, but it was okay because it was the inside.

Step 2:  Distress it!

Spray vinegar/water mixture lightly. It will bead. Let sit for about 20-30 secs and lightly use a paper towel and wipe and blot.

3.  Repeat! Repeat steps 1 & 2 on the outside until you acheive the desired effect.


4.  Spray light coat of Looking Glass Spray over the outside.

Let dry 1 hour before handling.

And the result…

Beautiful faux mercury glass. I placed it next to some of my real mercury glass pieces and I think it turned out pretty darn good!

I think that will work for the wedding :)


  1. says

    I have to say…I’ve seen a lot of faux mercury glass tutorials in the blogosphere, but the results from this one are head and shoulders above those that I’ve seen.

    Nice work 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Tara! That was another reason why I wanted to do it. Some of those tutorials make it more complicated than it has to be. Sometimes simple is better. I think next to real deal it doesn’t look too shabby if I do say so myself 😉

  2. says

    I will be using this for my black and white room It is accenetd in mirrored glass boxes and I would love to take my old vases and glass vessels to make a couple groupings on the black shelving. Thank You for posting. You go Girl!

    • says

      Hi, Aunt C! This was so easy and quick to do! I love things that aren’t too complicated. Black and White room, eh? I want to see that! That is what we are doing in our kitchen 🙂

  3. Jennifer says

    Do you spray with looking glass once then water/vinegar and then repeat 5x. Or spray with looking glass 5x then vinegar/water?

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Jennifer, you spray five light coats of the Looking Glass Spray. Wait a minute between coats. Then follow with your water and vinegar mixture. You don’t need to use much of that at all. Just distress to your liking. Happy Painting! xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Hayley, I would only do the outside if you are going to be using them for fresh flowers. I use mine for candles and haven’t had any issues with the paint flaking, but I do think if it was submerged it could flake off. xo Kristin

  4. Lisa B. says

    This is the first tutorial that I have seen that does both inside and outside of the bade. The result is beautiful. Much more depth.

  5. Donna says

    So if I understand this right – the water and vinegar mixture sprayed on after the 5 coats of paint makes the paint wipe or dab off?? And, do you use a paper towel to distress? Thanks

  6. Patti S. says

    Curious…why do you do it to the outside in addition to the inside. Most of what I have seen at stores has it on the inside only and I’m concerned on the paint getting scratched outside for the project I’m going to do. Did it look good on the inside with 5 coats followed by the distressing?

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      it just gives it a better more authentic look, but you can try it however you want to. No scratches, but they aren’t handled much except to put flowers in. xoxo

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Jeanne, I’m sure it would look a bit different but I honestly have never used it on anything but glass. xo

  7. Morgan says

    After trying this technique (looks pretty cool btw!) I let it dry for a few hours then when I picked it up I got some paint sticking to my fingers. Did that happen to you? Any suggestions?

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Morgan…hmmmm…that didn’t happen to me but I let it dry for a while before I touched it again.


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