DIY Bookcovers

Hi, fellow DIY’ers! I am in the middle of this office makeover and I wanted to show you a fun way to add cohesiveness to a bookcase full of old books. Remember when we were in grade school and you had to make book covers for all your textbooks with a grocery store paper bag? Well, this is the same deal…except the grown up version. We all have a bookcase full of books, lots of worn paperbacks, and all-time favorites. Sometimes that mismatched arrangement is cool, but when you want a more polished look you need to bring it all together. You can use anything your little heart desires for this project.  Scrapbook paper, wall-paper, fabric, wrapping paper, a paper bag {hee, hee}, burlap. You could also get all fancy with your home printer and print the book names on the spine if you wanted to mess around with that. I chose to go with monograms and book titles on the front because let’s face it, once I’ve read a book, I usually don’t re-read it.  There are a couple of exceptions though. If you just need a shelf filler, you could buy used books for cheap at a garage sale or thrift store and do the same thing.

**I also love this style of wrapping for gift packaging. Everyone loves a personalized touch!

Just a quick brush up in case you forgot how to make them:

Cut your paper and fold the top and bottom of the book edges first.

Then fold your edges and slide your book into the sleeve you just created. Easy-Peasy!

For the shelf and room these will be joining, I chose graphic designs in a couple of the accent colors we are using. To personalize it, you could add a monogram like I did here. I just used my Microsoft Word program to create them and printed them on the home printer. There are a lot of fancy monogram fonts out there you can download or you can pay a tiny fee and create your own design on numerous websites.

Here are some photos of a few I put together for inspiration:


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      Thanks, Kelly! You are right. This is super inexpensive, easy,and can really change the look of your decor. There are so many great papers out there now, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for reading 🙂 Kristin


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