Day 15 Fall Countdown

Day 15 Fall Countdown

Well, I’ve fallen off the countdown wagon due to the “unexpecteds”  in life, but today I’m jumping back on. Since bedrest limits what I have been able to accomplish around here, today is just a going to be a glimpse into how you can weave fall decor into your home without it looking like a craft store nightmare.

Here’s just a little of the indoor touches I’ve added to bring us into the season.

Mixing metals

Golds are so on trend in home decor right now. Metals of all kinds work well together. I am going to keep my indoor decor simple this year and go for those big pops of color outdoors. This is simple, but it does nod to autumn.

Make an Entrance

This is the first thing people see when they enter my home. Just by adding my leaf art and changing out our coats already makes it feel like fall. Plus, having the scent of the apple orchard burning doesn’t hurt either!

Bookcase Facelift

From Summer

To Fall

Just a few changes make the difference. I took away the summer enhancements (the seashells, glass candlestick, beach photography, and birds) and just filled in with some more rich color. Deep green books, art in autumnal colors, and my ticket stub art from our fall plays. The owl gets the spotlight, since he is sort of a fall mascot anyways.

Some little changes can have a huge impact!

The official start of fall is this weekend! Are you excited? I know I am!


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    You are so right, the littlest things do make a big impact. I am forever rearranging things regardless of the season. Just to spruce things up helps me feel fresh in our Villa. I have a bird very similar to the one you have that I keep upstairs on the terrace. I bought it from Ross and its grey with that glass mosaic wing. You’ve inspired me to spray paint it. THANKS! It’s also amazing how sometimes we don’t notice things the 1st time around until we see them again….

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