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The Sheepskin || Faux Real

Hello lovelies!

Today, I am sharing my new fave rug ’round these parts. I feel like I should have greeted you with “Howdy, partner!” after saying ’round these parts’…anyways…enough of the random thoughts and onto the deets.

Faux vs. Real || The Sheepskin via Bliss at Home

I love a sheepskin. I have 1,2,3,4,5, now 6 (well, 7 if you include Zoey, she kind of looks like a sheepskin) in my house. Can you ever have too much sheepskin?? The answer is always unequivocally NO. N to the O.

It works with so many styles. If you are a modern minimalist, the sheep skin adds a layer of texture and warmth so your spaces don’t play too cold. If you are a glamour girl, it adds a chic layer of comfort to your surroundings. If you are quirky and eclectic, it adds fun and brightness.

My latest sheepskin squeeze hails from Bold Rugs. This online rug store has every style of rug you can imagine! Great selection and they also offer a 14 day in-home trial, so you can’t beat that.

Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin Shag via Bliss at Home

I wanted something plush under my footsies when I am working at my desk. I selected the Safavieh Sheepskin Shag Rug. It comes in 3 sizes, even a 4 x 6 if you want a larger one– gotta love that! It is 100% sheepskin. All real baby!

It also made an appearance on the tulip chair in the styling for my Creating with the Stars knock off:

Bliss at Home - CWTS - Knockoff Overall

Now, as you can see, being the sheepskin connoisseur that I am (owning 7 sheepskins, I mean 6!! Sorry Zo-Zo!), I have seen them all– the faux and the real. I own both and I thought I’d weigh in with my experience with each.

Faux vs. Real || The Sheepskin via Bliss at Home


Just by seeing this picture…you can already see some major differences. Both are from the same maker, Safavieh, for comparison’s sake.

Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin via Bliss at Home REAL sheepskin With the real sheepskin, you are getting just that– the real deal. So, naturally, it is plusher, warmer, and thicker. It also has a creamier color than the bright white of the faux. It does shed some in the beginning with the first couple vacuums, but that is normal. They also wear better over time. They cost a little more, but I think it is worth the money if you want something that lasts.

I compared this sheepskin to the Ikea sheepskin too, since I have both on hand. The real sheepskin from Ikea has a lower price point and is a pretty good value. The Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin does appear to be made better and is thicker and plusher than the Ikea version. It costs a little more, but I really think you get what you pay for with this sheepskin. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ikea sheepskin, but I do see where my new Bold Rugs sheepskin is better quality.

I recommend frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning if you spill on it. You can also have it professionally cleaned.

FAUX sheepskin


The faux version. This is just okay to me. If you don’t have the bucks for the real deal the faux version is super inexpensive. I’d rather just save for the real myself. Now, with the faux, they have them cut to appearance of the real. I find the “sheepskin” on these to be longer. They are not as plush and I find them really hard to vacuum. A lot of times I am shaking them out and picking out debris by hand. They also have a bright white color.

Care and cleaning is the same as the real sheepskin.


So, my two cents…go real. After living with them for a while, I can tell you that is the better deal in the long run. I just love my new real sheepskin from Bold Rugs! It is by far the nicest and best quality one in the house.

Bold Rugs Safavieh Sheepskin via Bliss at Home


To see the sheepskin I featured in this post, be sure to check out Bold Rugs online. To get the latest on products and sales be sure to follow Bold Rugs on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

This is a product review for Bold Rugs. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.



My Picks for Chic Table Lamps

Today I am sharing my favorite picks for chic table lamps. I showed you my spring bedroom refresh a couple of weeks ago, and one of my favorite new additions are the pair of table lamps I added to my nightstands. I chose the Claiborne Table Lamp from Kenroy Home because of its glossy white sleek base.

Kenroy Home Claiborne Lamp || B @ H

It measures 28″ high so it is the perfect height for my nightstands.

Kenroy Home Claiborne Table Lamp || B @ H

I love the shape of the base and that it has a drum shade. It has an elegant form and the glossy finish is beautiful. The bright white also pops against my gray backdrop.

Spring Bedroom Reveal || B @ H

I added the trim to the drum shade for a little pop of color. I love these new lamps and they supply the perfect light for reading at night.

Kenroy Home Claiborne Table Lamp || B @ H

Here are my favorite picks from Kenroy Home for chic table lamps:

Chic Table Lamps


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Glover Table Lamp,  Marrakesh Table Lamp, Bollero Table LampBurl Table Lamp, Pearl Table Lamp,  Mercurio Table LampCelestial Table Lamp Ike Table Lamp

Be sure to check out Kenroy Home for all your lighting needs. They also have some pretty home decor options.

You can also get the latest news and products by following Kenroy Home on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I absolutely love our new Claiborne Table Lamps. They totally add style and elegance to our master bedroom.  I have been eyeing that Burl Table Lamp…maybe for my office. I’ve been searching for a lamp for my desk and I think that might be the one. Don’t you think it would look great on my desk?

Office B @ H

What’s your favorite chic table lamp from Kenroy Home?

I’d like to thank Kenroy Home for supplying the lamps for this product review. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Figleaves Lingerie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Figleaves.

Now, today I am sharing something of a “delicate” nature…

I have a lingerie addiction. I love fashion and pretty under things. A lot of my design inspiration comes from the fashion world.

I also like to feel pretty when I am doing a DIY project or working on the house. That’s hard to do in yoga pants and a beat up sweatshirt. It always helps to have a pretty foundation underneath it all.

I also don’t have a ton of time to go out and buy it. Have you ever tried to go to lingerie store with two little boys? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

This is where Figleaves comes in. I do a lot of online shopping for clothing and now I have my go-to online store for lingerie. This is an exciting moment!

Figleaves Lingerie

Figleaves offers over 200 different brands. There is something for everyone and they have a great selection of French lingerie, which I love!! They have lingerie for expensive tastes and have beautiful budget-friendly options.

One of my little pleasures in life is the ritual of getting dressed. After the gym and a shower, I love to put on beautiful lingerie and my favorite perfume. It just a little thing that I do for me that makes me feel ultra feminine and beautiful.


Today I tried out my new Figleaves lingerie. I ordered the Elle Macpherson Intimates Gentle Jade Lingerie Set. It fits true to size and is extremely comfortable. The balconette bra is lined and the fabric is ultra soft. The brief hits just right, not too skimpy, just the right coverage and a flattering cut.


This is just a little something I do that helps set the tone for my day. Even if I am covered in paint or working in my garage, this helps me feel feminine and lovely.

Figleaves has a special discount for you too! Just visit Figleaves and enter the code:


at checkout to receive 10% off all full-priced items and free shipping! This offer is good until May 1, 2014. See full coupon terms here.

Figleaves Lingerie

Do you have something you do everyday to make yourself feel beautiful? I’d love to hear it! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Figleaves.


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5 Budget-friendly Tips for Creating a Vintage Eclectic Space

Recently, I updated my living room for spring. My living room is a mix of used and new furniture along with a lot of DIY projects. It definitely has a Vintage Eclectic vibe going on. I certainly don’t like to scrimp on style, and sometimes I like to find new affordable pieces that I can work into this space.

The Vintage Eclectic style is for the treasure seeker, which is my bread and butter! I love to hunt my area flea markets and thrift stores for unique and good quality items that I can work into my home. I also like to mix styles. I float between ultra modern to chinoiserie to polished and refined. I like to throw in an element of fun too–something to throw people off a bit. Quirky is good in my opinion. I definitely don’t shy away from refurbishing or updating a piece of furniture either.

While browsing Sauder‘s funiture offerings I was happy to find some affordable options that I could work into my room.

Cubby Storage Cabinet

This cabinet has a faux marble top which I love and it would work great as a bar cabinet. The wood adds some comfort and warmth, but the lines are clean and modern. Very eclectic! It’s so great to work in some wood pieces into a room with painted furniture and metal tables. It adds another layer and can cozy up a space. Plus, the price is great for the quality. I think a pair of these would look great on the back wall of my room, flanking each side of my DIY abstract art. It would add some symmetry and balance to the layout of this space.

 5 tips for creating a Vintage Eclectic space of your own:

Mix old with new.

Shop flea markets and thrift stores for unique items to work into your space. Look for quality pieces and don’t be afraid to negotiate price. I have never ever paid ticket price at these venues. Dealers will come down on their prices.

Add new, affordable pieces with your older pieces. Look at scale and the lines of a piece of furniture and work in items that flow with your existing items.

DIY special details.

I love to give my decor a custom feel. Add ribbon to lamp shades. Change out hardware on an older furniture items. Paint an accent table a bold color. Paint your own art or frame old vintage book pages. Little special details make all the difference!

Add in some whimsy.

Find something fun and quirky that you love and work it in. This could be a piece of art, a sculpture or figurine. Keep things light and happy. It’s always fun to have a conversation piece when you are entertaining.

Texture, texture, texture!

Texture is your best friend to keep things cozy and warm. You can achieve this feeling by layering in sheepskin rugs, woven baskets, a shag rug, or grass-cloth wallpaper.

Mix metals.

Gone are the days when every metal light fixture and door knob have to be matchy-matchy. Mixing metals in a space creates a “collected over time” look and brings a richer quality to your space. Mix bronzed brass with silver. Chrome finishes with duller ones. Brass and copper are huge right now and can warm up any space!

Need more inspiration?

Check out the Sauder furniture on Pinterest. Are you loving the Vintage Eclectic style? If this is you–you will love this Vintage Eclectic Pinterest Board with plenty of inspiration to get you on your way to creating your own beautiful space.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder Woodworking. The opinions and text are all mine.

Spring Into Style with New Kleenex Designs

I’d like to thank Kleenex® for sponsoring this post.

Oh yes, spring is upon us! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and those noses are running! The first two sound pretty wonderful…but runny noses are no fun. Unfortunately, they are a part of spring in my household and probably yours too.

As I have been bringing spring touches to our rooms, I have also been adding Kleenex to them. Between our kids, who both suffer seasonal allergies, and my own sinus issues, I am a master nose wiper. Yes, I have awarded myself that title. I can wipe noses like nobody’s business!

My recent trip to the store for our springtime stock pile was so fun! Have you seen all the great styles of Kleenex boxes? Well, I found something for every spot in our house that works with our decor and adds more style.


Our bedroom is the numero uno place I need Kleenex. You guys are getting a little teaser today of my spring bedroom refresh, but the big reveal is not ready just yet. Don’t you just love my bedside Kleenex box?! It totally adds more spring and whimsy to my room.

Kleenex style

I need this here for myself at night and for the occasional late night kiddie nose wipe. At 3am when your little ones wake up uncomfortable and need help blowing their noses,  it’s nice not to scramble to find the Kleenex. My youngest still hasn’t mastered the nose blow, so support and instruction is needed.



Isaac Mizrahi for Kleenex

Our living room gets the Kleenex treatment too. It’s the hub of the house, and it is always handy to have some close by here.


This is my favorite box design! It is designed by Isaac Mizrahi for Kleenex. It feels better to know that I am at least super stylish while blowing my nose!

Another essential springtime must is to have Kleenex go packs. I add these to my car and my purse. They are so handy! The pattern and color selections are so great too.


I had to add another animal print Isaac Mizrahi box in my office too…


Did you guys know that Kleenex has been around for 90 years? A lot has changed with the box designs and options even from when I was a kid. In celebration of this anniversary, they are bringing you another innovative first: The Kleenex Style Studio. It’s a great, fun way to find your own favorite Kleenex design. You can also take the style quiz and read fun facts about the history of Kleenex.

Check out how fashion and Kleenex intersect with this video:

This was a sponsored post for Kleenex®. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Let’s all survive the spring time sneezes in style! Go on and find your Kleenex style!

Get Your Own Custom Candle by Glint Candles and a GIVEAWAY!!

There are two things I feel like I need in my house at all times.

Fresh flowers and scented candles.


Today I am sharing one of my new candle loves Glint Candles. This is such a great concept you guys! Do you ever love the scent of a candle but not the packaging or vice versa? I have that issue. I like my candles to add to my decor and have a scent I love at the same time.

Here’s how Glint Candles works.

• Choose your candle size

• Choose your scent

•Choose your stamp

All candles are 100% soy and handmade with essential oils or high quality soy based fragrance and have a cotton wick.

The fragrance selections are unique and sport fun names like “Quick & Dirty” or “Man of Few Words”. I love the stamp choices too. They are pretty quirky and fun!

Here’s some of my favorites:

bicycle 2






I decided to go with their limited edition Valentine’s Day candle. What can I say? I was in a lovey-dovey kind of mood. I choose the Summer Love scent made up of cherry blossom blended with apple, hydrangea, and a splash of peach.

Glint Candles Love Heart Candle

This candle smells pretty tremendous! It smells natural and not too perfume-y. I love cherry blossom and it has just the right mix of fruit and flower added in.




Now you can enter to win a custom candle from Glint Candles!! Just use the Rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also follow Glint Candles on Instagram and Pinterest.

Oh, and seriously– the couple behind Glint Candles… ADORABLE! You can read all about them here.

I’d like to thank Glint Candles for providing my candle for this review. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Just one more thing…

I’d love for you to come over to my friend Julia’s blog Cuckoo 4 Design today. I’m blog crashing for her Living Pretty with your Pets series. If you need a quick cute puppy fix– this is where you need to be!



Lust List || Favorite Finds of the Week 2/21

Happy Friday!! Today I’m sharing my favorite finds from around the web. We should title this “Spring Fling” instead of “Lust List” this week! We are under a blizzard warning until Friday morning and I am dreaming of spring! Here’s my picks to get us out of these winter blahs!

Favorite Spring Inspired Finds from Around the Web || B @ H

one || I have been thinking of colors and patterns I want to bring into my home after the snow and cold melt away. It’s almost time to pack up my sweater pillows and I love this combo of the Khwai Black Applique Pillow Pair and the Pebble Parade Coral Embroidered Pillow both from Layla Grace. two || In the spirit of spring, I love this Matthew Wilson Print that evokes a sense of the season and great spiritual meaning. three || My hands down favorite scent to smell in my home is rose. I love it for hand wash and candles. Roses are my favorite flower if you haven’t guessed. This diptyque Paris Roses Candle is pure heaven.  four || Target does it again! I love finding interesting floral prints and I adore this Room Essentials Floral Tray with Decal – Set of 2. They priced to go and I think they are going to have to be a new addition for spring this year.

This week I shared our little Valentine’s celebration recap with my favorite recipe.

Vodka Cream Pasta with Prosciutto and Basil

I also shared our new area rug from Rugs USA. You can read the whole review here.

Rugs Usa Area Rug Review || B @ H

I just received my new business cards and you can enter to win a set of your own here. Business Card Giveaway 2/20-2/28 || B @ H

…with a little sneak peek of my office…just a tiny peek…

glam desk styling in office

So make sure you enter that giveaway for new business cards! Two winners will be selected.

One last thing…

I was nominated for the Apartment Therapy Homies 2014 Awards in the Best Project & DIY Blogs category. I am a little late to the vote begging party, but if you love my blog I’d love your support! My goal was to surpass 20 votes, I know dreaming big…but without the shameless begging I was at 26! Let’s go for 30!!! It’s OK to shamelessly beg for votes when you are nominated for your blog… You can vote here.

homies 2014

This weekend we are working on the boys’ rooms again. I will hopefully have some progress to share with you soon. I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

New Rugs USA Area Rug Review

Howdy! Today I am sharing the review of our new Rugs USA area rug. I’m being a little sneaky because this rug is meant for my office, but the office isn’t ready to share yet. I brought it up to the living room and I got to say I really like it in here! It might have to stay here, I don’t know.

Rugs Usa Area Rug Review || B @ H

I selected the Rugs USA Moroccan Diamond Shag Grey Rug. I chose this rug for a few reasons. I love the look of Moroccan shag rugs. They are so plush and beautiful. I wanted something plush for my office space since it is in the basement and it is cooler down there. I also needed a rug that had gray in it. I loved that this rug had a gray option.

Moroccan Shag Rug Review Rugs USA

Another plus to this rug is that it comes in a variety of sizes. I selected the 6’7 x 9 size based on my room measurements for the office. As you can see, it also fits nicely in my living room leaving about a foot border of the hardwoods. I love using rugs to anchor and define a space.


Sam is a big fan of this new rug too. Everyone in the fam has been walking on it barefoot because it is so comfy on the footsies!


I love the larger pattern too. It is a nice way to bring in some pattern without being too over-powering.


A lot of Moroccan shag rugs are wool but this one is 100% Polypropylene. So it is ideal if you have kids and pets. Easy to clean and vacuum. Zoey has spent many hours just laying and rolling on it.


Here’s just a few more shots of it in the living room. I am really considering leaving it in here now and doing something different in office. What do you think?

Rugs USA area rug review || B @ H table-overhead view-into-LR I think I am pretty sold on the fact that I may have to look for something else for the office now. These photos are convincing me!

USA Rug Review || B @ H Rug USA review || B @ H

I would highly recommend ordering from you guys! They have a great selection and fantastic prices and sales. We are very happy with our new rug!

Plus, now until Feb. 19th thousands of rugs are 70% off plus free shipping!

This is a product review. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions expressed are 100% mine.

Lust List || Favorite Finds of the Week 1/31

Two weeks until Valentine’s Day!! Here’s my Lust List Valentine’s Day edition for this week. My favorite finds from around the web. If you feel like getting your craft on, check out my DIY Heart Arrows. I shared the full tutorial yesterday.



|| one || These Love Me Knot Stud Earrings from CWonder come in a great color palette. I love knot earrings. They are a fun way to mix up your regular studs. || two || I love Michelle Dwight Designs shop, especially the pillows! Add the XO pillow in gold to bring a little fun to your decor. Just in time for Valentine’s Day and great anytime of the year. || three || A romantic Valentine’s Day would be complete with a festive drink to share with your loved one. I love this clear wine rack from Target.         || four || You guys know I love gold prints and this new love print from Made by Girl is super cute!        || five || One thing I would love is a set of these Threshold Tufted Ottomans in pink and gold for my office makeover. They come in other colors too, but these pink ones would work so well in my space. I would totally use these in place of a coffee table.

Have a fantastic weekend friends! I will be working on some more Valentine’s Day projects to ready for our big dinner.

You can still enter to win a Home Right Steam Machine!! Enter here.


Lust List || Favorite Finds of the Week 1/24

I’ve been crushin’ so hard on some finds this week. Here’s my favorite finds from around the web and in-stores.


|| one || These Antler Melody Knobs from Anthropologie caught my eye for a furniture makeover I have up my sleeve. They come in an array of colors.  || two || I love love love these Mid-century Printed Bowls from West Elm. They would be so cute on a desk.  || three || OK, so like I really need another lamp! I am trying to justify a reason to get this awesome Nate Berkus Table Lamp and NB Lampshade with Gold Foil Lining. I saw it in person at Target and it is pur-ty!  || four || This Greek Key Handle Tray with Bamboo Stand from CWonder got me weak in the knees. So, so gorgeous…maybe I’ll splurge on that soon or a possible Valentines’ Day present?? I’m going to be dropping some not so subtle hints about this one!  || five || And, yes! I am a stationery glutton. I love the classic simplicity of this Kate Spade Monogram Card Set.  There is just something so wonderful about gold, black, and cream together. So decadent!

To my friends on the east coast, I hope you are surviving the great freeze! It’s cold here too, but it sounds like you guys are getting hit hard! Stay bundled and drink lots-o-cocoa!! That’s my advice! I’ll be doing the same except it will be tea since I am on this AI Paleo plan.

You can still enter to win a Home Right Steam Machine!! Enter here.


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