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Our Bathroom Makeover Details

We have been covered in dust and busy working on our bathroom. We had some subfloor issues that we needed to address, but now our gorgeous marble floor is down and we get to grout it today! I’ll be sharing how we fixed our floor tomorrow. Today, I thought I’d share all the juicy details on the selections I made for our gold and marble goddess.

You know I love a high-end look and this bathroom is going to be the little jewel of our home. The finishes are so beautiful and there will be some eclectic details brought in through the decor that will give it a warm feel.

Here’s what I’m working with for our bathroom makeover…


Can you picture it in your head? Until we get to work on bathroom #2, this bathroom has to function for our entire family of four and for guests when we entertain. By adding a second sink and more storage, we are making it function better for our family. The custom vanity is full of awesome and smart storage–you guys are going to love it! It’s going to change the way we get ready in the morning. The Carrara marble tile is the same marble we used on our fireplace makeover and will unite the rooms in our home. There are also some fun extras that my kids are totally into that I haven’t shared yet. Not only is this bathroom going to look amazing, but it will be fun for the littles too.

You can follow our bath remodel on Instagram and Twitter by following #BHbathmakeover.

Now, I am going to get back to it and get covered in construction dust again!

My Animal Print Runner Addiction

I’m a sucker for a bold statement in an interior. I love the wow factor in a space. One thing that I wish I had in my home is a beautiful staircase where I could showcase an animal print runner. Since we do not, that does not mean our home cannot have this moment. I have the perfect opportunity in our hallway. It is a great black and white slate that you can see from the entry way and the living room.

Animal Print Runner Inspiration I think it is inevitable that my hallway is going to be walking on the wild side. Unless we decide to add a second story on this puppy (never happening), then the hallway is the best chance I have to execute my little runner obsession. If you obsess over something for two years, it’s just something you must act on. Am I right? Doesn’t matter…right or wrong…if it’s wrong– I don’t want to be right! It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Now, let’s see some beautiful animal print runner inspo…











As you can see from the inspiration above, a neutral space is the perfect place to showcase one of these beauties. That’s how you do it right, without going into tacky territory. We’ve all seen animal print gone horribly wrong! I think the best way to approach working it into your space is to do it as a single statement…like A runner, A pair of chairs, A pair of pillows, A pair of x benches–you get the idea. It looks amazing against a white or black backdrop. Work a solid pop of color in there somewhere and it takes it to a whole other level.

I’ll share when my hallway gets some extra RAWR! It’s coming…

Rug Choices for the Bedroom

Wow! So, you guys are on it! Last week, when I asked you guys to weigh in on the pillow options for our bedroom design you were all about it! So, I thought we’d do it again, but this time with the rug options.


First off, the bedding option with the most votes was option one. It was the majority winner by over 60% out of all of you that took the time to state your favorite. Nothing else was even close. You guys really love your animal print and I dig that about you!


I am not sharing what I am going with until room reveal day, but for fun, since option one was the overall favorite, I thought we’d use that for our mock-ups today.

An area rug can definitely make or break a room design. As I shared before, the Rifle Paper Co. Peonies Paper I framed above my desk area is the jumping off point for this space.

Floral artwork above desk

Popping the option one choice in for bedding, I decided on two routes this could go.


The first option is to go BOLD. Have some strong geometric pattern to contrast the already vintage feel of the desk area. It’s a statement and the black and white ties in the bedding. It makes the space feel more modern and exciting.

bedroom-rug-option 1


An over-dyed rug has a vintage feel and plays up the romantic vibe a bit. The softer tones bring in the neutrals more and the pop of color is an unexpected twist. It keeps it fresh and not boring.


As you can see, two completely different looks are created by the area rugs.  So, basically it comes down to what you want to feel when you are in this room.

Which do you prefer? Bold and exciting or vintage and romantic? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Here are the posts so far from this series if you want sources or need to get up to speed:

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HGTV Magazine Feature



Hello! Here’s to the weekend! And… while you are out you should grab your copy of the January/February issue of HGTV Magazine. Not only is it full of great decorating advice, but you might see someone familiar staring back at you! I know you are wishing it is the Property Brothers, but you’ll have to put up with my mug instead!

I and three other design bloggers collaborated on a style challenge. Each one of us was asked to come up with a budget-friendly design styled around one piece of furniture. With a little DIY and some pretty accessories there is a lot you can do! As you know, I love a high end look for less and this was a fun project to collaborate on.


For info on how to make the stencil wall accent featured in my design visit You can get all the details on the DIY projects featured in all 4 challenges.

To all of you suffering these freezing temperatures, I sympathize with you! Northern Illinois right now is requiring a parka and Uggs during all instances where you will be outside for more than 10 seconds. Instead of freezing our heinies off, we are staying indoors this weekend to make some progress on all these home projects. We are deep in the midst of our bathroom remodel and a couple other projects around here. Stay tuned and stay warm my friends!

*Images in this post courtesy of HGTV Magazine.

Bedroom Bedding Choices

Mock it up! Mock it up! (I sing it like T Swift…Shake it off, shake it off!) How has Taylor Swift worked her way into every facet of my life in one form or another?!

Anyways! Yesterday, I shared my little desk space I added to my bedroom. Today, I wanted to show you the direction I am going with the bedding options. I have decided on black and white bedding for sure, but now I am trying to choose pillow options.

One of my blog goals this year is to let you guys in on my design process a bit more. For me, design isn’t just one day I decide on everything. It definitely is a process. I find one thing that inspires a space. That is key. I tend to always work that way. I find that one thing that I love and it starts those little design wheels in my head turning.

In this case, it is that gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. paper I framed. It is the starting point for everything. It is why I added in the kelly green chair. It is going to affect my decisions with our closet makeover too. I now have a clear vision of what I want there.

So, when I want to envision things a bit more, I do a quick mock-up so I can decide on options. Things like pillows, patterns, rugs, curtains, etc.

Here’s my options for our bed pillows. I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!


So many options…I can get really carried away when I do this. I had to stop myself at six this time because it was starting to get out of hand. All you design happy people out there understand, right?

Which one is your favorite?

Bedroom Changes with a Desk


Ehhh-lo, Gov’ner! There’s a desk in my bedroom. Sorry (not sorry), I am in an interesting mood today. Just go with it! It’s an awesome mood actually. I tend to be overly obnoxious when the awesome mood strikes. Oh! AND I watched Downton Abbey last night so my fake British accent is back. It’s not pretty.  It’s like Eliza Doolittle before she got the lessons from Professor Higgins…

…So…Yesterday, I shared my 2014 recap with some tidbits on what’s coming up for this year.

One thing happening is our home remodel is back in full force. Hip, hip, hooray! We are working on the bathroom presently and I hope to have it ready to share in a few weeks! EEK!

With our home remodel, things are constantly being moved and changed to accommodate the things that arrive in BIG BOXES and the working space needed to make some beautiful happen around here. My office space, as much as I loved it, had to go. Le sigh. We just needed the space for all the “things”. I will have a new studio and home for it this year, but until that day comes I need a little place to keep it all organized.

I have been operating with a stash-where-you-can-find-room method. Have you tried this method? It kind of blows.

So, I pulled this little writing desk out of my furniture hoard. Did you hear music? I heard it…oh, wait, it’s just the musical furniture again! This little old desk is my office space for now right next to my bed. Déjà vu, right? It is pulling double duty as a nightstand too.  The drawers are helping me out in the storage department. The center drawer fits my laptop so I can cleverly hide it when I don’t want it out. BOOM! Storage crisis averted.

Desk in Bedroom

My $10 green office chair I scored from Connecticut works with it. I like the mix. I also wanted some flower power so I framed some new artwork. Here’s a tip. Got the winter blues? Frame some flowers and plant them on a wall–instant spring garden.

Floral artwork above desk

For Christmas, I received those gorgeous art deco bookends. Swoon! I absolutely adore them! They are holding the books I am getting so much inspiration from right now. Those bamboo frames I thrifted and with a little paint and lacquer they look smokin’. I keep reusing them for things and now they are framing that gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. paper. It’s an ultra feminine look with just enough quirk and different styles and eras mixed in. It’s just me.


desk in bedroom

Since I am using the gray and white bedding in our son’s room makeover…you know what that means…my bed is going to get a whole new look…which (of course) means a few more things will be changed in this room.

bed with chandelier

Tomorrow, I am sharing some pillow options and you guys can weigh in on the look you like. I also will be sharing my favorite new office accessories too this week. Hint, hint! A lot of them are in these photos.

We’ll reconvene here tomorrow and discuss!

DIY Abstract Gift Wrap

DIY Abstract Gift Wrap


Wrapping gifts for the holidays is something I always look forward to every year. It’s a chance to do something new and special. This year, I wanted to take an artsy stab at gift wrap and made my own abstract art paper. I based it off the painting I made for my living room that you can see in my Christmas Home Tour. It is full of the colors I used throughout the year in my home and a little gold leaf too.

DIY Abstract Gift Wrap

The white craft paper is great (I like the one from Hobby Lobby because it is thicker and perfect for painting) or you can reuse old gift wrap by flipping it over to the plain white back.

My method is to start with dabbing the different colors on the paper and then taking white paint on a brush and working horizontally. I clean my brush and then paint vertically. Once it dries, I go back and add in where it needs it and press some gold leaf crumbles into the wet paint.

With the colors I chose, I love a simple black ribbon to finish the wrapping.

It makes for gift wrap as pretty as a painting! The only problem is that it is so beautiful you won’t want to unwrap it!

DIY Abstract Gift Wrap

DIY Abstract Gift Wrap


For more holiday ideas visit my HOLIDAY GALLERY.

Merry Christmas!

My Favorite Design Books

‘Tis the season for gift-giving and I am always happy to see a design book under the tree. For the design lover in your life, you really can’t go wrong giving them one as a gift OR a piece of art they’ve been eyeing for that matter! Am I right, design happy people out there? Well, art aside, today I wanted to help out and share my favorite design books and the ones I’ve been eyeing…hint, hint …if you have any last-minute gifts to grab for me. 

Favorite Design Books from B@H

All these books above I love and I have already. They all offer me something different and I love to flip through them. They also look pretty great on a coffee table, because books are decor too you know.

Left to right: Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Colors, Celerie Kemble Black & White, Domino The Book of Decorating, Kelly Wearstler Rhapsody, Will Taylor Bright Bazaar.

My Favorite Design Books from B@H

These books have been on my wish list for Christmas. I have pawed through a few of them at the bookstore. Yep, I am one of those people who goes to bookstores and sometimes just browses, OBNOXIOUS, I know! You will notice that when I say design books that also means from the world of fashion. I pull so much inspiration from fashion too, because, essentially, you are “dressing your home”. Design is design is design.

Left to right: Allegra Hicks An Eye for Design, Vogue Living Houses Gardens People, Erin Gates Elements of Style, Mary McDonald Interiors, Impact 50 Years of the Council of Fashion Designers of America

My Favorite Design Books from B@H

These are the books I want to know what’s inside! I love Chanel…hello! Black and White forever. And the rest of these I’ve seen the covers and I am oh so intrigued! They got to be good, right? Look at the covers…don’t judge a book by its cover…Well, I think they all look pretty darn good!

Left to Right by title: Artfully Modern Interiors by Richard Mishaan, Tom Ford, Chanel Set of Three, Campion Platt Made to Order, Markham Roberts Decorating the Way I See It.

Give the gift of books and make someone’s holiday! They are usually quick to ship from online stores too, so easy holiday shopping at your fingertips.

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Bedroom

Christmas Holiday Bedroom


Sometimes inspiration comes from that one thing. That’s the way it was for our Christmas bedroom this year. It all started with a secondhand find.

While out Christmas shopping over the weekend, I saw a large white hand at one of my favorite spots to find treasures. When you see a large white hand for sale you buy the large white hand!! Maybe this is just my own rule? Well, I own my weirdness.

It actually became the jumping off point for my Christmas bedroom. It inspired me to add in white ball ornaments to the fresh greenery. Those white ball ornaments are actually styrofoam balls left over from a project. They glisten like snow, so it just worked for me.

Keeping with my love of black and white spaces, I left the rest pretty simple. I threw in the teal pillow from my Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge for a pop of color. I layered in a lot of warmth and texture through the pillows, throws, and rug. The art is just some chalk scribbles and the canvas I painted.

I love the look all together and it is such a lovely holiday touch, but not in your face holiday, if you know what I mean.

That giant hand comes in handy for a back scratcher too, just FYI. Ha-ha, I make myself giggle…handy. I may have high-fived it a couple of times too. Okay, I did. At the flea market, in front of perfect strangers.

bedding | TJMaxx fur throw | teal pillow | artwork (my own) | lamp (thrift score) | disco ball (out of stock)

Merry Christmas!!

Holiday Home Tour

Welcome, welcome!! Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours is one of my favorite things in the blogosphere and I am so glad you are here today! It’s even better this week because it’s all about sharing Christmas in our homes! A very warm welcome to all of you visiting from Inspired by Charm! Isn’t Michael’s holiday decorating amazing!?!

This year for our holiday home, I wanted to add to our shiny metallics and black and white with an infusion of color. Jewel tones are the inspiration for this space and I love the pop of bright mixed in! Sit back as you take a tour of our holiday spaces…

Walking into our living room always makes me smile, especially with the bright lights of the Christmas tree peeking out around the corner.

Kristin Cadwallader's classic holiday home with a modern spin and pop of color.


Our sofa got the sheepskin treatment for the holidays. It just adds another layer of comfort and warmth. I love using ball ornaments in different places throughout our home and potted plants, like the orchid behind our sofa, is no exception. Adding ornaments to planters adds just the right amount of sparkle.

Kristin Cadwallader's classic holiday home with modern details.


Our Christmas tree I like to keep full of silver, gold, black and white. This year, I added a pop of color with the bright ribbons on the simple white present boxes. I also hand-painted some wrapping paper to mimic the my painting above the sofa.

Kristin Cadwallader's holiday home.

Kristin Cadwallader's holiday home via Bliss at Home


Coffee tables are one of my favorite things to style.  I mixed in some antlers and ornaments in a tray to create a unique arrangement. It is so pretty at night too, because it reflects all the lights in the room.

Holiday glamour in from this classic home tour.

Details from Kristin Cadwallader's holiday home tour.


We use our fireplace A LOT in the fall and winter, but when it isn’t in use,  I like to pop some presents into the firebox. It’s a fun, whimsical touch, and my kids always say, “Oh, Santa had an accident again!”

I have faux lighted pine garland on the mantel, but I mix in fresh greens of cedar and white pine. This is an easy way to fill out your garlands and it looks completely natural. You can just swap out the greenery when it starts to look not so fresh anymore.

Instead of centering the wreath over the mantel, I like the look of placing it off to one side. My DIY Ornament Wreath was so easy to make and held up great from last year.

The fur stockings add the right amount of texture to soften the whole look.

Kristin Cadwallader's modern yet traditional holiday home.

Love this mantel from Kristin Cadwallader's holiday home tour.

Fresh cedar and white pine holiday garland.

Kristin Cadwallader's modern tradtitional holiday home.


The library wall of bookshelves, I like to keep clean and simple. I add in some holiday touches like gifts, ornaments, and woodland decor. I love the look of a wreath centered on them with some gorgeous ribbon. Ribbon is definitely something I love to splurge on every year.

Holiday home tour of Kristin Cadwallader's Illinois house from Bliss at Home.

Kristin Cadwallader's holiday home tour is a mix of modern and traditional.


We can’t forget the party, right? My DIY Ornament Trees are the perfect size for the top of the bar cart. I played around with some floral arranging and made a festive bouquet in a mercury glass vase.

Preserved boxwoods can be used all year-long, but I love to use them in my holiday decor too.

Mixing in more gift boxes and ornaments gives our little bar cart the holiday treatment and a sheepskin on the bottom shelf adds another layer of winter texture.

Holiday bar cart styling | Kristin Cadwallader Bliss at Home




I hope you enjoyed our holiday touches and wish you all a very Happy Holiday!!!


Next up is Kari Anne from Thistlewood Farms and I just know she has some amazing holiday decor to share with you!

ALSO…I have my Home Depot Style Challenge on the Home Depot Apron Blog today and you can see some more of our holiday decor and entertaining ideas. It’s double the Christmas fun!!


I’d like to thank my sweet friend, Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. for having me join her amazing line-up of talented design bloggers again.

BSHT Christmas 2014 Graphic

Here is the Christmas Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour line-up for today so you don’t miss any of the amazing homes:

Monday, December 8th:

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        Number Fifty-Three
Happy Holidays!!

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