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Bathroom Phase Two Plans and the Before

Today, we are sharing our Bathroom Phase Two Plans and the before shots of our current shower situation. It’s a situation, trust me!

Bathroom Shower Plans

I am so happy with how our bathroom makeover turned out!!  We took an outdated and storage-lacking space and turned it into a glam and über-organized retreat. (You can see the full bathroom makeover reveal here if you need to catch up.)

An Illinois home full of style and surprises of color via Bliss at Home Bathroom Makeover Phase One Reveal

It is more than I had originally dreamed up for the space.  Due to budgetary constraints with an unexpectedly large plumbing bill we didn’t see coming, we had to wait on tackling our ugly shower situation. PTL for shower curtains! That’s all I got to say!  Now, we are full steam ahead again! Woohoo!

Are you ready to see the current state of our shower? It’s not pretty. It falls into the FUGLY category right above JANKY and just under TURN AWAY!!!

Let’s pull back that curtain!

Bathroom Shower Before

Pretty, right? Okay, so the only thing this shower stall has going for it is that it is clean. We have quite a few issues going on here.


Back in 1954, the year this home was built, this color was all the rage. If I wanted to do a retro bath I might toy with the idea of keeping it, but it does not work with the new design.

Bathroom Shower Before

The good news is I like to preserve and reuse what can be salvaged. I like to give a nod to the era of the home when I makeover spaces. Since this tub is good quality– it’s staying. It is cast iron, I like the lines, and it doesn’t have a nick or scratch on it which is a real testament to Kohler and how well it is made. It is getting a makeover and new enamel. Bright white will give it a whole new life.


The ceramic tile has got to go! It is very 1990’s.

Bathroom Shower Before

Not only is the tile outdated, but it stops before you reach the ceiling. Over time, the paint started peeling. We are ripping it all out. The tile, the walls. New green board will go up and we have selected a gorgeous Carrara marble hexagon tile that will go all the way up to the ceiling. HEX YES!! We are also putting in a higher quality exhaust fan that has some pretty awesome bells and whistles.


This shower stall lacks built-in storage for shampoo, soaps, etc. It’s a bit annoying to balance everything on the corners of the tub.

Bathroom Shower Before

Our new design will have a built-in soap dish and marble shelves to hold bottles.


The shower head is just gross. Rusty, old.

Bathroom Shower Before

I am so excited to install the new shower fixtures!!  Having to de-rust the shower head every week is just enough to make me lose it. Let’s just say the new fixture is gonna rock! Wink, wink!

Those are the 4 major issues going on here. I have some extras I am going to add in that are *awesome*, but the bones will blend seamlessly with the new look of the bathroom. More marble goodness to come!!!

Here’s a glimpse at the plans for this shower makeover:

Bathroom Makeover Plans Phase Two | The Shower/Tub

This will be a fun one because a lot of times we aren’t able to change the footprint of our bathrooms. By using the existing layout and tub basin, I am going to show you how you can transform your regular shower/bath combo into an attractive and spa-like oasis.

I will be unifying the shower to the rest of the bathroom using Carrara marble tile. The tub will get a facelift to match the vessel sinks. As much as I wanted to get the Purist gold shower fixtures, it wasn’t in the cards. So, I will be using a Kohler shower head that is still going to make our shower rock in more ways than one. A luxe shower curtain rod will tie into the awesome vintage lucite towel bar we installed. A couple smart DIY projects will also take this to the next level.

We are having family demo day this Friday and we will be working through the weekend to get this Phase Two transformation underway. I can’t wait to show you the progress!


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10 Tips to Give Your Bathroom High End Style | Part Two

10 tips to give your bathroom high-end style |  Part Two

Happy Friday friends! Today, we are sharing Part Two of our series 10 Tips to Give Your Bathroom High End Style. Next week, I’ll be sharing more about our bathroom DIY projects and you can expect a few more bathroom features in the weeks to come.

You can see Part One of this series here to get the first 5 tips. I expounded a bit on each tip,  so I felt it best to split this into two posts.

Part One includes:










Dorothy was my kind of lady! High-end spaces always have the unexpected. Whether it be a surprising color choice or an interesting piece of decor or art. It takes your space into another realm and can get some interesting reactions.

For our bathroom, I guess it was toilet kitty…

10 tips to give your bathroom high end style | part two

This one is so funny to me. Our cat toilet brush and holder caused quite the stir! Some people absolutely loved it and had to have it, and then others said, “Oh, gosh! I hope you didn’t buy that!” Oh, heck yes, I did! To me, toilet kitty was the most glam toilet brush and holder I had ever seen. Plus, I had a feeling some would love it and some would hate it. To me, it was sculptural and interesting…and useful. Apparently, also controversial!



I’m a collector by nature. I’ve collected all kinds of things from a young age just because I liked them. A high-end space always has great decor that seems original. This is where my love of hunting for treasures comes in. I frequent thrift shops, flea markets, and antique marts to find those older items that I love. You can source things online too, but I usually find the best things when I spend a little time out and about…and it’s really for fun…so, there’s that!

10 tips to give your bathroom high end style | part two

Our bathroom design is full of little treasures. A brass wall hook that is extremely old I got at an estate sale for $5. I cleaned it a bit, but left some of the patina as-is.  Thrifted bamboo frames, our brass and marble accent table, the Greek key bowl (a fab gift), the brass candle holder and the lucite Art Deco style towel bar all came from treasure hunts. Those vintage and antique items add uniqueness that is next to none. Every space I touch always has something from the past.



High-end bathrooms exude luxury. The best way to achieve this is to incorporate spa-like touches. Artisan soaps and grooming products, plush towels, and terry cloth robes add to the luxury. Having a soothing design as your foundation with natural materials also creates this spa-like oasis.

An Illinois home full of style and surprises of color via Bliss at Home

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home



I love art. It can be a statement that takes on a life of its own. Bathrooms are actually a great place to showcase art. Art sets a mood, can spark an emotion, and adds style. Art says what to feel in a room.

10 tips to give your bathroom high-end style | part two

Our bathroom was inspired by Chanel and I wanted to embrace that Art Deco era. I also wanted a whimsical, fun take on it. Black and white photographs were my art of choice. I framed iconic photographs from that era that had an off-beat feel. It really does make the space to me.

Bathroom styling by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

My art tip for the day:  Frame pages from books. I had a couple great books on hand that had some fab photographs, so I just used an Exacto knife and carefully took the pages I wanted to use. Coffee table books usually have at least 8×10 sized photographs.


I really don’t think you can be a designer and not over think the details. Great rooms always have great attention to detail. High-end bathrooms have a smart use of the space, no matter the size. They have thought of every use and every need. They provide smart storage and eye-catching displays of everyday things.

10 tips to give your bathroom high end style | part two

Even the way you fold a towel is designed to look good and increase space. I love to roll my larger towels. I can fit more into a cupboard and I love the look. Also, you can stack items on top of folded towels.


10 tips to give your bathroom high end style via Bliss at Home

10 Tips to Give Your Bathroom High End Style | Part One


Bathroom Before & After | Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

Bathroom Makeover Reveal | Before & After

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home

Our Kohler Tailored Vanity and Bathroom Fixtures

I wish you all a fab weekend! The weather is supposed to be lovely here so I am excited to get some yard work done and visit a few of my favorite places to hunt for treasure.




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Biz We Love | Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love | Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Today, I’m sharing the deets on our new sofa and an awesome business that is helping consumers furnish their homes one designer room at a time.


Scout & Nimble

Scout & Nimble is the brainchild of my dear friend Jesse Bodine. Jesse and I first met at the very beginning of this blog. We started our blogs around the same time and I quickly discovered how much I loved her style and laid-back nature. She is one of the first bloggers I felt a real connection with and we shared a love for raising our little boys and good design. Genuinely an all-around great girl and an amazing friend.

When Jesse shared what she was going to do with Scout & Nimble, I thought– Wow! How freaking amazing is that going to be! To see her vision come to life is so very cool.

Scout & Nimble’s mission is simple. They want everyone to have access to design. S&N is a site that features shoppable rooms carefully curated by designers and stylists. They feature only quality furniture pieces and accessories. You can purchase the designed room looks right off the site and not have to worry about hunting all the pieces down on your own. You can buy piece by piece too. It’s such a fabulous thing for designers and consumers alike! They also offer free shipping on a lot of their items– especially on a lot of their larger offerings (like sofas!), which is a huge savings!


When it came time to shop for a new sofa for our living room, I checked S&N first, since I knew they carried only the best quality items.  I knew I could find things on their site that I can’t find at my local furniture stores or other online furniture sites. Purchasing a sofa was a pretty big deal; at least it was for me. I wanted style that would transition with my ever-changing whims and comfort was key. We spend a lot of time in our living room– a lot. It needed to be comfy! I also wanted a good quality piece because I didn’t want to have to replace it again in 5 years.

I instantly gravitated toward the Murnan Sofa. Swoon! It checked off the little boxes in my design loving head. HELLO! Sofa of my dreams! It has completely transformed the look of our living room and I couldn’t be happier with the design and quality. Scout & Nimble also has white glove delivery which is so great.  It came to my door unpackaged and carefully placed by professionals.

Here’s how our new sofa has added style and transformed the entire look of our living room.

Biz We Love | Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love | Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love |  Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love | Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love | Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love | Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love |  Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

Biz We Love | Our New Sofa with Scout & Nimble

The Murnan Sofa has just been discontinued!! Le sigh. But, if you love this sofa never fear! Scout & Nimble has a very similar sofa just in called the Anderson Sofa.

Shop the Look | Bliss at Home's living room

               sofa                      banana leaf pillow        brass crane         ribbon pillow          moroccan shag


I am excited to announce that I will be joining Scout & Nimble as a room designer. I’ll keep you updated and let you know when my designer rooms are ready to shop. I am beyond excited to partner with Scout & Nimble and bring you B@H styled looks that you can bring into your home.


You can visit Scout & Nimble now to see what all the hype is about.  You’ll thank me later. Also, be sure to sign up for an account  and save 10% off your first order.

I’ll let you know when my rooms are ready for you to shop on their site. You can also browse Scout & Nimble to see their entire selection of furniture, rugs, lighting, and decor.

This sponsored post is in collaboration with Scout & Nimble. I am so thrilled to be sharing this company with you today! All opinions and photography are my own.


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A Dose of Spring Color


Let’s talk spring color today, how ’bout it?!

In honor of it being the spring edition of Blogger Styling Home Tours, I thought we could chat on ways to bring spring color into your home.

If you are coming here for the first time from The White Buffalo Styling Co. WELCOME!! (You can read more about me and this blog here.)

Oh, and hey! You’ve shown up on a good day because my fur baby, Zoey, has been practicing her ‘blue steel’ all week for this moment!

Here’s some zhushing I’ve done recently to our living room and Zoey looking fierce as ever…

An Illinois home full of color: living room designed by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home


By the way, isn’t that the best puppy blue steel, ever?! Now let’s talk spring color!

Whether it’s a little color or a lot, it says spring to me. Our living room got a new edition recently, which I will be sharing more about later this week. This, of course, had a domino effect and things got moved, switched out, and I added in some new goodies. You know how it goes. Let’s have the pictures do the talking and I’ll stop blabbing! Enjoy!


An Illinois home full of great style and color via Bliss at Home

An Illinois family home full of color and style via Bliss at Home

color play for spring via Bliss at Home

An Illinois home full of color and style via Bliss at Home. An Illinois home full of color and style via Bliss at Home. Design and styling by Kristin Cadwallader



An Illinois home full of color and style via Bliss at Home

An Illinois home full of color and style via Bliss at Home

An Illinois home full of color and style via Bliss at Home

See more of the bedroom here


Bathroom makeover and styling by Kristin Cadwallader Bliss at Home

use of subtle color

An Illinois home full of style and surprises of color via Bliss at Home

See the more of the bathroom here


An Illinois family home full of color and style via Bliss at Home

Use of loud color in decor.

An Illinois family home full of color and style via Bliss at Home

An Illinois family home full of color and style via Bliss at Home

See more of the kid bedrooms here

I love using color different ways in our home. Our living room just feels more spring-like now with some bright and bold decor added in. Thanks so much for visiting and happy spring!!

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10 Tips to Give Your Bathroom High End Style

10 tips to give your bathroom high end style  via Bliss at Home AESTHETICALLY MINDED

I am a big believer that your surroundings can enhance how you live and boost your mood.  I’ve experienced it first hand in my own home. I think every room in your home should reflect your own unique style and feel personal.  No matter what your budget, there are plenty of things you can do to accomplish this. This week, I shared the reveal of our bathroom makeover and this is a great example. Thank you for all your sweet comments on the blog and social. You sure do know how to make a girl blush!

Utilitarian spaces like bathrooms and kitchens are bred out of necessity, but often times get overlooked in the details. When you think about how often you use these spaces in your day-to-day, why not give them some personality and a dose of major style?

I am a sucker for a high-end space. The finishes, the fixtures, the decor. I like nice things, but I often search for items at thrift stores, flea markets, and online sites to score these objects for much less.

I got thinking…

A lot of the things I do to design a space come naturally to me, but then I thought…Hey! What if my readers don’t think like I do? Maybe they can benefit and apply some of these ideas into their own spaces.

So, are you game for some tips and tricks to create a cohesive look, get great storage, and some decorating ideas to really make your bathroom a jaw-dropper?! Oh, and I broke this up into a two-part series, because I guess I have a lot to say on the matter.




10 tips to give your bathroom a high end look

One of the biggest tips I tell people who want a high-end look is to get inspired by SOMETHING and to JUST BE YOU.  Don’t follow trends just for the sake of being trendy. Chose what you love and it will always be in style.

I usually start with one thing. Either a piece of decor, something I saw while out and about, or an everyday object. For our bathroom, it was the classic look of a Chanel No. 5 bottle.

10 tips to give your bathroom high end style Yes, I designed a room around the bottle. The simplicity of black and white lettering, the gold color of the perfume and wrapping, and the crystal of the bottle were the foundation for our bathroom design. This decided our base colors of black and white with touches of gold and clear accents.

Also, it is really important to keep in mind the flow of your house. I wanted this room to compliment the other spaces we have finished, so the Chanel bottle inspiration was the perfect jumping off point. I added in unifying pieces like the Carrara marble and modern gold fixtures to give it a cohesive look and flow to rest of the house. High-end style always works in natural materials. Selecting hard surfaces like natural stone, will add richness to your design. Even if you can only afford to use them sparingly.

Get your design selections down in the beginning. High-end spaces always have a solid foundation.


10 tips to give your bathroom a high end look

High-end bathrooms are unique, out of the ordinary. As it comes time to accessorize your bathroom, storage is such a big part of that. A lot of times, the beauty of storage gets overlooked; it’s an afterthought. The regular response is to purchase those plastic bins and call it a day. I look at storage needs as an opportunity to add in beautiful objects that will only enhance your space and still meet your needs. Having a collection of beautiful bowls, trays, and bins gives your space high-end appeal.

10 tips to give your bathroom a high end look

A marble canister can hold travel size toiletries and a mortar and pestle can hold Q-tips. See objects in new ways and have fun!  Use china plates to hold soap. Select unique trays to corral items on top of counters and toilets. Glass canisters in cabinets and on shelves can hold your soaps, bath salts, and sea sponges. Thrift stores and places like Ebay and Craigslist are great places to find these quality treasures and you don’t have to spend that much. I suggest pulling items from around your house first, before you go out and buy. Keep in mind to include colors that work with your design and pull plenty of various sizes. With the exception of just two items, all the above came from a house hunt.


10 tips to give your bathroom a high end look

Oh, I’m giggling. I love that movie and I love that quote! One of the easiest things you can do to achieve high-end style is add in some life. I love flowers, but you may not want to spring for new blooms every week. Potted plants are great too. Every great interior has a form of life. A touch of nature is always a good idea.

Bathroom Makeover with Gold Faucets designed by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home


10 tips to give your bathroom a high end look

Along the same lines as using beautiful objects for storage, you can add furniture into your bathroom. This will give your space a high-end, collected vibe. Often times, people purchase the main pieces like a sink vanity, toilet, and tub and call it a day. Adding a piece of furniture can offer function and style to your bathroom. Some people are really hesitant to do this if they have a small bathroom or a very humid space. Options like garden stools are great and useful in bathrooms and can take the moisture. If your space is big enough you can get away with a wooden chest or cupboard.

10 tips to give your bathroom a high end look | Bliss at Home

In our bathroom, I opted to use that little brass and marble table. It doubles as a stand to use next to the bathtub. Also, it is a beautiful accent that just adds to the collected feel of the room.



Great rooms always have meaning to the ones that live in them. A good designer always designs for the people who live in the space. Yes, in magazines they are styled to perfection and for the camera, but those spaces always have sentiment and thoughtful details that make them shine. My best tip for a high-end bathroom is to make it personal.

10 tips to give your bathroom a high end look

Adding in your initials on a monogrammed towel is always a lovely touch. In our bathroom, I also added a photograph of our own to our black and white collection. No one would know it’s us unless they had seen it before, but that shot of the shoes is from our 10 year anniversary. It makes me smile every time I see it.

I also used a marble canister that was my Grandma’s for storage in our bathroom too. Just a little heirloom touch that is extra special.


Next Friday, I will share Part Two of this series with 5 more tips to give your bathroom high-end style.

I still have plenty of things to share about our bathroom makeover, including some DIY projects and a couple more products that are making life easier around here. I’ll be mixing them into the weeks ahead. There’s a lot going on here to share besides the bathroom, so I am going to try each week to mix it up.

10 tips to give your bathroom high end style Part Two:


10 tips to give your bathroom high-end style | Part Two

If you have missed our bathroom posts you can get caught up here:

 Bathroom Before & After Reveal

Bathroom Before & After | Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

Our Kohler Tailored Vanity & Fixtures

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home

Have a fab weekend!!


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Our Kohler Tailored Vanity and Fixtures

Monday, I revealed the before and after of our bathroom makeover. If you didn’t get a chance to see the reveal, you can check it out here.

Our bathroom remodel is something I have been wanting to do ever since we purchased our home. This has been a project that has truly enhanced how we live our everyday. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kohler for this remodel. Their products are a big part of the design. This is a company and product line that I love. I attended the Kohler Blogger Conference last fall and I got to see first hand the products and experience the Kohler culture. They have great design, quality products, and a remarkable attention to detail. A real emphasis on style with function.

Today, I am thrilled to share the brilliant Kohler tailored vanity with all its smart features. I will also be talking about the gorgeous fixtures and accessories that compliment the overall design.

Kohler custom vanity | Bathroom designed by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home Featured in our design:  The Kohler Jacquard™ 60″ Vanity in Linen White

The selection process for the vanity and accessories is really simple. Here’s a breakdown of the process. 

Step 1 | Select your vanity. Choose the style, configuration, color and size.

Step 2 | Select your countertop, sinks, and faucets.

Step 3 | Select your custom storage options for inside the vanity.

Step 4 | Select your extra pieces to compliment your design. (Hardware, mirrors, sconces, and other accessories.

I cannot stop singing the praises of the Kohler Tailored Vanity. All the vanities are made with thoughtful details and quality craftsmanship. Features like dovetail drawers, soft close doors and drawers, and hardwood construction are nice touches. It is a quality piece of furniture for your bathroom.

For both consumers and designers, it is nice to have options for your vanity design. This way you can tailor your vanity to your own personal needs and wants or that of your client. The custom storage options are designed with how you live in mind. The storage selection process was so much fun for me because I love great organization!

Are you ready to walk through the selection process with me? Let’s take a look inside…

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home

Inside the left side door of our vanity, I opted for the Kohler Adjustable shelf with electrical outlets. I adore this! I can keep my hair appliances plugged in and have a total of 4 outlets. They are hidden away and out of sight. So smart, right? Two of the outlets have an on/off switch. We opted to install the shelf upside down so there would be a lip on the edge to help corral things. This shelf holds all our hair appliances and hair products.

Kohler Custom Vanity via Bliss at Home

I even had room to add in the Kohler appliance tray that can fit the roll out drawer or adjustable shelf.

Kohler Custom Vanity via Bliss at Home On this side of the vanity, I also opted to add a Kohler roll out tray. This such a nice feature to access everyday items without having to dig way in the back.

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home The center drawers are packed full of great storage solutions too! Take a look…

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home

My MOST FAVORITE option is hands down the Kohler make up storage package. That top cubby with the mirror keeps my everyday make up. It is so handy! I just pop it out in the morning to get ready. It is stackable and underneath it,  I keep my other make up that I don’t use everyday. It comes with a make up brush holder, but we are using it to hold our toothbrushes since this is a bathroom shared by the four of us right now. Each tray is made of bamboo, which is a perfect material for a bathroom.

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home

Our boys have their own drawer with a Kohler dental tray and Kohler general tray to keep all their items organized.

Kohler tailored vanity via Bliss at Home

For the bottom drawer,  I chose to add the Kohler drawer divider so I can customize it as needs change. It comes with 3 adjustable dividers.

Kohler Tailored Vanity via Bliss at Home

Inside the right door, I wanted to keep it fairly simple since we needed ample towel storage. I used the Kohler adjustable shelf to create a great space to stow our towels. Underneath, there is enough room to keep our daily grooming items, miscellaneous items, and tissue storage.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have a place to neatly store everything!

Once I had selected the vanity options, I completed the design with faucets, lighting, mirrors and hardware.

Kohler Tailored Vanity via Bliss at Home

Kohler Tailored Vanity via Bliss at Home

I went with a family friendly and heat-resistant surface with the Kohler Solid Expressions 61″ solid surface vanity top and backsplash. I paired this with a set of Kohler Conical Bell Vessel Sinks in White. To finish the look, I selected the Kohler Purist widespread sink faucet in the Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold finish. This faucet is like jewelry for our bathroom.

Kohler Purist Faucet via Bliss at Home

Lighting has always been an issue in this space. Our lighting problems are now solved with the Kohler Purist Sconce. It casts the perfect light. I decided three sconces would give great light for the size of the space based off the bulbs used and amps. By placing them on each side of the mirrors, the whole room has great light. Even after the sun goes down this room is full of light like it is daytime. They also have an LED nightlight on the bottom, which is so nice if anyone needs the bathroom late at night.

Kohler Tailored Vanity via Bliss at Home

The Kohler Jacquard mirrors also coordinate with the vanity.  I went with the same Linen White finish as the vanity. The finishing touch is the beautiful Kohler Purist Stillness cabinet knob on each door and drawer.

Kohler Tailored Vanity via Bliss at Home

There you have it. What do you think?  A ton of storage packed into a beautiful vanity. So many smart options like the electrical shelf, the roll out drawers, and specialty trays. You can handpick every detail.

Kohler Tailored Vanity via Bliss at Home

I know I’ve said it a million times, but the Kohler Vibrant Moderne Gold Finish is my favorite gold on the market right now for bath fixtures. To be able to get coordinating lighting and accessories in the same finish is so fantastic!

Bathroom designed by Kristin Cadwallader | Bliss at Home

See the full bathroom makeover here

Be sure to check out the Kohler Tailored Vanity Collection. They have a style for every taste with lots of options for fixtures, lighting, storage, and bathroom accessories.

This post is made possible in collaboration with Kohler. Kohler provided the vanity and all the coordinating products featured. Kohler is a company that I trust and I love their products. All opinions and images are 100% mine.


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The Bathroom Makeover


This is the tale of our home with only one functioning bathroom that was less than ideal for our family of four. It was out-dated, not our style at all, and lacked proper storage. With only one lonesome sink, it made the morning rush some kind of awkward dance where we were always stepping on each other’s toes. The floor was breaking off in pieces and I was constantly sweeping up broken grout and tile. Oh, and it had a wallpaper border and oozed of 1990’s oak. Yep. It was that bad. To say I could not wait to makeover this space was the ultimate understatement.

After some major wallet busting surprises behind the walls and under the floors, we finally have phase one of this remodel complete. It took weeks longer than expected, but we got it done!  For this being a pretty small space, it packs a major punch now. You guys!!!!  Are you ready to see the before and after? I am SO READY to show you!!!! Here’s my take on a black and white bathroom makeover…

Bathroom Before & After | Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

I had to pull the before from an old video, so it is not the best photo. This was a complete gut and remodel project. We ripped everything out of this space, uncovered some lurking problems, and installed all shiny and new everything. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Bathroom designed by Kristin Cadwallader | Bliss at Home

The above image is the view walking into the room. I wanted this space to blend with the design that we’ve finished so far in our home. I knew from the beginning I wanted to stick to classic black and white and work in the Carrara marble we used on our fireplace makeover.

I also wanted to add in some charm and character, so we came up with our own wall treatment with this DIY wall paneling.  I added in the bold glossy black crown molding to help define the room. It really took the room to the next level and worked in that contrast that I was going for.

Bathroom designed by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

By adding two sinks into the new design, we can now get ready in here so much easier in the morning. That Kohler vanity is packed full of amazing storage that was so needed and I can’t wait to share the deets on that!

Lighting was always an issue before. The glare of the 90’s brass and oak globe lights was awful. Now, our beautiful new Kohler Purist sconces cast the perfect amount of light for this space. They even have night lights on the bottom, which is fantastic for the littles.

Gold faucets from bathroom designed by Kristin Cadwallader | Bliss at Home

Bathroom Makeover with Gold Faucets designed by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

My trip to the Kohler Blogger Conference last year, made me fall in love with the Kohler Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold finish. The sleek style of the Kohler Purist faucet paired with the gold is absolutely divine. Design angels were trumpeting when I saw them in person.

Having two sinks was a must-have on my list. Also, I wanted to have a vessel sink moment in our home, so I opted for the Kohler Conical Bell vessel sinks. They pair perfectly with the faucets.

Bathroom makeover and styling by Kristin Cadwallader Bliss at Home

Bathroom styling | Designed by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

I had a lot of fun with the styling on this space. I knew I wanted to have moments that would showcase everyday items. I am just not a “hide everything” kind of dweller. I like some things out, and if they are useful and have pretty packaging–it’s on. This faux python tray is the perfect size for between the sinks and catches all my everyday pretties.

Bathroom via Bliss at Home When shopping for a shower curtain, Target saved the day with this black and white Threshold number. I was rubbing pennies together at the end of this makeover, so that was a welcomed find! So chic and a budget-friendly option.

Our window was also in need of some coverage since it is on the front of the house and close to our front door. It was such an odd size that a custom window shade was pretty pricey. I made my own with this DIY ribbon-bordered shade. I sewed it from a plain white curtain panel. It does the job of covering the window but allows natural light to come in.

Bathroom styling and design by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home We have a new toilet in the house and I will be sharing more on it soon. It’s touchless, soft close, and doesn’t overflow!! With having two young boys in the house, it has saved us from many an incident– if you know what I mean!  

We also have a toilet kitty. A what? What did she say? Yes, I could not leave the store without buying it. It’s a toilet brush and holder, but isn’t it lovely?!  I never thought I’d say that about a toilet brush in my life! I’m a weirdo that gets excited about chic toilet brushes.

Bathroom styling and design by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

Atop our toilet was another moment to store some pretty and useful items. I found a small acrylic tray at TJ Maxx and it is the perfect size. I mixed in some everyday items and the marble canister was my Grandma’s.

I also had a lot of fun choosing art for this space. I went the black and white whimsical route. I was at the end of my budget, so I shopped my home and framed some pages from books. Also, I printed a photo from our anniversary photo shoot. For some reason I dig that shot of our feet and it’s a personal touch that I love.

Bathroom designed by Kristin Cadwallader Bliss at Home I never miss an opportunity to monogram something, so I used the same custom monogram on our hand towels that I used on our bedroom pillows. I scored that beautiful art deco style lucite towel bar at a flea market. That was the best $8 I’ve spent in a while!  I’ll be sharing more on our decor in another post.

You can see out the door how this space ties in with the rest of our house. I love how it compliments the bamboo pagoda fixture and the black French door.

Bathroom designed by Kristin Cadwallader via Bliss at Home

This space has gone from unattractive, hard to manuever, and lacking storage to stylish and fit for our family with some über smart storage. We’ve made the most of this small space without changing the original footprint. It now feels like it fits the vibe of our home and our personal style. Doing this bathroom makeover has truly enhanced how we live in this space. It’s made our AM ritual much more bearable and I actually feel excited to primp now.

Phase One is done!!! You better believe I celebrated!  In Phase Two, we will be tackling our ever ‘lovely’ shower situation. Oh, it’s a dandy!

I’ll be sharing all the details on our bathroom makeover in the days ahead. Tomorrow, I am sharing our Kohler custom vanity and coordinating Kohler pieces. The custom storage has been a major game-changer for our family!  I can’t wait to show you what’s behind those doors and drawers. Be sure to check back tomorrow for all the details.

See Part 2 of this reveal here:  The Kohler Tailored Vanity & Fixtures

Kohler custom vanity via Bliss at Home


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Our Bathroom | The Inspiration

What a weekend! I have paint in my hair and my hands need a spa day…poor hands. Dave and I have been busy finishing up the last details on our bathroom makeover so I can start photographing it to share very, very soon!!! I am still waiting on one more thing to come in for it. Hopefully, today it will be finished and ready for pick-up.

With all the final details coming together, I wanted to take today to share what has inspired this space. I’ve been scouring the internet and Pinterest for last-minute styling ideas and some more decor inspiration.

One thing has been a constant from the very beginning of this project and that is my desire to have it be classic. I found a lot of inspiration from the Art Deco era and that is definitely what I pulled my color scheme from. I also wanted this to stand the test of time since I will not be changing it anytime soon.

From the start, I knew I wanted a black and white space with classic detailing and some modern gold bath fixtures. I also knew I wanted to incorporate the Carrara marble that we used on our fireplace into the space. I love to unify rooms in our home and hard surfaces are a great opportunity to do this. We needed some major smart storage, but moments where I could leave some everyday items out that are eye-catching too.

Here are the images I have kept going back to that have inspired some of my design and decor decisions.


Black and white bathroom

Black and white bathroom inspiration

Black and white bathroom


Left: Right:




There are things in each one of these photos that inspired a choice I made in our bathroom design and decor. Having a really solid foundation on the direction I wanted to go really made all the difference when it came time to make decisions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and flip-flop on choices or easily get swayed to go another direction. Referring to the images that I am always drawn to, really helped me stay focused and true to the original design without too much changing. Plus, this really helps you see a pattern in your likes and feel confident in your final decisions.

You can follow the sneak peeks of our bathroom remodel on Instagram, but spoiler alert! Those sneak peeks are going to be a full reveal very soon!

I’m crossing my fingers that my items will be ready for pick-up today so I can start photographing this space to share with all of you. You can also see all the bathroom images I love on my Pinterest Bathroom Board.


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Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Bedroom Makeover with bold and feminine style


Today, I am sharing the changes we have made in our bedroom. I loved our soothing bedroom, but it started to feel boring to me. When you see everyone doing what you have, it just starts to feel old and not fresh and new anymore.  There are a BAJILLION serene gray bedrooms all over the web right now. Seriously, I don’t go a day without seeing one. Although, I do love the look– it was time for something different…


For all of you who said go bold or go home, you were so onto my game! Kudos to you for knowing me so well!

A workspace and bedroom all-in-one.

This room presented many challenges since it is pretty small. This space had to function as my temporary office, so I have a desk that is pulling double duty as a nightstand too. The Rifle Paper Co. Emerald Peonies Paper I framed was the jumping off point. It was ultra feminine, so I wanted to work in some bolder pattern to contrast the floral art. Black and white are my favorite neutrals for my personal spaces. It is easy to switch out color and pattern with it as the foundation.

Framed Rifle Peonies Paper for artwork

Now let’s talk about the bed, shall we? 

Since I wanted to bring black and white in, I opted for the Crane & Canopy Linden Black Border Duvet and Shams. I had the shams monogrammed for a more custom, personal feel. The bedding is super soft and has zipper closures which I prefer over buttons or flaps.

My thrift score green office chair is one of my favorite finds to date. It inspired me to layer different shades of green into this room. We can call this room 50 shades of green. Bad over-played joke, I know. I love the way the green plays against the darker gray walls– which brings me to the pillows.

I am so in love with the accent pillows on my bed! Let’s dish on those for a sec!

The 3 green pillows are the Kelly Green 24×24 Pillows from Lacefield. They are exquisitely made and come with down inserts. Definitely quality pieces that I will love for a long time. The larger size is also great. I prefer it to the 20×20 and 18×18 sizes.

For a playful punch, I ordered a custom-sized pillow from the Etsy shop Stuck on Hue. I have my favorite go-to fabrics that I love to use and I was itching to use the Jamil Natural Fabric in my home. Stuck on Hue is such a great resource for custom pillows. They have a variety of designer fabrics that I love and you can even get the down inserts in the perfect size. Which is SO GREAT, especially if you are doing a specialty size.



Bedroom Makeover with bold and feminine details

Bedroom Makeover with feminine and bold details

The other side of the bed and a little DIY.

On my husband’s side of the bed, I wanted to do something a little different for a nightstand. He is NOTORIOUS for spilling his water-glass on the nightstand and he is not much of a coaster user.  I thought this the perfect moment to use this faux alligator fabric from Online Fabric Store. It’s vinyl and wipeable for spills. Waterproof and chic. Win-win.

I got this brass bamboo tray stand on clearance from C. Wonder (who is no longer with us, le sigh), but the tray to fit the top was out of stock. With a little DIY prowess we built a custom tray out of plywood. We upholstered the tray with the faux gator fabric and now we have a beautiful tray that fits perfectly on the stand…and did I mention it is waterproof? I love you, honey! You are my favorite water-spiller.

DIY tray table for nightstand

DIY Bamboo Tray Table with Faux White Croc

Now what’s on the floor?

Since the pattern in the artwork and pillow was small, I selected a large bold graphic pattern for the area rug. A few weeks ago, I polled you lovely readers on whether to go bold or vintage. As much as I love an over-dyed rug, I felt that the bold rug fit the design better. When I found it, I went with my gut and I am glad I did. I selected the Rugs USA Satara Diamonds Rug because the pattern was extra large and it also had the same dark gray as my walls. It adds a more modern feel to the space, but also compliments the mix of styles. Just note that the rug is 100% wool and it will shed for the first couple months, but that is normal.


Bedroom makeover with green, black, white, gold, and pops of pink.



Peonies Paper  |  Kelly Green Pillows  |  Animal Print Pillow  |  Bedding Set  |  Faux Gator  |  Diamonds Rug

What I love most about this room is it is a mix of high-end decor, flea market finds, budget-friendly accents, and some smart DIY projects. It combines my love of traditional and modern and throws in a pop of color. It’s my signature style.

That’s part of my goal with this blog–to give you the inspiration to find your own signature style. Even if you don’t have a flare for design or decorating, maybe you can see some little things to do that will change your spaces and make them personal.  Whether it is framing some beautiful paper or splurging on some quality pillows– it’s yours to discover.

I’ll be sharing more about my tried and true sources I used in this post next week. It is so great when you can find amazing product and great customer service all-in-one.


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Launch of the New Adorne Collection in NYC

I was traveling last week and I am excited to share with you what I was up to in New York City!  I had the pleasure of going to NYC for the press release party of the new Hubbardton Forge line for the Adorne Collection, a collaboration between Legrand and Hubbardton Forge.

The New Adorne Collection

The Adorne Collection

Here’s the dilemma…You design a room. You get every detail selected: the flooring, the surfaces, wall treatments, the lighting…and then you stick a 20 cent plastic wall plate on your switches and outlets. It doesn’t fit with all the nice finishes you just added to your space!

In 2012, Legrand “reinvented” the everyday light switch with the Adorne collection of distinctive switches, dimmers, outlets and wall plates. Now you can match these much overlooked must-haves with your design for a seamless look. Homeowners now have choices when it comes to selecting these details with 32 wall plate options that coordinate with the switch.

The unveiling of the new Hubbardton Forge line as part of the Adorne Collection

The Adorne collection has been very successful since its launch and that brings me to what’s new. Building off the success of this collection, Legrand has teamed up with Hubbardton Forge–the oldest commercial forge in the country that is a maker of beautiful forged metal light fixtures. Each light fixture is a piece of art. This collaboration has married the two brands with the introduction of six lustrous metal wall plates forged by fire that pair perfectly with the light fixtures.

The new Adorne collection with Hubbardton Forge

Now you have the perfect pairing between these gorgeous light fixtures and wall plates. Each one is exquisitely made right here in the USA by skilled artisans. I can’t wait to share more about this exciting new collection in the weeks to come!

On February 19th, I was 1 of 6 design bloggers invited to the press cocktail event held at Haven’s Kitchen in Chelsea. We all had a blast getting to know one another and learn more from the Legrand and Hubbardton Forge teams.

Hubbardton Blog Team

Left to Right:  Christy Davis from Donna Vining, Jeanne Chung from Cozy Stylish Chic, (yours truly) Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home, Renee Carman of Mandeville Canyon Designs, and Patricia Davis Brown of Dig This Design. Not pictured Justin Power from Maison Decor.

The night was full of great conversation, drink and food pairings, and some fun little extras too!

the new Adorne collection launch

The New Adorne Collection

I’m excited to share more with you on the new Hubbarton Forge line of the Adorne collection in the weeks ahead. It’s an exciting thing when function and design blend seamlessly to bring you great new options for your home!

You can follow my coverage of this new Hubbardton Forge Adorne collection with #HubbardtonBlogTeam and #LegrandMeetsHubbardton on social: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

I’d like to thank Legrand and Hubbardton Forge for the all-expense paid trip the NYC to cover the release of the new Hubbardton Forge line of the Adorne Collection. Also, a thank you to Sharp Communications. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions expressed are 100% mine. Photos in this post provided by Sharp Communications.

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