Creating a Meaningful Home Feature


Hi friends! So, a few website server hiccups yesterday…my apologies! It goes with the territory when you blog. Sometimes things just act up. It should be all ironed out now and I am sorry if you could not get here yesterday. Back to the blog… I wanted to share where you can find me today….

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Personalizing our Kids’ Rooms with Shutterfly

Personalizing your home with Shutterfly | Personalized wall decals and pillows

Today, we are switching gears to our kids’rooms. We’ve painted, added in some things they really wanted, and now it’s time to make those spaces really special for them. Personalizing our kids’ rooms with Shutterfly  was a lot of fun and they enjoyed selecting what we were going to add into their rooms. I really like…

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Budget Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Budget-friendly kitchen ideas that look amazing

Happy Friday!! So, it is time. Kitchen time. I’m so freaking excited for this project! It has been a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG time coming! You’d think since we’ve had all this time to save for it we’d be putting in brand new everything…(insert bellowing laughter here). Ummmm…no. We are remodeling the rest of the house too. This…

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Shop the Look | My Decor Picks from Candelabra

Shop Candelabra | Happy Habitat Adana Throw in Fuschia and Gold via Bliss at Home Click to shop

As you all know, or if you have been a reader for any amount of time here, I love to mix! High end, vintage, big box store, flea market finds…it’s definitely a finely curated surrounding I lean towards in all my spaces. Today, I am sharing my favorite decor picks from Candelabra and showing you how…

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July Month in Review

Bliss at Home : July Month in Review All the DIY, design, inspiration, shop the looks, features, and what's ahead for August.

Happy Weekend!! We are rolling into August which is our last month of summer vacation for the kids here. They have a traditional school calendar, so they don’t have to go back to school until after Labor Day. I love it! We’re even squeezing in a vacation this month which we are all super excited…

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Mid Year Office Finds

Bliss at Home: Mid year office essentials in stores now...2016 planners, file folders, notepads, and more.

Happy weekend friends! I am busy making over a closet right now that will serve as my temporary office storage in this phase in our renovation. Some big projects are gearing up here and I had to do the office shuffle once again. July is a great month to grab up some work supplies and…

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Fall Scouting with Z Gallerie

Fall Scouting: The fall collection at Z Gallerie

Oh, yes. The fall collections are starting to unveil online and in stores. It’s always my favorite time of year to find some new wares for the home and for my wardrobe. Today, I did some fall scouting with Z Gallerie and I found too many things I want to have in our home.  White…

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DIY Bamboo Dresser Makeover

Bliss at Home : DIY bamboo dresser makeover using oil-based paint and tips on how to take paint off brass hardware

(or the one where I used oil-based paint again and a crock pot) Hi Friends! Let’s start the week off with a little DIY makeover, shall we?! Summer is my favorite time to work on furniture projects around here. As mentioned last Friday, I am sharing this DIY Bamboo Dresser Makeover with you today. This…

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How to Remove Paint from Hardware with a Crock Pot

DIY tip: Remove paint from metal hardware with a crock pot. So easy, the paint just falls off leaving the beauty of the metal. No chemicals or elbow grease!

Hello friends and hello weekend! I finally cut out some time to work on some furniture yesterday. Today, I’m sharing how to remove paint from hardware with a crock pot. Months ago, I scored a vintage beauty and I have been trying to decide what direction I wanted to go with it. It’s a Thomasville…

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Fall Scouting with Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn sources for vintage items in my home

Hi friends! So, I have been a busy bee over here with a few things I’m balancing. I’ll talk about that soon, but in the meantime…I did some fall scouting for a couple of things coming up and HEEEE-LLLLO Pottery Barn! I titled this post “Fall Scouting with Pottery Barn” but really I wanted to…

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Murchison-Hume GIVEAWAY

Natural and Clean Muchison Hume Giveaway

Have you guys heard of Murchison-Hume? I am really excited to share them with you today!  I also have a great giveaway for you to enter at the end of this post. I am a big fan now and I am going to tell you why. I have two boys with allergies and sensitivities to…

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