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Featured on Eclectically Vintage Today!

Hey buddies!

Just wanted to share where I am today…

The talented Kelly of Eclectically Vintage featured our home as part of her wonderful Eclectic Home Tour series! I love that she shared our home in different stages and seasons :) Be sure to pay her a visit. Her blog is full of great inspiration and style!

This image is from her home tour and trust me, you will want to check that out!



See you over at Eclectically Vintage!

Behind the Scenes of My Better Homes and Gardens Shoot

Hey, hey! So, today instead of DIY Monday, I want to share with you some behind the scenes action of my Better Homes and Gardens photo shoot. Don’t worry, the DIY’s are a coming still! I messed with the schedule because I am over at BHG’s Style Spotters blog and I thought it would make the perfect day to dish on my shoot!


I always like reading about stuff like this and thought you might get a kick out of it too.

I had cleaned and cleaned…and cleaned…

Then, the day came for BHG to come to my house. The morning before the shoot,  BHG stylist Lindsay Berger came on over to start styling the bookcases and check things out. She was the sweetest and she came with goodies too. After helping her carry in bags and bags and boxes she settled in.

BHG photo shoot

Before BHG came over, I had emailed them shots of my bookcases and items on them. They had a very clear idea of what they wanted on them. They also had a color story and specific colors they wanted me to wear. Lindsay had sourced a few items for the shelves and also pulled some decor from BHG’s prop shop.

My friends all wanted to know if I got to keep anything from the shoot. Items that were purchased I had the option to buy. The flowers, plants, drinks, and food they brought for styling we got to keep. My boys were very excited about the two bags of Hershey’s Kisses!

I gave her a quick tour of the house. I am embarrassed to say that we had just ripped the floor out of the main bathroom to start the remodel, but she was gracious and nice about the whole thing.

My living room was completely clean and lovely that morning. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Since BHG had a vision of colors and textures they wanted used in the shot, a lot of what was on my bookcases came off. In fact, we took everything off and reworked them entirely.


I really just assisted in handing things to Lindsay or finding things when she wanted a metallic, or this color book, or something white. I was happy to be a fly on the wall and watch her work. Seeing her move a picture frame a centimeter or using objects to prop things up or add more height. I was taking styling notes in my head ;)


As she was working on the styling, BHG photographer Greg Scheidemann came on over to set up his camera and equipment.


We immediately realized that we would have to take almost all the furniture out of my living room to get the shot they needed. We moved the sofa all the way over in front of the fireplace so it was out of the way. All my chairs lived in the hallway. We had things covering my kitchen table. My rug was repositioned and coffee table was added to the shot.

Once everything was set up it was time to take some test shots and see clothing options. I stood in wearing different outfits and they sent the proofs right to the BHG team to get their feedback on changes that needed to be made. Lindsay kept adjusting and restyling things so they would look just right in the shot.


Greg had everything set up and ready to go the night before. I was like, “No kids, no dog, no Dave are allowed in this room! I love you guys but you are not allowed in here, not even to breathe!”


The next morning was PHOTO SHOOT MORNING :)

After wardrobe approval and getting my shirt clamped just right it was time to take some photos.



Greg had me laughing too much, which helped put me at ease. There were tweaks and last-minute styling changes here and there but it was a pretty quick process. Greg and Lindsay sent on over their favorite shots to the BHG team. I got to see firsthand on Greg’s computer what the photos looked like.


They tried a few different poses for some variety. What worked best was me leaning into the bookcases.

It was a great experience working with Lindsay and Greg. They are genuinely kind and fun which made the whole process all the more enjoyable. I hope our paths get to cross again one of these days. I just kept thinking to myself, “Ha! They are at work right now! That’s awesome!”

No BHG photo shoot would be complete without a selfie taken by the photographer ;)


A BIG THANK YOU to editor Kit Selzer for giving me this opportunity to be featured in my favorite magazine! Thanks again to Lindsay and Greg for a fun couple days that I will never forget. This was such a great experience to be a part of and it has inspired me even more to keep on doing what I love.

DIY Library Wall in August issue of BHG

courtesty of BHG

You can get all the details on my DIY Library Wall here.

Be sure to visit me over at BHG Style Spotters today!

Summer Picnic

It’s the weekend! Hooray!

I hope you all have some fun plans. This weekend we are taking the kids to a pretty park we found and we are going to have a picnic. Can you believe that summer is coming to its end and we haven’t done this yet?!! Well, we still have a month of summer because our kids don’t start back to school until after Labor Day. I know that a lot of you are already gearing up to send the littles back to school.

I’ll be sharing some easy and budget-friendly ideas for your next summer picnic next week.

Summer Picnic Ideas In other news… See that picture there? That was taken with my new camera!! I have been having a blast this week playing with my newfangled toy! I feel pretty comfortable with it now and I will be doing my first “official” shoot with it this weekend.

That image just says summer to me. It’s not overdone. Just simply summer. Picnic blankets and small white bowls. All you need is a scoop of ice cream and blueberries from the Farmer’s Market.

That whole image was prompted by my kids begging for ice cream. It was two in the afternoon, and I said, “Why the heck not!?!” Off to the store we went for ice cream and I snapped a couple of shots before the kids gobbled it all up!

So, happy summer and I hope you have some fun this weekend!

Friday Favorites | Blogger Style Files

Happy Friday!

I am just sharing where I am today. I’d love for you to come visit me over at Kayla’s blog A Delightful Place to Dwell. Kayla is such a sweet blog friend and I am honored that she asked me to be a part of her Friday Favorites Blogger Style Files series.

Blogger Style Files

Kayla and I go way back. In fact, she is one of the first bloggers I started reading when I began B@H. You will love her style and most of all– you will love her!

One of my favorite projects that Kayla has done is her bar cart makeover.



Happy Weekend friends! Be sure to visit us at !!

The August Issue of Better Homes and Gardens

I am just getting back into the groove here after my trip to the Haven Conference. I’ll be sharing more about that later this week, but there was a surprise awaiting me when I arrived Thursday!

One thing I feel really blessed with in this blogging journey are the great friendships that have formed because of it.

Without going into too much detail, I had travel drama and I was supposed to fly out with a couple of friends. Well, because of a major accident and interstate traffic jam, I missed my flight and had to catch the next one.

These sweet girls waited for me at the Atlanta airport! Can you believe that?!!

The Chronicles of Home | Jennifer was my roommate for Haven and we have connected through our blogs for over a year now. I joked with her that she is an awesome spooner–we shared a king bed. No, we didn’t spoon!  I had the pleasure of already getting to meet her at another blogger event and she is everything you think she would be– fun, down-to-earth, caring, and gorgeous. Some of my favorite moments from our trip are when we were up in our room getting ready for things or in our down times just chatting away. And any girl that brings you a gold and acrylic stapler is the cat’s meow in my book!

Dimples & Tangles | Jennifer is another friend that I just adore spending time with. She has a heart of gold and beautiful style. So giving, loving, and puts you right at ease. She met up with the girls at the airport and when I showed up she had the August Better Homes & Gardens laying out on the table. This was such a fun thing to see because if you turn to that back page, (you know–the one everyone turns to first ;)) there I am!

Better Homes and Garden August Issue

Finding Silver Pennies | Danielle and I got to meet last year at Haven so it was so great to get to spend more time with her. I remember when we were very new to blogging (and had no clue what we were doing), we teamed up with a few other bloggers to do a holiday link party. We’ve learned a lot since then and I have enjoyed following her. She is petite and pretty as you’d expect and such a sweet soul. I had the pleasure of talking with her on our flight home and I am so glad I got to share that time with her. I just absolutely love this girl and I am excited to visit her while I’m out east.

Once we got pass the security check point, we stopped in to see if the August issue was on newsstands yet…and it was!! Danielle kindly snapped these pics for me:


I feel like it still isn’t real. I had a BHG photographer and stylist at my house! Now, I get to be in one of my favorite magazines of all time! Somebody pinch me!!

I’ll share more about the shoot later this month, but for now I want to share what it changed for me. I just feel like doing this was a pivotal moment for me and my blog. I’ve always loved styling and photographing my projects. It is fastly becoming the thing I love the most.

At Haven, I went to Kristin (AKA- the HUNTED interior) and Lucy’s (AKA Craftberry Bush) Photography Styling class (which was my favorite session btw), and I really connected with something that Kristin shared there.  She said that when she had the photographers at her house for a magazine shoot, it really got her focused on that side of blogging even more. I feel the exact same way! It was a really pivotal moment for me. When BHG was here, I was observing every detail of what they were doing. It just got the wheels turning even more and makes me want to focus more on that side of the blog. Oh, and if you don’t already follow Kristin and Lucy I suggest adding them to your blog roll.

You don’t need an expensive camera or a photographer grade Photoshop program to do this. Here’s a behind the blog secret…I have been getting by for 2 years here with a Panasonic Lumix! When I share that with other bloggers, they are so shocked. Which, I guess is a good thing and a lot of people have said they love my photography here on the blog. I think that this goes to show you that it isn’t the camera that makes or breaks a photo. It’s the way you use it and the styling.

But here’s the thing,  I am limited in what I can do with it. I can’t add lenses to it. Even in the manual setting, it is not a true manual mode and I can not manipulate the camera as I would like to. I have learned some ways to trick my camera, but I am so ready for more.

So, after some saving I finally got myself my “big girl camera” and I am going to start learning it. I also bought my first lens and a decent tripod, so I am eager and ready to improve my photography skills even more.

This has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now, so it feels so great to get it going!

It’s becoming an even bigger passion of mine to create those shots that speak to me (and hopefully to you) and that get the message across with a beauty that is captivating. A photo is a story to tell. It sets the mood for what you are sharing. So, that is my goal of late. To focus not just on the quality of what I am sharing with you, but to sharpen my photography more and more. I feel like each time I get behind that camera I get better and better. It is so fun and just takes what I create to another level.

Aside from being in a publication that I adore, BHG gave me a real gift that in my eyes is priceless. They gave me an experience that I would not otherwise have had. A chance to observe and learn from professionals that create and style those photographs we drool over all the time. I give a huge thank you to Greg Scheidemann and Lindsay Berger for making the whole experience a joyful event. They were amazing to work with and I enjoyed being a fly on the wall as they worked their magic!

So, I think we can all agree that blogging is AWESOME. It encourages me even more to keep on sharing what I love to create with you guys. I feel so blessed that I can do that and that you all keep coming back to see it.


I will be sharing some more Haven goodness with you soon, but thanks so much for all your messages and comments about the Better Homes and Gardens feature. It totally made my day!

B@H Monthly || June

Oh, summer feels like it is here! I am loving the weather in Connecticut. It is not as humid as back home. So, when it is in the 80’s it still feels lovely out! I am really falling in love with New England!! I have been pretty spoiled here in our summer rental with a pool and gym to use whenever I want. With the 4th this Friday, I feel like this will be the most memorable one for my family. We are headed to Mystic for our Independence Day celebrations.

Today, is recap day! So, today’s post is filled with the best of our June and what’s coming up for July. Every month, I like to highlight all the projects, plans, decor and happenings around here. Thanks for joining me on all our design and DIY adventures! In the immortal words of Fergie-Ferg, let’s get it started in here!



I made these DIY Border Curtains from Ikea RITVA panels for the Summer Style Soiree.


To add some style to our summer balcony, I painted our patio chairs with a design inspired by abstract art.

DIY Painted Patio Chairs

These DIY Paint-dipped Woven Pots are fun for your summer herbs and plants.


For a memento of our time in Connecticut, I made this DIY Embossed State Art and you can too with this tutorial.

DIY embossed state art tutorial


Home is a little different these days. Our summer rental for June-August is starting to feel a bit like home. You can see our summer home tour to see where we are spending our warmer months. You can also get links to all the summer home tours there too.

home tour 2


You can still enter to win a HomeRight Heat Pro Deluxe II. This is the heat gun I used for my embossing tutorial and a must-have in our DIY arsenal!


I would also like to thank all my wonderful sponsors for our 2 Year Blog Anniversary Week of giveaways!!



Rugs USA

Crane & Canopy


Holly + Martin


I’d like to thank Delta Faucet Company for inviting me to their blogger event in Indianapolis. It was such a great time and I learned so much! You can read all about it here.

Blogger Group

I also want to take time to thank these wonderful websites and blogs that featured my work in the month of June:

She Knows

i heart organizing

Mimosa Lane


Haven! It’s just days away now! In just over a week, I will be joining many DIY/design bloggers at the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This will be my second year attending and I can’t wait to reconnect with friends and make new ones too!

Haven Conference 2013

July will also bring another link party for the Summer Style Soiree. Our muse for July is Princess Diana. I can’t wait to see what you all link up! I just decided on my project the other day.

Summer Style Soiree 2014 Invite

Tomorrow, I will be sharing some of our East Coast Adventures from our first month here.


Delta Faucet Event Recap

Today, I am sharing my trip to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the Delta Faucet Blogger Event. Who knew learning about faucets could be so fun!?!  Delta Faucet Company invites DIY and design bloggers to their headquarters to share about their products and company. It was an amazing 3 days and I think we all left wishing we could work for them!

After our flights came in, we all met up at the hotel and were welcomed with a lovely reception hosted by Delta Faucet. It was such a fun night hanging with some lovely bloggers who I am so happy I got to meet in person. We all enjoyed the wonderful food and drinks.

Delta-Blogger-Event-2 I finally got to meet Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design!! I just adore her and here we are enjoying some wine in the hotel bar before the reception began.


At the reception, I spent a lot of time with these lovely ladies from L to R: Carrie from Dream Green DIY, Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design, Jennifer from The Chronicles of Home, and Gabbi from Retro Ranch Reno  and I’m the giant on the end!

Our day started early the next morning at the Delta Faucet headquarters which is a beautiful campus by the way. They have an amazing work culture there. When we all walked in we were greeted by this:

delta blogger event

I can now mark standing ovation from a room full of people as I enter it off the list!! What an amazing welcome Delta gave us!!

Here’s the blogger group all together:

Blogger Group

Carrie – Dream Green DIY

Gabbi – Retro Ranch Reno

Kristin – Bliss at Home

Jennifer – The Chronicles of Home

Diane - In My Own Style

Stephanie – Somewhat Simple

Amy – The Idea Room

Jennifer – Tatertots and Jello

Kim – Todays Creative Blog

Courtney – French Country Cottage

Linda – It All Started With Paint

Reichel – Copy Cat Chic

Monika – The Doctor’s Closet

Erica – Moth Design

Lynne Knowlton

Lindsay – Little House Blog

Julia – Cuckoo4Design

What a great group, right?! It was so fun to hang with these ladies!!

After the standing ovation and the introductions, we headed into the Brizo room to learn about this wonderful line. If you don’t already know, Brizo is Delta Faucet’s high-end line of faucets and lavatory fixtures.The collection is beautifully designed and it has all the wonderful technologies that Delta has engineered like Touch2O® Technology. Since 2006, Brizo has partnered with fashion designer Jason Wu for collaborations.

I was instantly drawn to this Brizo beauty:


Brizo Solna Faucet in Brillance® Brushed Bronze

Here’s a glimpse at all the eye candy in the Brizo room:



After learning about Brizo, Delta had a beautiful lunch waiting for us outdoors.  We were definitely spoiled by their hospitality!


Here we from front left to front right: Julia, Me, Carrie, Jennifer, Lindsay, Reichel, Linda, and Gabbi.

After getting refueled, I was eager and ready to learn about the Delta line.


One thing that amazed me most with Delta Faucet Company is how much research goes into their work. They really are a company dedicated to making the way we live more efficient and easier. They definitely have the market on the touch faucet. Their Touch2O® Technology can distinguish between a touch to turn on and off and a grab to move the faucet. It works just like the touch screen technology on your smartphone! Good-bye infrared sensors!  Really genius!


The more I learned about Delta technology, the more I became convinced that they are leaders in innovation in their field. They have perfected the faucet with their Diamond™ Seal Technology.


We also, learned about H20kinetic Shower technology that makes the water from your shower more powerful.


Here’s Jennifer playing with the Delta showers! Ha! Love this girl!

It was time to try our hands at installing a faucet and a toilet. Gabbi and I paired up to give it a go. I have installed one faucet before, but this was way easier!

Delta-Blogger-Event-10 The toilet believe it or not, was even easier than the faucet! We had those bad boys installed in no time! We crushed it!!

I have made a deal with Dave that if he removes the toilet, I will install a new one!

The next day we got to learn more about the design and engineering process. It was so great to hear the designers talk about their inspiration. The faucets really are works of art.

I could go on forever about how great this event was and how I will be a devoted Delta patron from now on. As consumers, it is important to know the products we are buying. Not all touch faucets are created equal; I definitely understand this now. No other brand can compete with Delta’s Touch2O® Faucet. Delta also has the #1 pull-down faucet on the market.

It was such a wonderful time and I thank Delta for the invite!! I am excited to share more about Delta Faucet Company with you over the next months.

Delta Faucet Company provided an all-expense paid trip for this event. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Blog Anniversary Week Winners Announced!!

Good Morning!!

Today I am announcing all the winners of our Blog Anniversary Week Giveaways!!

It was so fun to share some of my favorite things with you and thank you for celebrating with me!!

If you see your name as a winner, I will be in touch with you soon via email!! Congrats!!



You have won your choice of a print from LUCIANA!!!



You have won a Moroccan shag rug from RugsUSA!!!



You have won a $100 gift card to Crane & Canopy!!!



You have won a Finish Max Paint Sprayer from HomeRight!!!



You have won a the Ottico 3-piece Table Set from Holly + Martin!!!

Be sure to check your email this afternoon ladies!!

I have so many fun things and projects to share with you in the weeks to come. I just arrived home late from a fantastic time at the Delta Faucet Company headquarters. I can’t wait to share more about that next week.

Be sure to join us this coming Thursday for the next Summer Style Soiree Link Up. Our muse this month is Jackie Kennedy and I can’t wait to see all your projects.

Summer Style Soiree 2014 Invite

Also, I am excited to join some really gifted bloggers for a Summer Home Tour Series. It starts next Monday and I will be sharing our summer rental on Friday!! I don’t know about you, but I never can get enough of home tours! I love seeing how we all decorate our homes for different seasons.

Summer Home Tour Series

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and to all of you Dad’s out there HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! We are heading up to Boston to enjoy some sights and the New England Aquarium with the kids.

If you are an acts of service gift giver be sure to check out this great round-up of projects you can tackle for the Dad’s in your life.


Our East Coast Apartment

Rise and Shine! The birds are chirping and the sun is up! I have a little pep in my step these days.

As some of you already know, we have moved into our summer apartment. We had the opportunity to live in Connecticut for 3 months over the summer and we jumped at the chance to be tourists.

The Upper East Coast is somewhere I have always wanted to explore. So, pinch me! Dreams coming true over here! We have 3 months of fun and weekend getaways planned all summer long. Our first order of business though– getting settled into our apartment.


As you can see I wasted no time making it cozy for us. The rug that they provided in our living room I actually love, so I am basing the room design around that. Think palm springs meets Chinoiserie chic. I just want our place to scream bright and happy summer fun!

We are in corporate housing in an upscale apartment community. I haven’t lived in an apartment since the first year of our marriage. It is a little bit of an adjustment, going from a larger house and a yard. I tell you what though, it makes me feel like we are on vacation!! It’s a little escape from the ordinary. Everyone we have met has been so nice and helpful. We have full access to a very nice pool, a gym, and a wooded area all right on the property. It is a pet-friendly community too, and our little Zoey has already made a couple new buddies.

Our apartment is on the back of our building, which I love, because our window and balcony overlook the wildlife reserve next to the property. It’ just over 1,000 square feet of living space.

apartment solara



Since it is a corporate lease, we are not allowed to paint and all of the furniture was provided so I had no hand in picking it out. But, it is pretty neutral and modern so it works. Everything is brand-spanking new too, so that is nice.

I’ll be sharing some great decor ideas for renters while we are here. I packed really light and just brought out a few things from our home to decorate with.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on.


I’ll be sharing more of our summer apartment as projects unfold. We have a balcony patio and an office area to set up still. Also, I haven’t touched the bedrooms yet.

I will also be sharing our travels around the Upper East Coast and sharing my favorite spots for dining, shopping, and activities. So B@H, is going to be a travel blog, too, these next 3 months!

So far, we are 2 for 2 on restaurants and the dining has been amazing!

Tomorrow, I will announce the first winner of our Blog Anniversary Giveaway Week! You still have time to enter all 5 giveaways with great prizes from LUCIANA, Rugs USA, Crane & Canopy, HomeRight, and Holly + Martin.

See and enter all 5 giveaways HERE.

It’s the last day for the LUCIANA print giveaway and I will announce the winner tomorrow!!

I will be traveling tomorrow for a blogger event and will share a bit more on that later too.

Happy Monday!!

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