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Spring Trends in my Living Room and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

HOORAY!! My calendar says it’s officially spring! It was a long time coming in the Midwest with the polar vortex and the LONGEST winter I can remember! Today, I am sharing my take on spring trends to bring into your home. You will also have a chance to win $150 to shop West Elm or Target courtesy of!!! Spring Giveaway $150 to shop West Elm or Target

I shared my spring refresh of my bedroom last week. This week I am sharing how I am bringing spring into my living room. Just painting the walls freshened up this space, but now I am craving color! I shared my color inspiration for this room a few weeks ago and I started to get to work on adding it in.

First, I made this DIY Mondrian Inspired Art and today I am sharing some of my tips to add spring color into your living room. It all began with pale pink roses I placed on my coffee table. Black, white, and gold have been trending big time for the past couple years and they aren’t going away anytime soon. I love that mix and it is all over my house. I’ve mixed it in with my silver and it makes for a nice collected interior.

DIY art on fireplace and pink roses

There has been a reemergence of pastels lately. Everything from blush pink walls to greens and blues. I have chosen a spring palette that still keeps black, white, and gold central, but also brings in different shades of pink from light to bright. Done right, this can be a very chic update.

The first thing I did for spring, was pack up those sweater pillows on my sofa and shop for black and white pillows. I found some on that I loved, so I went to and searched their Amazon Coupon Codes to add to my savings. I’ve gotten in the habit of checking for coupon codes before I make my online purchases and it has saved me a lot of money!

Living Room Spring Trends || B @ H


The pillows I found on and are from NECTARmodern. They are made so well and are all 20 x 20 and came with the down inserts at a great price for the quality. The Applique Ribbon Embroidered Throw Pillow in Black is made of linen and the ribbon is embroidered on. It has a zipper closure. The two Greek Key White/Black Embroidered Pillows have the same details.


Spring Trends || B @ H

I had a little spending cash leftover, so I also purchased something that I have been eyeing for a while– the Jonathan Adler Zebra Dish– which I also found on It brings in more gold to my coffee table.

Spring Trends || B @ H

Another way to add pops of my go-to colors for spring is to have flowers. Nothing says spring more than a vase of beautiful blooms.

Spring Trends || B @ H

I also love to find coffee table books that interest me with colorful bindings. I have been wanting an Audrey Hepburn book for a while and was happy to find one on clearance with a pink spine! Books are an easy object to use in decor. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend I love to check out thrift stores. Some of my favorite books have come from them.They are a great way to incorporate color into you decor.

Spring Trends || B @ H

One of my favorite ways to add in color is through art on my walls. I had this large-scale zebra art I DIY’ed but I wasn’t feeling it any more. It was ready for a makeover. I painted right over the fabric with white paint and created a blank canvas to paint on. I wanted abstract art with black + white and pops of pink and gray. I also added in some gold paint. Making a DIY painting is so relaxing to me. I didn’t have a plan for this one, I wanted it to take shape as I was painting it.

DIY Abstract Art || B @ H

DIY Art || Spring Trends B @ H

Spring Living Room || B @ H

Are you ready to ENTER TO WIN an e-gift card to shop for spring items for your home?!? You can enter to win a $150 e-gift card to shop at your choice of West Elm or Target courtesy of!!!

Enter using the Rafflecopter below and make sure to comment on the blog and like them on Facebook and say you did so on the entries below. You can get up to 15 extra entries by following the participating Design and DIY bloggers on Instagram too!! Just follow the Rafflecopter entries below.

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Spring Givaway and Spring Trends 2014

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I was compensated for this post with an Amazon e-gift card to shop for items for my home courtesy of As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100mine.

One last thing…

Creating with the Stars Contestant

Blog world has been all a buzz with the announcement of the Creating with the Stars contestants!! I was lucky enough to be chosen as 1 of the 12 contestants!!! Excitement is not a big enough word. You can read it here.


Today, voting has begun on our WEEK 1 project: KNOCK OFF !!! I can’t tell you which project is mine since it is anonymous, but hop on over to the East Coast Creative blog and vote for your favorite!!

It’s going to be SO GOOD! I am busting at the seams to share what project is mine, but I can’t yet! The projects last year were beyond amazing and this year won’t disappoint! YOU CAN ONLY VOTE TODAY AND TUESDAY and then Wednesday they will share the WEEK 1 results!!! Hop on over and cast your vote!



Spring Bedroom Refresh in 3…2…1

Happy Friday!! I have been working on my spring bedroom refresh this week and I am excited to share it with you guys! I just finished it up today. Next week I will be sharing our reveal, our new additions, and our DIY projects


Monday, I will share the reveal and then I will be breaking down the details all week long. This room was in need of some color after the LONGEST WINTER OF ALL TIME!! I know a lot of you share those same feelings.

Just a reminder…

You can still enter to win a custom candle from Glint Candles. You pick the scent and the stamp on the jar. So unique! Get all the details and enter the Glint Candles Giveaway HERE.

glint-giveaway We have more projects to work on for the boys and a giant pallet of tile to go through and organize for our bathroom remodel. Do you guys have home project plans this weekend too?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!! See you on Monday!


Get Your Own Custom Candle by Glint Candles and a GIVEAWAY!!

There are two things I feel like I need in my house at all times.

Fresh flowers and scented candles.


Today I am sharing one of my new candle loves Glint Candles. This is such a great concept you guys! Do you ever love the scent of a candle but not the packaging or vice versa? I have that issue. I like my candles to add to my decor and have a scent I love at the same time.

Here’s how Glint Candles works.

• Choose your candle size

• Choose your scent

•Choose your stamp

All candles are 100% soy and handmade with essential oils or high quality soy based fragrance and have a cotton wick.

The fragrance selections are unique and sport fun names like “Quick & Dirty” or “Man of Few Words”. I love the stamp choices too. They are pretty quirky and fun!

Here’s some of my favorites:

bicycle 2






I decided to go with their limited edition Valentine’s Day candle. What can I say? I was in a lovey-dovey kind of mood. I choose the Summer Love scent made up of cherry blossom blended with apple, hydrangea, and a splash of peach.

Glint Candles Love Heart Candle

This candle smells pretty tremendous! It smells natural and not too perfume-y. I love cherry blossom and it has just the right mix of fruit and flower added in.




Now you can enter to win a custom candle from Glint Candles!! Just use the Rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also follow Glint Candles on Instagram and Pinterest.

Oh, and seriously– the couple behind Glint Candles… ADORABLE! You can read all about them here.

I’d like to thank Glint Candles for providing my candle for this review. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Just one more thing…

I’d love for you to come over to my friend Julia’s blog Cuckoo 4 Design today. I’m blog crashing for her Living Pretty with your Pets series. If you need a quick cute puppy fix– this is where you need to be!



HomeRight PaintSticks and a GIVEAWAY!!

I’d like to thank HomeRight for sponsoring this post.

I got my painting on this weekend. We worked more on the boys’ bedrooms. Let me tell you something! This was the quickest and easiest paint job ever! What made it that way are my HomeRight PaintSticks.

You will also have a chance to enter to win your own HomeRight EZ-Twist and get details on how to enter The HomeRight EZ-Twist Challenge.

HomeRight PaintStick Review & Giveaway

I saved sooooo much time! For example, this wall in my son’s bedroom only took me 2 minutes to paint! Are you curious?


Here’s the scoop! The HomeRight PaintStick is designed with saving time and eliminating mess in mind.  As you can see, I didn’t even put a drop cloth down. I didn’t need to.

Here’s how it works. Your PaintStick comes with a fill tube. You place the fill tube directly in your paint can and it clips to the side.

HomeRight PaintSticks Review

Then, you place your PaintStick on the fill tube and pull the handle back and it feeds paint into your PaintStick.



As you roll your paint on your walls you just press the bottom of the paint tube when you need to add more paint. It goes on even and smooth and the roller is lint free.

HomeRight PaintStick Review

So easy! I love this so much because you aren’t making a mess using paint trays and dripping rollers. You also are not wasting any paint, because what you don’t use in your PaintStick you can just add back into your paint can. Such a great product!


I saved so much time painting the walls that I was even able to paint the ceilings and all the trim!

The HomeRight PaintStick comes in 3 options. The HomeRight PaintStick is great for walls and ceilings. The HomeRight PaintStick Mini is perfect for smaller jobs or tighter areas. The Homeright PaintStick EZ-Twist  is the latest and greatest. It also comes with a paint can cover.


The makeovers on the boys’ rooms are coming along. I don’t want to give away too much yet, but I have one little boy who is very happy and loving his new desk we surprised him with last night.



We got a few things off the list so far for this makeover:

Paint walls, ceiling, and trim

New area rug

New light fixture

New Desk

Build storage & shelving

Window treatments

Nightstand makeover

Now you have a chance to win a HomeRight EZ-Twist PaintStick! Just use the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Being a HomeRight Brand Ambassador, I get to share the HomeRight products I love with you guys and today I get to share an exciting contest too! Now that you know all about how great the HomeRight PaintSticks are– HomeRight wants to see your projects!

All you have to do to enter the contest is make a short video showing how you used your HomeRight PaintStick and feature your project.

The PaintStick EZ-Twist Challenge runs from today, March 3rd-May 30th.

And the prizes are good!

1st Place iPad Air 64 G WiFi version (valued at $699)

2nd Place $200 Cash

3rd Place $100 Cash


For your videos: PaintSticks, EZ-Twist, and Minis are available at Amazon, or Lowe’s.

You can get all the details, the entry form, and official rules here:

For more PaintStick inspiration check out the HomeRight Brand Ambassadors:

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This is a sponsored post. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Painting!!

Why I Love My HomeRight SteamMachine Plus and a GIVEAWAY!!

I’d like to thank HomeRight for sponsoring this post. 


Howdy! Today, I am talking about love. The kind of love that comes from a husband…and a steam mop. 

I am sharing my favorite new HomeRight product, the HomeRight SteamMachine Plus.  You will also have a chance to win one of your own at the end of this post!

HomeRight Steam Machine Plus Giveaway

The SteamMachine Plus Multi-purpose Steam Mop is an ideal tool to use on floors! It is a natural, safe, chemical-free way to clean. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, and staph. The handle also folds down for easy storage and the steamer is handheld too. It comes with an array attachments to get the job done. It isn’t just for floors though, it has so many other features.

C800949 SteamMachine Plus web_0

X800949 Steam Mop wAccessories2

Before, we get into all that…let’s talk love.

Love is a man who will change out of his pajamas on a relaxing Saturday morning to stand on the front steps of your home in broad daylight with the front door wide open to take pictures of his wife mopping the floor and might I add — doesn’t even think twice about it –so you can get this shot:

Homeright Steam Mop 2

Love is also realizing that a steam mop can get your floor even cleaner from the day before when you mopped it with a regular mop and cleaner…


This was just after mopping one pass! At first, I was a little upset. Not at the steam mop…(pssst! I love you steam mop!!) more at the fact that I just mopped this floor the day before.

So, I had to ponder:

a) I am not as great as a housekeeper as I have always thought.

b) That my kids are just really that dirty and track in that much grossness in a day’s time


c) That this HomeRight SteamMachine Plus ROCKS.

i totally think it’s C. Let’s talk this out.

My entry way is used a couple of times a day. We have a jute rug that covers the floor and catches all the stuff that the kids and Zoey, our puppy, bring in.

entry-way rug

So, to give this steam mop the true test of clean, I used it on this floor that I just mopped the day before…just to see…I wasn’t even going to blog it…I was going to use it on my bathroom floor that I knew was ready for a clean.

Ummmm…yeah….mind blown!

So, here’s the bonus. You are just using steam. No chemicals or cleaners. It sanitizes and cleans. I am becoming a quick believer that steam is the only clean.

The HomeRight SteamMachine Plus is really easy to use.


one–detach and fill the water tank

two–attach the water tank, plug it in, and turn it on

three–wait 25 seconds or less for the blue light to turn on…that means it’s ready


Another feature I really love about this steam mop is that the mop attachment is angled and it swivels so you can fit in corners and along walls easily.


I was pretty amazed at how much grossness came off the floor. Once you are done, you can just pop the mop pad in the wash for future uses. It also comes with another mop pad so you are ready to go!

You can take the steam machine out and use it as a handheld steam cleaner too. It can clean all kinds of things. Grout, hard to reach areas, countertops, tile, glass, ovens, carpet– you can even steam garments and fabric. I steamed my curtains because I had wrinkles that were bothering me! Worked like a charm!


I used the smaller brush attachment to see if I could get a stain off the floor that we have not been able to get off with any cleaner. We inherited the stain with the house and we have no idea what it is. I wish it could talk and I could ask it, “What are you and where did you come from.”


floor b and a

Guess what? It worked! I was so happy!!

HomeRight never ceases to amaze me! I love this company and all their ingenius products!!

Now it’s your turn to enter to win a HomeRight SteamMachine Plus! Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. You can get up to 5 entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Interested in more HomeRight products? I love them! Check out my post about the HomeRight Steam Machine and the HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer.

Also, Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane is also giving away a HomeRight SteamMachine Plus on her blog too. Stop over for another chance to win!!

This is a sponsored post for HomeRight. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

My New Business Cards and a GIVEAWAY!!

Howdy! Today, I am sharing my new business cards. The fab people at are also giving away business cards to two lucky winners!! You can enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

I was so delighted when contacted me to review some of their business cards. With the blog redesign, I wanted cards that had my new logo and had a sleeker look. I decided to design my own cards so that they would reflect my brand. It was so easy to use their website. I uploaded my design and they even had an option to add a QR code to my cards. Love that!  card-case-storage I also went with a front and back design.

Once I placed my order, my cards were shipped out within a couple of days. I received 50 Classic Business Cards and they came in a nice card case too! That was a bonus. The case is great for holding all my cards and I can take it with me when I’m out and about. There is also a spot to keep cards from other businesses. It fits nicely in my desk drawer too.


They had a lot of selections online if you don’t want to design your own cards. You can also use their templates and add in your own images and logos. The QR code option is great, especially for bloggers and website owners. So handy for blogging conferences!


I love my new business cards! You guys are getting a very tiny sneak peek of my office space today. I love to keep some business cards in a bowl on top of my desk for mailings.

business-cards-in bowl

The front of my cards have all my contact and blog info. On the backs, I decided to add a little saying to them that fits my style.


The Classic Business Cards are a really nice weight too. They also feel nice and smooth to the touch and are thicker than the business cards I have ordered in the past. desk-top-styling

Now it’s your turn!! Enter to win a set of 50 Classic Business Cards from Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. You can get up to 5 entries. 2 winners will be selected and contacted by email when the giveaway ends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’d like to thank the folks at for offering such a great giveaway! Good luck you guys!!

This is a product review. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Home Right Steam Machine and a GIVEAWAY!!

This is a sponsored post and review for Home Right. All opinions are 100%mine.

Today I am sharing my review of the Home Right Steam Machine and a Giveaway!! You will have a chance to win your very own Home Right Steam Machine too!!


I just used it to remove wallpaper in my very ugly, very oak-y, very out-dated bathroom that we are remodeling. It worked like a dream. Definitely the easiest time I’ve had removing wallpaper EVER!

Before I get into all that, I wanted to share everything the Home Right Steam Machine can do. It can clean bathroom shower doors, fireplace doors, and windows. It can sanitize bathroom and kitchen fixtures in hard to reach places. It can remove grease and grime from grills and ovens. It can clean marble, granite, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, and stained concrete. It can remove wallpaper. You can even steam certain fabrics. Are you blown away yet!?!

SteamMachine included in box (1)


I love products that make my life easier! Don’t you? Plus, this is a chemical-free way to clean. It sanitizes and kills 99% of all germs and bacteria.

I used my Home Right Steam Machine to remove the wallpaper in my bathroom this past weekend.

120405_SteamMachine 1934 1


To remove wallpaper, you use the steam plate attachment as seen in the photo above.

After you attach your steam plate, you are going to add your water into your steam machine with the funnel and measuring cup that is provided. There is a chart in your instructions that tells you how much water to add for how much time.

fill-water Here’s the ugly wallpaper border I am removing in our bathroom. To tell you the truth, I was not excited about removing this. I have removed wallpaper before and it was a lot of elbow grease and hard work. Just wait you guys! This was beyond easy!!

old-wallpaper Once the orange light is off you are ready to roll. You just place the steam plate on your paper and hold the handle down. Then you press the trigger and steam for 20-30 secs. I kept a putty knife at my side and just removed the paper after I steamed each section. It came off like butter!!! I kid you not!! I was amazed.

removing-wallpaper This is the hands down easiest way to remove wallpaper!!! I have a whole wall of paper to remove in our basement hallway and I am not dreading it now!

steam wallpaper I got this done so fast! I love that I am not damaging my walls and II didn’t have to buy any wallpaper remover and deal with the smell and harsh chemicals.


Enter to win a Home Right Steam Machine by following the instructions below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Giveaway open to entrants residing in the United States only. 

Check out all the great products on the Home Right website:

If you want to see the Home Right Steam Machine in action check out my Home Right Steam Machine Removes Wallpaper video on YouTube.

This is a sponsored post and review for Home Right. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

Mohawk Rug Giveaway Winner Announced!!



Good Morning!! Today I am announcing the winner of the Mohawk Rug Giveaway!! We just love our new Mohawk rug that we added to our son’s room! You can see our full review here: Our New Mohawk Rug and a GIVEAWAY!!




a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Erin! I will be getting in touch with you soon via email so you can pick out your own Mohawk rug!

Our New Mohawk Rug and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

I’d like to thank Mohawk for sponsoring this post and giveaway. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100mine.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I missed you guys!!

Today, I am happy to be back after my little break to share some plans with you and offer you a chance to win a new area rug courtesy of Mohawk Flooring!


There’s been a lot of planning going on around here with the arrival of 2014. Our house is a fixer-upper and there are plenty of rooms and areas we have yet to tackle. As our family grows and changes, our home is doing the same. Dave and I have been discussing the immediate needs and are laying out the things we would like to work on in 2014. We will be sharing all of that this week, but for today we are focusing on our boys.



The Problem.  Being a mom is one of the greatest blessings and joys of my life. Early on, Dave and I wanted our boys to share a room for a while. Once our little guy, Sam , was out of his crib we had fun creating a room for him to share with his big brother. Things change though. As great as it has been to see them bond and hear their late night talks, we were having some issues. WE MAKE GIANT CHILDREN. A twin bed wasn’t cutting it for our teenage sized 10-year-old. This prompted us to give them separate rooms ahead of schedule. We were a little heart-broken at first, but change usually works out to be a good thing.

The Plan.  I had separate “consultations” with both boys regarding their new room designs. It was the cutest thing ever. I had them each go through some room images that I selected to see what they were drawn to. I first met with Bman, our oldest. He loves science, building things, travel and art. It was no surprise to me that he loved spaces with bold geometric rugs, orange, and space-age touches. Next, I had him list all the things he wanted to see in his room. He is requesting more storage, a large workspace, and extra seating. We are going to work in some existing things, but there will be a lot of painting, building, and a few surprises ahead.

Our jumping off point for his room is this Stylin Ogee Rug in Paprika from Mohawk. We measured his room and the 96×120 size works perfectly.

mohawk ogee Stylin Ogee Rug by Mohawk Flooring

It has the geo pattern that Bman loves and the colors are perfect for his taste. It also comes in a larger size and fits his room perfectly. It is the first thing we have placed in his room and he loves it! The mom in me loves that it is really well-made and easy to clean, because as we all know, boys are messy!





This rug is super soft and plush. The boys love playing on it!



There are quite a few changes ahead for this room. Some things that will remain are the dresser nightstand (it will just get a makeover), some of the bedding including the organic orange blanket and duvet, and the DIY Map Art we made.


The Design. It all began with the right rug.  Here’s some of the selections that we have decided on:



I love the design plans we have for him. I am so excited to makeover each room and I am thinking about doing a big reveal so it is a surprise to them. Not sure if that will work with our schedule, but I’d love to do it that way. We are gearing up to finish his room makeover soon. Next, I will paint and then we will move to lighting and our building projects.

Now it’s your turn to enter to win your own new 5×8 Mohawk area rug valued at $150 or under of your choice! 

Check out all the different styles of Mohawk area rugs at Just follow the instructions to enter the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also get decor inspiration and more news from Mohawk Flooring by following on Pinterest, Google+, and Houzz.

I love supporting and sharing Made In USA. You can see the Mohawk Home Still Made in the USA video for all the details.

Things I Adore >>> White Faux Taxidermy + a GIVEAWAY!!!

Today, I am sharing one of the things I adore and have a great giveaway for you!!  The new addition to our bedroom for fall is the MINI Templeton from White Faux Taxidermy.


Have you heard of White Faux Taxidermy??? I bet you have! I’m slightly obsessed. That might be an understatement.

You all know how I love to add in some nature inspired accents to my decor… Well, White Faux Taxidermy or WFT has the best selection of faux animal decor. You guys will love it!!

I was feeling a little cabin inspired for our fall bedroom update and this MINI Templeton is the perfect addition. It’s woodland yet modern and looks great against our dark gray wall. Don’t you just love him!?! We named him Denver and added a little plaid scarf for fun.



The MINI Templeton is cast out of a polyresin material so he is pretty lightweight. He is a must-have for fall and would make a great holiday gift for the home decor fanatic in the family.


We think Denver looks pretty darn good! The kids love him too and want one in their room now. Sam insisted on joining our shoot to get a close-up with Denver. Photo bombed by the 4-year-old again…



Now it’s your turn! Enter now for your chance to win your very own MINI Templeton courtesy of WFT!! Complete the 2 entries below and you are in the running. For 10 more entries complete the 1 bonus entry and you are ahead of the crowd!!



Your very own MINI Templeton courtesy of White Faux Taxidermy!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Sorry, the giveaway is only open to US residents who currently live in the contiguous United States.

Good Luck!!! I will announce the lucky winner on the blog and contact them via email when the giveaway has ended. Check out all the great White Faux Taxidermy collections and find your favorites. Visit White Faux Taxidermy.

Thiis a sponsored post and giveaway for White Faux Taxidermy. As always, I only share things I love and all opinions are 100% mine.

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