DIY Acorn Magnets

Happy Hump Day Buds!

So, as promised my DIY Monday project got moved to today. It’s a fun one!

In less than two weeks, I will back in my Illinois home. We will be in the full swing of school and everything that comes with it. The school papers and artwork will start to make their way onto our fridge. For a little fall touch I made these DIY Acorn Magnets to welcome the soon-coming September.

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist on fall!

For a little twist, I decided to make the acorns neon. I love a modern take on fall. And, if you think about it, these brights are everywhere in autumn. From the neon yellow and orange leaves that fill the trees, to the saturated green grass. The neon pinks make an appearance in an autumn sunset. So, if you look for it– these colors are everywhere in the fall.

This project only takes a couple of hours. Really, just because you are waiting for the paint to dry. Don’t watch that paint dry. That’s boring. Go do something awesome while it dries!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | fun modern twist for fall!

This is pretty self-explanatory. One tip for ya though…It was quick and easy just to dip the acorns in the paint and let them dry. I tried painting them with a paint brush at first, but that didn’t work well at all. Dipping or pouring the paint on them works so much better! Spray paint would work great too.

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | A fun and modern twist for fall!

I glued the magnets to the wood slices while the paint dried. You can cut your own wood slices or they sell them for super cheap at the craft store. After a couple of hours the painted acorns are safe to handle and you can glue them to the wood slices.

Aren’t they fun?!!!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist for fall!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist for fall!

DIY Neon Acorn Magnets | a fun and modern twist for fall!


Can you believe that the leaves are already starting to change color in Connecticut!?! What is that about?? Well, whatever that means, it inspired me to do a little something fall-ish and crafty!


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      That’s so true isn’t it?! The dry cooler temps we have been having is putting me in the mood :) xoxo Kristin

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