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Hooray it’s Friday!! I am so happy to be sharing my Summer Home Tour with you today!

home tour 2

When Jen from Migonis Home asked me to be a part of her Summer Home Tour series, I originally wanted to decline because of the time frame. You see, we are not in our home right now. We had a unique opportunity to live on the East Coast for 3 months this summer. When I explained this to Jen, she didn’t mind and I hesitantly agreed πŸ˜‰

I admit I must be part crazy, but that just seems to be the norm lately. We have only been here for two weeks and I was out of town for part of that. So, what you are seeing today is our East Coast rental 2 weeks in. It is in a great central location close to the ocean, beaches, Cape Cod, Boston, NYC, and so many more great destinations. It’s going to be a summer of sights and experiences for us and we are really excited to be here!!

After 2 weeks of settling into this apartment, it is starting to feel something like home. I brought some decor from our Illinois home to make it feel more familiar. This is a great lesson in working with what you have. We are in corporate housing and the apartment came furnished. I am grateful that it is neutral and pretty modern.


The jumping off point for our summer rental is this green rug. I immediately thought Palm Springs Chic. Saturated greens and pinks with black and white accents. Even though I appreciate the beachy cottage look and it screams summer, seashells and starfish don’t make a lot of sense to me in my home since we live in Illinois. I tend to think of summer more in color and plant life. Now that we are closer to the sea, I am sure a sea shell will make its way home after one of our adventures.

And…yes, I still have sheep skins around, because I get cold in air-conditioning and I love the texture.


Our living room is the first thing you see when you walk through our door. The window is the focal point, and I wanted it to be GRAND! I added these DIY Border Panels to give a vertical element and add some glamour and drama. I really feel like they are the eye candy of the room.


All the decor is from our living room back home and I think it works here.

Summer Home Tour via Bliss at Home

With some of my personal artwork from home, I created a gallery wall above the sofa. Command strips came in handy since I don’t want to leave a holes in the walls when we leave.

Summer Home Tour Bliss at Home

The colors are vibrant and it feels like a little vacation home to me.


There is a market right up the street from me, and they sell $6 bouquets of roses. I will definitely be having roses on my coffee table all summer long at that price!


One of my first thrifty finds since I started hunting the thrift shops here, is the vintage brass heron. He just seems very summery to me. He’s hanging out with a succulent I picked up from Trader Joe’s.


Right off of our living room we have a little balcony patio.


It’s just large enough for a couple of chairs and plants. It’s the perfect spot to have morning coffee and I am so glad we have our own little outdoor space here.


I’ll be sharing more about my patio DIY’s on Monday.

Our patio overlooks a wildlife reserve so we have been hearing all kinds of interesting sounds at night and frogs. The frogs are SOOOO LOUD!

I also have my little guy “helping me” water the plants every morning. Really he just wants to mash his toys in the dirt. This is a judgement free zone, I’m sure if I was a 5-year-old boy I would be drawn to every patch of mud and dirt too.


Heading back inside, I have a little spot next to the living room that I have fashioned myself a little work space.


The nearest Ikea and $30 later and I have an office again.


With a $20 Ikea desk and my $10 office chair score from the local Habitat Restore, I have an office. I absolutely love the chair and I am seriously considering taking it home with me. The upholstery is kelly green and I think the base is begging to be gold.


I miss my hydrangea bushΒ back home, so I had to add some in. They are a summer staple to me.


One of my favorite things here is the art from the Beverly Collection from the Aestate. It has a summer vibe and ties in all the greens from the living room and our views out the windows.

Our kitchen and bathrooms are pretty boring, just maple cabinets and granite, so I won’t bore you with them. I will give you glimpse into our bedroom though.


Again, I am working around the furniture provided, but I was able to bring this bamboo tray. I will be sharing a tutorial soon on how I made the tray table top. I just have a little tweaking to do to it yet.


I have some things in the works for this room and the boys’ room. I’ve come up with some ideas to infuse some pattern and color into these rooms so they aren’t so boring.


Right now, our latest “find” is the cast of a dinosaur track from the Dinosaur State Park right by our home. Yes, the boys are in heaven and want to go there every day! Β It is the only interesting thing going on in their room…besides the TV. The company that runs the corporate housing put a TV in every bedroom without asking us first. It’s not awesome and guess what they want to do the minute they wake up every morning.


After the war of the TV is over, the next main attraction for everyone apparently is the peephole in our front door. This happens at least 3 times a day.

I do have to say though, that apartment living has its perks. We have a really nice pool and health club right on the property. I feel like they must have built the gym just for me because no one is ever in it. The pool is gorgeous and a nice place to spend our summer days.

So there’s a little peek at our summer rental. We are traveling again this weekend to Block Island which I hear is a place we must visit.

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Thanks for visiting my East Coast rental today!! If you are new here and would like to see our Illinois home you can see our HOME TOUR.


  1. dadriscoll says

    I know I can’t believe you’ve done so much in two weeks either. Looks incredible and so much your style. Loved your summer tour. x

  2. says

    Woman!! Two weeks into a rental and it looks more like a finished home than our house has after a year and a half! You are amazing. Love how everything has turned out!

    • says

      Fabulous Kristin! I completely agree with Sarah, I’m just now now getting into properly decorating most of my rooms while you are rocking out a rental! fabulous & love that curtain DIY! XO jana

      • BLISS AT HOME says

        Thanks so much Jana πŸ™‚ It came furnished so it is easier to just add in color and decor. I hate the bedrooms though and am going to take a cue from you and add in some pattern and color πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend! xo Kristin

  3. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says

    I would never have thought to bring things from home. You’ve made this totally look like you. I love it and that bamboo tray is fabulous. Love, love, love that piece.

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Marty πŸ™‚ 3 months of a rental…I figuired it wouldn’t hurt to make it feel like home for everyone πŸ˜‰ xo Kristin

  4. says

    I’m one that is also amazed at what you’ve done in just 2 weeks! Do you ever sleep? πŸ™‚ I love all the touches and the tray is just awesome. Have to go read about the curtains as I’m in the midst of some DIY’s in that area too. My computer is on the blink so I’m in the business center…not sure how often I’ll be here but will try and catch up when I can.


    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Pat πŸ™‚ Over the past year or so, I’ve learned how to work under pressure and deadlines so it just feels almost normal πŸ˜‰ Sorry to hear about your computer πŸ™ I hope it gets fixed for you soon! xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much DeDe πŸ™‚ It is different living in an apt. for the next few months but a fun little departure fromt the ordinary. xo Kristin

  5. says

    Kristen what a fabulous home you have been able to create in such a short time. And it screams YOU! You definitely have the signature style part down. I would walk in and immediately say: Here lives Kristen! I love those curtains that you made and the tray table is awesome. You really created such an awesome space. Love it!!

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much sweet friend! I think it’s taken years to cultivate a personal style I love and that feels “me”…it’s ever evolving and changing so it’s kind of fun to have a new canvas to play with. Have a fab weekend! xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Abby πŸ™‚ It’s been so fun to see everyone’s take on a summer home! xo Kristin

  6. says

    Yes, amazing progress in just a couple of weeks! Love the curtains, art…and those patio chairs!! What a neat opportunity πŸ™‚

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Katie πŸ™‚ There is so much to see and do so close by, such a fun summer! xo Kristin

  7. says

    Everything looks completely finished to me, Kristin! I can’t believe that you’ve only been there for two weeks! Have a great summer and enjoy this cool opportunity!

  8. says

    Found my way here from the link-up and now am a huge fan of your blog. WOW! I cannot believe you have only been there for a 2 weeks, it looks fantastic. Also I am obsessed with your planner (the gold and white stripes – I think that it’s a planner!) and was wondering where you got it. Looking forward to following along, and adding you to my BlogLovin’!

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Lindsay πŸ™‚ It is a planner I picked up from Target that has a clear cover. I added the gold and white paper to it, it’s wrapping paper. Thanks so much for reading! xo Kristin

  9. Patty Lucas says

    If you are near the dinosaur park, you can’t be too far from New Haven. Bring your boys to the Peabody Museum because they have a lot of dinosaur things there also. You can also go around Yale Univ.

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      It is a nice departure from having to maintain a lawn and landscaping all summer long πŸ˜‰ Feels like a vacation every day! xo Kristin

  10. Amber from WillsCasa.Com says

    Wow!! You’ve made it look beautiful already!! Did you pack some of your decor to bring there?

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Amber πŸ™‚ We sure did, pretty much everything decor wise you see is from our home πŸ™‚

  11. says

    Wow Kristin, you’ve done so much to your summer place to make it feel like home for you and your family. Hope you guys have fun exploring your new city!

  12. says

    I can’t believe how amazing you have made this place! it’s like a real home. The corporate housing office will want you do decorate all the apartment sin the complex! Loving your outdoor chairs….I can spot a DIY there!

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Albertina πŸ™‚ I am resisting doing too much to it, but the bedrooms are in some desperate need of some pattern and color πŸ˜‰ And you spotted that DIY for sure! I am going to share the chairs tomorrow πŸ™‚ xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Pam πŸ™‚ The boys said it feels homey, so I think it’s mission accomplished πŸ˜‰ xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Bethany πŸ™‚ I just need to figuire out how I want to make it gold…decisions, decisions…xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      I’m pinching myself that we get to spend 3 months seeing different cities and states up here. It is so fun! Definitely will be a memorable summer for the boys too πŸ™‚ xo Kristin

  13. says

    Kristin, your home is beautiful and I can’t believe you moved in just 2 weeks ago! You’ve done an amazing job and your taste is impeccable. Thanks so much for sharing and I’m thrilled I was able to be a part of this Tour with you and the other girls. πŸ™‚ Hugs and I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend with your adorable family! (the pic with your son and little one is the cutest ever!)

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Kristy πŸ™‚ It’s already been a fun time out here. I just love the East Coast! xo Kristin

  14. says

    Kristin, it’s absolutely amazing that you’ve only been there 2 short weeks and were away for part of it. You are incredible!! I love your fun and sophisticated style. You’ve totally brought that apartment to life and given it some of your personality. I love your attitude toward living there for a short time and I’m sure you are going to have some great adventures with your family while you’re here!!!

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Lisa πŸ™‚ Boston was so great!! I can’t wait to visit again. I just loved Charles St. and the Beacon Hill neighborhood! Gorgeousness everywhere! xo Kristin

  15. says

    I seriously cannot believe how much you’ve done in such a short amount of time. It looks fab! Have a great summer!!!!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Jen πŸ™‚ I brought a lot from home so it wouldn’t feel bland around here πŸ™‚


I love your comments!!!