HomeRight Finish Max Pro Door Makeover and a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello friends! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! Our weather was nice for the most part. The Cadwallader house is in pack it up and go mode! Only 3 days until we leave for our East Coast adventures! One thing I have been wanting to do before we go is paint our front door. We have been so focused on remodeling the inside of our home that the outside hasn’t had much done to it yet. Curb appeal is a little lacking. I was so excited to try out the HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer and the front door seemed like the perfect candidate.

We have big plans for the exterior of our home, which will involve some architectural modifications and we will probably have to employ the help of an excavator for the yard. We wanted to tackle these things this summer, but as fate would have it we are going to be New Englanders for 3 months. I am not heart-broken at all by the way! Spending 3 months exploring the upper East Coast is a dream come true!

So, the least I could do for my neighbors as a parting gift is freshen up the front door before we head out. We just added a new storm door, (which is completely necessary when you live in Northern Illinois, especially after the winter we just had!) Our front door had an ugly brown paint job that we inherited. I have always hated it. Some glossy black was in order!

How to Professionally Paint a Door the FAST WAY!

I love our Finish Max Sprayers and have used them a lot around the house, so seeing a new version that boasts a professional grade finish had me curious. It also said it is great for larger projects like cabinets and furniture. Perfect for trying out on our front door.

HomeRight Finish Max Pro

It came already assembled, I just had to hook up the hose to the compressor. I chose a high gloss outdoor paint + primer-in-one to use on my door. Just like the other HomeRight paint sprayers, you need to thin your paint before adding it to the sprayer container. This was easy since the paint had instructions for thinning on the back. Most paints and stains have measurements right on the can for thinning, but if they don’t you can use the thinning kit that comes with your HomeRight sprayer.

Before I started painting my door, I tested the sprayer out on a leftover cut of wood. I suggest testing it first, so you get a feel of how it sprays. You can also play around with the paint regulator and have it spray from 1″ to a 6″ spray pattern.



Before using the HomeRight Finish Max Pro

My door was taped up and I protected the surrounding area incase there was any over-spray. I chose the 6″ spray pattern and this was the quickest paint job EVER! I had Dave time me and I painted the entire door in less than a minute! The coverage is great and just one coat gave an even and full coverage. After it dried, there weren’t any uneven spots and I didn’t need to recoat.


Home Right Finish Max Pro


I think I heard angels singing!

I love the finish. It would have been a pain to paint this with a brush or roller and have to recoat. I wouldn’t have gotten such a nice finish either. I saved a ton of time!

Door painted with the HomeRight Finish Max Pro

My mind is quickly racing to other paint projects I can tackle after we return home from our East Coast summer! First on the list, will be those kitchen cabinets we tried to paint with A PRODUCT THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED! Seriously, it is my Voldemort. Let’s just say we are less than thrilled with the results, so now I am excited to give them another crack with the Finish Max Pro!

I am so thrilled with the HomeRight Finish Max Pro that it is completely necessary to give one away too! My lovely friends at HomeRight are graciously giving one of you a HomeRight Finish Max Pro!! Just follow the Rafflecopter below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is a sponsored post for HomeRight. HomeRight is a brand I know and trust so I am happy to share their products with you. As always, all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. says

    Hi Kristin-I have been following you, but I must have missed seeing what is going on for you this summer. Can you give me a quick update?? ~Michele Beck

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Oh! Yes, we are going to be New Englanders all summer long. Dave has a lot of work to run in Connecticut so we all spending our summer out there together 🙂 Hope you and the fam are all doing great! xo Kristin

  2. says

    How ADORABLE is Zoe’s little face at the door?! I think you know I am a love-slave to the Finish Max too. Such a fan. Getting ready to tackle our kitchen cabinets with it soon!

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Yes! She is one of my fave photobombers 😉 This sprayer is my new fave. I am going to use it on our cabinets upstairs and then down…when the time comes 🙂 xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Brynne, for real. I love my Finish Max, but the Finish Max Pro blew my socks off! So so great! I am very impressed with the coverage and finish. This was an old door too so it was a good challenge to see how the finish would turn out. xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Yes! Isn’t that awesome! I can not wait to use it on my cabinets. What a time saver 🙂 xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Yes! It was pretty amazing! They will think we are the awesome neighbors now 😉 xo Kristin

  3. says

    Kristin – Thanks so much for the great post on the Finish Max Pro! Sounds like we need to get the Gathered Home and jlhoneyman a Finish Max Pro to try.

    Laura Clark

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      I think they would love that Laura 😉 They would put it to good use for sure! xo Kristin

  4. Jeannie Garcia-Buechele says

    New here, I have always wanted to paint my door black. Did you have to sand any in between coats or does it spray that fine that you don’t? Your door looks amazing 🙂

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Jeannie 🙂 I didn’t do any sanding out all except for where I used wood filler. I would sand if your door has a rough finish to start with. I only did one coat too. There was no need to do another since the coverage was so great and even. Thanks so much for stopping bye! xo Kristin

  5. says

    I’ve never even heard of something like this but have truly been wanting to paint my white door a pretty blue or teal — this would be the perfect excuse to do it! Will you notify the winner via e-mail?

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Jess 🙂 This would be perfect for that. Such a huge time saver too 🙂 I will notify the winner via email and announce it on the blog when the giveaway closes. Good luck!! xo Kristin

  6. Amber from WillsCasa.Com says

    The glossy black update is perfect! So beautiful! Also that paint job looks stellar!

  7. says

    Thanks for sharing your review and for hosting the giveaway. I would love to win! I could surely use something like this for the new place we moved in. It needs a fresh coat of paint, like the entire house. Good luck to all of us! 🙂

  8. says

    That’s a really great color! I love dark front doors. We just did ours… of course I haven’t blogged about it yet though. Paint sprayers make everything easier 🙂


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