Our Visit to The Tile Shop

Howdy! So, you saw our October preview yesterday which I’m sure most of those projects will roll into November. A big part of that will involve what we were up to this past weekend. On Saturday, we took a little road trip up to The Tile Shop for a day of learning and fun. Let me just say, The Tile Shop rocks!! It is tile heaven. I was blown away by the selection and knowledge of the staff.



You cross those doors and you are in a world of beautifully tiled spaces. We walked the perimeter and kept oohing and aahing at the show rooms. And our kids thought it was a good time to take a fake shower.



We were greeted at the door by the friendly staff. Lisa, the store manager, was delightful and gave us a tour.





Aren’t those some gorgeous bathrooms? I just love the whole look. I also insisted that Dave should work a beautiful tub like this into our next bathroom remodel.



After our tour, we met with Bob, one of their tile experts, and it was time to start learning. The Tile Shop locations all offer free tiling classes every Saturday at 9:30am. In fact, every staff member is a tile expert.

This is a must take class if you are going to try your hand at a tiling project in your home. We learned what products to use for different tiles and surfaces. This is also a hands-on course. You get to try each step in the tiling process. Dave and I both tried everything. Things like using a wet saw, placing your tile and using spacers, grouting, and so much more. It was pretty amazing.





Bob was a great teacher and even took the time to give us specifics for the tile projects we are doing. We gained some great knowledge and tips that I know we wouldn’t normally get trying to figure it out on our own.

After our class, we met back up with Lisa and started making our selections for our upcoming projects. She was full of great ideas. I went in having a pretty good idea of the look and materials I wanted to use. Here’s a glimpse at what we are going with for our projects. I’m so excited to get started!




That’s just a little peek. We have some great plans in the works! I can’t wait to share more with you and start making some beautiful happen.

Dave and I would like to thank the staff at The Tile Shop Madison, Wisconsin store for their warm welcome and expertise. It was a great experience and we appreciate it so much!!



Today is the day! The Fall Tour has begun. Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. and Kristen from KFD Designs are our hosts and are kicking things off. Their spaces are amazing!!!! You must check them out!


    • BLISS AT HOME says

      LOL, you know I like to do my little previews 😉 Thanks for the compliment, I felt very put together that day…not in yoga pants! xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Jesse 🙂 I didn’t want to spoil it 😉 Lots of tiling projects ahead to share. xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      YAY! The marble selection was A-MA-ZING!! I had to have a marble intervention. Let’s just say it’s going to be very marble-y around here soon! xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Cassie, you would love this place!! I love that we got to do everything hands-on since this will be our first time tiling anything in our home. It was so great! xo Kristin

  1. says

    We have that store here too! They are great! We went with a very similar layout for our kitchen when we redid it last year and I love it! It’s timeless! Very cool that you got to play around in there! Pretty dress too!


    • BLISS AT HOME says

      So you know how awesome they are 😉 Thanks for the compliment, I actually felt pretty fashionable that day aside to wearing my project clothes! xo Kristin

  2. interiorsbykenz says

    Oooooh I’m really excited to see what you all are up to! I would die to be able to visit the Tile Shop. They don’t have one on the west side of the country. Showrooms are my weakness!

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Oh man! Maybe they will get some out there. It is seriously a great place for all your tile needs. xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Katja 🙂 I am so glad we got to do the class too. It was some really good insight and tips I had never heard before. xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      I’m excited to do it!! That’s why doing the class is great, it gives you some courage before you do your project. It’s not so intimidating, but if we need help I know they are only a phone call away. Well, the couple we showed we selected, but I didn’t show our other selections. Let’s just say it’s going to be a marble world around here 😉 xo Kristin

  3. says

    It was a pleasure having you and your family at my class and visiting our store! thanks again Kristen ,hope see you soon .good luck with your tile projects….Bob

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Bob 🙂 You were so great and I’m sure we will be calling you at some point in this process 😉 Thanks for all your extra help and insights. We are going to try to stop in this Sunday on our way home from our little weekend trip. 🙂 Kristin

  4. says

    Can’t wait to see what you do! I have been pinning herringbone bathroom floors lately and so want them for our main bath which is 50s pink right now.

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Katrina 🙂 We have made all our selections just waiting on the tile to come in now. So so excited!!! xo Kristin


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