Creating Your Dream Kitchen with Electrolux Suite Designs

We have been doing this kitchen remodel for what seems like a century! No, not really, but fitting in a big remodel into our regular busy lives has been a challenge. As we have mentioned before this little 1950’s ranch of ours is our new dream house. No dream house is complete without a dream kitchen. We are making progress on the dream kitchen. We are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Our countertops will be installed in June and we are weighing backsplash options. One thing that I am super excited about is getting new appliances!! Our poor oven is on its last leg and our dishwasher is so small.

I’ve been shopping around and know I want stainless. I also want them all to match and function. Quality is key. This is an investment for us and I don’t want to have to replace them anytime soon. I really like Electrolux’s Suite Design Approach. The key to creating a stylish yet functional kitchen is embracing the art of “Suite Design,” selecting beautiful appliances that complement one another – like the Electrolux matching suites of appliances, which are sleek, stylish and ingeniously designed to enable professional results.

Electrolux Suite Design

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In the image above, I really love the open shelving and the built-in look of the appliances. This kitchen looks so functional and well laid out. Dave and I have decided to incorporate open shelving into our design for our everyday dishes and cups. We go through them so fast that I have no concern about anything collecting dust. Plus, it’s all white porcelain which will also look great in our overall kitchen design.

 I also really like that Electrolux offers great options:

  • Electrolux French Door Bottom Mount refrigerators feature a versatile Perfect Temp drawer that allows you to store and serve items at their ideal temperature
  • Electrolux Cooktops have a clean, sleek look that features induction technology that gives you the capabilities of a professional chef at home
  • Electrolux Dishwashers feature adjustable, customizable racks that can fit more than 180 items in a single load

If I can fit 180 items in my new dishwasher, I will be in heaven!

Electrolux 2


I really love how each appliance is designed to coordinate. The finishes and hardware all complement one another. Oh, I can’t wait to cook my first meal with new functional appliances!

To learn more about Electrolux Suite Designs and see more appliances check out:

Electrolux Facebook Page

Are you planning a dream kitchen design of your own?


xoxo Kristin

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  1. says

    I didn’t go all out with the appliances and even opted for not buying stainless. Just don’t want to clean it. Actually just bought a new white dishwasher and a new white micro. I’m going to go with the all white kitchen 😉
    Can’t wait to see your brand spanking new and stainless appliances.

  2. says

    I’m from the school of thought that save where you can on the little things so you can splurge on big things like appliances and beautiful cabinets and countertops! Those things will last you for years if you go for quality. Plus, it will greatly increase the value of your home.

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Exactly 😉 I am so excited to have a quality kitchen when it’s all said and done. It has been worth saving for. xo Kristin

  3. says

    those appliances in the pictures look beautiful! I agree about having coordinated appliances : when we did our kitchen reno, we had to buy everything new except our fridge that we’ve had for only 2 years :-) can’t wait to see yours Kristin & loving the open shelving as well!

  4. says

    Since our kitchen reno wasn’t a full one (ie we painted old cabinets and just switched out hardware) and since we were renovating the entire main floor of our house at one time, we had to save money. That meant getting good looking appliances, but ones that did not break the bank. I love our choices, but maybe, when we have enough money for a big ole’ kitchen tear-out, we’ll make more fancy choices. 😉

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      I totally understand that :) We have saved big time refinishing our cabinets and installing the hardwoods ourselves. We are splurging on the countertops and backsplash. I will just be happy to have all stainless matching appliances that work. I would have loved to gut the kitchen and put in the dream kitchen, but this will be a dream kitchen compared to the one we had. Have a great weekend Gabbi :) xo Kristin

  5. says

    Kitchen renovation is must because I spends my most of time in kitchen so I need my kitchen beautiful and designed in modern style. I like images of the kitchen and electrolux offers innovative ideas.Temp drawer is a great idea to control temperature.Thanks for sharing this informative and creative ideas post.

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