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We have had quite the week around here. Everyone (except moi) has been sick with the dreaded tummy flu! It started Saturday night and cycled through all my boys one right after the other. It was just plain YUCK! I am thankful it is over and glad to have an illness free weekend!

I wanted to share with you a few of our thrifty finds from last weekend and how we are using them in our home.


Last summer I started collecting  Blue Willow china and I found some more teacups for my collection. I just adore blue and white china and pottery used in a space. It is making me want some more chinoiserie pieces in my home.


This Blue Willow pattern dates all the way back to the 18th century in England and has been reproduced by several makers. The legend behind the pattern is a sad and romantic one centering around two lovers. I love the design and I hope to find some more pieces the next time we go hunting. This pattern is so popular and so collected that there are actually conventions, clubs, and books on the subject.


I also picked up this Blue Willow berry bowl for $2.


The vintage brass urn was quite the steal! They had it marked for $11! These urns are completely handmade and hand painted in India using an ancient trade that has been passed down through the ages. It was quite the find and has a value of about $150. I don’t think they knew what they had.


The colors work so well and I love the turquoise, green, and brass.



Lastly, the antlers. If you caught Thursday you saw me go on about this and why I love it.

They were a bargain at $12 for both.

It always amazes me what we find we go to our favorite thrifty spots. Part of the fun for me is researching the items. That must be my inner nerd coming out! I just love how creative and talented people are and the stories behind their creations.

Have a great weekend!!


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    You did get some treasures. The urn is great and will look great no matter where it’s used. With antlers being so home stylish right now, you did good to pick those up. Your eclectic style appeals to me.

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    We’ve had the flu here too – me included. I’m struggling to get through my blog list and emails right now – think it’s time to head back to bed for a nap

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