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Trends definitely come and go. Have you noticed that faux taxidermy isn’t really going anywhere yet? It’s still popping up in shelter mags and your favorite online retailers and shops. I flirted with it this fall and winter when I made my glittered reindeer art. Then, I was on the hunt for some antlers or faux taxidermy that wouldn’t break the bank. Every time I came across one I loved it was way out of my meager price range. I couldn’t see shelling out a couple hundred bucks for well…a buck. 

Bring it home…


Zgallerie Faux Antlers $39.95  Pottery Barn Faux Antler Plaques $79  Zgallerie White Lacquer Large 39″ Deer Head $249.95  Etsy Deer Head Silhouette Print $30

Embrace it in your space…

This weekend as we hit up some of our favorite flea markets and shops I found a pair of old antlers for only $17. That was the lowest price I’ve seen on them around my corner of the world. They were mounted on a nasty piece of wood, but I could see that I could easily disassemble it and just use the antlers. I was able to talk them down even more, which you should always try to do when you are at a flea market. I should do a post on flea market tips one of these days! 

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I just love a little ugly with my pretty in a room! They add more interest and I can use them in different ways. Adding natural elements whether it be a piece of driftwood, plants, or antlers is a great way to layer your space.

Have you jumped on the taxidermy trend or do you want it to be on its way out?


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  1. TracieB. says

    I just read an article the other day that said it was out…totally disagree! I decorate with what I love and do not follow trends..If I did I would be redecorating all the time! I have a lot of antlers/taxidermy in my house and I LOVE them! The article claimed Stainless Steel appliances and Granite counter tops were on there way out too. ??? Love your style!

    • says

      Hi, Tracie! You are my kind of girl! I feel the same way. I just decorate with things I love. I am pretty guilty of not following trends and just loving what I love. I can’t imagine stainless steel appliances ever being out! Thanks for reading! xo Kristin

  2. says

    I have loved it for a very long time now. I got my white cardboard deer head about 4 years ago (everybody thought I was nuts) and I still love it. For Christmas I just got the gazelle, the ram and I also have a rhino 😉 Love them all, well I’m kind of obsessed! I still have to write a post about them, thanks for reminding me 😉

    • says

      Oh, I would love to see that! I love the faux gazelles too 🙂 Isn’t it great that in your home you just have to decorate for you & your fam! I’m sure I get some weird reactions on some of the things I do around here,but we all love it 😉 xo Kristin

  3. says

    I think it is great to mix in these pieces to add some masculine touches, especially if you are married or living with your bf. We have some horns from when we lived in Texas and they are such a great memory, but also tasteful. Great post! xo Melissa

  4. says

    Oh I love antlers and always have! I finally have several – and they have all been free – found in Kansas and hauled home with me! My faux deer head has a cool tale to it – it’s on my blog if you care to read about it! i can email you the link if you want it.

  5. Anneke McConnell says

    We got the real deal this last fall! Still trying to figure out where to put it though since it’s the antlers AND skull. #wifeofhunterproblems 🙂


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