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It’s January, you know what that means! DE-CLUTTER! ORGANIZE! CLEAN!

I do have to say that I actually look forward to order and tidiness after the holiday season. The holidays are so decadent and over the top. As much as I do love to decorate for them, I start to crave a less is more kind of lifestyle. I also love to regroup after them. I go through the house and edit and see what needs some help.

Today, my linen closet needed some TLC. It was a chaotic mess! I should have photographed it before I was knee-deep in items without a home, but I had tunnel vision. After an hour (yes, an HOUR, I know…pathetic) I finally got it organized and user-friendly.

Here’s a nice blueprint for your linen closet:


My linen closet has to be multi-functional. It needs to not only house linens, but bathroom supplies and cleaning supplies, and I also need a place to keep dirty clothes.


I took out the bottom shelf to fit my hamper in there and it works out well. I bought one with a lid so it could serve as an extra shelf.


I chose the tallest space to store all the linens. As you can see I still have plenty of room for more towels and sheets. (I also have a heaping pile of dirty linens I hope to finish washing today…hoping.)


The second shelf is not as tall so I chose to place my containers and paper goods on it. Putting things in baskets and jars is a great way to keep things tidy and it looks nice.


The bottom shelf I removed to utilize this space better for what I need it for. I even have more room on the sides of the hamper to store other items if I need to.

Now that there are 3 defined areas, I hope to keep it nice and organized.


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Are you busy organizing your house this month?

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    Oh Kristin what a great post, I just started this and will continue this afternoon and will use your very beautifully organized closet as my guide, thank you!

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    Lovely! It’s amazing when it’s organized how many functions a space can serve. I’m currently working on organizing *everything* in 2013. Linen closet is definitely on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing!

    Jess @

    • says

      Thanks, Jess! It is the first organizing project I have tackled this year. So many more to go! I’m on the same page with you, I am trying to get this entire house organized for 2013 😉 Thanks for stopping by! xo Kristin


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