Hearts of Grief

It just seems wrong to post about design and holiday fun, when numerous families in Connecticut are mourning today. I cried hearing the news and my heart and prayers go out to everyone who is suffering in this tragedy.

I thought about the parents who held their children in their arms with thankful hearts

…and then those who in the work of a moment had that stolen from them.

There are not any words.

Just know our nation mourns with you.






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    It breaks my heart! I feel the same way as we were going about our day today. It made me stop to think about those parents that will never see their children again and I cannot even begin to imagine how they feel. It is news no parent ever wants to receive. God Bless those innocent lives that were lost so tragically and help those families cope with such a heinous crime.

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    I so agree with you! My heart breaks, the tears roll and I just can’t imagine how those families are feeling tonight!!! Hope they all know how many people in this nation are thinking and praying for them!

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    Thank you for posting this. At work, we cancelled our holiday lunch because we were all in such somber moods. I think it’s perfectly fine to take a step back, and mourn this weekend, rather than continuing on with our plans as usual. Phew. It’s been emotionally draining thus far, and I’m not even personally connected to this tragedy. I simply cannot imagine the pain in that small Connecticut community. 🙁

I love your comments!!!