Don’t want to lose that ‘MOM-jo’

Well, despite my efforts to avoid illness, one overtook me on Halloween night. I am still feeling the after-effects and it’s been over a week later.

I was able to catch up on some shows when I was laying around trying to get better. I love to watch Guiliana & Bill on the Style network. My husband makes fun of me, but yet he will watch the episodes with me….hmmm. I think he secretly likes them too!


As I was laying in a pool of kleenex, in my flashdance-looking bummy clothes, coughing and sounding like a chain smoker–I realized I am in great risk of losing my ‘mom-jo’!

Did anyone else catch this episode? G & B are preparing for their baby, and the reality of the big life change sets in and G starts to worry about losing here mo-jo, yet she calls it mom-jo because she is going to be a mom soon.

Anyways, it got me thinking. Just because I am not feeling well, and have to take care of kiddos gives me no excuse! I can’t lose my mom-jo!

So, here is my attempt at not losing it–it’s more for my benefit I think, but I don’tΒ want to fall into the live-in-my-work-out-clothes-all-day kind of mom. I got a closet full of clothes, I need to be wearing them!

Not Losing the MOM-JO Day 1:

It was election day, what can I say…

Day 2

Got a compliment from Dave…the mom-jo is working….

Day 3:

So, before you leave that house, don’t forget to keep your mom-jo intact!


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    It’s Sophie From Chilliwack B.C

    I love watching That Show too. I’m not a mom i’m way way to young so I don’t get how thats like, but I can imagine

    I love those outfits you choose to show us I love fashion it’s such a big port of my everyday life. I love the second and fast outfits they are really cute.

    I have a question where did you get them and how much are they?


    • says

      Hi, Sophie! Thanks for your compliments, my “mom-jo” must be working πŸ˜‰ haha! The second outfit:
      EXPRESS Sheer fuschia blouse & tank (last season on clearance $9.99 each)
      Isaac Mizrahi for Target black blazer (old–I think I paid $25)
      Necklace Target $9.99
      EXPRESS skyscraper stella jeans $79.90 (favorite jeans right now, skinny but comfy!)
      Naughty Monkey Black Suede Slouchy Boots $99
      Last Outfit:
      Old Navy striped dress $24.99
      Scarf (from Italy gifted from my BFF on her trip)
      Mossimo skinny jeans Target $24.99
      Audrey Brooke brown leather boots DSW $129.99
      As you can see quite a mix of affordable price points.
      xo Kristin

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    I haven’t seen that show since the 1st season. I’m sure it’s entertaining…..BTW- keep looking good, life’s to short to live on sweat pants and work out clothes. Kiddo or not. I love the striped outfit the best!

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      Thanks, J! Agreed, after a few days of being sick I needed to get with it again! I think that’s may favorite outfit of the week too. The scarf came from Italy when my friend visited over the summer πŸ˜‰ xo K

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    Wow, my finding this post is kind of timely for me……..

    I was just considering the thought today that I should just buy a months worth of black yoga pants and gap t’s and just make it my official “mom” uniform. I never thought it would happen to me…….and I really want to, but…….maybe I shouldn’t…

    Anyway, my favorite is look number 3……love the scarf!

    And maybe tomorrow I will actually “get dressed” to drop my son off at preschool and run errands….hm…

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