Kitchen Possible! Update

Good morning, my fellow DIY’ers!

DIY is such a learning experience. Research and advice are always needed.

We had a design dilemma in regards to installing our hardwood floors in the kitchen. Some people just put the hardwood floors over the existing subfloor. The problem is that it creates a noticeable difference when it runs into the next room. For us,  the whole point of finding hardwoods that matched our existing ones in the next room was so it would look original to the house.

So, what does this mean? More demolition. There is doing it right and doing it fast. We are going to do it right.

We had a friend stop by to lend his renovating expertise in this matter and he said, ” Well, you could install over the existing subfloor, but then it will just look like you remodeled your kitchen separate from the rest of the house. If you take the time to rip out the subfloor and take it down to the original diagonal wood slats it will look like the new floor is original to the house and they will be level with the other room, it’s your choice.”

Well, I am going for continuity and flow in these adjoining rooms so it looks like more work for us…and when I say us, yes, I get to help too.

At least we get to use fun tools!

It will be worth it when we see no difference between our existing hardwoods and the new ones. I want it done right, not fast. So, unfortunately I have nothing new to show you in the kitchen remodel today.

These floors will just have to wait until we can get the subfloor out…

Have a great Monday!


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    Hi Kristy, we just finished our kitchen renovation last Friday, it took a month, it was fun ,exhausting and frustrating at the same time. We had our kitchen and living room floors removed and now we have dark brown hardwood floors. It took them 6 days to finish the floors, we don’t know why it was so long? We usually like to DIY our projects but this one we didn’t and we regret it! I admire you guys doing it yourself and can’t wait to see your pictures once it’s completed! :-)

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      Luckily we don’t have to remove the terrazzo since it is in the foyer. We just have to cut out the plywood subfloor. The terrazzo gets covered with a jute rug 😉

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