Kitchen Possible! The Family That DIY’s Together…

Happy DIY Monday, everyone!

My family was engrossed in the last weekend of the Olympics and our beautiful fall- like weather. We did manage to squeeze in some work on the kitchen though. Nothing big, but we did get the chair rail painted and up.

DIY projects have become a family affair in our home. We made a Sunday trip over to the flooring store to purchase the hardwoods. We found a great match for our existing hardwoods through out the rest of the house. YAY!

My kids are such good sports when it comes to our projects! Go on and hug that underlayment!

So, here is “The List”:

Phase One

Refinish cabinets and add new hardware

Prime & paint walls and trim

Add crown molding & chair rail

Add wainscoting & window details

Refinish china cabinet

Hang new chandelier

Rip out floor & lay down hardwoods

Install new baseboards

Add new kitchen lighting

****Break for Busy Season/Holiday Time****

Phase Two

Install new quality countertops–quartz, marble, or granite

Subway tile backsplash

New faucet fixture & new appliances

Decorate!! ( the best part)

After we got home, we each took an honorary wack at “The Floor Who Shall Not Be Named” :

Protecting those beautiful eyes!

safety first…toy hammer for the munchkin!

Happy DIY Monday! Guess what we are going to be doing all week??

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  1. says

    We’ll be doing our kitchen within the next year as well so I always am looking for ideas. Have you noticed a trend in using soapstone for countertops? My inlaws put quartz in for their countertops and backsplash and it’s beautiful. I think we’ll probably do granite though – that always catches my eye!

    • says

      I have seen that. We are leaning towards quartz or granite. Haven’t done any extensive searching yet, since we won’t be installing them until after Christmas. I want something with white and grays in it. Not sure how soap stone stacks up next to those for durability and price point. I dream of marble, but I know it stains and is harder to keep than other stones. Price and sensibilities trump that idea! Happy Monday! xxx Kristin

  2. says

    What prompted the color scheme? Are you doing the whole house with the same theme? You probably already addressed that in earlier posts. Love the chair rail by the way!

  3. says

    It’s coming along and looking amazing! It’s been so much fun watching you accomplish it, too! You are moving along quickly! Mad respect for you! 😉

    • says

      Jesse, I am very lucky to have a great home team to help me. With out them I am sure I would be moving at a glacial pace! My oldest boy, Bryce, is such a hard worker. It’s really cool to see your kids enjoy working with you on projects. I feel the same way about you, my dear! Always love the projects you share :) Kristin

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