Bedroom makeover Before & After

Hi, Everyone! Due to having half of my family in a wedding this weekend and moving back into our home the past couple of days, I have not had a lot of time to work on projects. So, instead, for DIY Monday, I am posting our bedroom remodel we did a few months back. I promise many more projects are in the works. Enjoy!

We love how it turned out! It used to be, just a room to sleep in, now it’s a room to be in!


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    Gorgeous room! I absolutely love the color, do you mind sharing? Just discovered your blog, but when I was reading your ‘about me’ section it was kind of freaky (but in a good way) because it sounded just like me! 😉 2 boys, love thrifting, makeovers & design! Love finding like minded people on here! 😉

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      Thanks, Jesse! It sounds like we do have a lot in common! The color on the walls: the light- valspar seashell gray (4003-1A) & the dark- valspar rugged seude (4003-2B). Both at Lowes. Nice to meet you and I’ll have to check out your blog 🙂

      • BLISS AT HOME says

        Hi Erica 🙂 It’s from It was called the Emma Chandelier a few years ago when I purchased it. xo

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      Thanks so much! We made a promise to one another (my husband and I) that when we bought this house we would renovate the master first, because it seems like in most cases it gets left for last or not at all. Now we have the rest of the house to tackle. One room at a time 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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        Well you are doing it the right way. I think it is important to do thing right the first time and that takes time and money! Good luck.

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        Thanks, time is the major issue right now. We are doing the kitchen and I don’t think we’ll get it done until next year! Oh, well, at least the bedroom is pretty to escape to 🙂

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      I am SO happy to hear that! That’s exactly why I started this blog–to inspire and be inspired by others who share the same passion for interiors and design 🙂 Thanks so much, that made my day 🙂 Kristin

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      I made the ones on the bed with fabric from Hobby Lobby, but I also purchased some just like them from Festive Home Decor on Etsy. They were sold as pillow covers, 2 for $30 20×20 size. I already had pillow inserts for the ones in my living room. I think she still has these for sale. xxx Kristin

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    Amazing transformation! I love neutrals and grey is such a striking neutral. You could change this up at any time just by adding a single colour in a pillow, throw and artwork. Stunning.

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    Nice make over … i just loved it . i love your blog and specially the effort you take to reply to each of the senders ,thatz a great effort .. keep it up !! 🙂

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thank you so much for your sweet words 🙂 I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to comment. I love getting know my readers and fellow bloggers 🙂 xo Kristin

  4. Sara says

    Hi Kristin,

    I was wondering if you had refurbished your own furniture or if you bought new? Also, did you make your own headboard or did you buy it? I was just wondering because I would like to remodel our bedroom without spending a lot of money on furniture. Would you mind sharing your purchases if you did buy new?

    I love your style.

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      It is a little of both. We actually bought the headboard because we got it for less than what it would cost to make it and it is slipcovered for easy cleaning. Everything else is a thrify find that we have updated. The mirrored dresser was a damaged item at Pier 1 and we fixed it and got it for super cheap. I really love to shop flea markets, thrift stores, and antique stores and find items and make them over. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! xo Kristin

  5. Kelly Ballard says

    Hi, love the room! Especially the chair and the little birds on the side table. Where did you get the chair and the little white birds? Again, love your room, it’s beautiful!

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Hi Kelly 🙂 Thanks so much! The chair is from Target online and the birds were a Michael’s purchase a few years back. xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks so much Sandy. Are you talking about the chevron ones? Those are from an Etsy shop called festive home decor. 🙂 xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Kristin 🙂 The dark color is Valspar Rugged Suede and the lighter color is Valspar Filtered Shade xo Kristin

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Thanks Elissa 🙂 Do you mean the mirrored chest? That was a damaged piece from Pier 1 that we fixed up. Didn’t have to paint it. xoxo

  6. Peggy VG says

    This is beautiful!!! Can I ask you, did you paint 3 walls dark & 1 light? Or 3 walls light and 1 dark? OR 2 dark and 2 light? =)

  7. Karen says

    Did you prime before you painted over the yellow? I am painting over a simliar color with probably the same gray colors. Thanks!!!

  8. Mary says

    Just finished re-decorating my spare bedroom, did mine also dark/light grey and white also….just love that combination, love how it looks. Am not a fan of pictures on every wall but am having a problem trying to decide what to put on the largest wall in the room, other than a lot of pictures…..any ideas? Your room looks so beautiful.

    • BLISS AT HOME says

      Well, not sure since I don’t know what the lay of the room is but I always love a really large scale piece of art. xo

  9. Mary says

    I think the chevron look is still very smart looking. Just did my room and have a chevron duvet, looks beautiful…..not cringing here.

  10. BLISS AT HOME says

    My issue with it is it is the pattern that just erupted and now it is everywhere and feels old hat now. But, that is the problem with being immersed in the design realm…something feels old and tired before it hits everywhere. It’s a classic pattern 🙂


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